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  1. Guess that makes him the enemy of the American people.
  2. I really want to reject this, I mean, its too simple. But ...
  3. When one employs careless rhetoric purposefully for political gain, it should come as no surprise when that rhetoric is put on display and described for what it is and the danger it poses.
  4. I stepped in some dog charisma this morning.
  5. ...and most C&W stars are city slickers, and so on.
  6. I'd agree that the Rs are in a death spiral if the opposing party wasn't (generally) a bunch of well meaning but dysfunctional goobers. This moderate non-affiliated voter feels politically homeless with no relief in sight. One one side of my cardboard shack is the heartless, soulless party of Trump (no thanks) and on the other, a confused jumble of messaging and ideas, like fusion food gone wrong.
  7. Has anyone passively suggested what the second amendment folks think about defeating Trump in 2020? "...nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is. I don't know." Now, that's a bit out of context since he was talking about Clinton picking SC judges but still, one of his greatest hits.
  8. Um, yes. That's kind of been our deal for the last 243 years although your use of the word 'unlimited' is, I think, intentionally loaded.
  9. To be clear, it was an effin racist tweet from the effin President. So funny!
  10. I'll give the Rs this, they stick together almost without fail, even when embracing an anchor.
  11. I'm not seeing a strong condemnation(from the right) . I'm not seeing a divided right. It did seem to give the left a lifeline to unify at a time when they were struggling to do so. Generally, Trump has coasted on this which is crazy and normal all at once.