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  1. Most impressive stats I heard about Bill Buckner yesterday were that he never struck out three times in a game, and never struck out 40 times in a season (in 20+ seasons). Pretty amazing.
  2. Yeah, I've heard/read that quote a few times this week. Jack said something similar, implying that a big chunk of the field eliminates themselves by not being prepared mentally (or able to handle the grind mentally) for the majors.
  3. Nice. Forgot about Micheel. Still, as incredible as his story is/was, I'm almost finding Koepka's more hard to believe. Unless he's just really not that interested in winning other tournaments. I say that in jest (I'm sure he'd love to win more). But it's just hard to explain how somebody can be so dominant in US-based majors not named the Masters, yet only have one other win in his career. Crazy, really.
  4. Does anybody happen to know if there has ever been a tour player with more major wins than non-major wins? That's the part that I have a hard time wrapping my head around. Koepka has one win that was not a major, if I'm not mistaken. On pace to have 80% of his tour wins be either U.S. Opens or PGA Championships. It's obviously awesome that he steps up his game in the majors. Just sort of perplexing that he hasn't had more success on tour outside of them. And, by success, I'm talking strictly victories (I know he's contended plenty, lots of top 10's, 25's, etc.). Pretty remarkable. There have been plenty of players who have won lots of tournaments, but never a major. He's the opposite of that. Note: I am definitely not conceding/assuming that Koepka wins this, but given his track record in these situations recently (last couple of years), it sure seems likely.
  5. No boats (we both get sick). Been to the zoo, and while I loved it (and want to take my kids there at some point), it's not something I'm looking to do on this trip. Great suggestions/info so far. 👌
  6. Good question. Multi-part answer. For one, I took a couple of her closest friends out for drinks a few weeks ago, and it was one of their suggestions, in terms of things she would like. Secondly, yes, traffic around LA sucks, and quite frankly, I'd rather be sitting on a train (and not having to worry about driving) than staring at somebody's bump/license plate for 4 hours. It's affordable, relaxing, and you can bring your own food/drinks, etc.
  7. First, this is sort of last-minute (at least the planning portion), so I don't have a ton of time to weigh options. Looking to book anything that needs booking probably no later than tomorrow. Taking my GF to San Diego this weekend. I've spent a lot of time in SoCal over the past 15 years, but have only actually lived here for about 20 months (and probably been to San Diego proper like twice). We live in Ventura County (separately), and the plan is to take the train from Ventura to San Diego, leaving Friday at 1:30 and returning from SD on Sunday (noon departure). We won't have a ton of time to explore (basically all day Saturday), and I don't want to pack the weekend with a specific itinerary, but I wouldn't mind a few ideas if anybody has something. I did do a search of the forums, and found a few things from a couple of years back, but nothing more current. We will bring snacks/drinks on the train for the way down. It's about 4.5 hours (get into SD at 7-ish). We'll uber to our hotel (still need to book), then grab dinner, etc. I am undecided on whether to make reservations somewhere, or just wing it. She enjoys exploring and trying new things, so I somewhat want to leave options open, yet don't want the entire weekend to seem unplanned, if that makes sense. Questions I have.... - In terms of Amtrak (Pacific Surfliner), is the San Diego Old Town the best spot to get off, rather than the San Diego (Tiajuana stop). I know it obviously depends on the hotel we choose, but in general terms, is there one that is much closer to things (hotels, restaurants, things to do, etc.) than the other? The answer to this question will help me determine where to stay. - Thinking of doing a hot air balloon ride on Saturday sometime. Is there a time of day that is better for this? Late morning versus afternoon, for example? Or maybe closer to sunset? Any other feedback on this idea? She wants to try it, and I've never been either. Sounds like fun. - Any great restaurant ideas? We are both open to trying pretty much anything, BUT she does have a shellfish allergy. Can't eat shrimp/crab/lobster, but she eats other fish, etc. Not necessarily looking for fine dining/5-star restaurant (it can be, but doesn't have to). Just needs to be something unique, in terms of a dining experience. There is a tequila and tacos tour thing that looked interesting, where you tour like five different places over the course of three hours. But, I'm not set on that (it just sounds like it might be fun). - Any other places, activities, etc. that would be considered "must do's" or "must see's" in San Diego? - Hotels.... Pretty much the same as restaurants. Doesn't have to be 4-star, but prefer something nice/clean, obviously. She likes quaint places (non-chain), but it doesn't have to be. Probably moreso looking for ideal location (close to lots of stuff) than anything else). - Other ideas... couples massage, hiking (or just walk around the city), comedy show, etc. Pretty open. That's all I've got. Thanks in advance to anybody who has something to add. 👍
  8. I'm in the same boat. Almost exactly, other than location. Ventura County for me (SoCal).
  9. I'm 43, and too many of these hit close to home for me. I get asked regularly, when getting my haircut, if I want my eyebrows trimmed. This never happened prior to maybe a year ago. I have to take my glasses off (or contacts out) in order to read things on my phone, particularly at night. Somewhat related.... I have started to use my Iphone flashlight feature, just to read menus at certain dimly-lit restaurants. Lastly, my left hip has been bothering me when I get out of my car lately. Not stabbing pains or anything, but just enough discomfort that I have that "God... I'm getting old" thought go through my mind. Ugh.
  10. Funny.... Anybody want to take a wild guess at which two northern MN schools were not closed yesterday , due to weather? They're closed today, though. 😉 Game Ended in a 2-2 Tie
  11. 21. Including college, more like 25. I was close to double-digits before finishing high school.
  12. If you have never used the stat correction option before, why start now? How many other matchups during the course of the season would have been different had it been utilized weekly? Leave it alone and fix it (and the scoring) for next year.