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  1. Not only that but I think the big improvement they were looking for in this car was the handling, to achieve better track times. I just have no interest in drag racing. None. If that was your goal wouldn't you be driving an electric car anyway?
  2. But the signature look of the old Corvettes was a giant hood(when compared to modern performance cars), right? If the Engine wasn't going to be there anymore do you expect them to have a giant trunk in the front of the car? If the whole point of the exercise was to keep performance competitive with super cars I don't know how they could have a body similar to the old style, have a mid engine sports car with the engine between the driver and the back wheels, without adding to the weight and making handling suffer overall. I think if someone photoshopped a corvette hood on the front of this thing they would see exactly what I mean. I think they did an amazing job..... but to be completely honest I think the NSX is a pretty amazing car too. If people don't care about performance and just want something that looks more like a 70's muscle car why wouldn't they just buy a 70's muscle car?
  3. Maybe, but at least there is a low-end that is pinned to some number that is actually attainable. I'm kind of shocked to be honest that the starting point isn't 6-figures now that there are pickup trucks that are 6-figures. And people scratch their heads when it turns out car sales are down recently.
  4. Maybe my view is in the minority but if I were in a dynasty and my team was 3-10 I wouldn't give up much for a 31yo WR going from one of the highest powered offenses to the NFL to oak(and I'm not even as down on Carr or Gruden as most people are). Maybe if I was 10-3 and considered myself a heavy favorite for the league championship and it was an exceptionally small league(8-10 teams) I might give up more. Since we are on FBG let's just take their dynasty rankings on those players (AB = 24th pick) for (Harry = 39th pick + Luck = 44th pick). Plug those into Dodds pick value calculator and the 3-10 guy is giving up 1355 in value to get back 952 in value to get much older with a much shorter window of productivity. I understand that if that guys roster was stuffed with studs then one very good player is worth two good players but that doesn't sound like his situation. Just my take.
  5. Frank Gore The fantasy community has been trying to bury this guy for what feels like a decade now. SF drafted him in 2005 and he was on the team through 2014. Over that span the Niners themselves drafted FIVE RB's in the top 4 rounds. Gore just wouldn't go away. The league is better having him still on the field. People say that you can't use a stopwatch to measure heart at the combine and it may not apply to any player more than it applies to Gore. Or maybe he's just stubborn. Whatever it is he's been great and I only hope that we see more players like him.
  6. It really is odd and borders on hysteria at this point. Have you ever used and ATM? Ever been to an airport? A convenience store? A gas station? Your facial image is constantly being recorded and saved, all day long. Nearly everywhere you go.
  7. This is always my first question to those that are constantly wringing their hands about privacy. They go on and on about the hardware and software they use because they don't want google tracking them and amazon sending targeted coupons(that they might actually want/use). At the end I ask them if they have a Facebook account and the answer is yes 99% of the time. I used to try hard not to chuckle but now I just nod and move on.
  8. If I lived in Bakersfield I'd try to figure out a way to make it to a military detention center. Free vacation, you know, anywhere outside of Bakersfield. Going to a Stockton motel costs money!
  9. For me it's Joe Thomas(LT)CLE. Before he was even drafted as a top 3 pick he seemed to have his head on straight. Heard the news he was drafted by CLE in 2007 while he was out on a boat fishing with his old man on Lake Michigan. Started at LT for the Browns as a rookie and played the next 10,363 snaps in a row pretty much at a sustained All-Pro level. Only a torn triceps pried him out of the lineup in 2017. Think about that for a second. He played for a DECADE for the CLEVELAND BROWNS and never missed ONE SNAP. On a CLE team that won 10 games his rookie season and never reached .500 thereafter he never rotated out at the end of yet another abysmal season playing outdoors in NOV/DEC in CLE. To the best of my knowledge he never held out, never demanded a trade to a better team(could you find a worse one?). He just played like an All-Pro.... every down...... every SEASON. That is just a level of sustained excellence in the face of adversity I'm not sure that I've ever seen, and we may never see again. On top of all that it seems that now that he's retired he's giving more interviews and he sounds exactly like the same type of guy that would go fishing with his father during the first round of the NFL draft. He just seems like a guy that gets it. It's a shame that millions of characters have been typed with regards to a guy like Josh Gordon and maybe 1/1000th of the media attention has been spent on a guy like Joe Thomas.
  10. Just to be clear, I'm not saying that's what he SHOULD do. I'm just saying that if a player wanted to accrue a season while still avoiding taking more physical abuse before he gets his contract extension. I am glad Gurley got his money, but boy that was close. About 7 months after that extension how much of that contract do you think he could get? There are only about 3-4 RB's that I would give that type of money to and Zeke is one of them. I don't blame him for making decisions that he thinks best serve his future. Normally, I'm a "play out the contract you negotiated" type of guy. But that's the thing, if you are on your rookie deal you didn't REALLY negotiate the $ you are playing for. The people that signed the CBA did because now rookie contracts are more or less slotted. The only part that gets negotiated is how that money is structured and whether or not the team is on the hook at the end of it if things go sideways. Zeke has more or less had a contract assigned to him that he had very little part in negotiating. A RB's "prime" is so short they really get completely jobbed in the current CBA. By the time they are allowed to hit TRUE FA the team can look back and tell them, "Well, yeah you have played great for the past five years BUT now you have all this mileage and you probably only have a year or two before the decline starts.... blah, blah, blah" and the team has a whole new crop of young RB's out of college that will be slotted into unfair contracts as well that THEY can't really negotiate. The whole system is set up against RB's getting paid as the best part of their career is often in the first 5 years. A quality QB can start into(and sometimes past) his mid-30's. Guys like Peterson and Gore are maybe 1-100? Maybe 1-1000? More? None of this is the Cowboys fault, BTW. I'm just saying that I can empathize with the situation that the true elite RB's are in. A guy like Barkley is being robbed of his true value for YEARS and who knows if he makes it 5 years without a major injury.
  11. But that one trick was pretty good. Having the explosiveness, quickness, and vision to get through the DL, the pure power to stiff arm LB's and power through the middle of the defense, all so he could get to open field and run past and away from the the DB's. Pretty good trick.
  12. I think it is possible. I have no idea what other people know that we don't know. I'm sure they heard Hill's version of what happened directly from him while I have not, but I'm not sure if that constitutes "way more information". The people making these decisions gave Ray Rice a 4 game suspension after hearing directly from Ray Rice what happened. Then they saw a video that was exactly what Ray Rice had told them. With that "way more information" Ray Rice suddenly got a suspension an order of magnitude larger. My position is the NFL is inconsistent with the suspensions that it gives players. You can certainly disagree with that if you like. Maybe my opinion is an outlier. But I am certainly not alone in thinking they are inconsistent....
  13. I'm not saying the un-edited tape was as bad as the edited tape. I'm saying one guy got caught making a threat on tape and got FOUR games, another guy got NOTHING. The key piece of this imo is "evidence of threatening and emotionally abusive behaviors". And the NFL found NONE in the case of Hill? Ok.
  14. Jimmy Smith got suspended FOUR games because "The NFL found evidence of threatening and emotionally abusive behaviors by Jimmy toward his former girlfriend that showed a pattern of improper conduct." And you don't think there's sufficient proof that Hill is guilty of the same thing? Or even 1/4th the proof that there was in the Jimmy Smith case?