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  1. Double Up: $10 buy-in, top half of the league doubles their $
  2. $10 Entry Fee x 20 teams (Winner-take-all = $200)
  3. There is no overhead with the draft-and-go leagues, so the payout is better than any of the other services that take a cut. Send me a message if you would like a LeagueSafe invitation...... 10 team, $10 entry, top half double their money 3rd Round Reversal 53 rounds, 11 offensive starters(1-2QB, 2-4RB, 3-6WR, 2-4TE) + 11 defensive starters(3-4DL + 3-4LB -4-5DB)
  4. I feel like there is some desperation finding the "sleeper" TE this year and haven't drafted Burton/RSJ in a single league. The hype on these two is strong. If Burton has a single play that makes all the highlight reels in the preseason I think there is a chance he climbs above Ertz. Where are you drafting McDonald this year? I think he and Butt both have value as true sleepers.
  5. Need 8 more to start this draft on Monday morning. $10 to try something just a little bit new/different?
  6. They aren't valuable for fantasy football because there isn't much difference between the good ones and the bad ones..... you just need a guy that is starting. Leagues that reward more for TD's and punish the bad ones for turning the ball over and not being productive even when they have a large number of attempts more accurately reflect how players are actually performing, imo. Eli may not have even been the 119th best player last season, but at least in my opinion, he was much closer to that than he was to being the 43rd best player in the NFL last season. So what? Well, the reason for this thread is to point out that the scoring is simply out of whack and it could accurately reflect the players that are actually making differences in the real game of football better than the old, easy, lazy scoring system(s) used in the past ~20 years. A big reason a lower tier QB can score like a top 50 player is because passing yards inflates the value of QB's playing poorly. The Giants led the league in pass attempts last season, Eli didn't play well. That's the whole point of this thread.
  7. Anyone else imagining this as a perfect fit for TO? On the sidelines when he loses his mind all the coaches/players will be so polite they will just apologize to him and everyone will be able to move on. Even Manziel sounds more level headed and reasonable since he got to the CFL. It's infectious. Something in the syrup?
  8. Try a different scoring format from the vanilla MFL10 scoring so many best-ball leagues use.... Advanced scoring that is TD-premium so definitely check REPORTS>RULES>LEAGUE SCORING
  9. $10 to join. Finish in the top half and double your money. Redraft.
  10. Let's actually look at the difference between a "traditional" league(let's use the vanilla MFL10 format because that's the general format most drafts have been this season) vs an "advanced" format that actually takes into account many of the other stats MyFantasyLeague allows you to use that go unused all too often imo. The advanced scoring uses distance TD, 1st downs, lightly weighted yards/completions... and oddly enough turning the ball over is actually a big play that hurts your team. "traditional" MFL10 scoring.....*&DISPLAY=points&TEAM=* "advanced" scoring...*&DISPLAY=points&TEAM=* Here are a few sample of differences in the player performance rankings from 2017: Advanced Scoring(pos#/overall#) - Player(pos) - Traditional Scoring(pos#/overall#) (1/2) - Wentz(QB) - (5/7) To me the advanced scoring is much more reflective of reality. Wentz gets bonus points for gaining so many 1st downs and it reflects in his ranking. (27/119) - Manning(QB) - (22/43) Manning was a top-50 player last season according to the traditional scoring? Really? (9/57) - Lewis(RB) - (19/82) Lewis had a pretty great season last year. Definitely had a better year than Eli, and that's reflected more clearly in the new scoring. (28/128) - Anderson(RB) - (18/78) Remember all those threads over the YEARS around here clamoring how good Anderson would be if he was ever actually healthy for an entire season? (23/38) - Smith-Schuster(WR) - (30/88) Again, which side does a better job reflecting how good a season this rookie had? (38/85) - Cooper(WR) - (42/121) This just shows efficiency isn't all about TD's. You can be a good player without getting many TD's and still do better in the advanced scoring just by taking advantage of your opportunities. In all these cases and think advanced scoring shows how weak and antiquated the traditional MFL10 scoring really is. This isn't a criticism of MFL, quite the opposite. Because MFL offers so many advanced scoring options there is really no reason to take advantage of their flexibility in scoring unless we as a FF community are just too lazy to try moving toward better scoring systems. We aren't scanning through the USAToday anymore on Monday mornings... MFL is doing all the work for us. So why not take full advantage of that fact? I can understand quibbling about how much more important a first down is than a yard. Or how much more a TD should be worth than a reception. But what I don't understand is the whole, "Well we all have our preferences in scoring systems". Well, ok, if you can find 11 other guys that think a pass incompletion should be worth 3x what a TD is..... that's fine. But as a general community can't we all agree that a TD > 1st down > yard?! Shouldn't a player that gets a TD in two carries get more points than a player that gets a TD in 25 carries? Are there really people out there that think Eli Manning had a better year than Smith-Schuster last season?
  11. That's a cool article. At least you can see how they rated different players at the same position(s). Out in space saying PlayerX(pos) is rated at a 74.2943 means absolutely nothing to me.
  12. The only non-QB that I would pay $15mil+ on a long term contract right now is Aaron Donald. And Watt IF he returns to peak form. Maybe if you found the next Revis while he was still young(Ramsey could become that). Maybe a young Megatron or Tony Gonzales?
  13. Maybe that's not a coincidence. After 4-6 years of being used like a bell-cow back... how many more years do you really have left as a bell-cow back? RB pay is going to go up(just like every other position) but unless you are in some kind of SB window, and PIT may not have any window left after this season, it's pretty tough to have that much money tied up in a position where the most successful teams in the league pay ~$2-3mil/season to their RB's.
  14. But I think that's WHY the WR's can get so much more money. And keep in mind there are only 3 WR's in the game with a $15mil cap hit this season(Evans/Fitz/Landry). Two of those are special circumstances in that CLE had the salary cap space to overpay in a trade, and Fitz is getting paid for past performance and it would likely have been in ARZ interest to be using his nearly $17mil to rebuild rather than limp toward a .500 record at best.