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  1. I agree with this. Anytime a player doesn't think the offer is fair he shouldn't sign the contract. But you have to keep in mind that refusing to sign a contract hasn't cost Bosa any $ yet. Which is why all this hand-wringing is stupid. The NFL is a deadline driven environment and always has been.Until Bosa is losing something by holding out then it really means nothing.
  2. A few things. - The Chargers picked 3rd in the draft, so no ####. They have already been exposed. They already have a black eye. People are already laughing at them. If anything this is their ace in the hole.... they really have nothing to lose. They were laughed out of the room when they made their LA proposal by the other owners, the Spanos family is reviled by fans, and their GM has built a team that picks 3rd in the draft when Rivers is healthy for 16 games. So you are worried THIS sullies their sterling reputation, huh? - Be honest, how many games do you think SD wins without Bosa, how many with Bosa? What are their SB chances without him? With him? This might be the most contrived controversial story of the entire offseason. - The "no agent will ever work with them again" is such absurd babble it only exposes those that pay no attention at all. I thought you had been here long enough to remember MOP making this exact same rant when Gates was negotiating his first extension with the team forever ago. Not only will Gates never sign with the team again, nobody else will sign with them based on how they treated Gates.... so that tired trope goes. The truth is nobody cares about anything other than the contract in front of them right now. But maybe you and MOP are right, Gates left town the first chance he got to be an unrestricted free agent. I guess I just don't remember it that way.
  3. I say in 2016 you just draft a bunch of WR's in the top half of the draft. Doesn't matter if they are unproven, of questionable health/age, or have only been productive in a system completely different than the one they will be playing in this year. The theory goes RB is much more prone to injury. I mean it happened last year so it's pretty much a lock to be true this year as well. Then, in the second half of the draft...... just keep drafting WR! For the love of god you can never have too much emphasis on WR! If you are drafting anything other than WR you are doomed and/or insane!!! Wait on RB, wait on TE, wait on QB..... in fact if you stream every position except WR it is really your only hope of having good enough WRs!!!! That's my only take away based on drafts in 2016. But I think it's as much a result of the rules of the hobby deteriorating to the point where there are so many leagues where QB/RB/TE start 3-4 players combined while it's becoming more and more common you can start 5 WR. And ppr is critically important because the hobby doesn't revolve around WR enough already. People talk about FF eliminating K or D but really isn't it all moving towards eliminating everything but WR?
  4. Yes, I am posting this from bizarro world - the arguments you were making at this time last year. You have finally been backpedaling from most of the takes from last year, but you still seemed convinced the Chargers don't need help at WR.... because they signed James..... Jones.
  5. I hope Gordon can take over that role. He's looked better in the passing game than I thought they should have expected and..... well, you know, they kind of need to get a RB that can run the ball for closer to 4y/c.
  6. I wonder if they will wait a couple of weeks before the email reminding you to vote to buy the Spanos family a shiny new stadium?
  7. My point is the way to build depth is having guys fighting for roster spots. Yes, I would love to have another Allen. Or to draft a WR to develop to take over for Malcolm Floyd but I was told the WR position was well stocked last year..... could have fooled me. For the love of god can we all STOP with the OL "injury" excuse. The truth is at LT you have a journeyman that will be turning 31 in a few months with a concussion history that has played 16 games once in his career. Don't be SHOCKED if he doesn't play well..... when he does actually play. The LG position is the only one that should have surprised people last year. The C position was being manned by someone who has NEVER looked good in his career(despite the fact multiple people explained to me he was going to be much better) and his injury just meant a different guy that stinks was out there on the field. At RG you had(and HAVE) a guy that has been steadily regressing for years now, no matter what Telesco is willing to pay him. At RT You have another journeyman type who probably had the best year of his career last year. Overall, Barksdale was better than they should have expected and Franklin was worse. Full stop. This myth that injuries just killed the Chargers OL last year is ridiculous. I am glad they signed Slauson and hope Barksdale has his second career year in a row but let's just be honest. It's a poor group with even worse depth. Just like the year before. And the year before. And the year before. And the year before. Gordon just is what he is, except now he's recovering from micro-fracture surgery. If you think guys like Inman, and Watt, and Jimmy Wilson, and Clemens shouldn't be fighting for a job just because Telesco thinks they are good enough(.... to get the third pick in the draft apparently) then I don't really know what to tell you.
  8. This is the problem I had with him coming into the league. Some people are making it sound like last year was some sort of unusual fluke. Coming out of college he was a guy that got stuffed around the line of scrimmage often(with or without a FB) and that was only offset by the fact he had big plays for TD's. Being one of the best athletes on the field in college is a lot different than being just a good athlete like everyone else in the NFL. Long TD's offsetting getting stuffed is a whole lot different than 6 runs of 20 yards on nearly 200 carries.
