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  1. IMO that's the LAST thing they need. Some 30-something QB that might possible have just enough ability to make the Rams a 6 win team for last year or two of his career. You can say, "He'd only be a backup" but what happens if 30yo vet just flat out plays better all summer/fall than Goff? Both the players/coaches start to divide on who should be steering the ship. I guess there are a few vet guys out there under 30 that nobody wants... Kaepernick, Griffin III, Manziel. I wouldn't trust that group putting their heads together and helping Terence Tao pass a 2nd grade math test. Any coach taking that job should have known it was a full on Cortez situation. Your fate is tied to Goff and what you can make of him. There is no going backward from that... unless you let him completely fall on his face and go for the #1 overall pick to get your next QB. If anything I felt like the Rams should have been the ones drafting Chad Kelly. No threat to Goff because he's recovering from surgery, if you got to the point midseason and Kelly had any chance to play then the season is a towering inferno anyway. May as well trot out your scratcher ticket as you have nothing to lose at that point. Maybe the best arm and pocket sense in the draft.
  2. There just may be different definitions of what "making America greater" means. It would be an interesting to see the results of a poll asking whether Kaep is making America greater or not.
  3. My frustration isn't with the Redskins or Cousins. The Redskins are paying Cousins at a ProBowl level and daring him to play so well that they are willing to do it again next season. So far Cousins has been earning that pay. Both sides have been winning imo. My frustration is with the sports media that seems to feel the need to announce that there is a 49% chance Cousins returns. Or another way to translate that is, "I have no @#$% clue". Sometimes you don't have a good answer. That's fine. Just don't say anything if you have nothing to say. For the love of god until someone actually DOES know something let's all just assume Cousins is going to play out his contract, get paid handsomely to do so, and may or may not end up with the Redskins depending on how the season goes. We don't need any more non-updates on the situation that isn't changing until then. Thanks. I can assume you don't really know without you pushing out tweets on twitter proving it.
  4. So if a woman is beating up your mom...... and you don't think YOUR life is threatened? You just play the "First Rule of Fightclub" card?
  5. I have a few LONG international flights(15 hours) over the next few weeks but when I get back I'd be very interested in one of the superflex draftmasters. It's unfortunate that auction isn't supported. Is IDP supported? A deep IDP draftmaster would also be fun and very different than what the MFL10's currently offer.
  6. IMO not exactly "publicity" but it is a coincidence that he found this to be a deeply important issue to him that had to be addressed...... while on a team he was desperately trying to remove himself from. In fact he and his agent let it be known through the media last summer before all this started that he felt he was above starting for the Cleveland Browns, he was willing to start for the New York Jets, and he might be willing to play for the SB champion broncos IF they paid him enough money. All the while he was actually under contract(paid handsomely by the Niners at the time). And now that he's no longer on the Niners, again coincidentally, I guess he's decided that racism has been solved in America and he is perfectly willing to stand for the anthem. A cynic might wonder aloud if racism and his deep concerns about it were ever the real issue in the first place. It's almost as if this guy has an over inflated opinion of his own importance and abilities. When you look at the contract he walked away from and you look at the level of interest he's drummed up around the league I'd say he's been proven wrong. His best career move may be to "walk away" from the game, position himself as a martyr that has been black balled by the league for speaking out against social injustice, and make as much money as he can on the public speaking circuit from this point forward. That would give him the maximum amount of time to work on his abs which seemed to be his life's mission before kneeling during the anthem.
  7. Pat Tillman? The 9/11 first responders that lost their lives trying to save the lives of others? And now Colin Kaepernick.
  8. What was your stand against racism? Was there a personal cost associated with it?
  9. This is a great idea. Ever consider doing an auction version?
  10. You would think they would embrace it since both those positions kind of get held hostage by the QB situation right now. You either have a good one or you swing wildly with all your resources guessing that an unproven guy can be a good one. If it were a 20 game regular season for instance then you have 4 games to develop player or get an idea if a guy can actually play or not. At some point the league needs to think outside the box to develop young QB's and this is one way to work toward that goal. The current system is going to look awful in just a couple of years as all these mid-30's QB's retire. There just aren't enough starting caliber guys coming in from college ready to take over or at least they aren't getting the chance to develop/improve sitting behind guys pushing 40yo.
  11. Yeah, I almost added the concussion protocol in my post. Having that many carries and not missing any time due to a concussion situation does seem unlikely. On the other hand, the owners got pretty much everything they wanted in the last CBA so if they really do expand the regular season that would make a huge impact on these cumulative career records. Personally, I'd like to see the NFL expand the regular season substantially but go to player bye weeks instead of team bye weeks so that a player could only play in 16 games per season. That would also keep the players healthy/rested for the 16 games they did play and would an advantage for a player trying to break into that top group.
  12. I guess I always thought it was for salary cap reasons. If you hit on a young player(and you have a much better chance of doing that by having extra picks) you can have a contributing player at a very, very cheap contract for several years. For instance Thuney(3rd round'16), Andrews(UDFA'15), Mason(4th round'15), Cannon(5th round'11) and Solder(1st round'11) allowed NE to sign Gilmore to a substantial FA deal. The entire OL for the SB champions has been pretty cheap salary cap wise and only one of them required a premium pick. Nate Solder makes a tidy sum now.... but how much has NE averaged paying him over his entire time as a starter on a very successful team? So because they drafted him he has actually been relatively cheap over the course of his career as a Patriot.
  13. Yeah, I probably should have given a link.... It's even more impressive when you consider the amount of rope given to 1st/2nd rounders when they fail to produce and how many second and third chances they get around the league even when they are a bust.
  14. How many games do you expect Watkins will be 100% this year?
  15. That doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility to me. All it would take is the right injury to a team that THINK they are contender(whether they are or not) or even have a coaching staff/GM on the hot seat. For that matter I still don't understand how Blount wouldn't be worth at least $2mil for PHI/GB/IND/DET/LAC even without an injury. Not saying he'd play nearly as well in those situations as he has in NE but those teams all need Blount more than NE imo. But I will admit I see think 7th rounders are more valuable that most people do. According to an Adam Schefter tweet in 2016, "Hope for underdogs: There are more undrafted free agents on NFL rosters today (481) than 1st- and 2nd-round picks combined (480), per Elias". With extra 7th rounders you don't have to recruit those players. There is talent out there in the 7th round(and later) even if the casual fans don't realize it.