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  1. I put some together using Fantrax standings and randomness here... @Notorious T.R.E.
  2. Very athletic with long arms. Good defender. Good in transition. Handle is OK. Needs to work on his shot. ETA: Was hoping he would clear and Lakers would get him back
  3. That's the magic of the Magic, no? Seriously, though, I think this is a good signing by them. One of the best wings they've had in some time.
  4. Adrian Wojnarowski‏Verified account @wojespn 30s30 seconds ago More Free agent Jonathon Simmons has agreed to a three-year deal with the Orlando Magic, agent Cervando Tejada tells ESPN. They did it @Capella and @GOB
  5. Theo sure valued him like an ace.
  6. NULL VOTE. I keep my car key on a separate ring from my house/work keys. So, I don't remove anything, but they don't get my house/work keys.
  7. Pineda with a partially torn UCL. Likely needs TJ, getting a second opinion. Mitchell and Cessa getting starts in 2 of the first 6 games after the break since we have the DH with Boston on Sunday. Cashman said Chance Adams is an option to replace Pineda long term.
  8. Michael Pineda placed on DL with a partially torn UCL. Likely will require TJ surgery.
  9. The Mountain knows. All the children minions of the Maester dude likely helped him place the wildfire, so they know too. Gendry. He's more in line than Cersei, but rows soooooooooooooo slowly.
  10. I'm Christian and agree with the sentiments from the article. Evangelicals might possibly be too broad of a group for the description depending on the definition, but when I think of evangelicals I'm thinking of the religious right. I often wonder how they can shape their beliefs and policies whilst believing in the same Jesus I do. It's most perplexing.
  11. I guess I can see how she might convince herself that she still loved him, but I don't see her actions as actually loving him. Especially when she didn't go to visit him.