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  1. Golden Gopher

    ______ Passed Away Today, RIP

    Jarrod Lyle
  2. Golden Gopher

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    I'll just add.... Who in their right mind would do that to their kids/family? The answer is NOBODY, because they're not in their right mind, or anywhere close to that. Pretty hard to call someone selfish, in my opinion, when they're in that frame of mind. There is literally no thought in the world, in that moment, that could stop them. They've thought every thought that is out there for them to think, and the final decision is that there is no other option. To me, that's not selfish. It's terrifying.
  3. Golden Gopher

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    This. It's easy to say that their actions are selfish, if you think of it on a surface level. But, the bottom line is that these people have family, kids, friends, pets, etc. that they care about very much (and vice versa). And, yet, at the end of the day, they choose to do something that you would think somebody with "that" would never choose to do. They have no choice. Or, at least, they feel that they don't. And, it's not like it's something that just pops up one day, and gets the best of them. It's something that, in most cases, they've been fending off their entire lives. They win, and win, and win, and win that battle. And then, one day, it's just too much, and IT wins instead. Unfortunately, it's not a best of seven series, when it comes to serious depression. You win "only" 99 out of 100, and you're gone. Those who don't go through it don't understand it. It's impossible. In many ways, it's similar to the thought process of an addict. It's easy to say "Why can't Joe stop drinking... He's got three wonderful kids and a wife who love him." If you're truly an addict, you literally can't stop without getting help. Sure, it's still a choice, but it's a choice you can't successfully make on your own. Or, at least you can only do so for so long. The same thing is true with depression. You can choose to fight the good fight for so long. But, sooner or later, you need to get help, or run the risk of going down a very dark path that doesn't allow U-turns.
  4. Just throwing this out there, in case anybody is interested in great stay-and-play options in the greater Bay area. The Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay is awesome. Two courses, both of which have holes where you are basically on top of the beach, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Not as scenic as Pebble, where almost every hole is like that, but easily one of the most beautiful golf experiences I have experienced. I took my wife there for our 5th anniversary (which would have been 2009). At that time, they had a "golf package" that included a round of golf for two on both the day of check-in and the day of check-out. I don't recall, but I think it might have actually been unlimited golf, but I wasn't going to push my luck. My wife likes to golf, but more than a round a day for her might have been too much. Anyway, two great courses (we played both), and they normally cost about $200/round. The package was about $500, so we got about $800 in golf, plus the night's stay at a very nice hotel, for that price. I lived in the Bay for seven years, and had the pleasure of playing a bunch of great courses. Never played Pebble, but I did attend Sunday's round of the 2010 U.S. Open (won by McDowell). Side note: My wife was with me then as well, and was 6 mos pregnant with our first child. She was quite the trooper that day. What can I say about Pebble Beach. Just walking the course as a spectator that day is something I'll never forget. Playing there is certainly on my bucket list of things to do sometime in my lifetime, and I definitely get the appeal of telling somebody special that you're taking them to Pebble, as opposed to taking them to play golf some where else. Just not the same. But, if you're ever looking for a less-expensive option with fantastic golf/atmosphere, I would highly recommend HMB.
  5. Unbelievable. Earlier this year, I said to a friend of mind that watching the 'Bama-Minnesota game finish 5-on-3 was maybe the craziest thing I've ever seen in college hoops. This beats that by a mile, and will definitely be one of those "I remember where I was sitting when ______ happened" moments for me. I typically get together with buddies for a guys weekend this time of year (I've only missed a couple over the course of 20 years), but for a variety of reasons, was sitting at home this year. So many thoughts have gone through my mind in the past hour. What I find amazing about this tournament is how you can NEVER predict what is going to happen, and it's always entertaining/interesting to go back and compare what everybody predicted before the first game tips off, versus how things actually play out. This is the epitome of that contrast between prognostication and reality. Pre-tournament, everybody was talking about how much Virginia got screwed as the ,#1 overall seed, having to face either Arizona or Kentucky next weekend. I'm honestly not sure any of the three will be playing next weekend, and wouldn't be surprised at all if the top remaining seed in the South after this weekend is #7 Nevada. Not likely to happen, but the way Loyola and Buffalo played, combined with how the Bearcats can struggle to score at times, it's certainly possible. The other thing people were saying before yesterday was that Penn was one of the better 16-seeds in the tournaments history, meaning that they were probably closer to a 15-seed, or even a 14. I'll be the first to admit that the thought crossed my mind "Maybe this will be the year." But, Virginia getting destroyed like that was never anywhere near my radar.
  6. Golden Gopher

