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  1. Is this bit true... "Wiliams is still just 24-years old and healthy now by all accounts." I asked awhile ago and nobody seems to find much that confirms this. Wasn't his injury knee injury "rare" whatever that means?
  2. How big are your rosters?
  3. I think the crowd is early to react to rookies at the very top of their position, for instance Barkley this year or Cooper the year he came out. You are right that they are quick to over-react to a player that falls into what most people consider a favorable position. We could probably call this the "Zay Jones" effect. There is one specific receiver that I am probably falling victim to the Zay-Jones-effect but for the most part I haven't seen many I'm all that interested in. If I had to name the 2018 version of Zay Jones it would probably be Dante Pettis. Which rookie player in particular do you think is getting drafted so high he would never get drafted on one of your teams even if he slipped more than a round lower than his ADP? To be fair I have to admit that while I do generally miss land mines like Zay Jones I also often miss out on a guy like Cooper Kupp and JuJu Smith-Schuster. I owned exactly ZERO shares of them last year and it certainly would have been nice given their ADP.
  4. Optical Transpose Interconnection System
  5. A whole lot of folks enjoyed seeing the story how Luke became a hermit.
  6. Let me guess. You're one of those folks that think 1 exhibition game and an 18 games regular season NFL games is just "too much" meaningful football. Amiright? The worst Star Wars movie(yes, I'm talking about Episode 1) is still better than the best Transformer, or Smurf, or random bag-o-crap that Hollywood puts out. Even that last Avenger movie was borderline unwatchable imo. Those super hero movies have a worse batting average than portly relief pitcher if you ask me. If you have no interest in a Chewbacca or Yoda movie..... just don't go to it. That was always my response to people that thought lengthening the NFL season somehow watered down the games. Instead of ignoring the 4 exhibition games at the top of the schedule just ignore the first two regular season games and you're good.
  7. Do we really have evolving strategies in FF, or is it really just more of an over correction based on what happened LAST year?
  8. ... and I'm not sold on all their player rankings(yes, I know they watch every play! JFC) but I do enjoy their podcast.
  9. Looking to fill a 10 team league. Only a $10 buy in, finish in the top half of the league and you win $10 doubling your money. Not a big $ investment and good practice for your bigger money leagues closer to the start of the NFL season. TWELVE hour clock so you only have to check in twice a day! If you are interested or have any questions please message me for a link to join!
  10. At this point when anyone in the organization is asked if Luck is throwing a real NFL football there should just be a standing order to tell the press, "These aren't the droids you're looking for." With most organizations I'd say yes, but I get the feeling in INDY you just nose dive the franchise straight into the ground and expect the next #1 pick to save your franchise. It's pretty much been their go-to model for success.
  11. Wasn't Adrian Peterson coming back in 8 months a minor miracle? If I were a Henry fan(23yo) I wouldn't risk his future by rushing him back.
  12. I know Hackenberg is pretty much universally reviled(which is odd for a guy that's never been in a game.... he's guilty of someone choosing him too high) but it was a pretty good move on his part to talk his way out of NY. The only reason he was on the roster was just in case two of the top 3 QB's got injured between now and September. Now he's at least in an honest competition for the #2 job in Oakland. I thought there was a better chance that he was going to end up with the other Gruden in WAS. He said some complimentary things before the draft that year if I remember correctly. I don't think a 32yo Colt McCoy would have been tough to beat out as the backup behind an aging Alex Smith.
  13. ... yet I don't see many people raising an eyebrow at Watson going into the season as the starting TE for the Saints. They are the same age.
  14. Coby Fleener. Maybe Mercedes Lewis. I would worry about Bennet or Thomas ever being healthy enough to suit up. But if I was GM I'd rather give a conditional pick for somebody like Scott DeValve, Dion Sims, Stephen Anderson, Jerell Adams, Eric Swoops, Clive Walford, Jace Amaro, or Maxx Williams a shot. Most of those guys will be on a roster bubble so it would cost next to nothing to acquire them. People give up on TE's too quickly imo. The next project is always more appealing than the last. Sims is the only one that is making much $ out of that group.
  15. I actually thought there was a decent chance ARZ would take him instead of Nkemdiche. Some people think they let Calais Cambell walk because they had already invested a 1st rounder in Nkemdiche to take over for him. If that's true I'd much rather have Hackenberg/Cambell than Bradford/Nkemdiche (assuming they still draft Rosen) based on the draft capital/$ they ended up spending.