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  1. That sucks. Something really personal about finding and taping bootlegs yourself or off of someone. In this day and age, would imagine that tons of these shows (and likely many of the ones you got stolen) are now digitized and you can download them. I was able to add the Cornell show (which I had on cassette but no longer have a cassette player) via Amazon Music Unlimited.
  2. Current and immediate future projects: With COVID and the demand on wifi in my house, was using a wired ethernet cable from our router to my workstation, but with kids out of remote school, will be moving from my current workstation (our dining room) to our office (where I had the kids set up for school). Instead of snaking the wire all around again, I went into our crawlspace, drilled a few holes, and ran the cable from our our router down through the crawlspace and up and out again into the office. PITA but straight forward and easy, and avoided paying someone else to do a job we could do ourselves redecorating our "toy room" to a more conducive gaming room for my kids, buying new sofas for our living room (pure redcorating, no real handyman type project At some point this spring will remulch our entire yard removing existing pebble coverage along the side of my house, regrading the surface, then laying down new pebbles replacing all the windows in the exposure my house has to the street. House built in 1994, and while no obvious leaks they wood are drafty and could use replacement to more efficient double paned vinyl windows
  3. All of them are paid way too much IMO, but that's me. Per @NutterButter's comments, surprising that Cousins, Wentz, and Goff are the Top 3 NFL players there. I mean, not surprising in terms of the deals they made, but in terms of a list of way overvalued people who play sports for a living, there are FAR more deserving players in the NFL who should be making more than these three doofs.
  4. Whoa nellie, you weren't kidding! Great listen, and nothing like I've heard before. Totally get where you are coming from in not knowing how to describe their sound. I think if I had to put a name on it (which does a disservice to any band, trying to frame their music in terms of others'), I'd go with a less dissonant/discordant Devo crossed with less trippy early Syd Barrett Pink Floyd. That said, sometimes it is fairly straight-forward "soft Punk" (Men 2nd has some Sex Pistols-esque sound; Sand in My Joints is Gears punk). Sometimes it's a little prog-rocky (Being Sucked In Again). I Am the Fly comes across a little like a Talking Heads arrangement, but then Outdoor Miner is reminiscent of the Birds (melody background vocals out of the blue?!?). Hearbeat was almost like a way stripped down version of a U2 song. Will have to listen to it again and just try and listen for what it is instead of trying to identify their sound as it switched up so frequently, though still retained a little commonality throughout. Love discovering new music, great suggestion.
  5. Looks familiar, don't know where I've seen it before. Seriously, always cool to see respected FBG posters' inspiration behind their avatar. Guess this is another album I need to listen to!
  6. Who would you compare their music to? The description makes it sound a little like Zappa meets Roxy Music? Have no idea why that came to me. Will try to listen over the weekend. Ooooohh -- good ones.
  7. Kudos -- didn't expect an Elvis album, but totally iconic. Purple Rain is a great shout out. Grace Jones album cover is nice to look at but I would expect Yoko-like screeching and emoting instead of music when the needle dropped. What's the music like?
  8. Great picks, love the Dead album choice. Talk about iconic. Many might go with Steal Your Face or The Grateful Dead or even Skeletons in Your Closet. But like you, I prefer American Beauty. Never heard of the band/album Wire/Chairs Missing -- super clean look, now need to go and listen.
