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  1. ... and it is especially annoying to those who love and support the wife as they are constantly reminded that the person they love and support is a terrible person who shows no signs of remorse and is actually proud of their wrongdoings.
  2. I agree with this and I also agree that the negotiation phase of the bailout was cringe worthy all around. Not the best moment for the two party system.
  3. Dude needs to stop being a jack ### all the time and we wouldn't have these contextual/interpretation /manipulation issues.
  4. No, It is objectively the antithesis of presidential. How in God's name is this OK?
  5. This is Puerto Rico after Maria all over again.
  6. Let's hope the saying 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' holds true.
  7. Sadly, we can all revisit this in 14 days and see who was right.
  8. I, for one, would absolutely love if he turned on a dime and started bringing the goods. Drop the buffoonery and be a leader ... too much to ask?
  9. I like you man but I don't see how this kind of comment helps even if you feel there is an element of truth to it. Not now. I've heard plenty of partisans from the left do the same. The Senate is a bit of a train-wreck and there is shame to go around. Not the time to be a political fan boy. Sorry, I'm grumpy.
  10. There is a thread on this and people of all stripes are blasting the obvious shortcomings of the competing Senate bills. It seems you think one is better than the other, There isn't a good one to vote on yet, The bills suck.
  11. Which pales in comparison to him being unfit to serve. I could do vile and accountable.
  12. Cmon people. This is no time to spread misinformation.