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  1. Lewis is playing NO (top five run D) but on a good offense Kerryon is playing Denver #20 run D but on a really bad offense and we don’t know Scarborough’s status. I am ahead in this matchup but not by much. Projected to win at 67%
  3. I’d still go Woods based on target volume.
  4. McLaurin got more momentum
  5. Hope you went Watson. If not I’d go Tate
  6. Tough one I’d go Mostert. Sounds like Mattison could play
  7. Brown McLaurin and Sanders. Go for broke.
  8. Mostert and Golladay
  9. sf for Higbee has me nervous hollister vs ARI
  10. Well Perriman had a decent game, 100 yards but no score
  11. All good options. I’d go Freeman or Bell. Probably Bell. Revenge game and all
  12. Drake and Perriman. Who brought you don’t mean ####. This is championship week. Put together the lineup with the clearest and likeliest path to success.
  13. The three RBs and Allen and Perriman. Both are assured 10+ targets and playing beatable secondaries.