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  1. Politico: The White House’s science policy office on Tuesday ranked “ending the Covid-19 pandemic” atop the list of President Donald Trump’s top first-term accomplishments "“We have achieved a proud record of results, and under President Trump’s leadership, science and technology will continue to inspire us, unite us, and guide us to ever greater progress.” The fire hose of inaccuracies sprayed around by this administration is still astounding after almost 4 years. So remarkably dangerous.
  2. Who sent who to the hospital?
  3. Sad is the only proper response. It sucks the President has COVID and I hope he is getting the best care possible. It also sucks that it was statistically probable that he would get COVID based on his attitude, approach, and behavior. Is anybody actually surprised that this happened? An unforced error at the highest level. The word sad applies here. So does ridiculous. So does stupid. Can a guy be compassionate and wildly disappointed at the same time?
  4. Well, since COVID affects almost nobody this shouldn't be a problem. That's sarcasm. Having a Pres with a potentially deadly disease is terrible. Still, I wish he wouldn't have been such a cavalier ignoramus this whole time.
  5. Washington is great in pass pro which might make him more than just a backup. CEH has struggled with protection at LSU. There is a chance Washington earns regular passing down work as I'm sure nobody wants to put Mahomes too much at risk. The situation is not clear.
  6. So done with this fraud. America deserves better.
  7. Remember when we were at 15 and that was going to be it? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  8. At the top levels this is probably true but the rank and file is loaded with dedicated, tireless, and talented civil servants who kick butt on a daily basis.
  9. I'm 100% voting for someone stronger than God and energy. I mean, dang, that's a powerful dude.
  10. I hope this is true. All the mail in ballots will be in by then and we get a vaccine to boot.
  11. Due process of course. If allegations are true then it's gonna be time for some Lock them up! action.
  12. Sorry Joe. Just seeing this, Did not mean anything by it, I use that comment about myself all the time. Maybe "lost" would be better. I certainly did not mean any harm and I'm sorry if the comment came across as wrong in any way.
  13. I was hoping "homeless" would have been an option for the second question.
  14. Wow. Government Response to the Coronavirus summed up pretty tidy here.