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  1. Blackmon averaged over 7 catches and over 100 yards/game after being reinstated. Before getting suspended again. Manziel is only 23 so he's on pace to break some of Gordon's records in the category of poor career crippling decisions before the age of 25. But it might be close. I am sure there is someone out there that insists johnny really "gets it" this time.
  2. Justin Blackmon is 26. Manziel is 23. Sounds like one hell of a young nucleus to build around.
  3. So in your head Bell hasn't been any more injury prone than the average NFL player. Got it.
  4. Wait, what are his career average for games missed due to injury? I think your math skills are a little off.
  5. Yeah, you were always pretty level headed about it. I have just heard a lot of junk the past month or so that was trying to convince themselves that Geno and Fitz play last season was in any way comparable....... something tells me after today there is no doubt who will be starting assuming Fitz is healthy. The whole, "but the Jets have no money!" was obviously more than a little overblown. I am happy for the Jets, their coaching staff, and their vets who don't have many more shots at this. NE stranglehold on the division is almost over. I'll take "40" vs any QB every time. People act like new stretching methods change that but so far Favre and Moon are the few upsets. Jets are pretty close to winning this division imo.
  6. Well, some folks were pretty sure NY needed Fitz more than Fitz needed to play in the NFL. I just hope everyone is wearing their seat belt because all those people from the Jets coaches all the way down to so many of their fans are going to shift from 5th gear of the "there's not much difference between Geno and Fitz" bus to reverse. What are the chances Geno makes the team now? Some folks in this thread are likely to get whiplash.
  7. Because Gordon was dominant in 2013. You remember 2013 don't you? Peyton Manning was passing for 5500/55. Chip was the hot buzz in the league turning the hapless 4-win Eagles into a playoff team his first season as HC. Promising rookie Zack Stacy almost had 1,000 yard and had 7 TD in only 12 starts with the Rams. Andre Johnson was dominating PPR with 109 receptions for over 14000 yards. Seems like just yester...... wait, how long ago was it that Josh Gordon looked any good?
  8. 2017 first rounder in dynasty.
  9. Yeesh, not good. July is pretty much the players time off so this year he actually got hurt on vacation? There was a reason I predicted last year to be his best year and he was more efficient than ever before, highest yards/carry and TD/carry and TD/rec of his career. This is a guy that just screams to be part of a two back RBBC. There's a reason he's averaged ~172 carries/season and it's not because every coaching staff hates him and are playing inferior players because screwing you fantasy team is more important than the coach keeping his job. Really wish he was sharing time with Duke Johnson in CLE or a similar situation. If they try giving this guy 15+ carries every game I predict the over/under at 6 games before the wheels come off.
  10. Or was it the gamescripts that had GB playing with a lead less often than the past? Seems to me the short fat kid in the back row may be getting blamed for having a below average score when everyone in the class did much poorer on the test than expected as well. That typically does fall on the teacher. Cobb, Adams, even Rodgers.... none of them got A's either. Maybe not even C's all thing considered.
  11. If only you had landed in the San Fernando Valley on gone looking around the neighborhood for work. With your affection for the smell of tuna some of those stories might have been EPIC.
  12. In the next two months he turns into a different person than the guy he's been for the last two years? I would be running to accept trade offers before he and Manziel celebrate this news. "No, I think this time he really gets it....." has been a terrible call for a lot of folks this off-season. Including Gordon on strike.... eight? I doubt Schlichter would gamble on Gordon at this point.
  13. That he doesn't think Foles is as good as the former #1 pick in the draft?
  14. When the computer starts offering BJ's be careful where you insert your doom switch. I saw a floppy mangled years ago and have never forgotten.
  15. It's much worse than that. They download the upgrade(which is big) and try to trick/confuse people into "upgrading" to the new OS by default. I think it's just one of Microsofts imaginary deadlines to get a few more people to upgrade after all this free advertising in tech news. Of course my iFriends have had these upgrades shoved down their throats for awhile and nobody ever questions why the new/better iOS makes anything but the latest phone a miserable experience. Somehow having more devices running the new OS running on more devices is trotted out as a selling point even if the new OS makes old hardware less useful.