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  1. For @cosjobs 31.07 - Yohander Mendez, SP, TEX
  2. I was thinking he was gone. Greco texted me asking if he was still available, checked and he was.
  3. For @Greco... 31.06 - Huston Street, RP, LAA
  4. For @Chemical X via text... 31.02 - Tim Beckham, SS, TB
  5. For @SoCalBroncoFan via text... 30.24 - Jacob Barnes, RP, MIL 31.01 - Chase De Jong, RP, LAD
  6. For @Chemical X... 30.23 - Rymer Liriano, OF, CHW
  7. For @Greco via text... 30.19 - Mike Pelfrey, SP, DET **ALERT** WE HAVE PASSED THE PELFREY PLATEAU PEOPLE!!!!! **ALERT**
  8. @Frostillicus now OTC
  9. Good call. We're rolling at a great pace. Lil break for the weekend is a good idea.
  10. Moops says he need 5.
  11. Texted Greco, not sure if anyone had let him know he was up. He's technically timed out, so if @the moops is around and has a pick, fire away.
  12. Tobias says skip via text. @Doctor Detroit is up