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  1. I would probably have a super cool day of chilling, driving around in an air-conditioned car and showing him all the wonders of the 21st century... ...then have it all ruined right away by being forced to find a 1.21 jigowatt source of power to get him back to 1200 so he can join Ghengis Khan in invading China, sign up for the 4th Crusade, or be there to force King John to sign the Magna Carta or some other such nonesense, all to ensure I make that weekend camping date with my super hot teenage (and perfectly legal) girlfriend Jennifer Parker.
  2. The Boss can, without question, stand alone and deliver the goods. There's a reason why it's just his name on all the records. But in my mind, it's Springsteen + The E Street Band that truly provides the oomph. As a total aside, this also reminded me that the Silver Bullet Band was always printed right with Seger's name on their album covers. Different band, different dynamics, but there is a reason why he's known as The Boss. I am sure that caused it's fair share of acrimony between band members -- though to everyone's credit Springsteen, Little Steven, the late great Big Man, Mighty Max, Lofgren, Tallent, Bittan, Federici, and the rest never seemed to have a problem getting back together. But I don't recall Seger and the Silver Bullet Band ever seeming to have drama.
  3. Yeah, this was strange to see, would never have associated it with Millennials per se, it's been a visible cuisine option across all generations for the last 10 years. Same with kombucha, cauliflower rice, almond butter, quinoa, etc. -- aligns more towards stomach/gluten/allergy sensitive diets in my mind than anything specific to Millennials.
  4. Late 40s, Basic at 6: Have eaten Quinoa frequently. Had multiple Poke bowls, they are often tasty. Had a sip of kombucha. La Croix -- certainly, it's everywhere, though I prefer black cherry Bubly and we often have strawberry Perrier in my house as my son is addicted to it. Almond butter is a staple at my house as my other son has peanut allergies. Have had cauliflower rice (wife has experimented making pizza dough with it) Have been dying to try a cronut, and while I've never had avocado toast, happy to eat it, looks delicious. And definitely looking forward to trying my first Impossible/Beyond burger, not sure why I haven't yet they are pretty widespread in both restaurants and supermarkets.
  5. Not sure I'd say Sneaky Pete is must see, but it's grown on me. Eagerly awaiting seeing the Panthers on the next season of All Or Nothing which releases on the 19th. Really well done show, and I've preferred it over most seasons of Hard Knocks. I'm a little intrigued by the upcoming superhero series The Boys, as long as it doesn't devolve into a thin or too-derivative knock-off of The Watchmen.
  6. Saw both movies, thought they were both great. Until you mentioned them, I completely forgot Joan was in them. Which in a way, is along the lines of my point -- not sure you can call those major roles if her impact was such that I have trouble recalling her being in them. That may be more on me and my poor memory. Not saying she's a poor actress -- far from it. While it's not a stellar, award-winning performance she was indeed solid in School of Rock, and good call @badMOJO on In and Out -- I never saw that and she has a leading role, so will need to to test my own opinion.
  7. Each to his own, I guess. I thought his performance this year and last were shallow/hollow. Way too much a caricature than a character. He annoyed me every time he was on screen -- and not in that "he's supposed to annoy you" King Joffrey-type of performance (Jack Gleeson really embodied this kind of character to perfection). More in terms of his acting just seeming way too thin and transparent. Steve and Robin were the standouts this season, IMHO.
