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  1. Cooks and Golladay with Kupp and Jones out
  2. Id go Ingram
  3. Ppr high bonus scoring - @80 120 160 L Miller @ Was A Miller @ Min Ebron @ Ten
  4. Kupp and Cohen. Miami has a good secondary and I bet Cohen will be depended on a lot for screens. I’d say 9 catches for 70 yards in addition to about 20 on the ground is within range.
  5. Too little. I’d turn it down. Mixon is a stud.
  6. I'd do it. In leagues where you can start 2 Jameis is more valuable. Cook may never see the field again the way this is going. I mean a hamstring injury keeping him out for multiple weeks?
  7. exactly. he's hard to play or sit. Man that matchup though...thanks
  8. I just laughed. I'm in the same boat, maybe not quite as bad: Zeke (good) Cook (FML) Russell Wilson (2QB league, like 8th QB drafted but still - sucksville) Landry (just traded) Marvin Jones Jr (dropped) Mahomes (awesome, but had to trade to cover for deficiencies at WR) Edelman (not really worth the wait) Reed (held back by crap offense/QB) Chubb (dropped) DJ Moore (dropped) Baltimore (dropped after week 2) Anthony Miller (dropped) it got worse from there. I'm in ninth place. Quitting fantasy doesn't sound so bad. But WTF else would we do with our downtime all fall? read? improve ourselves? Nah....
  9. I like both as well. As a Wilson owner wathching that offensive coordinator shackle his potential and use him as a lead-blocker for mediocre running backs all game is too much to bear, yet I can't drop him for a Carr or Alex Smith because I know he's ten times the player that either one of them are. Put Wilson in KC and he's a top 3 QB. Its maddening. Getting Cousins for him would be huge and you get Michael Thomas.
  10. Just ask yourself this: what reason has Goff given you to bench him?
  11. If you are ok with dealing Brees I would do it. I wouldn't worry about dealing Lynch and Lindsay
  12. Hells yes you accept. Boyd is a badass. And you're stacked at RB
  13. Sanu and Coutee
  14. Goff - give Winston a game to establish himself
  15. Michel. As much as I hate how NE uses RBs, he's the man in terms of overall talent. Chubb is good but not great. Michel can be great.