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  1. Yes. That is how advertising works. You can ignore it or click a pop up window on any site to disappear in a second as well. If you are PAYING for a service you shouldn't have to click to avoid re-occurring advertisements. Period. I am PAYING to support the site.
  2. I have been willing to pay in the past because it offers the most flexibility, I especially LOVE the survivor formats. But why do they insist on poking you in the eye each week as a punishment for paying for their service with advertisements at the top of the web page? It would still be bad at the bottom or side of the page... but the VERY TOP of your league home page? Absurd. Do any of the free hosting services offer a survivor format? If a free service supports itself with advertising I'm willing to make the switch. Apparently I'm going to get advertising on the page whether I pay or not.
  3. At least Yahoo (used to be?) free to use. I don't mind paying for a good service, and MFL is a good service..... but WTF is up with nagging advertisements at the top of the screen to join Fanball?????? MFL is NOT a cheap option to play FF. If these advertisements were only on their free draft-and-go leagues it would be fine. But as near as I can tell there is no way to turn these advertisements, only a way to "hide" them until they reappear the next week. Anyone know how to stop this madness or do you just have to stop using MyFantasyLeague to escape the advertising.... that you are paying to see?
  4. I think it's just the confusing nomanclature of the NFL. Coaches talk about 3rd-down backs as passing down backs. Passing downs are 2/3rds of NFL plays. So if a third down back is in on passing downs and the end of half's then they should get most of the snaps. "Two down" backs usually means means 1st down back, short yardage back, and salt-the-game-away back. They may get 50% of the RUNS, but I don't think they get 50% of the touches or snaps. If Henry continues to look like he did on Sunday, and Lewis continues to look like he did on Sunday you can call them whatever you want. Or claim you are just playing the hot hand. I'll take Lewis until I see different.
  5. You make a good point about the draft capital, although if need to hit on QB's and pass rushers with all your picks to replace the guys you drove out of town that draft capital can dry up pretty quick. Not every one of those guys works out. Plenty of franchises spend multiple picks to find a QB. How many shots will it take to find the next Mack?
  6. I think most players appreciate the honesty of their coach..... but there is still no reason for their coach to call them out publicly in front of the media. I DO NOT think players appreciate that. Especially if what they are being called out is completely true. The Gruden/Carr marriage is going to be long if not loving one just based on the amount of $ involved.
  7. Maybe Gruden needs to release Carr after all. And then re-sign him a week later. A week ago he didn't want Bryant on his team and he couldn't learn the playbook. Today Gruden said this, "I think he’s healthy. I think he’s ready to go," the coach continued. "I’ve said it before: when he’s right, he can be a difference maker and we’re hoping he can be one sooner rather than later." Seems like a week or two long vacation from Gruden does wonders!
  8. I wonder what this even means. Carr inked his deal not long ago, in most cases that would make him the guy that stays and the HC the guy that goes if there was a rift. But Gruden also has an incredible deal in oak(makes you wonder how oak can hand out all these deals when they have no money for the best defensive player in football... but I digress). So imo NEITHER of these guys is going anywhere soon. Does Rotoworld honestly think they are just going to come closer to putting all that $ on the bench in the near future if Carr has another bad game? To start AJ McCaron? Of course, it also doesn't make much sense for a HC to call out his franchise QB(by contract at least) for avoiding challenging CB's the week before they travel to denver. People seemed to be piling on to Gruden way too early this off-season but the last week or two is completely befuddling.
  9. They were even less impressed with Bryant a week or two ago.
  10. Didn't bother reading this article until today. Interesting read.
  11. If I were the Steelers I'd offer raiders Ryan Switzer for a 3rd round pick. Quick. And if I were Dez Bryant's agent.....
  12. Construction has nearly been completed on a Kaepernick forum. Problem is that I.T. work was mostly out-sourced to labor in India and I don't know if you've seen their labor laws but.......
  13. Because they might be hoping the NFL is willing to settle rather than just have it in the news. Or he just wants to make his name as relevant as possible so he can make as much money as possible to fight.... well, fight for any cause that will pay him the most money after his NFL career is over. Which it is. And Nike is already paying him just for "fighting for his cause".
  14. $1.... ... but sometimes that can work out for you if you become president 30 years later. Honestly, even if he doesn't make any money with this lawsuit he may be able to parlay his new persona into a career post football better than he would have if, you know, it just turned out he was a limited QB that never learned to read an NFL defense and lost his starting job because he simply isn't all that good. I assume he'll make more $ off this than just a Nike advertisement. I'm guessing there are plenty of companies out there that would love to pay him so that they look like they are very forward thinking when it comes to racial issues. I'm sure it's a lot cheaper and easier than actually DOING something forward thinking when it comes to racial issues for those companies.