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  1. I do wonder if they suspend things again and pivot to a multiple bubble situation. They could have a bubble in NYC. Another in Chicago/Mil. Another in LA. Multiple MLB stadiums each place with access to other minor league/college stadiums as well.
  2. True. There was a day gap in there, but that game is definitely questionable.
  3. 20% of MLB out of action tonight due to COVID-19.
  4. Entry fees refunded to those that had sent them.
  5. 4.15 - Jarred Kelenic, OF, SEA 5.01 - Clarke Schmidt, SP, NYY
  6. I moved Urquidy to the IL to open a spot
  7. 2.15 - Nico Hoerner, SS, CHC 3.01 - Tyler Rogers, RP, SF
  8. 1 definite out. 1 almost certainly out in Zilla. 1 no response in HT. I’m going to just call it. No league this year. Rosters will roll over to 2021 and we’ll start fresh then. It’s sad, but I think it’s what we have to do. Anyone that paid will be refunded.
  9. Well #<##! Gotta find a replacement owner now.
  10. Can we do the draft next Wednesday evening? Does that work for everyone? Still haven’t heard from @bananafish, @HellToupee, @JZilla and final word from @Koya
  11. We’ve always gone with any and only players in Yahoo are eligible.