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  1. No slight on Chara as he has done some admirable time in his career as an enforcer, but that reach is truly what makes him such a threat. I honestly don't know why people bother trying as Chara can simply grab and extend his left arm, and just use his length for overhands or uppercuts, or for leverage in bringing people down. But he's more of a tactician. He would be toast against a guy like Probert in his prime, though, even with the 5-6 inch height advantage. But whatever -- glad the game has moved away from the rock 'em sock 'em days.
  2. As a Raider fan, this would be my absolute dream situation. Land Allen and don't look back. As a Raider fan, this would be my absolute nightmare situation. Burn my jerseys and don't look back.
  3. I agree -- they have needs elsewhere, so the only way it makes sense is to get an additional pick this year -- they don't have a 2nd round pick -- but I think the value in getting Bosa/Allen is greater than lesser blue chip prospects at other positions. Jets still plan to stay in a base 3-4? I get the "front office making head-scratching decisions" but given scheme and need -- they shed Wilkerson (a great and overdue move) and their depth behind Leonard Williams on the outside is really suspect, any other move beside Bosa/Allen truly makes no sense.
  4. The more I think about it the more I absolutely believe that either Bosa or Allen being there for us is a pipe dream. Both the 49ers and Jets biggest needs are EDGE. There is a possiblilty a desperate team tries to trade up, but who would that be? To me, it would be the Dolphins trading up but I envision the other trade partner to be the Cards, not the 9ers or Jets who both likely covet the shot at a potential elite player in Bosa and a blue chip in Allen. I don’t buy ARI trading Rosen and drafting Murray. Sure, it could still happen, but I think this has been the most effective smoke screen leading into this year’s draft so far. Without a shot at Allen or Bosa, I think the move is to trade down to get in the right positions to land one of Ferrell/Sweat/Polite/Burns to fill gaps at EDGE as well as Hockenson, who I believe will be gone before our picks in the 20s come around. We can still land Bush at 24 to bolster LB corps. Do others think the Jets or 9ers would trade back as well? If so, with who? And who would that team take? Realistically, I think both stand pat. Meaning no Bosa or Allen for us.
  5. I don’t see any other possible move that makes sens than taking whoever is left between Bosa and Allen. Does any of the Gang Green in this thread believe they will go any other way with their pick?
  6. The quote was from AB's press intro with Maycock and Gruden to the media -- well after already signing as a Raider.
  7. You may be right, but as a non-betting man, I'd be willing to bet on Warren taking over 1st and 2nd down duties in the Raiders backfield -- if not this next year (if Lynch, Martin, etc. resign) than certainly in the future. Guy showed me at least he's the real deal.
  8. Tell me more about how Brown saying he wants to catch Jerry Rice translates to wanting out of P'Burgh for more money/attention/control. Whatever you may feel about AB's motivations (and FWIW I do think he leans more to the diva TO model than a guy like Larry Fitz who puts his head down, stays quiet, and balls out letting his performance do the talking), I think you are reading way too much into this specific quote. Nothing controversial with a high performing athlete wanting -- and declaring publicly -- that he wants to surpass the very best.
  9. Yeah, like that show (unlike literally any other "reality" entertainment) is aired without any editorial filters, ensuring you see all context and color, and holding the highest journalistic integrity to avoid heightening or even manufacturing story lines that are otherwise not notable. From an entertainment angle, Raiders would be interesting for HK this year, but my bet is they are waiting for the first year in Vegas. There is a lot you could say about AB, or this specific or any other PR-driven piece/sound bite. But AB stating he wants to be better than the best isn't controversial any way you can spin this.
  10. Ugh. Don't get me wrong, we need any body we can get at LB. And he is a known commodity with Guenther. But this is different from when we signed, say, Romanowski, who was the kind of player you hated unless he played for you. Burfict is the kind of guy you hate no matter what. Guess we decided that we're going to allocate the rest of our cap space to signing rookie contracts and paying off Burfict's inevitable fines. Wonder how AB feels about it.
  11. Just to stay with the example given in the article -- simply put, Louisville is not New York. Or Toronto. Or LA, San Francisco, etc. There is a tangible differences between these kinds of cities - in terms of scale, in terms of vibrancy, things to do/see/experience, the sheer number of different ethnicities and the opportunity to immerse yourself in those cultures as a result. Is Louisville multicultural? Of course. It's universities and businesses provide a draw from many different backgrounds and ethnicities within and without the US. I am sure it's seen big growth from a percentage standpoint of other backgrounds, for example the Asian and Latino communities, as population and the city grows and changes. But it is still relatively small and homogeneous -- in actual statistics and in its more provincial feel -- compared to a city like NYC or San Fran, or say Toronto where over half of the city's residents are of a visible minority. In turn, that diversity drives much more opportunity, volume, and breadth of experience in terms of culture and everything that goes with it (food, art, museums, festivals, music, sights, smells, engaging different people from different backgrounds, you name it). That's not to say I feel snobbish towards cities with populations smaller than 5 million. Every city is an experience and has tons to do/see/experience -- multicultural-wise and not, for residents and visitors alike. I've enjoyed the time I've spent in Louisville immensely. But not sure I would want to live there permanently compared to other cities that to me personally, have a lot more to offer. You can take the kid out of the big city, but you can't take the big city out of this kid, I guess.
  12. Have a feeling this will be exactly the same case everywhere when you have 18 year olds living together.
  13. Agree -- Richard is best used as a COP and is a proven passing down back. Warren has a lot to prove, given that he only ran against 2nd stringers on down in preseason last year before getting hurt and put on the shelf for the season. But he passed my eye test with flying colors -- the guy ran with violence, power, and vision. He dragged people with him and always fell forward in the north/south game. Not a speed merchant (think his combine 40 was around 4.7) but he showed good burst and has enough speed to make it around corners, looking for contact. I'm really high on him, and probably need to temper my enthusiasm. But I do sincerely believe what he showed translates to 3-down back ability. I have no idea if this team will retain Lynch or Martin. I don't think Martin showed lots in his opportunity last year, and Lynch is yet another year older -- at this point the Raiders have no reason to let them go unless they make another big FA signing, and it seems you would want them in camp for competition, and one of them at least for depth. That said, I think Warren is this team's future and can easily be their early down back as of this year.