  8. Wow great OP and @Encyclopedia Brown is spot on -- so hard to be forced to have to choose between two musicians who I've adored since I've been in diapers. Agree Seger is criminally underrated -- extraordinary voice and energy, and should be more lauded than he is. Both these guys are fantastic live -- as phenomenal as their recorded work is, their live act is that much better. Both guys have incredibly talented bands that play tight and have their own personality -- augmenting the front man and the ability to stand alone on their musicianship. Both embody the spirit, grit, and flavor of their roots (Monmouth county Jersey for Springsteen; Detroit Rock City for Seger). Both have songs that flat our rock, that can make you shed a tear, or simply not be able to withstand getting out of your seat and dancing. It's easy to lean Bruce because of the greater commercial success and relevance. He's got a broader catalog, had way more influence, his songs are poetry (there is an absolute justifiable reason he was compared to the modern Dylan in the late 70s and early 80s), and has much more diversity in the range of his output (rock, folk, acoustic, heartland/roots, country, etc.). From that standpoint, it's Bruce all day - he gives me something vastly different album by album, decade by decade, continuously reinventing himself but always hearkening back to what made him such a special singer-songwriter without sacrificing too much in quality. That said, R&B always will be my truest love in terms of music genre -- from Joe Morris, King Curtis and Louis Jordan, Big Joe Turner, the Clovers and the Drifters, Fats Domino, Ben E. King, Little Richard, and Ray Charles, the backbeat of Bo Diddley and the soul of James Brown and Otis Redding, to glorious Motown years that produced Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Sam & Dave, the Diana Ross and the Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Roberta Flack and Junior Walker, the Temptations, Wilson Pickett, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, and way too many more (and now boring) to list. I put Seger among these pantheons of the music I love the most. So gun to my head? Desert island? Choice of only having one or the other to listen to exclusively? I choose Seger. Give me that old time rock n roll -- the kind of music that truly soothes my soul.
  9. I think the customer experience part of it is that if for any reason you are dissatisfied with a purchase -- not just one sold by Amazon but even one sold by a third party vendor that has no affiliation with Amazon -- the company goes out of its way (and even will absorb cost) to make it right by their generous refund/return policy. Anecdotes like @Captain Cranks and the below that seem to be the norm of a customer's experience on Amazon that bears this out: Agree there is likely more Amazon can do to help reduce the number of what people might consider "shoddy" goods in their own warehouses. But you can only feasibly police at scale so far up the supply chain (especially when third parties are only using Amazon for order/invoicing and not using them to hold inventory). It's much easier and scalable to help the end customer experience by allowing returns for dissatisfied customers without hassles. And I think Amazon holds vendors to a high standard and removes their ability to sell if they aren't hitting high customer satisfaction and other metrics (shipping times, etc.). As an aside, I never understood the fervor of "buy American" / "avoid all Chinese goods" -- you can likely find similar goods made in America that will be more expensive, but simply buying American doesn't ensure quality. You can avoid buying goods from China, but there are a lot of other countries churning out lower quality products at lower cost thanks to savings on cost of labor, etc. Seems more accurate to say I'd rather pay more for quality (regardless of where it's made) than pay for cheaper goods of low quality (regardless of where they are made). Anything else seems to add a political element that is a little tangential.
  10. Not disagreeing, but as I think of Joan's iconic role, it's one where we only see her range via her voice -- Jessie from Toy Story. Outside of that, not sure I could say she's shown fantastic acting chops -- or even cite the major movie roles she's been in (though her stint as Geek Girl #1 in Sixteen Candles is a classic).
  11. Honestly that's what he's always been historically in my mind, maybe it was my huge crush on her and Alyssa Milano that still perpetuate to this day, but since Arrested Development, that script has to have flipped. Now it's simply Jason Bateman. And there is also Jason Bateman's older sister.
  12. Nice thought on the tie back to Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Damone's 5 point plan. As an aside, I never knew if the scene right after this one -- with Rat in the car with Stacy while Kashmir plays on the stereo -- was an unintentional mistake (clearly not side 1 of Zep 4), or purposeful in how bad the date is going thanks to Rat being a total f-up. Agree the interpersonal relationships were forced in this season, especially the bickering "tension" between Joyce and Hop -- both of them overacting. The "talk" script that turned into a heartfelt letter from Hop to Eleven played much better. But from a story perspective, if indeed Hop is still alive somewhere, both helped set up the urgency of the potential plotline of getting him back.