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  1. It wasnt a stacky day. It was chalky. None of Dalton/Flacco/Wentz/Cousins/et al hitting 4 TDs to 2 guys happened.
  2. Shefter just tweeted; essentially could be week to week or half the season. So who knows
  3. CNN is trying to catch MSNBC at who can be more anti-Trump. Acosta is an outright anti-Trump activist at this point. But try as they might, CNN is still for those who hate Trump that might want to pretend they don't hate him, and MSNBC is still the champ for those who hate him and aren't afraid to admit it-- and that's probably why MSNBC is winning now. Meanwhile, where do those go who usually disagree with Trump but don't like the way the media puts their fingers on the scale and wish they'd just report it straight? Nowhere.
  4. Thinking about this more: The ratings have been good this year, but usually they're meh. We have CBSSN et al desperate for content/programming (as the $ paid for MLB playoffs indicate and the S16 games are in the MLB neighborhood in terms of marketability), and with Tuesday and Wednesday of this week being very poor in terms of sports programming-- among the worst days of the year currently. Meanwhile, the NCAAT has pent up inventory of S16 games; with the late Thursday games going unseen by most of the country. There's a win-win for fans and for TV $$$ that is operationally feasible if they deployed a different model than the one currently.
  5. Yes, a few ways (among others) to get them all in earlier is to cut way into the work day on Thursday or Friday as they do for the first two rounds, OR play all sweet 16 and elite games with no day of rest Saturday and Sunday-- and lose some weekday evening TV windows in the process. OR play Sweet 16 on a quick turn given the change in venue to Tuesday night through Friday night. 2 games per night starting at 7pm edt and create some TV windows on otherwise very slow sport nights
  6. I cant find the official time/duration of the game, but the refs were very chirpy for Zags/WVU and then they added another 5 min on the replay decision. That game took a while
  7. Pundits called it an ugly game and it was by modern definitions; but I loved it. Lots of zone, lots of man pressure, plenty of press. For me it was the most entertaining game of the evening. The refs were calling it a little too tight and that did take away from it some (and naturally when on to swallow their whistles at various key points), but it was still a good game to watch. Regarding the broadcast: Chris Webber will be an excellent color analyst within a few years. He needs more volume (ie needs to call more games), but he is on his way. He slips on word pronunciation often; though he calls himself out on it which is refreshing. He lends an authentic sort of naivety to the broadcast that works well. Webber's standout moment was the way he quickly pounced on the refs about the delay from the review on the out of bound play. Brian Anderson isn't the best PbP as his voice lacks power, so I was surprised that this team got the assignment over Ian Eagle's team or Spero Dede's team; but they did well last night in this game.
  8. My original contract with the expensive provider is up; does anyone use a reasonably priced monitoring service that you can recommend?
  9. as many have mentioned, to max your upgrade %, the keys are: airlines' predominance in your market and your region/key-hubs. Not always--- but you usually need to zag, when others zig to maximize upgrade % the hub you'll be connecting through (for instance CLT>ATL; though CLT's F product is often worse due to use of old US equipment, ORD AA>ORD UA) aircraft equipment and schedules are absolutely vital both at the home airport and through the hub you're connecting on. Some AA and UA A319s have just 8 F seats while certain RJs have more than that for instance. And though this and the schedules can change from time to time, we will be able to fcst that for you Your expected total annual mileage (i.e. What status you'll attain) and we'll also advise on how to get you to status faster so you don't have to wait a year (or close to it) So, OP, what is your home airport and what will be your top 3-5 destinations?
  10. Certain AA/Citi products will get you annual elite status miles when you hit spending milestones to boost your status amount.
  11. Agree. It doesn't seeen to matter much anymore. Fewer conference foes play each twice in the reg season. Conferences are more of a TV/media-alliance than they are a representation of regions and certainly they're not a representation of a certain type of basketball by conference-- all of this further contributing to further watering down of the regular season, though it seems to clear the way for removal of conf restrictions in the placement of schools in the brackets.
  12. Spicer says he agree with their views, or at least leans on them to back up his assertions. I just posted two links today without comment. Meanwhile, the deflection effort from the actual articles is in full force cluttering up this board with personal jabs. I think we'd rather discuss this past weekend's action (see linked articles) and/or this coming weekend's action.
  13. I haven't commented in quite a while, these are simply links and quotes from publications. I might agree or disagree with them. Sorry, take your obsession of deflecting any/all criticism of the ACC from journalists and your related complaints to those that are actually expressing these thoughts.