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  1. Another healthy dose of the Raiders beating themselves with stupid and untimely penalties and turnovers. And if we could cover and make tackles -- especially on 3rd and long -- that would be great.
  2. Bruins/Leafs -- always a great tilt, and a solid preview of the tears to be spilled in round 1 of the playoffs again this year by all of us Bud Backers.
  3. Went from a reliable flex player and a guy I was looking to move to upgrade RB2 to a guy I am not sure I want to part with as he can be leaned on as a fantasy WR2. Super solid floor in defiance of how bad Denver looks or fares in games - guy gets 8+ targets guaranteed, and only dropped below 60 yards once. It's simply dependable production. The cap on it is really only the TD portion -- if he was more a reliable producer of TDs, he would be WR1.
  4. The opportunities he is getting, he's running for a yard or two and kaput. I didn't see any vision or push when he got the ball in last night's game. Yes, the O line isn't all-pro, but Shady manages to look fairly decent when he seeks and hits a hole. I just don't see that from Damien. If we assume the usage is what it is, no one except for Shady is utile.
  5. Still very impressed by their start, they do look like they are putting it all together.
  6. I don't get it. If he's fully healed, and practicing in full without limitation, why is he not a good streaming option -- or even as a go-forward kicker? LAC is not the team we thought they were coming into the season, but they have Henry back, and still have solid O and D pieces. This week they face a TEN D that prevent teams from scoring on them.
  7. Any given Sunday. Or so I hope... As impressed as I am with the Pats, I (like many others) am weary of seeing their dominance. Of hearing about how great Brady and Bill and the FO is. Not their fault, of course, as it's true. Add that to the fact that the AFC has generally been the comparatively weaker conference for a decade now (perhaps longer). There are less tough opponents to get through to reach the AFCC and SB. But I hold out hope that we see parity return -- or at the very least, see the return of the fact that even the worst team can show up and kick the snot out of the best team in the league on any given weekend. It may be only my perception and not reality, but seems that happens less and less these days.
  8. True enough, but if everything from 2016 forward hasn't shown you that all it takes is one play for Hill to turn in a decent fantasy outing, then last night should have. As long as the QB has an arm, there will be life in Hill. Not sure I can say the same for the rest of the offense, and I think I've said that without Mahomes, we need to expect a drop-off in Hill. This won't, however, IMHO, be a drastic change for Hill's ability to generate fantasy WR1 numbers. We'll see.
  9. Not just helped but possibly a weekend saver. A goose would have been dire. Let’s just say certain downgrade. What remains to be seen is how massive - if Hill’s talent supersedes the QB’s talent he may be serviceable, but not elite. We’ll see.
  10. I see<10 attempts, 25 yards on the ground, 20-25 yards through the air, 0 TDs.
  11. Cross posting from @Fear The Turtle from the Lazard thread On one hand, with Grant on their squad, GB has a really good insight into our playbook and approach. And Lazard looked beastly and should be respected. On the other hand, with a subpar WR squad (throwing rocks and glass houses notwithstanding), if we can step up/hold our solid run offense (we're 10th overall on least rush yards allowed per game) and actually find a way of pressuring Rodgers (who isn't great in terms of mobility), I feel really good about our ability to compete.
  12. What an awesome story this is. Really happy for Waller, totally earned this. And great thing for the Raiders to do -- certainly there is a self-interest piece about not letting a prime piece of the offense go, but also great to see them committing to developing their own players from within, and rewarding high performance and effort.
  13. I am hoping for a productive week where he doesn't explode -- I won't have high waiver priorities, but I think he makes for a terrific speculative stash for ROS. Can imagine MIA trying out a bunch of depth guys in second half of the season to see what they have as they round out their tanking season.
  14. Totally variable -- I've read 6 to 18 months with dedicated therapy, but the rigors of playing pro football might negatively contribute. Really depends on rest and player response - it's a pain and therapy management issue.