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  1. Ok. Did he mean a trade war with China or a pro-pollution stance toward the environment when he wrote "friendly regulatory climate"?
  2. By "friendly regulatory climate" are you talking about the trade war with China or the pro-pollution stance on the environment?
  3. The same MI auto workers that were promised manufacturing jobs by trump in 2016..... and actually LOST manufacturing jobs even before the pandemic?
  4. There seem to be pro trump folks on this board, but NONE of them have any interest in this thread. Wasn't draining the swamp a major point trump ran on? If you are voting for trump do you feel he has done that?
  5. I am kind of shocked that so many folks in this forum pay so much attention to political tv in the first place. If it wasn't for this forum I would have no idea what the ratings were for news networks or individual shows. Still baffles me why so many people are invested in those ratings. Why would people want to literally sit through HOURS of commercials on election day instead of just getting the same info in real time on their phone/tablet/computer?
  6. Not really. Just seems to me that trump supporters are much more likely to attend large gatherings where people won't be socially distancing or wearing masks during a global pandemic, or feverishly smashing the "like" button on social media(facebook in particular), or put up lawn signs, etc. The Dems are more likely to support their candidate in different ways imo. You say that your contacts are 80% Dem but nearly a hundred have liked trump's FB page so I am guessing you either are less familiar with the political leanings of 500+ contacts or your social circle is less liberal than you think they are. As someone in a small community that probably is closer to 80% liberal I can tell you that none of the Hillary voters are voting for trump, at least publicly. I only really know non-committal (which I assume means voting for trump but can't/won't try to defend anything he does) rather than true trump "supporters". Why would someone that voted for Hillary in your opinion not vote for Biden? We're they just voting for the first woman president in 2016 but don't care about the first woman vice president in 2020? Or were there specific accomplishments of the current white house that turned them pro-trump? Seems to me all the attacks against Biden are recycled from 2016. Almost copied and pasted for that matter.
  7. Maybe. People see what they want to see. There has been side by side video of Biden and the GOP candidate walking down a ramp and the GOP decided "too old!" was going to win them the election. Not that it's not working they have "BREAKING NEWS!.... that hasn't been fact checked by anyone.... but would have been proven if DHL wouldn't have eaten tucker carlesons homework.... eh, never mind..... OBAMAGATE!" With a week remaining it kind of feels like they are ready to punt on 3rd down. Clinging to endorsements by Lil Wayne to convince themselves they will win the urban vote.
  8. That's nothing. I still haven't even seen Joe Biden's birth certificate in person. WHAT IS HE HIDING FROM ME!?
  9. Will "BREAKING REPORT!" be the new drinking game until November 4th? "THIS changes EVERYTHING! Pay no attention to the sweaty orange man behind the curtain."
  10. This might the second best decision he's ever made. Just after signing Paris Hilton to a recording contract.
  11. ... as opposed to running candidates that have already been impeached?
  12. Has there ever been someone that thought "twitter is reliable"? A certain person posting on twitter, maybe. But anything randomly posted on a social network?
  13. So true, so true...... "Auto and auto parts manufacturers in Michigan employed about 2,400 fewer people as of February of this year, before the pandemic, compared with when Trump took office in January 2017." So your link is using "Biden COULD cost auto manufacturing jobs" to deflect the fact trump has already cost auto manufacturing jobs in MI? Please MI voters, stay informed.