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  1. How do you still think they are going to miss the World Cup?
  2. We saw Vince Young go for 4000 yards and 25 touchdowns his first two years? or are you just comparing them because they are tall black quarterbacks you don't like?
  3. Gonna watch it again this week but didn't like it at first glance. I think they overdid it with the beyond the dead shtick.
  4. Different league then so he wouldn't be the same player, but his range would play in any era imo.
  5. Ok so don't watch. And yes, Jordan definitely ran the league.
  6. Alright you're boring. Appreciate you showing off that fancy GED though.
  7. Beats only having one in the 90s.
  8. You usually choose to ignore me but you just said you've been paying attention to my posts for 10 years. So not only is your reading comp poor but you aren't exactly an analytical kind of guy either. Sad. Ps, Jordan would still be amazing in this era.
  9. You seem to be paying quite a bit of attention to me. I couldn't think of one thing you've ever had to say.
  10. They teach you to write to your audience. Sorry you're dumb I wrote a post about Curry and you came back with something about Jordan.
  11. I think Jordan would be amazing in today's game. Taking it reading comp hit you hard on the SAT.
  12. The steph curry would struggle to be an all-star in the 90s shtick is my favorite. Terry Porter made multiple all-star teams in the 90s. Some of you dorks really need to get over your childhood. Jordan was amazing but the NBA in the 90s kinda sucked. The league is so much better now.
  13. Don't be, it's not the playoffs
  14. We were at DHS last night and were going to stay for this. The food is so terrible there though that we bailed and went to Kona.