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  1. Blount made me do it will sound even more silly the second time around. Maybe pit can find a backup long snapper to release and make the scapegoat this round.
  2. But this can't happen in Germany. "The German system of gun control is among the most stringent in Europe.... In recent years, German gun-control law underwent several reforms that made it even more stringent." It's almost as if nut jobs aren't paying attention to gun laws no matter how stringent they are. I guess the only solution is to turn up the stringent.
  3. Careful what you wish for, I mean he wanted $15mil/season when he was missing tests..... just how much do you imagine he thinks he deserves to actually show up for the drug tests and test clean AND play football?
  4. I am not a huge fan of minority hiring rules, but he was obviously ready to be a HC well before he was given an opportunity. Those Viking teams he brought back to relevancy certainly were fun to watch. The loss of that 15-1 team in OT was one of the bigger shocks I can remember and it's a shame he never quite made it to the big game but what a ride he gave them. You see so many re-tread coaches in the NFL and it's a shame he wasn't given more chances based on his career success. A new sheriff just left town, and the town isn't any better without him to be sure. Crown him.
  5. While I find it very doubtful each of them would steal 10 carries, I do buy the argument that Zeke won't get all the carries and the most logical time to spell him would be in short yardage situations where a back like Morris is going to give you exactly what the OL gives him, which is at least a few yards on nearly every play. So if you are in that camp I can see you wondering if his TD production might be capped, but imo the probable receiving production is being ignored by many in this thread and is less volatile than projected TD production. He just seems to have such a safe floor when compared to other players at the end of the first round.
  6. Live draft or slow draft?
  7. Relax, he meant Watson.
  8. I was hoping a 60 round draft sounded interesting to a few die-hards...... nobody?
  9. Considering the person you quoted never claimed he was the originator of the image or the only one that posted it I would guess neither. The only one pretending in this thread is any person that thought posting that image was a good idea...... or that Isaiah Crowell was some sort of "celebrity" before this. Before this his biggest claim to fame was getting kicked out of Georgia for multiple gun and drug charges. This poor guy can't seem to escape his "celebrity".
  10. Eric Rowe - DB - Eagles The Newark Star-Ledger's Eliot Shorr-Parks believes Eagles second-year CB Eric Rowe is available for trade. The new coaching staff doesn't seem high on last year's No. 47 overall pick. Rowe entered the spring as a contender to start, but DC Jim Schwartz has buried him on the depth chart behind Leodis McKelvin, Ron Brooks, Nolan Carroll, and Jalen Mills. At 6'1/205, Rowe would draw serious interest if available. Source: Newark Star-Ledger Jul 20 - 9:13 AM
  11. So Rice wasn't stubborn but his punishment was as severe as it could have been? I mean, it was as severe as running someone over with their car and killing them..... I assume you'll grant that as the definition as "severe"? (crossing my fingers and holding my breath)
  12. An ego-maniac thinks that he can and should make any ruling based on how he feels that day and no matter how little sense he is making his word should be considered law. There are external forces at work to gow he feels that day(his dog dies, twitter is being mean to him, his favorite cast-away on survivor gets voted off the island, the ice cream man is sold out of his favorite flavor, etc) but ultimately he is owed the powere to make any decision that he wants whether it is consistent with previous punishments or makes any scientific sense. Are you arguing that Rice was somehow being "stubborn" with Goodell?
  13. Certainly works in Mexico. If you are a bad guy down there it's pretty much water-balloons for you.
  14. If they had thrown the book at the Patriots I don't think we would still be talking about this. But they threw the book at the Patriots and Brady, even though Brady has never been guilty of anything before ONE football was slightly deflated.
  15. I agree with you that the only rule that really matters in the NFL is thou shalt not bruise the ego of Saint Goodell, but I disagree that Brady could have saved himself just by not being "stubborn", or kissing the ring or whatever. There was a guy named Ray Rice who was told to come to NY, tell the truth, throw your career on the mercy of his highness..... you'll be treated fairly and your spotless record before this incident will be taken into consideration. Rice does all that and gets two games. Video leaks that shows exactly what Rice says happened, did in fact happen. Goodell decides to let twitter-verse be final judge and jury of a decision he's already ruled on and tucks his tail between his legs. Ray Rice get's banished even though he was never "stubborn". In the end all that matters is the daily whims of an ego-maniac making the decisions and he's fought very hard to keep it that way.