    Mn High School Hockey

    Hermantown down 4-1 in the 3rd!!!! Go Cards!!!
  7. Golden Gopher

    2017 Streaming Defenses

    Well, if you’re looking for a reason to not start MIN, here are a couple. First, they’ve largely been a bend but don’t break unit this year. Very few big plays (the TD against CIN seemed like the first all year). Maybe that was the start of something.... I don’t know. Either way, MIN has definitely been a prime example of a defense that is much better in reality than they are in fantasy this year, especially compared to last year. Secondly, they’re playing GB at Lambeau. And nobody wants to spoil MIN’s chances of possibly pulling off the number one seed more than the Pack and their fans. So even without Rodgers and Adams, I expect GB to be amped and ready to go for this one. A Saturday night kickoff gives this matchup the feel of a first-round playoff game. It’s basically a must-win for MIN, if they want any chance at home field throughout. And, for the Pack, this is basically their SB this year. That said, I think MIN is easily a top ten option this week, and probably closer to top five. What are are your other options?
  8. Golden Gopher

    2017 Streaming Defenses

    Debating between LAC, DET, and DAL. Wilson was sacked seven times last week. Something tells me Lawrence may sack him seven times this week by himself.
  9. Picked him up in two leagues, just in case Williams is out. I would be starting him over Crowell and Gore, essentially. Might consider him over Hyde in a third, but need to think about that one a bit.
  10. Golden Gopher

    Week 16 Questions For Bloom

    Pick the odd man out (PPR)..... Hyde vs JAC Gore @BAL Barber @CAR Davis vs DAL
  11. Golden Gopher

    Anything wrong with Antonio Gates?

    I'm considering it in a league where I've basically streamed QB and TE. Other options are pretty slim (James, Watson, etc.).
  12. Hmmmm..... I could probably use a guy like that in at least three leagues this week. In one I have Hyde, McCoy, and Collins. Hyde has become an afterthought with Jimmy under center. Then there's McCoy, who last I checked was questionable. In another, I'm debating between Crowell and Powell for my RB2. He might be a better option than either. Lastly, in a league where I only need one RB (playing for 3rd this week, lost AB last week), I have Gore, Ekeler, Powell, Cohen, and K. Williams. Leaning towards Gore, simply because he's a safe 7-9 point floor guy (PPR). But, against BAL, that doesn't exactly excite me. Sooo..... Short answer is Hyde, Crowell, and Gore. Maybe.
  13. Foles Gordon / Crowell Thielen / Woods James Butker BAL Drafted the RB's. The rest came from the waiver wire. Foles and James I added in Week 15. Went through 9 QB's (drafted Luck and Palmer), a half-dozen TE's, and five kickers on this team. Been a crazy year.
  14. Golden Gopher

    Kyle Rudolph

    Went with James. I can live with Rudolph having a good game (especially as a homer) and not starting him more than I would be OK with the other way around.
  15. Golden Gopher

    Kyle Rudolph

    Agree with all of this. Cincy is also missing their top three LB's, and while that might benefit Rudolph, I think it's more likely to benefit the running game. Which, realistically, could mean less snaps for Rudolph if his ankle is bothering him at all. MIN SHOULD win this game relatively easily, all things considered. Meanwhile, I think NE is going to probably scheme to take either Brown or Bell out of the game. Still leaning towards the Outlaw......