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  1. I can not remember a season like this one, where it feels like 90% of the games could be won by either team. Even Nebraska, which is second to last, is not a gimme (at least not playing at their place, where they've beaten Purdue and Iowa). All of that said, it's VERY difficult to win on the road in this conference. There are definitely 12 teams that CAN make the dance, but it's just not mathematically possible for all 12 to get in. It's certainly possible that somebody gets in with a less-than-500 conference record. But, there are going to be multiple teams below that mark (beyond just Northwestern and Nebraska). The way I see it, there are three pretty much locks (MSU, ILL, MD), three that are in unless they have an epic collapse (Iowa, PSU, Rutgers), and six that could easily play their way in or out. It's probably most likely that three of the six get in, and three are left out. But, depending on where the six fall in the conference standings, and which ones win a game or two in the conference tournament, it's POSSIBLE that four of the six make it (for a total of 10). Hard to fathom a scenario where it's more than that, as they're all going to be playing each other down the stretch (in conference, as well as the B10 tourney). Should be interesting.
  2. Dynasty owners, I suppose. Other than that, probably not.
  3. Chiefs-Niners. Arguably the best overall offense versus the best overall defense, which would be a fascinating matchup. And, of the four coaches, Andy Reid deserves it the most, in my opinion. That said, I could live with TEN making it, only because it would be a truly incredible story/run. I have no desire to watch another SB with the Packers involved. 🤮
  4. I only watched the first episode (so far), but I tend to agree with you. All of those things may explain (partially, at least) why he was the way he was. Pleasant one moment, filled with rage the next. But, none of those things justify what he did. Everybody has internal struggles in life, and his were undoubtedly more complicated than many of us. But, that doesn't mean he didn't know right from wrong, and it certainly doesn't justify being a murderous psychopath. When you take the lives of multiple people (or just one, for that matter), your victim card pretty much gets revoked in my mind.
  5. I agree. I have one more if you have time..... Winston vs DET OR Ryan @ SF? This may seem obvious, but two things make me question starting Winston.... 1) He was barely able to throw as of Friday. He's playing, but I'm concerned to say the least. Not to mention, no Mike Evans. 2) SF is missing several starters on defense, the way it sounds. Ryan is also missing a top (#2) WR, but the depleted SF defense should lessen the pressure on Ryan. Am I overthinking this one?
  6. Start 3 WR. 0.5 PPR....... Thielen @ LAC J Brown @ PIT Boyd vs NE Fitzgerald @ ARI D Johnson vs BUF Metcalf @ CAR Thanks!
  7. Tough to win on the road, much less against a top 20-ish team. Didn’t need perfect, but needed to be a lot closer to perfect than it was. Too many drops, and some real questionable decisions by Fleck. Burning that second timeout on 1st and goal hurt, but they still had a chance. No idea why they decided to try an onside kick. Your backup freshman kicker had already missed one PAT, and bounced another off the upright. You really think he’s going to execute the onside kick? Less than 1% chance that happens. Either way, you need a stop. That decision just cost them about 40 yards, and the ensuing possession was disastrous from there. Funny... I want to say it was their worst game in B10 play, but that’s kind of stating the obvious. And, like someone mentioned last week (when Penn State fans were saying they played their worst game of the year), don’t undefeated teams usually say that when they suffer their first loss? i have been cautiously optimistic about this team from the get-go. Going into last week, I was hoping for a 2-2 finish, which gets them to 10-2. Looks like that’s probably pretty realistic, although I’m still hopeful that they can knock off the Badgers and get to the Rose Bowl.
  8. This morning, while taking my 9YO and 7YO to school, we turned down one of the outdoor hallways, and my 4YO appeared to continue to walk straight, to which I said "This way." She replied with "Dad, you're embarassing me."
  9. Driving my 4YO daugher to pre-school the other day. Just the two of us in the car. She says (randomly): "Dad, if you crash the car and go to jail, where will I go?" Another one (same daughter, when she was barely 3).... For what seemed like 3-4 months straight, she insisted on going up to just about anyone she met, and telling them "We don't say godd#mmit."
  10. Yeah, life got too busy last week, and I didn't put two and two together to realize Blair was a bit of a risk. Luckily, it didn't hurt me (literally pulled out the win by half a point on Metcalf's last reception in OT), barring a stat change tomorrow. I'm now holding on Blair... just a week later than most everyone else. Unfortunately, I'm now holding on my active roster. Would have loved to have just left him on my taxi squad, but my DB's in a couple of leagues look like a list of the walking wounded. K. Neal, J. Evans, and J. Johnson all went to IR. Replaced them with Randle, Weddle, Nickolson, and Harris (all of which have been dinged up at one point or another). Got to the point where Blair was about all I had left two weeks ago, with byes and guys missing time due to injury. Sometimes, this game is simply a war of attrition more than anything else.
  11. That all makes sense. Yeah, the SD LB group seems like a total cluster, from what I've been able to tell. Thanks for the input.
  12. If you had to promote Greenlaw or Tranquill from a taxi squad, who makes more sense (versus which one is better off staying put)? I'm thinking both are great for this year, but may be relegated to bench duty after that. I'm a little gun-shy after promoting Marquis Blair (SEA) in a couple of leagues last week, only to see his playing time eliminted this week due to the Diggs signing in SEA.
  13. Nothing worse than a ####ty can opener. I'd rather spend $20-30 on one that does the job and lasts a few years than spend $5-10 on one that sucks and breaks in six months. Usually, I'm the opposite. For example, I'll take the $150 vaccuum cleaner over the higher end ones every time, even if it means buying a new one every few years.