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  1. Copy error. Wasn't supposed to copy the formula over to the team tab, just the values. Should be correct now.
  2. I would like to schedule the draft on Monday, March 23rd just before the season starts on Thursday the 26th. Does that work for everyone? @Kraft... @sjs12671 @Expos @HellToupee @JZilla @Chemical X @Fat Drunk and Stupid @Notorious T.R.E. (and brother) @Koya @bananafish Alternate options are Tuesday the 24th, Wednesday the 25th, Thursday the 19th.
  3. For sure! Just thought it was a funny coincidence that his teams didn't run. Good stats on Molitor, Lopes and Wills.
  4. With a manager who's famous for stealing a base.
  5. He was on your Team Roster Page, but was somehow out of order on the Final Rosters page. Corrected it so that he's group with the rest of your guys. He was mistakenly on Ace of Base. Corrected the error and moved him to your roster. Must have been a fill down issue when I was constructing the final rosters page. My bad.
  6. I do think Hiura is legit, was just playing devil's advocate there. Definitely impressed with the bat and it doesn't seem like the glove matters as much at 2B anymore with positioning and shifts. Urias...I'm not buying right now.
  7. I don't think AVG-K is the category. It's confusing, but I think it's a 6x6 with the categories: H, R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG K, K/BB, ERA, WHIP, W, SV Basically standard 5x5 but add H and K/BB.
  8. Google Sheet updated with corrections from Kraft.
  9. I'm not so sure about that. They're set to start Eric Sogard and Orlando Arcia in the IF right now. Hiura is getting anointed after 300 ABs and without showing whether he can adjust after the pitchers adjust (not to mention his questionable defense). Urias has some prospect pedigree but had a 655 OPS in 71 games last year. I think there are ABs to be had there. Brewers have a really odd roster for a team coming off a playoff berth.
  10. Owners are just sitting there licking their chops. Another cudgel to use against the union just like the steroids mess. Donald Fehr rolling over in his (metaphoric) grave. Tony Clark is just completely inept. Wanna know why owners didn't punish the players...this is why.
  11. GB @Kraft... notified me of some inaccuracies determining 2020 value. Working through those now and will have an updated Google Sheet out soon.
  12. Google Sheet with rosters (including year and salary) has been created... Rules Refresher: