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  1. It also wouldn't be shocking at all if M.Gordon were moving to new destinations as well. Freeman may be in a much lower tier fighting for scraps with J.McKinnon for a third down gig. It's pretty funny that just 6 months ago there were many people arguing that Gordon should just get paid based on the contracts signed by Bell/Gurley/Johnson/Freeman. Every single one of those contracts look like complete disasters. When D.Williams and R.Mostert are the two leading rushers for the SB teams I don't see RB's gaining leverage in contract negotiations.
  2. Assuming their next QB will be playing behind a telesco created OL I'm pretty sure they will be throwing plenty of short passes for the foreseeable future.
  3. I would take that in a heartbeat if my other option was paying Dunbar ~10mil+ per season in some multi-year-monstrosity of a contract.
  4. Well, I do think that PFF data is probably used by some teams out there(if nothing else I can see CIN using it to save a buck). My overall point is PFF completely off the rails sometimes. I'm not against what they are trying to do, and I actually enjoy some of their content(especially their offseason podcast/youtube content for instance). It's just that a lot of people use their info as "THE" standard to measure a player, instead of "A" opinion on a player. If PFF is arguing that Dunbar is CB#4 in the entire NFL.... I don't think most thinking people can take them all that seriously.
  5. I couldn't agree more. Before someone jumps in to tell me, I know PFF watches every single play. Wish we could get a poll of every WAS die hard fan(not just FBG) to guess where Dunbar would have been rated the 4th best cornerback in the NFL. People throw these PFF rankings around like they just got posted from Mt. Sinai but at some point somebody with an ounce of common sense needs to say, "Wait, WTF are you talking about?!". If Dunbar is a top 4 CB in this league(at his age) then they should be able to get a kings ransom by trading him.... right?
  6. Not really. With the OL telesco has carefully crafted they may as well put a punt returner at QB. It makes absolutely no sense so I fully expect the chargers to make a big push for Tom Brady. All those folks criticizing Rivers for throwing picks will rush to pat Brady on the back for checking down behind the LOS or throwing the ball away 9/10 pass attempts. What a disaster.
  7. Not with the spanos family running things. It would be better for the city of San Diego if they got to keep the Chargers name and logo when the spanos family ultimately re-brands the team. Remember, according to the dementia club the only reason la fans aren't embracing the team is because the new logo looked to similar to the Dodgers logo. I still say instead of moving the team a short drive north they should have moved the team a short drive south to Tijuana. As long as the spanos family is running things the team really should be called the "Donkey Shows". Might be a little too close to the john elway helmet but at this point the chargers would probably see and uptick in merch sales if they were confused with any other team.....
  8. It's the most downloaded app in the world. I'm not saying it's all that great an app(imo) but I am shocked how popular it is when I travel internationally.
  9. Has anyone actually used one of these?.... .... I'm starting to see more reviews of these and think that they are a GREAT idea. Now that mobile devices are getting AnTuTu scores in the ~500+ range it makes all the sense in the world to pay for a single, powerful, mobile device that runs all the (relatively) cheap screens in your life. One of the great things about this thing is the entire body under the keyboard can just be battery and I love the fact you can charge your mobile device while using it. I am leaning toward purchasing an ipad pro and using these two devices together would be a pretty powerful dual screen setup that was very mobile. They need this type of setup on all televisions as well. I have ZERO interest in a $20 roku dongle built into my next television. I would much, much rather just have a holster port where I could quick charge my phone on the back of the television and use the processing power of my phone to turn my television into a large screen 8k resolution computer. Television companies need to convince people to go out and upgrade their perfectly good televisions and this would be a convincing argument to me.
  10. As a pre-teen the Fouts/Coryell teams were the most fun to watch. Kellen Windslow Sr. may have cemented it with THE playoff game at MIA. The spanos family had punished me for that naive misstep for decades until they mercifully lifted the curse by moving the team to la. Now I, like 99% of charger "fans" at home games in la, am free to root against them. I've never even set foot in the city of San Diego.
  11. Seems like a non-story to me. I've been told by countless people that they are using an iphone because privacy/security is so important to them.
  12. Americans that have a passport are a minority.
  13. I realize this is more of a software thread than hardware BUT this would probably get me gaming much more than I do today in that you could play your entire Steam library mobile or at home on it...... .... I hope there is enough interest in this device that they actually release the product. It would probably be expensive given it's "Alienware" but given the fact I wouldn't have to go out and purchase a library of games for the device and already own hundreds of games on Steam it would probably be cheaper in the long run.
  14. I must have gotten this with a coupon because it was at least $5 cheaper at the time. In any case, if you live with another person or more I find one of these invaluable even if it is $24.99...... .... in fact I'll probably be bumping up to an 8 port/100W version since I have some fast charging devices. Even if you live alone when you are about to go on a trip and need to charge extra headphones/power banks/watch/portable speaker it makes life so much easier having everything charging in one place.