  9. Well, I am not assuming Roby regresses. I'm saying if he was a good nickel back he may not be as good a starter, and nobody is proven to replace his role as a nickel back. I'm also saying that if your definition of "fully recovering" means being more athletic than before he shot himself.... yeah, I don't think Talib is going to "fully recover". Ray may advance, but it's a guess if he can play LB in space. There are plenty of smart folks that didn't think he was every a good prospect to be an NFL level LB coming into the league and I haven't seen anything that points to them being wrong. Ware is a 34yo LB with a bad back. I guess it's a pessimistic view to think he may not be the same player in 2016 that he was in 2015. Pessimistic. Realistic. Potatoe. Pototoe. But let's get back to what you were saying, the broncos defense will be better than they were last year. Do you mean they will give up fewer than 283 yards per game, or give up fewer than 18.5 points per game?
  10. Just like last year, huh?
  11. That's kind of how I was with Carlos Hyde in the 4th round and Latavius Murray in the 5th. I kept thinking I was going to hammer that value before people caught on but they never moved up so I kept taking them while others are convinced that guys like Jordan Mathews(leaving a fast offense tailor-made for him to an offense that is slow and hates slot WR's) and a 33yo Larry Fitzgerald were more "safe". I still don't get it but I haven't drafted in awhile. Ended up with more of Hyde/Murray than I should probably be exposed to but I'll take that risk.
  12. I couldn't disagree more. IMO a commissioner should be like a ref. If a guy really stands out... he's bad at it. All you are asking is consistency from a ref or a commish and it really seems like the NFL is being run by a magic 8-ball at this point. IMO that's the real reason everyone in the NFL was scared ######## to draft Tunsil.... because nobody has a bloody clue what Goodell will do, including Goodell. ONE slightly deflated football with no evidence of any kind..... four game suspension. Multiple drug failures by a repeat drug offender..... three game suspension(no matter what the rules state). Oh, and just for good measure we are already taking steps for his next(inevitable?) violation will only be 4 games. Which by NFL math means 3 games based on the NFL's "N-1 principle" in dealing with Bell. Remember that time they changed the rules after the fact and Welker was suddenly innocent of a rule he violated? How do you retroactively change rules that have already been broken and enforce rules that you have no evidence were ever broken in the first place? Step right up and spin the wheel..... no rhyme or reason to disciplinary action. Oh, and nobody on the sidelines, in the stands, or commentating in a booth is 100% sure if a catch has been made. Genius. MOP was crazy in my mind when he started this thread, but it turns out not only was he right and I was wrong but MOP was actually under-selling just how bad Goodell would become. At this point I think the owners are loving the monster they have created because the players are going to waste bargaining power wrestling discipline away from Goodell instead of getting a bigger share of revenues or dealing with the franchise tag.
  13. Well I don't know how anyone can spin that Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan weren't huge contributors last year, so just losing those two guys is a big deal. Then you go on to guys like Ware(after 7 months off is his back even allowing him to practice yet?) and Talib are unlikely to play to the level they did last year. Let's pretend Talib not being able to remember whether he shot himself or not because he was in such a drunken stuper at the the time is a complete non-factor, by the end of the year last season it looked like Talib was crossing over from the "physical CB" side of the line to "clutch-grab-pray" territory made famous by Brandon Browner. One of the guys that was supposed to replace Jackson was Vance Walker and he's out for the year. By my math that means their DL, LB, and DB's have taken a step back. Are Roby/Ray ready to step up and play a much bigger role? Maybe. So if they step up and replace Ware/Talib.... who replaces Roby and Ray from last year? I find Ray particularly interesting because I think the transition from situational "LB" that only passes the QB to an every down LB(assuming he plays more to replace Ware's snaps) will be fun to watch. Before he was drafted it was a near consensus among the draft community he couldn't play LB because he didn't have the athleticism to play in space. You can hide that by being a glorified DE in a limited role on passing downs, not so much as an every down player. Did Cecil think CJ Anderson had top 5 RB potential last year? Well, he was close. He was top 2 in the regular season on his own team to Ronnie Hillman who Cecil has been saying for years may not even make the roster.
  14. You shouldn't look at it like that, if you only really like a few of those guys you probably got most of them for a pretty good value based on ADP. The only high pick among them is Hopkins.... why were you drafting Hopkins if you didn't really like him? The other guys are more roster fillers and if you can get them at a good value leaning on the wisdom of crowds isn't a bad way to shore up an area of weakness. I have a lot of Garcon/Colts D but I like Hurns where he is going. Wallace seems like he is trending up.
  15. I can understand them wanting to avoid turnovers by starting Siemian, but that's assuming the bronco defense is equal or better to last years defense that won games on their own. Raise your hand if you think the bronco defense is going to be as good as last years bronco defense. If not, won't they need more production out of the QB position?