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  1. I've never heard of those but it would be tempting to get hard to find gear. Have some Samsung NX equipment now and would love to find some more. It's such a shame they discontinued that line.
  2. You may be joking but I honestly think that IS the solution. Same goes for Monday/Sunday nights as well. Maybe it's because I grew up on the west coast but I have always hated having so many games on Sunday morning. I would much rather savor the NFL season spread out through the fall rather than having most of it shot out of a fire-hose every Sunday morning. But I also don't attend games anymore and am sure the "Wrigley field will have night games over my dead body!" folks completely disagree with me. IMO the league already revolves around the TV(media) contracts and will only lean more heavily that way in the future.
  3. Unless it comes directly from the manufacturer I treat "refurbished" gear as used. I still order it from time to time and it can be fine, but when I get a refurb from Canon it's so close to new I honestly can't tell the difference. Those three are very good places to order used gear from and I'd also add is the new kid on the block(at least in North America). Maybe because they are newer but they aren't quite as smooth experience dealing with them as the other three but I have definitely gotten some good deals go without a hitch.
  4. It's only right. It's only right. It's only right. It's only right. It's only right. It's only right. It's only right. It's only right.
  5. I think he is.... depending on what you mean by "for real". I certainly don't expect this production for the rest of the season but I liked him even before he landed with Stafford.
  6. As opposed to offering Bradford(vs NO) for D.Watson(HOU vs a coach that didn't want to start him). Next time I promise I simply won't respond. I'm holding out for Ryan Mallet.
  7. I'm actually more interested in listening to burgeoning feud between Tim the team owner, versus Tim the commissioner and his awful rules. It's got to boil over at some point.
  8. Well, I'm not right. That's for certain.
  9. I offered him a backup QB for a starting QB..... but no luck with that either.
  10. Exactly. (cue ominous music off-stage)
  11. Let's be honest. Anything other than blind bidding is dumb.
  12. What a letdown. I came in here hoping I'd hear some profanity laced tirades of collusion based on the email news that the commish will be stepping in as the arbitrator on trades. Not saying that's a bad decision btw, just assumed there had been some sort of fireworks to instigate the change. I expect a lot more controversy moving forward. Although the commish calling out the rules in his own league did cause me to break a smile. Timmy playing both the part of Al Davis and Pete Rozelle at the same time! Innovative.
  13. This part confuses me. I think you left out the part where a ref stands in front of a branded tablet from Microsoft with nascar-esque logos all over the tablet contraption so the ref can see the screen even on a bright sunny day. He stares into this nexus for several minutes, all the while the network zooms in on this "action" and inadvertently the branding all over the ridiculous tablet. The kicker being that the ref isn't actually doing anything. The decision is actually being made in some bunker someplace and no matter what the ref is watching it has no bearing on the play, or the score, or even the game. For all we know the ref could be watching porn in the middle of the field because it has nothing to do with the game in any way. He's just going to get the decision on the review in his earpiece. I realize the Germans are efficient but how did they squeeze that whole dog-and-pony show into 14 seconds?