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  1. It's amazing. The next one I was writing about is the "pee pee tee pee" which is so stupid I can't even put it into words.
  2. Cappy wanted me to drop by with his two latest blog entries: Waiting around Stupid Baby Item: 5/18
  3. The story is they had intel that another team was about to pick him. Which could have been true. They should've just let them have him.
  4. I agree it was dumb to move up and get a kicker. Teams give up a lot of draft picks for bad players all the time though. Usually not a kicker...but still. I wish he hadn't done it but he's done such a good job building the team that I think most Bucs fans have just forgotten about it.
  5. I don't think you can complain about lack of foul calls when they got 4 on Lebron in the first half.
  6. I agree, a team is having a few mediocre nights so a multi-billion dollar league is definitely risking all of their value and worth to have a few games fixed.
  7. I mean, you guys just traded a ton move up to get your future backup quarterback.
  8. Feel like these are just ok. Bastards got ready of the ready to bake pizzas they had back in the take home meals area. Broke my heart. They were so good.
  9. Hired a Prez yesterday. Some nerd from toronto. Griffin isn't coming over.
  10. Folk is going to make it. Sunk cost. Good thing Light has done a great job almost everywhere else. He swung and missed on this one though.
  11. Yea, NBA thread. The truth apparently isn't a defense.
  12. Awesome. Shame MK doesn't have food like this. We are going for a 3-day trip this weekend. Ohana, cape may and a trip around whatever festival that Epcot has at the moment all on the schedule. Also doing the new show dessert party at MK, which I contend is a miserable waste of money, but at least I don't have to be in the hoard of people.