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  1. But he's in no position to be making demands. Luca Brasi didn't have a gun pointed at Lynch's head as he signed his last contract. Does his signature on the agreement mean nothing? Honor the damn contract. Why do you care so much about Seattle's wallet? You Paul Allen's son? And I completely disagree that he's not in position to make demands. He could ride off into the sunset right now and be set for life. The Seahawks need his services more than he needs them. Lynch isn't walking away from 5 million dollars this year and 13 million left on his deal...I don't care how "set" he he really does not hold all of the leverage. Seattle isn't going to cut him if he is holding out.
  2. In my 12 team league Brady was released last week before his big game and I used a high wavier to grab him...I already have Luck at QB, but I could not pass up adding Brady at this point.
  3. I was thinking of trying to take advantage of frustrated Gronk owners and deal for him, but after reading these last few pages of post....I'm now scared to own him.
  4. I havent taken the time to read this entire thread.... I'm a Cowboy fan, but I can't blame Snyder one bit. The Redskins name and logo are his trademarks of a franchise worth nearly a billion dollars. The only way that gets changed is if it starts hurting his pocketbook, and I can't see that happening.
  5. I think that the NFL's big picture would be to add a Europe division where those teams play each other 4 games a season and then will take a 2 to 3 game road trip in-between those games to cut down on travel. Europe Division London Berlin Paris Madrid Now if London is a decade a way...this is probably like a 30 year plan, but they want to move into Europe. I just don't think it will be that successful. M
  6. Maybe his preseason will allow me to grab him in the 4th....that would be ideal.
  7. Thinking about picking up Wilson to play him against Buf in week 15 and bench Romo vs Pit.
  8. Flirting with sticking Britt in my lineup this week. I think we are going to see some redzone looks this week.
  9. nope...just a bunch of Pats fans that are pissed that someone may question their team.
  10. As for Gronk coming back early....I can't see the Patriots pushing him if they have a comfortable lead in the division. Look how careful they have been with Hernandez. They will want Gronk healthy for the playoffs. Now as for BB leaving his guys in...maybe it really wasn't the case yesterday (depending on when and where Gronk was actually hurt) but BB has been known to leave his guys in during a blowout, and it was only a matter of time before someone major was hurt. I know people want to give the excuse of the Patriots blowing leads, but lets face it, BB has been doing this since way back when the Patriots were just starting to win superbowls. That is his style of coaching. If he gets the praise when it is successful, then he needs to get the criticism when it blows up in his face.
  11. I think Cowboy hate has something to do with it, but it goes beyond that. I live in Dallas, and there is a distinct line between Romo bashers and Romo supporters... I think Romo is just an easy target....much like Jerry Jones or ant NFL coach or offensive cord. Team must find blame.
  12. I was sold on him before the preseason....but now that everyone is on board and he will go higher, I may have to change to someone else.