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  1. Unis are cared about. It's incredible now much they're cared about actually. In this case though, we were looking for an '89 AFC Championship kind of look (mile high or not). Im sure it happens from time to time, but I cant seem to recall a game where the unis colors contrasted less than today's game.
  2. Could one of these teams bothered to wear a white uniform?
  3. Once you're in high percentage field goal range, then it's time to fire into the end zone quickly 3 times and, if there's no success with it, kick it. The Jets didnt do that and burned maybe 40 extra seconds playing the for the first down instead of the TD.
  4. He came in on the 3rd and long. Looks like he is currently being limited to obvious passing-downs only
  5. Brate re-injured? He seems to have disppeared
  6. It wasnt a stacky day. It was chalky. None of Dalton/Flacco/Wentz/Cousins/et al hitting 4 TDs to 2 guys happened.
  7. Shefter just tweeted; essentially could be week to week or half the season. So who knows
  8. CNN is trying to catch MSNBC at who can be more anti-Trump. Acosta is an outright anti-Trump activist at this point. But try as they might, CNN is still for those who hate Trump that might want to pretend they don't hate him, and MSNBC is still the champ for those who hate him and aren't afraid to admit it-- and that's probably why MSNBC is winning now. Meanwhile, where do those go who usually disagree with Trump but don't like the way the media puts their fingers on the scale and wish they'd just report it straight? Nowhere.
  9. My original contract with the expensive provider is up; does anyone use a reasonably priced monitoring service that you can recommend?
  10. Queen City. They're not talking about Watkins in London?
  11. Ian Rap: "Things are up in the air on the #Patriots QB situation, but TE Rob Gronkowski tells reporters he had “no setbacks” on his hamstring Thursday"
  12. Nice work. the rare defensive injury that causes a bump to opponents. Esp AFC South.
  13. A highly appreciated, but very sobering/depressing analysis. I've been plotting trading my #2 in the next week or two based on Lewis and Washington streaming--may need to postpone those plans.
  14. As expected, the news seems non-existent on Dion Lewis' recovery at the national level. Any insights from locals?
  15. So about yesterday-- Bortles is becoming the QB that the media loves to pile on. As usual, there's plenty of truth in that and also plenty of piling-on-out-of-convenience factored into that too. 3 picks is 3 picks, so that will generate negativity and rightly so. But from a fantasy perspective he is looking like a buy-low. The line is banged up, but his weapons are healthy and he is a 0.0% threat to lose his job. He's looking more of a mirror of Eli Manning in some ways than he has in the past-- but with a higher propensity to throw at the GL.