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  1. The NFL wanted him to sign a waiver that he wouldn’t sue the NFL if he wasn’t signed.
  2. “One day, from his sniper nest, Chief Gallagher shot a girl in a flower-print hijab who was walking w/ other girls on the riverbank. She dropped, clutching her stomach, & the other girls dragged her away.” Trump is preparing to pardon this war criminal.
  3. Right, but a mob boss has to set an example for others. Do not cross me, or I will hurt you. I will destroy you.
  4. I wonder what would've happened if cops at the stadium just immediately arrested him?
  5. He didn’t ask for anything therefore the future calls are irrelevant!
  6. Enter the Republican National Committee, which offered donors a signed copy of Triggered for anyone who donated $50.00 or more, weeks before the book came out. Junior himself penned a fundraising appeal: Friend, Democrats are DESPERATELY rooting for my father to fail. They are so blinded by their hatred of our president that they would rather see America FAIL than succeed under President Trump. Sorry liberals, that ain’t happening! In my new book Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us, I explore the Left’s obsession with President Trump and their plan to try to silence YOUR voice. Since you’ve been one of President Trump’s supporters, I’ve HAND-SIGNED a copy just for you! The email concludes by saying “This limited-time opportunity ends SOON, so be sure to claim your signed copy of my new book NOW.” But as of this writing, the signed copies are still very much available.
  7. Yeah, I was just about to say I wouldn't be surprised if we find out the Trump campaign purchased a good amount of these.
  8. Nikki Haley on CNN says because the aid eventually came it is not an impeachable offense.
  9. Absolutely. He just couldn’t as easily extort him into doing what he wanted like he could with Ukraine.