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  1. BoltBacker

    RIP Stan Lee

    Priceless life lesson on what women are capable of when you move on though. I wish someone would have taught that lesson to me when I was 17yo.
  2. For me it's cable television specifically. If you have so much free time that you can sit there and pay people to show you commercials..... you are doing life wrong. It's not that I'm against paying for entertainment as I pay for two streaming services and the NFL. But it drives me to the point of madness to watch a "live" NFL game due to all the game stoppages. If you are watching for "free" as it's broadcast over the air and advertising is how they make that possible..... well, ok. It's the only time I actually watch commercials. Some podcasts are getting nearly as bad as the NFL in terms of advertising and I have to unsubscribe them. Really, my tolerance for advertising is just much lower than the rest of the world. If I'm paying for something I shouldn't be punished for supporting it with advertising on top of my payment. I'm almost at the point that if I'm paying for a product and they insist on advertising on top of what I'm paying them it's time for me to just start figuring out the best way to download it for "free".
  3. BoltBacker

    Depressing shows

    I think they can be good. One of the most depressing shows I've ever watched is that Tig Notaro show on Amazon called, "One Mississippi". Just brutal and in general I like dark humor. But that show kind of crosses the line of finding humor in dark situations to bashing you over the head with misery. Maybe it got better after the first few episodes, I'll never know. Shows like "Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "Hello Ladies", and "Arrested Development" are pretty much sad sets of characters having sad things happen to them but they are all enjoyable to watch.
  4. BoltBacker

    Roughing the Passer

    I just wish they wouldn't have used their full body weight to do it. On third down no less.
  5. BoltBacker

    Ryan Fitzpatrick

    I disagree. The real question is how much power will the new HC have in 2019 imo. I'm not sure if it will be easier to get a top tier HC candidate with Winston there or not. If it's a top tier guy you'd have to assume he'll have the power and the length of contract to bring in his own guy. If it's more of a place holder type HC decision(or dart throw) then maybe he won't have the long leash to develop a rookie and may want to work with Winston. The devil you know and all that.
  6. BoltBacker

    RIP Stan Lee

    If they can CGI some dead dude with half a character in Star Wars I am going to be PISSED if they can't CGI a five second clip of Stan Lee in every Marvel movie moving forward. I guess it wouldn't even have to be some CGI scene, you could even have his likeness on a billboard in the background, etc. In some ways it might even become an "easter egg" for hard core Lee/Marvel fans. But the tradition should continue uninterrupted imo in every Marvel movie.
  7. BoltBacker

    RIP Stan Lee

    Not only glad that he got to see them made into movies, but that the mainstream which had previously looked at comic books ans some sort of niche market finally got to experience the stories that Lee contributed to. It's pretty evident based on ticket sales alone that those stories had a mass appeal all along. What is even more amazing is when you look at what comic books were back in 1922 at the time of his birth and you compare those things to what comic books have become at the time of his passing. They went from one dimensional(half a dimension) to complete arcs of complicated characters often times editorializing on modern themes. The world of comics has not just grown but matured into a very important part of literary fiction. Stan Lee was as much a part of that as anyone else. The word "legend" gets thrown around loosely, but not many deserve it as much as Stan Lee does.
  8. BoltBacker

    Ask a guy who gambles on stuff about gambling on stuff

    What are your thoughts on baccarat?
  9. BoltBacker

    Ask a guy who gambles on stuff about gambling on stuff

    Yes. But if you are just viewing it as paying for entertainment, then go nuts. I've never gone to the movies and expected to come home with more money than before the couple of hours of entertainment the movie theater provided. That's why I think sports betting is so much fun. Just choose a dog, bet the moneyline and over/under parlay and suddenly you have a rooting interest for three hours. MAYBE you hit, but you are guaranteed to make a completely uninteresting game entertaining at least for a half even if it's a blowout. Most new movies that come out aren't entertaining for an hour and a half and you have no chance of winning. BTW, I actually love the movies and probably go to a theater way too often(2-4 times a month). But going to the movies is a WAY bigger gamble imo as I'm often only entertained for 20-40 minutes of a movie I've sat through for 80-100 minutes.
  10. BoltBacker

    DSLR Camera Guys

    I own the Peak Design Clip and enjoy it very much. I only use it with either a Micro-FourThirds camera or a premium point-and-shoot though and would imagine it might feel unbalanced on one side of your chest with a dSLR. Maybe it wouldn't seem so unbalanced if you had a 1liter smart water bottle on the other strap? I know a lot of folks like to have water on one strap for easy access while they hike. I've never used the Slide Lite strap, but I like the design. Not sure how well it would work while wearing a backpack though. As a word of caution I would remind people that Peak Design(a very good company imo) has had an issue with an early version of the anchor links popping out so be careful.....
  11. BoltBacker

    Falcons vs Redskins - Week 9

    It would help if the offense could do anything though. Seems like ATL has had the ball the entire game thus far.
  12. What can you do with a minor in finance? Not trying to be a d-bag.... I honestly don't know.
  13. Ask him if he is willing to work himself through school waiting tables. If he is, I think he has found his passion and profession(NOTE: Those may end up being two different things). If not, he should really reconsider the whole thing and listen to his parents imo. If he is really serious about it that first year won't break him. But it would likely break a lot of folks.
  14. BoltBacker

    Forum News - Dark View Now Available

    This is a great change. Night and day difference.