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  1. I remember having to be careful when expressing (or even discussing) an opinion that dissented from full military intervention in the lead up to the 2nd Iraq war. Emotions were high, and frankly, unstable after 9/11 which is understandable.
  2. It's all about liberal, moderate, independent, traditional conservative, libertarian, non-bat poo crazy tears these days
  3. The man tends to bring out the worst in people. I think that is something we can all agree on.
  4. Gonna blow up. Jackson and Humphries are now former Bucs. That's 179 2018 targets up for grabs.
  5. Good idea. How this already hasn't happened is astounding. All this yammering about the border and very little in the way of purposefully acquired integral data to support sound, peer reviewed analysis and decision making.
  6. Pushed that one guy from Montenegro .
  7. Pretty telling when the Nixon people are trying to create distance.
  8. I'm very happy that Trump's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Shutdown is over.
  9. So, a bunch of chaos driven malarkey. And being a butt-hole out of spite. The only one you can hang your hat on the the Supreme Court but that could have happened with a non idiot Republican in the oval.
  10. I don't see much MAGA around here. Lots of Trump bumper stickers the further out into South Park you go. There is one guy that goes out to the main highway around here wearing MAGA stuff and waving a big American flag. 18 months ago he was out there all the time. Lately, not so much.
  11. For some reason, my reaction to seeing anyone (race doesn't matter, we're mostly mutts anyway) wearing MAGA gear is very similar to when I see people smoking or out of shape people chowing fast food. I say something like "OOOf, really?" in my head and then continue with my day. To be fair, this reaction also applies to anyone wearing any kind of purposefully antagonistic, in your face apparel. Same reaction. It is anyone's right to smoke, get fat, or wear stuff like MAGA. Like a lot of other choices we all make, its just dumb and usually comes with a hidden cost to others but I don't have the time or mental bandwidth to focus on others choices too much. If anything it reminds me to work on my own faults.