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  1. Jefferson had 3 targets in each of the two first games and had a huge outlier game but looked good doing it. Talk to me why he's sustainable and not liable to be variable and why I shouldn't be looking at a short term stopgap like Carlos Hyde to turn my team around and get some wins now.
  2. Likely very true. I am worried about the ones who were undecided coming into this debate and just got sick of watching this and are dissuaded by voting for either. I don't think Trump or his camp cares for a true substantive knock out blow as opposed to more disruption and bluster which to them might look like strength regardless if it's coherent or not. I think Biden is in a tough spot because playing defense could mean being calm and rational and seeing like he isn't standing up to bluster, or he loses his cool and is painted as unhinged. You expect political debates to be full of hot air. This was truly the lowest point of political discourse I've seen in a long, long time.
  3. Appreciate it. This guy had 3 targets the first two games. I get that MIN will be passing, I just can't shake the feeling that this is chasing points.
  4. I agree. He's on the wire in my redraft league and my team is sucking wind at RB so wondering if it's worth it to snag him for long term or go for a guy like Carlos Hyde who can be useful for 1 or 2 weeks but who knows how long after that.
  5. Sitting at 0-3 given injuries and players putting up bagels. 14 team league so teams are already thin in depth naturally, but Hurting at RB a little more than WR but my WRs while having talent aren't putting up numbers whatsoever. With first waiver priority, I can't decide whether going after a stop-gap like Carlos Hyde (for the next 1-2 week window) or Jeff Wilson (who may have a 1 week window, if that), or a guy who looks like a solid target magnet like Jefferson (but with huge variance so far this year), or even playing a longer game and snatching up Lindsay for when he returns.
  6. They would have to have both sides agree to it, and have a feeling one side won't agree to that stipulation. I don't think Trump cares that he came off badly by constantly interrupting. I think Biden is caught in a tough spot -- needs to show firm resolve but likely regrets using words like "clown" and "shut up" (though IMO they needed to be said). If Biden agrees to another debate there is no way Trump will adhere to decorom. If Biden refuses to do a debate, it will be painted as weak and running scared. It's a no-win situation and think the Biden camp has no other recourse but to forge ahead with another debate. I'm not sure I could stand watching another s show like that again. The clear loser was the American people.
  7. Same with me, although holding on to a handcuff of another team's stud RB has paid off for me in the past. To me it depends on if the rest of your roster and its solid depth allows you to burn a roster spot or not. This is not the year for me to do that for sure.
  8. 100%. BAL D is fairly stout -- every D can have up and down games but they were going all out to keep in the game. KC simply carved them up -- it looked WAY too easy for Mahomes and his receivers to throw a bomb and get past the defender and underneath. And Clyde-Helaire looks like the complete back. So frustrating to see that team look almost better than last year. Begrudging respect but endless hate. I don't think any team looks like KC did last night. Strange to see them luck out of the Chargers game -- any given Sunday still.
  9. And ROS. This guy is clearly in everyone's waiver radar, and looked fantastic. That said, I get the the Vikes look to be throwing a LOT this year, but how confident are we that his production is going to be sustainable? And at what level? Is this a guy who will have greater value than some WRs we are still waiting to break out like Cooks, Samuel, Hilton, Landry? Is he as valuable as a guy like Chark or Fuller? John Brown, or Jeudy? Trying to get past the hype and really understand what's truly going to be sustainable, and what comp. WR you see him finishing the season as being equal to?
  10. This is like riding a roller coaster for me. Yes, seeing some of the age old problems this team has had -- having the right defensive approach and shoring up run D, missing open field tackles, leaving gaping holes that allows a runner to be 10+ down field before a hand is even put on them, and then seeing that hand put on them be a weak attempt at a tackle as the runner goes another 10 -- yes, it's depressing. Yes, the season isn't over, but it's not looking promising? Really? We've lost one game. We have more time playing this year where we've looked solid than not. In fact, not just solid, we looked like a great team at times, better than we've looked for a long, long time. So let's have some perspective. Yes, that perspective includes the next two games being tough. And may result in us being 2-3. Did we think anything else coming into this season that the first 5 games were going to be a rough ride, and that a 2-3 start was not just possible, it may even be probable? Well, sure. But do we have the guys to help us pull out a win? Yes, if healthy. Yes, we're likely still going to have players miss time. I hope we get Kwiatkowski back as the D seems to highly benefit from his presence. Sucks to have Ruggs and Edwards dinged, because we need them, and they need the reps, but I don't think missing a game or two is going to upset the apple cart of their development. And yes, with them out, and potentially Brown and Incognito? Yes, we are inarguably worse. Next man up has to ball out -- the football season is always a war of attrition. It's one game. The sky is not falling yet.
  11. Anyone who watched the game, can you chime in? Was Fournette struggling? Or is this -- I am assuming -- what we've been seeing in TB all along : Arians being completely and utterly baffling on who he gives touches to week in and week out. Didn't even see McCoy register in the box score.
  12. Good week for WR waiver targets, not so much for RB targets. Imagine last week most leagues saw Gaskin and McKinnon get snapped up but if not, there you go. Jeff Wilson for short term until Mostert comes back in a game or two. Burkhead will draw a lot of attention, and should, as he is solid, but all backs had a banner day against the Raiders, and likely impossible to chase those points with so many backs (including Damien Harris who is returning soon) to feed. Me and my 14 team league and a team that's shot given injury and non-performance, my only option is to look for lotto tickets: J.D. McKissic got a little work in both the run and pass game, and if Gibson falters or gets injured is likely to outperform Barber. La'Michal Perine is on a dumpster fire team but at some point would think they give him meaningful carries to see if he can be the main guy in the future. Chase Edmonds, Devontae Booker/Jalen Richard, Darrel Williams/Darwin Thompson, and Tony Pollard as guys who would benefit if the main back went down.
  13. No one could have pulled off that spoken part after the second chorus of Panama like Diamond Dave. "Yeah, we're runnin' a bit hot tonight...."