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  1. Paid: @sjs12671 @bananafish @Kraft... @Fat Drunk and Stupid @Notorious T.R.E. @Chemical X @rodg12 So, need funds from: @Koya @Expos @HellToupee @SoCalBroncoFan @JZilla
  2. Thanks for taking care of the Garcia switch, @Eephus
  3. He actually did. Won $95 last year toward his entry for this year.
  4. Need league fees from everyone but @sjs12671 That means $100 to PayPal using jrodgers35 at gmail @Kraft... @Chemical X @Fat Drunk and Stupid @HellToupee @Notorious T.R.E. @JZilla @Expos @bananafish @Koya @SoCalBroncoFan
  5. So weird. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Thanks for letting me know
  6. It's Friday (3/29) since they have to be one waivers two days after the draft. Then it should go back to it's normal Monday/Thursday (AM) schedule.
  7. The Padres are the only game in town now in San Diego. I see this as an economically motivated move. Play the card now to win fan support and drive up attendance to your beautiful ballpark. Try and corner the market in San Diego and build a fan base that will have sustained attendance for years. Who cares about 2025 (which will be played under a completely different CBA) when you can act now to garner fan support.
  8. Retroactive Stats will be run on Friday early AM to get us stats for Tokyo. So, make sure your lineups Thursday night include anyone that you want Tokyo stats for (and also Thursday night).
  9. I don’t think we’ve allowed this in the past. Think precedent is trades are locked after keepers until post-draft.
  10. Budgetary breakdown prior to the draft... Team Starting Budget Costs Remaining Budget Running Robots $260 $123 $137 Ace of Base $260 $15 $245 Dallas Upsiders $260 $53 $207 Disastros $260 $90 $170 Expos $260 $129 $131 FDAGFY $260 $123 $137 Kole is the Future $260 $58 $202 Kraftastic $260 $119 $141 SoCals Draft Killers$260 $84 $176 TREday $260 $76 $184 Uncle Charlie $260 $55 $205 WAR Pigs $260 $50 $210
  11. **ANNOUNCE** Keepers have been entered. Prices should be correct. Please verify here. Draft is tomorrow at 8 ET. Please be prompt, no more banana scenarios. Also, need all those entry fees people. $100 via paypal to jrodgers35 at gmail
  12. Actually only 15. Berrios costs $7 not $8.