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  1. I think the best audio quality podcasts are when everyone is in the same room. At least until everyone gets fiber optic speeds. There are some football podcasts where the content is better than FBG but the audio quality is much, much, worse. Some shows like This Week In Tech have better quality despite distance but those are rare and those are folks that probably put an emphasis on internet connections that most people don't. Even then they have their drops/glitches.
  2. Nah, the problem is those cheap-skates didn't pony up for a proprietary socket thunderclap iBit. If you aren't willing to pay for the tool that is 3x the price for no apparent reason.... then you are the tool, brah!
  3. Is anyone REALLY arguing guns aren't dangerous? Cars are dangerous. Steak knives are dangerous.
  4. Ah, well let me tell ya there are some confused people that post on this board that think "reputation" matters more than the actual letters and numbers on the contract in front of them. Glad to hear you aren't one of them.
  5. If Wentz has a game like that, given what PHI gave up, I would not be thrilled and that's considering he has been sitting with a broken rib for the past month. If Wentz was a year into his career and had a game like that I would be even less thrilled. I honestly am surprised the broncos put the game in his hands as much as they did. I thought the whole reason behind ditching Sanchez was they couldn't live with the turnovers and just wanted a guy to hand off?
  6. ... but you think the reason he wasn't signed was because of the Chargers "reputation" or because of the contract that was sitting in front of Bosa and his agent?
  7. You can roll your eyes all you want but about a week or two weren't you saying that Hunter couldn't make the roster because of James Jones?! Why does Inman sound familiar? Oh yeah, that's because last year you said the reason that SD shouldn't add both Stevie Johnson AND Crabtree last year was because Inman had to be on the roster. You even had a stellar @#$%^%&$-index-ranking to prove Crabtree had nothing left. Well, I hope you are working overtime to find some inane spreadsheet formula that convinces yourself that Inman(35/486/3) is a better player than Crabtree(85/922/9). I'll be waiting with crossed fingers to read your next "advanced metric" that proves your case. Personally, I'm pretty satisfied that Hunter/Crabtree have more upside than Jones/Inman moving forward. Just because a roster spot is filled doesn't mean it can't be improved upon. At 4-wins I would argue there are plenty of roster spots that could be improved upon, whether they have a physical body in that roster spot or not.
  8. I like all those guys with the exception of D.Murray where he was being drafted. There was a brief window when he first arrived in TEN but before the NFL draft where I was all in on him but didn't touch him before or after. I will admit I was worried he might get the Rashard Jennings treatment where he lost obvious passing down work to McCluster and GL work to Henry so TEN releasing McCluster does may him more viable imo. Best of luck this season! Tell us how you are doing before week #4(when the bye weeks start skewing things).
  9. I am very surprised we haven't seen many mentions of Kenny Stills. With those DB's MIA is going to need to pass a great deal and Landry can only get so many targets. I was interested in Cameron in the spring but he seems to be in a career coma. Parker can't stay on the field. I don't think Caroo generated the buzz many were hoping for. Grant is a gadget guy. Ajayi looks like a complete mess and the inevitable Foster news is coming in one, two, three, ......... Stills seems like he could be in line for a lot of garbage stats to me even if Tanny can't throw the deep ball.
  10. I think is latest take is Lynch takes over in October, which is very possible. If the FG was good I think suddenly 178yd/1td/2int would look worse to a whole lot of folks.
  11. Heard this same song and dance with regard to Antonio Gates. "Nobody will sign with them the way they treated Gates!!!!". Gates himself didn't care. Exact same BS take, different year. Guys are lucky to get 2 or 3 contracts their entire career. Maybe you are right and the reason Bosa wasn't signed was because he and his agent were worried because of the deep research they did on the Mossy Cade and Jim Lachey contract negotiations. I think you are just wrong and all that agents consider is the contract in front of him.... and anyone thinking anything else is being ridiculous.
  12. Darrius Heyward-Bey 2016 = Ted Ginn 2015 Hated players, ideal situations. Will leave a ton of production on the field as always but most leagues don't penalize for drops. People are grasping at straws in that PIT offense for guys that have never done ANYTHING. If Heyward-Bey has a career year(eclipsing his 975/4 in oak) he'll be a steal.
  13. I hope not, he was inactive.
  14. "If you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm."
  15. How do we stay in business? VOLUME!