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  1. Doesn't work that way with WIS. 24 team league. ETA: Plus, we have a minutes crunch as is with 24 teams. Adding two more would exacerbate that.
  2. Looks like we'll start next week. First bids due Tuesday evening. Basically you want to try to draft the best real-life team you can as a simple way to think about it. The things you'll want to keep in mind about the SIM is that you need to be sure to draft enough guys with high usage so you can always field a team with 100% usg on the floor at all times. The SIM likes rebounding too. Defense is pretty .
  3. '83 here. I'm that weird Xennial generation. I definitely consider myself more X than Millennial, FWIW.
  4. And for some clarification, the first round of the serpentine draft is called round 4 since the odds are teams having 3 players at this point.
  5. We skipped the 6th rounders for people that got 4 auction guys in the past. 7th rounder is you somehow end up with 5.
  6. Looks like we're rolling with... 1. @Notorious T.R.E. - In and Co-Commish @Gr00vus 2. @Koya - In, and Champmissioner 3. @Sammy3469- In before he forgets to respond. 4. @TobiasFunke - In 5. @Frostillicus - In 6. @Eephus - Probably eventually gonna be sucked.... in. @msudaisy26 7. @the moops - In 8. @rodg12 - In 9. @jomar - In 10. @Kev4029 - In 11. @Chemical X - In 12. @JMon348 - In 13. @No. 16 - In @Charlie Harper 14. @scoobus - In 15. @Slapdash - In 16. @JB Breakfast Club - IN 17. @Arsenal of Doom - @Long Ball Larry 18. @Kraft... - In 19. @Yo Mama - In 20. @hagmania - In 21. @Spartans Rule - In 22. @The Gator - In 23. @bananafish - In 24. Abe - show down between @modogg and @Niles Standish
  7. This is a correct breakdown by :stoned: Koya. Only element to add is that there are 'make-up' picks between rounds 2 and 3 so that everyone has 7 players after that point.
  8. I can probably swing this. Does @Eephus have a spreadsheet he has used in the past to keep track of bids?
  9. This is a fair point. Berry's been all about video and crap this year and it started filtering in a couple years ago. Infuriating. Chasing these video ad dollars is so short-sighted. I'm just glad ESPN still has the Zach Lowe and Bill Barnwells of the world on staff. I hope The Athletic remains successful. There is a market for high quality writing like that. I mean, Ken Rosenthal had to freaking write articles on FB for a time when FoxSports pivoted to video. That was insane.
  10. Should we talk about this disastrous Graham-Cassidy Trumpcare bill here or somewhere else?
  11. At least they didn't pivot to video like ...