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  1. Lot of shock value to that headline, but sending him to their ST facility to work with someone in particular actually isn't that big of a deal.
  2. My saves specs in the competitive balance draft were abysmal. Corbin was on my radar, should have been my pick.
  3. Blue Jays added to their son-of-former-MLBers haul with Griffin Conine. Guerrero, Bichette, Biggio now Conine.
  4. Yeah, as a consumer I've much preferred Nike's products recently opposed to UA's. So, I'm definitely a fan of the switch. Plus Nike already has so much experience with uniforms elsewhere.
  5. Glad I could do something to shake up the leader, even for just a bit.
  6. Under Armour close to backing out of on-field apparel deal due to financial woes. Nike would then be the on-field brand starting in 2020. Hope everything is OK on your end with this news @gump
  7. Indeed. I believe it was for Rodney.
  8. I too like the 25 protected rule with the 40 man roster to match up with MLB. I think adding a 4th round will do the trick for the competitive balance draft.
  9. So, trading Ozzie Albies is not looking like a good move.
  10. 80 grade last name on this guy, too. Can't go wrong there.
  11. Meh. It's 2018. Late game HRs are going to be pimped.
  12. His launch angle is up pretty significantly this year.
  13. Then the BoSox took it to 11 with the UNLEASH THE KIMBREL stuff last night. #### that guy and that team.
  14. deGrom injury even more reason for the NL to adopt the DH.
  15. Missing entry fee from a few of you still. @Koya @Kraft... @Good Posting Judge / @Guster @JZilla @SoCalBroncoFan Paypal $100 to jrodgers35 at gmail