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  1. That’s not in the strict dictionary definition you claimed though. (Ok)
  2. Yea at this point I am just paying for sports. We watch 100% of our shows on Netflix/hbo/etc
  3. I think most guys like Riley will want to try their hand at the highest level at some point. The nfl is the biggest pro sports league in the country, maybe the world, and the Cowboys somehow are the most popular team. I know OU fans love their program but it’s not the Dallas Cowboys. No college program is. There is nothing in college that is as big as the the possibility of being in the super bowl.
  4. Love YouTube tv so much. It’s amazing. Wish it had the red zone channel, so we are keeping our cable until the end of the football season. Fantastic service for 50 bucks though.
  5. I didn’t say anything to you in this thread prior to you calling me a tool or whatever. But it’s fine, it’s all good. I know I can come off rough. And it’s not that you disagree with me. Lot of people here I disagree with and get along with. All I said is I remembered you being a funnier guy and not always combative. But this place is just a bunch of words and we don’t know each other so who really cares. I shouldn’t have said anything, it was just an a observation.
  6. My wife actually said this during our wedding vows.
  7. You’re saying you use a strict dictionary definition to define what the man is; however you inconsistently apply that logic because you don’t actually have any idea what he does (in other words you’re only making up what fits your argument). It’s really not that hard to understand.
  8. “A promoter in the entertainment industry” the entrepreneur pulled back from financing a screenplay Hopper had written maybe I have the wrong dictionary
  9. so you’re taking a strict “dictionary definition” ( ) to degrade a guy for not being an entrepreneur (while making sure to mention earlier he only has a high school degree, so clearly he can’t be one - must be in the dictionary) all while having literally no idea at all what he contributes to that Entrepreneurial process. Hmmm. Seems a little inconsistent.
  10. But you don’t know that he’s not doing this. I guess it’s really not worth discussing, reality is none of us know what he does but he is successful at it.
  11. I agree he’s no Elon musk but I guess we have different interpretations of what an entrepreneur is.
  12. And for sake of argument, let’s say that he is not: somebody is making those decisions. If LeBron put a smart person in charge of that, wouldn’t a good decision by Lebron?