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  1. What was the stepfather seed?
  2. Bob is referring to trump's fanbase.
  3. anytime you see the words "an open letter" together, something incredibly dumb or patronizing is about to follow.
  4. My god you're a monster.
  5. Watching episode 1 again. There's no blood on him at all when he found her. No way it could've been him.
  6. But you're a racist. Most people loathe racists. Edit: at least that's your act on here. Hopefully you aren't really like that.
  7. Hey hey hey USF is a decent school. Don't equate that guy with everybody else there.
  8. I'm sorry you don't understand how this works. Maybe you'll learn eventually, or not. Don't really care. You can live in denial if it helps you sleep. obama was 1/5, or -500 with implied odds of 83%. You can point to all the dumb polls you want. What I'm telling you is all that matters. So you're right in a way. I was way off. Obama was -500 not -400.
  9. Lol Obama was like -400 the morning of the election. Nobody got burned except the people who don't know how to read data.
  10. Wow. There is no bottom to this election.
  11. Got in at plus +225
  13. This sounds awesome. They going to be out in the walkway or something. Stoked for this.