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  1. Been on my list to read for a while. Think it's time I finally pulled the trigger. Ordering it now. Thanks for the thread and thereby nudge to read, HF.
  2. Trump is one of the worst public speakers I've ever witnessed. No pace, rambles, can't look away from the teleprompters. Just another area of total incompetence.
  3. Seems like hitters on the wire are slim pickings in anything but the shallow leagues this year with the new 10 day DL. Guys getting put on it with a hangnail, it seems, and benches quickly filled with any sort of usable hitter.
  4. Seems like a Matt Duffy-type. Better IRL than for Pretend Baseball. Probably usable in deep leagues, though.
  5. Invite sent. Looks like it already transferred ownership to your Fantrax account. ETA: Fantrax is purely for tracking our guys progress during the season. Sometimes we do divisions based on standings there as well.
  6. Cool. Thanks man! I added in FIP, DICE, IP/G and OPS against for pitchers. WOBA and RC27 for hitters.
  7. For real? I had removed FIP to make it a standard league.
  8. Sounds like they're going to use both Neris and Benoit.
  9. You got lucky. Probably moved them out of the starting line-up for the first time? CBS has this quirk where it allows guys to stay in an ineligible position the next year they had qualified for the previous year as long as you leave them in the starting line-up.
  10. Always thought that was the natural fit with his St. Jetersburg residence in Tampa already. Truthfully, I was hoping he'd pivot to the NBA for ownership or something. Gonna be weird with him associated with another MLB team.
  11. Missing monies from 4 of you... @strykerpks @Notorious T.R.E. @HellToupee @SoCalBroncoFan Paypal to jrodgers35 gmail, please.
  12. Had to undo claim of Matt Davidson by @Fat Drunk and Stupid, no $ value entered.
  13. Jayson Werth rushing in to cuss him out is pretty great too.