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  1. The whole Bit of Finger/Sleeping Village/Warning is great, but love that opening instrumental even more given that it references Iommi's accident where he lost the tips of two of his fingers on his chording hand. Also love the use of slapback echo across that trilogy. And I think I recall something about the band registering Bit of Finger with ASCAP separately as its own song to try and make twice the royalties whenever it was played.
  2. I hear and see how deep this WR class is, but as someone who could stand to watch more college ball, how many guys past Jeudy and Lamb do you see could be true WR1s and how do you rank them? Ruggs looks like consensus #3, but from what I see he's more speed than anything -- sure, he could be the next Tyreek Hill, but he could also be the next James Jett. Between guys like Reagor, Shenault, Higgins, DeVonta Smith, Jefferson, Aiyuk, and all the rest, how do you rank them, and who do you think has the potential to develop to the true #1 we need?
  3. He was. Earl Scruggs was and will always be the pinnacle in my book. Steve Martin is a highly underrated player. Always wish I learned. It's on my bucket list.
  4. Nothing like Rick Nielsen's one-man-five-axe-attack. Seems like all my favorite bands are 3-axe attacks -- Allman Bros, Maiden, Skynard, Doobies, Eagles, CSN, Bruce & The E Street Band, Petty and the Heartbreakers....
  5. Agree, I am hoping that this turns out like 2014 when Mack dropped right to us. I think there is a real possibility that Lamb, Jeudy, and Simmons are all gone before our pick. If so, I hope we look at BPA D, preferrably a DT. Derrick Brown may be there but doubt it, so maybe a guy like Kinlaw and target Ruggs for the 19th? We could use some thumpers inside on the D line.
  6. Hope Bouwmeester is all right, that looked scary. I was thinking that it is pretty unique to call off a game on account of one player, but then remembered the Malarchuk incident -- I think they stopped the game until word came back that he was going to be fine. Which also was different from Zednik's similar injury, where the game was only stopped long enough for the zamboni's to get rid of the blood.
  7. Thanks gb. From what I've seen so far Campbell is a pristine selfless individual -- we asked tons of him throwing him immediately into the fire on a back-to-back, and he played really admirably, even taking it on himself in the Toronto media when it was really the team in front of him who left him out to dry. Love what I see, he seems really engaged and communicative on ice, and has been stand-up in goal. Great story about Clifford -- have always liked his style of play and brings that sand this team so desperately needs.
  8. If you snuck in the back and made it all the way to your bedroom without being spotted, and you wanted to lie down, why did you go into the closet to begin with? Not that there is anything wrong with that. That must be on heck of a comfortable shag/pile on that closet floor.
  9. I think you have it. Gruden is a fan, and kept him around for his contribution and fit to scheme, as opposed to upside. I hate this time of year as the mock drafts start to ramp up. Seeing mocks where the Raiders easily snag Jeudy/Lamb then Simmons, or Simmons/Ruggs really get my heart pounding too fast and my excitement up too high. Need more doses of reality. That said, I do think it's possible that that could happen. I see 4 QBs going before our pick. Bengals, Miami, Chargers, Panthers (I think Cam will leave in FA). Giants and Cards are likely to go OL to protect up and coming franchise QBs. WAS gets Chase at #2 overall. That leaves the Lions at pick 3, Jags and CLE at 9/10, and the Jets. Lions are likely to go Okudah to shore up their worst pass D in the league in ypg, and can see CLE perhaps going OL or DL. Jets likely take a WR. So that does give us the choice of Simmons and one of Jeudy/Lamb.
  10. Any Kings fans in here who can tell me how to feel about Campbell? Clifford I know and like -- real gud pro and Ayr, Ontario boy with 2-way skills, a bunch of grit, and solid postseason experience. That the Kings are retaining half his salary is nice. The fact that we finally have a guy who will be happy dropping the gloves is nicer. Campbell has always struck me as ok -- he was dynamite in the 2010 World Juniors, but as a pro his GAA and SV% aren't stellar. Guess he's a better backup than Hutchinson in terms of stats, but not sure by how much. I'll miss Moore -- always played the puck hard and has good creative stickhandling. He's young, and we'll miss his bucket in Toronto. But I guess he would have been gone in the expansion so I'm glad we were able to shore up some positions of need.
  11. I think you nailed it -- the ONLY way this REMOTELY makes sense is if the team sheds Carr for a rookie QB that Brady can groom. Even then, this makes absolutely zero sense to me as Carr right now>>>paying more money than is reasonable for a breaking-down Brady for a year and the off chance that a rookie can become, what, a slightly better Carr? I have to think Gru and Mayock have better sense and are just f'n with the media. @DocHolliday took the words from my mouth - would love Jone/Littleton, or a Van Noy, Shaq Barrett or Jamie Collins. Robbie Anderson is sound but not so much separation b/w him as a WR1 and Ty Williams as a WR2. I would really want to see us somehow land Lamb (not likely) or Ruggs (slightly more likely) but they are no guarantees either, but - as @SDJohnny astutely points out -- they are better bets than a really thin WR FA class. Ironically Amari Cooper is likely the best WR FA.
  12. FTFY - anyone will tell you that the extra 9 hour drive is absolutely worth it. It's as much as Hutchinson's total variability as it is a potential outage for Freddie that the Leafs are likely going to look much harder at Georgiev. Could see them making a play for Ryan Miller, too. As bad as this team needs a 2nd netminder, they need to find a way to shed Ceci, who continues to be a complete liability, for a serviceable RHD. Even through his showboating, dirty days, it's really, really hard to hate on Ovie. The guy is simply superb, and his dominance only grows.
  13. I am almost positive I saw Mr. Clean make a cameo in that commercial as well. I don't think I could agree any harder.
  14. Like others here, I try to incorporate a dish from each city. But liker others said, it's a huge amount of work. We often overdo it, too -- me and my wife are often in the kitchen cooking and prepping and serving instead of in front of the TV with the guests. So we're going to keep it low key this year. KC: slow-cook pork and chicken sliders. Getting pre-made KC-style from Costco, and either hawaiian roles or kaiser hamburger buns (maybe brushed with butter and warmed in the oven?). We can throw this stuff in some slow cookers and relax more. SF: It's its. This does have some prep to it, but it's pretty straightforward. Make a bunch of oatmeal cookie and vanilla ice cream sandwiches and freeze. The next day, dip them in some melted chocolate and freeze again until dessert-time during the game. Get tons of chips and dips, veggie trays, beer and wine and booze, have the guests bring over salad and other snacks, and I think we'll have a lower key, more relaxed, SB that upholds tradition and maybe allows me to watch not just the whole game, but some of the commercials too. Does anyone know of really quick and easy microwavable hors d'ouevres that actually come out of being nuked tasting fantastic? Trying to see if there was a quick and easy hot snack we could whip up with less time/energy than baking in the oven.