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  1. Premier

    Disney Vacation

    This will thin out the reservations. People were just going in there and splitting cupcakes.
  2. Plan to tank so the stadium doesn't get done.
  3. I's not really preposterous.
  4. Premier

    Stock Thread

    I have a lot but it doesn't seem like enough
  5. The conspiracist in me is saying they are doing this to ensure they don't get a new stadium here. The logical side of me says Buckhorn is getting that done no matter what.
  6. Why am I staying up for this crap.
  7. I haven't attended a game since 2014 despite living 30 minutes away. I root for them but hardly care at all.
  8. Sounds like the pitcher they got for Souza is pretty good. Haven't read about the IF yet but most seem to think the P will make an impact. Odorizzi is piss awful. Not sure what you think they should have got for him. He was one of the 10 worst starters in baseball last season. I'm just happy he's gone. The Dickerson move is odd but they've been trying to move him all winter to no avail. Still that's the one move that just doesn't make sense. Well the souza move doesn't make a lot of sense either but the return seems decent.
  9. Called a trump supporter dumb. Come back tomorrow I think.