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  1. I'm almost exactly the same. Only difference is I took ARI (against WAS) in Week 2. The funny part about this season is that I have changed my pick every week EXCEPT for Week 2. I plotted a course before the season for all 17 weeks. It took me all of about 48 hours to deviate from the script... LOL. Changed Week 1 from BUF (NYJ) to KC. Changed Week 3 from PHI(CIN) to IND (thank god.... can't imagine the gut-wrench of having my survivor season end with that tie debacle by Philly). Then changed this past week from BAL to LAR. The Rams felt like the hotter team, BAL was coming off of that ugly offensive performance against KC, and BAL has some nice options coming up, including this week.
  2. Agree on Jack Ryan also. Season 2 not as good as 1. Hoping they bounce back.
  3. Fargo is unique. Every season has a different cast. But, there are ties from season to season, in terms of at least one character in the storyline. I haven't started the newest season yet, but up to this point, I think its been great. Some parts better than others, but overall, solid. Narcos Seasons 1 and 2 were awesome. I actually tried watching it about a year ago, and didn't make it through the first episode. My brother recently told me he liked it, so I gave it another shot. Once I got an episode or so into it, I couldn't stop. Flew through two seasons quickly. Season 3? I'm just getting started. Lots of changes, so it will be interesting to see if they can keep me as interested. So far, so good, though.
  4. Agreed. Fargo is probably in my top 5 of all time. Phenomenal show. I liked The Last Kingdom better than Vikings, but they're both really good. Ozarks and Jack Ryan are both great as well. Both are the type of shows where I wish I didn't know about them until 3-4 seasons in, so I could binge multiple seasons together. I'll throw one more in the mix.... Narcos - Great show about the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar. I'm two seasons in, with a couple more to go.
  5. Interesting fact... Of the 62 that made the cut, almost half (30) are at +5 or +6.
  6. Did anybody watch the 4-man charity event today? Anybody of the four look particularly dialed in (or not)? How was Fleetwood? I can't seem to find any details anywhere, other than that they shot -11 on nine holes.
  7. Ditto. Actually, I’ve never had either one, that I can recall. Definitely never the flu shot. May have had the flu as a young kid, but not that I can remember.
  8. More than 500 NYPD with the virus. About 11% of the department has called in sick, per CNN. Yikes.
  9. Well, I wasn't necessarily saying we start today. I don't even think Easter is realistic. My thoughts are more in response to those who have said that this may go on for months. Which it will, in all likelihood, to some extent. We can't go into hiding and shut things down for months. But, we can't go back to life as we knew it, with the flip of a switch, either. It can't be black or white... has to be a middle ground. When that starts, I think it's too early to say. But, as things progress, people are going to want to go back to work, even if it means finding creative ways to do so safely.
  10. There has to be some middle ground, where both can be accomplished to some extent. In other words, stay at home, social distancing, etc. while still trying to "re-start" the economy to some extent. It doesn't have to be one or the other. And, restarting doesn't mean we go back to life as we knew it a month ago. A lot of measures need to be put into place, and restarting has to be done very creatively, and in several steps. Certain industries first. Maybe certain age groups first. Most importantly, look at who's going back to work and who's not, and does it make sense? I've always felt that the most successful people in life are those who are able to adapt to change, sometimes with little time to do so. This is the perfect example of that, and some are doing a great job.... restaurants transitioning to takeout/delivery only, distilleries becoming mass producers of hand sanitizer, companies transitioning to produce masks and ventilators on short notice, etc. All of that said, our top priority right now has to be to protect and save lives.
  11. Man, it's really hard to believe that there are that many planes flying right now. 200K flew yesterday? That map looks like several thousand planes across the country. Must be like single digits per plane, on average. Hard to believe the airlines would continue without consolidating flights or whatever. I do know this, from personal experience recently. I booked a flight from LAX to MSP, for five people, in February. Trip dates were April 3-9. About three weeks ago, I got an email that said our return flight to LAX had been changed. Instead of arriving at 6 PM, our arrival time had been updated to 11 PM. Slightly annoyed, I called Sun Country airlines, and asked what the deal was. They danced around the question of whether our original flight was still scheduled, stating it was no longer available. They also stated something to the effect of doing what is best for their customers, given the growing concern for the corona virus, etc. This was when it was just starting to be on everyone's radar, but no significant amount of cases in the US, etc. I was offered a full refund which, at the time, wasn't really an option I wanted to take. I told them I would wait and see what happens, but just wanted to make sure that we were still booked to be sitting in one row, like I had originally paid for. They made sure that was the case, and that was that. Fast forward to a few days ago. I called to cancel the flight, and basically take them up on the full refund option. The call center worker said that the main office is closed, just to handle the processing of refunds, while the call center is handling cancellations. I asked what the difference was, and he said that a cancellation gives you a voucher/credit for the dollar amount spent, to be used within one year of the booking date. I said that, while I MIGHT use a voucher within the next 10.5 months, I would prefer to just get the full refund that they had offered when they essentially changed my flight. He said he could only do the voucher, but I could request the refund online by filing a complaint. Processing time is 2-3 weeks. So, I have my voucher number (same as original reservation number), and am filling out the request for a refund online. There are apparently 25,000 cancellations just with that airline this week, and about 10,000 refund requests being processed.
  12. Not sure if this was mentioned (this thread is moving FAST).... A third sibling passed in this family, making four total including the mother. Terrible. Went for a walk with my GF and kids this afternoon. Instead of going to a park, where they might be tempted to touch playground equipment, etc., we just walked to a nearby college campus and found a big grassy area for them to run around, throw a football, etc. Eerily quiet during our walk. Not a lot of traffic, and although we did see a few others on foot/bikes, it was almost all groups of 2 or less. Seems like most are taking the stay-at-home and social distancing orders pretty seriously, although I'm sure there are other parts of town where it's not that way (not as much, anyway). I'd imagine the stores are still fairly busy, but we are making a conscious effort to avoid places like that unless absolutely necessary. Ventura, CA in case anybody is wondering.
  13. Well, not sure it's "official" yet, but I just found out that my kids will almost certainly not be returning to school again this school year. Teachers of Ventura Unified School District were apparently on calls today where it was announced. They will not be returning, but will be doing online classes. Crazy. Never would have imagined just over a week ago that this would be happening.
  14. 8YO kid at my GF’s daughter’s school has tested positive. All four cases in Ventura County have been tied/traced to recent travel, apparently.