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  1. Either that or his erratic decision making caused 6 OC's to lose their jobs in 8 years. Remember that one year when Cutler had Marshall/Jeffery at WR, Bennett at TE, Forte in the backfield and Cutler got outplayed by his backup? Badly outplayed by his backup? He just does.
  2. The owners meetings? Would you deny that the league hasn't contacted officials in the middle of a playoff series because they would like to see certain rules enforced differently? And coincidentally the rules that would be enforced might coincidentally lead to a few star players playing in more playoff games if they were enforced differently? When you think about it they are effecting the outcome of a matchup in the playoffs the same was as if the NFL contacted the refs between the 3rd and 4th quarter of a playoff game to comment on how the game is being officiated.
  3. The problem is, when I watch March Madness certain refs don't stand out like a sore thumb. Certain players don't seem to get every single call the way they do in the NBA. That's why the whole, "Well calls are subjective, that's basketball, can't be fixed" just doesn't hold water with me. The star players literally run the NBA. It's been like that forever. I can still remember when Barkley through a tantrum because the "horrible" replacement ref's called traveling...... ya know, cos he ummmm traveled.
  4. Nobody has even mentioned the "cars = guns" argument except you and Otis. I have argued against framing an argument, "If a stupid person can harm people with it, then we should ban it" argument. Where exactly does this stop? Cars are one item but certainly not the only item stupid people might hurt people with. Steak knives? Waffle maker? Chainsaw? Don't most injuries happen within the home? I guess a dryer is a deadly weapon if you are sitting in the bathtub. Do we really HAVE to have hair dryers? To me this anti-gun hysteria is a result of people that have no interest in owning a gun that want to make the great sacrifice of not allowing law abiding citizens that want one to have it. If it saved more actual lives by making roads safer to ban SUV's I doubt many people would support it because a bunch of people would actually had to give up something they want. If someone really wanted to save lives in the US and cared about public safety they would spend a lot more time trying to ban all foods that had refined sugar in them. But most people would actually have to give something up that they like so that's certainly a no-go. Why are lives lost in gun fatalities worth more than lives lost to traffic accidents or to heart disease. Fat lives matter. When some nut walks into a Krispy Kreme and shoots a dozen people it will be on CNN for the next three days. The ironic thing is the Krispy Kreme probably contributed to killing an order of magnitude more people than the insane gunman was. It's like people can't see the forrest for the trees. If you want to get up over public safety why not aim for the stuff that kills folks a whole lot more than guns? And yes, if you are a myopic simpleton you have my permission to distill all this down into, "Oh, so now you are saying guns=sugar!?". Fine.
  5. I guess I didn't realize guns weren't regulated by the Federal Government already.
  6. Wrong gambit. It was the "If you are going to child-proof the world because stupid people might hurt themselves and others then you should start with cars because they kill a lot more people than guns" gambit. Cars are not like guns. I worry a great deal more that a car will kill me than a gun, but I will admit I part of the reason I feel that way is based on where I live. For that matter, high fructose corn syrup may be killing more than both of them combined. Maybe we should have a 30-day waiting period to buy or sell a soda.
  7. So once you crush all the cars/trucks/busses how do you suggest people get from point A to B? Wait, are you selling bicycles on the side now? (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)
  8. To be fair, it was clearly stated that was the 5 second answer to your problem. Not the correct answer to your problem.
  9. Well, I think if they had Peterson or Morris on the field in passing situations they would be doing it all wrong. You want Elliot to get the ball in space, whether it's on screen passes or draws and his pass protection is already better than Peterson or Morris imo. Morris is playing behind the best OL in football and his y/c continues to plunge(4.8 to 4.6 to 4.1 to 3.7 to 3.5 last season). I wouldn't be shocked if he got beat out by a minimum $ FA or an undrafted rookie at this point. Should they have benched Romo when he was healthy because the front office gave him a big contract earlier? Or should they just make every decision based on what is most likely to help them win games?
  10. It looks like signups are currently closed but an MFL 10 did start three days ago so hopefully they are just getting the kinks out since the upgrade. They also mention "some new formats planned as well" listed under the MFL 10 section of "2017 Enhancements". Crossing my fingers that this may mean some deep, deep MFL 10's this year. Some of their draft-and-go competition goes well beyond 20 rounds. It sounds like a lot of players until you actually get to week #15 and you see how almost all the teams have been decimated by injuries.
  11. Wouldn't it depend on the conditions in which it's being driven? For instance a lot of highway miles in southern Nevada might be preferable to fewer miles but many winters driven in northern Minnesota.
  12. I almost sent out a bat-signal of a molar to bring some sanity back into this thread. I honestly went through the thread a second time because I thought I must have missed your post on the subject.
  13. You honestly think you are going to get a difference maker on defense on a $5mil contract if the quote is to believed? I'm not so sure. Last year the cap was even lower than it will be this year, but in 2016 FA I don't see many impact players at $5mil or less...
  14. I'm saying different PLAYERS have different sets of rules they are allowed to play by, not different teams. Anyone that can't see that must to be blind.
  15. I was a little surprised that TJ Lang wasn't mentioned in the group. Maybe it's because GB has all that cap space, but GB showed last year that they are willing to part with interior OLmen. According to Rotoworld, "Impending free agent RG T.J. Lang wants to re-sign with the Packers but admitted he hasn't "heard a word from them" about a new contract." Of course I would agree Zietler/Warford would be preferable but I also would expect both of them to sign for more money than Lang.