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  1. Baseball only. Auction draft 4/2 at 8 PM eastern. Here is the team...
  2. Yes, have 13, waiting on Pump. Auction draft already set as 8 PM eastern on 4/2.
  3. Happens to the best of us. No worries. Added Bogies team to the post I tagged you in. Some solid pieces in Dyson, Blackmon, Segura, Baez, Darvish, Jansen for sure. Thing to note is guys that are 2+ in the year column will be bumped $5.
  4. Just need a taker for Bogart's team! Provided Pump confirms he's in. @Koya was interested when I texted him yesterday. What say ye today? ETA: His team...
  5. What I'm leaning toward as well...
  6. Great game, great tournament! PR team was all class afterward. Thought it was very cool when the US team and PR team shook hands and conversed afterward.
  7. Boy can Crawford and Lindor really pick it. So fun to watch!!!
  8. Will cost you $100 and management of team for another season...
  9. This was Millar on Intentional Talk. Admitted right after to Rose he didn't know what polarizing meant.