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  1. Well, twitter was designed for folks that care a whole lot more about talking than they do listening..... so that's why it's so embraced by the majority of folks on the internet now.
  2. It's amazing people still think letting Vincent Jackson walk was a mistake by AJ Smith(who made plenty of REAL mistakes)..... 2012 WR#6 $15mil+ 2013 WR#14 $3mil+ 2014 WR#37 $12mil+ 2015 WR#65 $12mil+ 2016 WR#100+ $12mil+ ... and there are still folks who want to argue $50mil+ for one top 10 finish was a good signing.
  3. I have to eat a great deal of crow. In my opinion a healthy Fitz in that offense would never sit for Geno..... but here we are. The Decker injury was a big part of that because Fitz needs receivers that are physical and can fight for the ball, but that's still no excuse for just how poorly he played. Even with the tough schedule I thought they would be fighting for .500 at this point in the season. Marshall and Revis also just don't look like the same guys. I guess this team is further from contending for the playoffs than I thought. Still can't believe they are three full games back of BUF.
  4. Yeah, it's gross.... but didn't the den OL do the same thing(actually worse because it happened further away from the ball) for about a decade or two?
  5. Yeah, it's gross.... but didn't the den OL do the same thing(actually worse because it happened further away from the ball) for about a decade or two?
  6. Still too early to tell. Injuries play into these MFL's so heavily. That's why I wish they would expand the rosters a bit and take a little bit of the "health-lotto" out of the equation. I would have had a GREAT year last season if Charles wouldn't have gotten hurt.
  7. Both teams have the Vikings D, I noticed. Both also have TE's leading the way drafted in round 12.12 or later. Both also had top 3 picks.... I feel like that was a bigger advantage this year compared to the past.
  8. Isn't most of this because Rivers is guilty of attending North Carolina St. or something? I think you have been beating this dead horse for about a decade now. Half the offense is OL and Brees may not even still be playing if he would have been taking as much abuse behind that line that Rivers has endured. Just think about the push up the middle of the line Rivers has been getting for years now. Not too sure if a 6' Brees would be able to step up into the pocket nearly as well if he were playing in those conditions. Anyone pretending that the NO OL and SD OL have been on par for the past decade are being intellectually dishonest with themselves or just plain foolish. For that matter, I think if you did a little research you'd see Brees is a much, much better dome QB and it's not even close. Folks like to ignore this little fact year after year after year. Of course your other criticism about losing Marty completely ignores the fact they also lost Wade Phillips as their DC(and Cam Cameron as the their OC for that matter) so the coaching staff that was responsible for the 14-2 season couldn't have been kept in tact even if they wanted to keep all of them. You should look up Wade Phillips. He's not a bad DC. Chargers defense hasn't been the same since he left. So many legit reasons to criticize this franchise and people seem to focus on the most ridiculous ones year after year. I can still hear, "Why didn't they make Vincent Jackson the highest paid WR in the league!@#$@". TB fans are still trying to argue he isn't overpaid. You people in the south are pretty sharp.... well, except for those folks that went to NC St cos we all know THOSE southerners are just pyuuuuuuuure ignorant! Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck.
  9. That's a coincidence, I am at 16% for my 1st place rate as well. Weird after we finished so close to one another last year as well. My best team is at 698.8 pt so far: 1.04 Jones, Julio ATL WR 1:07:45 p.m. 2.09 Martin, Doug TBB RB 7:15:29 p.m. 3.04 Thomas, Demaryius DEN WR 9:22:54 p.m. 4.09 Murray, DeMarco TEN RB 3:13:26 p.m. 5.04 Hyde, Carlos SFO RB 8:53:46 p.m. 6.09 Bernard, Giovani CIN RB 7:21:17 p.m. 7.04 Jones, Matt WAS RB 7:44:34 p.m. 8.09 Fleener, Coby NOS TE 3:58:47 p.m. 9.04 Ebron, Eric DET TE 7:30:27 p.m. 10.09 Allen, Dwayne IND TE 11:48:14 a.m. 11.04 Coleman, Tevin ATL RB 5:41:45 p.m. 12.09 Winston, Jameis TBB QB 1:13:23 a.m. 13.04 Garcon, Pierre WAS WR 10:45:23 a.m. 14.09 Coleman, Brandon NOS WR 7:29:13 a.m. 15.04 Flacco, Joe BAL QB 12:02:34 p.m. 16.09 Adams, Davante GBP WR 8:56:38 a.m. 17.04 Osweiler, Brock HOU QB 3:21:15 p.m. 18.09 Tamme, Jacob ATL TE 6:17:07 a.m. 19.04 Redskins, Washington WAS Def 10:03:22 a.m. 20.09 Wallace, Mike BAL WR 8:37:37 p.m.
  10. I think the best audio quality podcasts are when everyone is in the same room. At least until everyone gets fiber optic speeds. There are some football podcasts where the content is better than FBG but the audio quality is much, much, worse. Some shows like This Week In Tech have better quality despite distance but those are rare and those are folks that probably put an emphasis on internet connections that most people don't. Even then they have their drops/glitches.
  11. Nah, the problem is those cheap-skates didn't pony up for a proprietary socket thunderclap iBit. If you aren't willing to pay for the tool that is 3x the price for no apparent reason.... then you are the tool, brah!
  12. Is anyone REALLY arguing guns aren't dangerous? Cars are dangerous. Steak knives are dangerous.
  13. Ah, well let me tell ya there are some confused people that post on this board that think "reputation" matters more than the actual letters and numbers on the contract in front of them. Glad to hear you aren't one of them.
  14. If Wentz has a game like that, given what PHI gave up, I would not be thrilled and that's considering he has been sitting with a broken rib for the past month. If Wentz was a year into his career and had a game like that I would be even less thrilled. I honestly am surprised the broncos put the game in his hands as much as they did. I thought the whole reason behind ditching Sanchez was they couldn't live with the turnovers and just wanted a guy to hand off?
  15. ... but you think the reason he wasn't signed was because of the Chargers "reputation" or because of the contract that was sitting in front of Bosa and his agent?