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  1. Shame on you. You ruined Christmas for a few kids today you got donations for every thread title like.
  2. @Joe Bryant has informed ummm....Capella, that changing any thread titles is now a no-go. Sorry guys. I really enjoyed it.
  3. Kinda hope this happens so the charade can be exposed and these guys can get paid.
  4. Right. Playing in 3 intense games with a lot on the line is way worse than playing in 1 glorified scrimmage.
  5. I’m guessing getting to a bowl game for some schools is an accomplishment. Maybe actually winning it isn’t as big of a deal? I dunno. Lock probably should have called it mid-October tbh
  6. So from what I can remember, Amazon went up 5%, down 6, up 1.5 or something and now down 3.5% this week alone. That’s silly.
  7. Ehhhhh I dunno. I’ve been around. It’s not DC or NYC but you have to remember we have no public transportation either.
  8. I was trying to think of the most Norm McDonald-type thread title that wouldn’t allow any reasonable person to suspend me for it. That didn’t work. I think the original version was “college football is a game played by college students, who also enjoy football” I also had “OSU fan who keeps reporting message board thread titles leading normal, non-obsessive life” but I took that down. I wonder if changing the nba thread is an issue?
  9. Yes, yea I guess, oh yea, yes, yes. Traffic is amazingly awful. The weather is the worst thing on earth every May through September and the mosquitos know you by name. It’s like 72 and awesome right now though. I think everybody that moves here must visit in December and think holy balls, I have to live here. And then August comes.