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  1. BBWAA voted overwhelmingly for public ballots. Baseball Hall did the Dikembe finger-wag on them and said no.
  2. His footwork needs a ton of work here. He doesn't know how to stop yet and leaves himself in a bad balance position which leads to a bunch of bad shots that he could make over the smaller college guys, but don't work in the league.
  3. The GOP Mega-donors that every person currently in Congress has sold their souls to.
  4. Yes. Pretty big differences between the two as well, if the Senate would happen to pass it.
  5. Perhaps, Tim? Are you serious? Of course they do.
  6. Just locker room talk. I thought Trumpkins liked that?
  7. Sent @Bogart a text
  8. Considering how much more we spend on defense than the rest of the world, of course it's going to be slightly higher. You want to lower defense spending while lowering the corporate tax rate, be my guest!!! You know what else those countries can afford even with those slightly lower rates...universal health care. Somehow, our idiots in Congress can't figure that out. So, until they can do either of those things, lowering the corporate tax rates does absolutely nothing but pour more money into the pockets of the executives at these huge corporations. We've seen this game before with the Reagan tax cuts and the Bush tax cuts, but dopey Republicans just keep signing up for another round.
  9. Not that hard when you don't have a soul and lie like it's second nature.
  10. Anecdotal evidence means next to nothing.
  11. Because that's a moronic GOP talking point instead of reality. Their effective rate is already there. Now, it will be much, much lower because they're not taking away any of the loopholes they use to lower the effective rate. Oh, and this is at a time where they're raking in huge profits and sitting on mountains of cash. Let's just give them more!
  12. Just ridiculous those ####s in Congress haven't re-upped CHIP yet. They should all go down for it.
  13. Has there been an resolution to that investigation into their front office?
  14. Texted @RnR, no response yet.
  15. On both accounts.