  9. Would love to dig that up -- didn't see it in search, will look again. Done:
  10. Searched the forum for a similar title with no results, though I am sure there is one. In any case, what would you say are your Top 5 album covers of all time? Criteria is your own -- artwork, iconography, whatever. I might divide into two: TOP 5 MOST ICONIC ALBUM COVERS: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Beatles - I like Abbey Road's simplicity, but this is more the landmark Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd -- instantly recognizable, timeless The Velvet Underground & Nico, The Velvet Underground & Nico -- a Warhol banana, what else do you need Nevermind, Nirvana -- great photo, and a pretty good glimpse at what the band's ethos railed against. Van Halen's 1984 is in a slightly similar vein, but this one trumps it. Born in the USA, Bruce Springsteen -- my personal fave is Born to Run as it cuts right to the heart of the warmth between Bruce and his band (in this case the Big Man) but hard to argue this album cover's iconic status. MY PERSONAL FAVORITES -- really hard to narrow it down to 5. These aren't my top 5, just ones I want to call out based on my affinity to the artwork Court of the Crimson King, King Crimson -- trippy and disturbing Cheap Thrills, Big Brother and the Holding Company -- phenomenal album with artwork by R Crumb? What's not to like? School's Out, Alice Cooper -- the design of this album -- a school desk -- was even more ingenious as it opened like a school desk, and the record was sheathed in paper panties. Runner up in functional covers would be Thick as a Brick, Jethro Tull -- vinyl album unfolded into a readable paper Sticky Fingers, Rolling Stones -- is it fair to add another Warhol-inspired cover to these lists? Specifically the one with the working zipper. Love it. Breakfast in America, Supertramp -- really clean, stylish, and and a heck of a cover Honorable mentions: London Calling, the Clash; Who's Next, The Who; Abraxas, Santana
  11. They have some doozies. From the lo-fi cheesy (High Voltage, Powerage) to the iconic (For Those About to Rock, Back in Black) to the cartoony (Fly on the Wall, Dirty Deeds) to the sublime (Highway to Hell) to the surreal (If You Want Blood). Hm...maybe time for a companion thread -- best album covers (artwork, not musical covers) of all time?
  12. Holy diver, I cannot believe I forgot to add: AC/DC Live (specifically the live double album from 92) -- a fantastic display of their finesse and power, live presence, and catalogue breadth with Brian Johnson If You Want Blood, You've Got It (78) -- recorded during the Powerage tour, and I believe recorded primarily from a single show in Glasgow, it's a tour de force and perfect encapsulation of the band's classic 70s sound with Bon Scott. Stripped down, raw, 10 tracks, no nonsense high voltage rock and roll, baby. If You Want Blood, to me, is the better album, and I should have had this in my Top 10, if not Top 5. ETA: shoutout to @Jagov - missed the callout he had to If You Want Blood in his post!
  13. Interesting q. Most live albums are recorded over multiple shows from a single tour and produced together -- I don't know if there is a hardened rule, and there are plenty of variation -- recordings from a single show, from across multiple shows in a single tour, and across the span of multiple tours. Seems to me that the most common use case for studio-produced live albums is recorded across shows from the same tour. In the spirit of the OP's question, I think any of the three variants counts. But in terms of the Dead, I think it's absolutely valid to have two categories: best live album (they have a few pieced together from multiple shows on a single tour a la Europe '72) best live single show Bootlegs abound for so many bands but the Dead took this to another extreme, and a lot of the great conversation around Dead bootlegs is around both the set list they chose to play that particular night, the extended jams they went into, and how they played the songs. So much delightful variation that a single show -- even if it had the exact same set list as another (rarely the case anyway) -- was so much different than the rest. So yes, for Dead shows, there should be two nominations.
  14. If there is one thing all of the Raider Nation here in this thread -- wide-eyed optimists, hardened pessimists, and everyone in between -- are used to, since the turn of the millennium, it's keeping expectations low.
  15. Great article, thanks for sharing! I really like Will Compton, both as a player and from his Bussin' with the Boys podcast -- the episode with Maxx Crosby really showed how down to earth he was, how intelligent and introspective he is, and by total contrast how much of an egotistical blowhard Taylor Lewan can be. I know we drafted Muse and there is some hype around UFDA Javin White, but I wonder if we look to resign Compton at some point. I'm not a huge believer in Morrow -- he's athletic and has experience in our system, and we definitely invested in him, having shelled out over $3M for his tender -- but behind him, there is little depth (who is there? Marquel Lee? Nick Usher? Kyle Wilber? Justin Phillips? Ukeme Eligwe? Thought Compton handled himself well and I like the dude. If not with us, hope he lands somewhere and contributes.