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  1. This sounds awesome. They going to be out in the walkway or something. Stoked for this.
  2. Probably wins by more. Trump 32% implied odds right now. Love the people who think he's winning right now.
  3. Lol the guy tweeting said the text was from a senior house republican. Not some dumb friend.
  4. All from your fellow republicans on Twitter. Enjoy. Text just now from a senior House Republican who gave me permission to tweet this: “We were supposed to make that sort of speech." The GOP offered a vision of doom, despair, and division. Tonight the President I think divides us offered optimism. I hate this year. Will a Trump apologist explain to me why an 18 yo watching the conventions would want to be a Republican? We're giving away a generation American exceptionalism and greatness, shining city on hill, founding documents, etc--they're trying to take all our stuff
  5. Trump is retweeting people right now. Good chance he fires one off from a white supremist account.
  6. "Thank you America, bless you all, and I was a Muslim the whole time!l
  7. He does seem to chuckle at the low-intelligence crowd sometimes.