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  1. Dalvin Cook got me 31 points Thursday night. PPR and we get bonuses for 100 yard games. I paid up for him and outbid everyone in an auction league to get him. I said early on in this thread take Dalvin Cook at 1.5
  2. On to Week 6 I'm taking the Patriots. However, I'm trying to help someone that I help every week and we've already used the Ravens, Patriots, Cowboys, Chargers, & Eagles. I can't find a team I like for them to pick that's left. Maybe Chiefs. Maybe Saints. ?
  3. This quote in the SI article ( perfectly describes Antonio Brown: Says James W. Smith III, Tedeschi’s attorney: “You’ll start to see a pattern where Antonio lures people in initially, and at first he appears to be very gregarious and appreciative of whatever service he’s seeking, and then at some point when the bill is due he creates division or confrontation in an effort to avoid having to meet his financial obligation. . . . It’s an unfortunate pattern of entitlement and narcissism.”
  4. You could still get a great pick in round 2 and round 3. I disagree with you. In an ultra competitive league where the owners are at the top level Cook would be gone by the end of round 1. But maybe in your leagues it works to wait.
  5. Told you all take Dalvin Cook at 1.05. If you didn't you may have missed him in round 2. Not worth that risk. All you had to do was know the new Minnesota system/offensive-philosophy, Dalvin Cook's ability and the fact he's healthy this year. Boom! He's on my team. Auction draft, paid up to get him and it was close to what Zeke goes for. (Zeke was kept). I kept Saquon who I paid a lot for in last year's auction draft and people questioned me on that.
  6. We are all going to be wrong when Damien Williams has a big year, me included.
  7. I agree with you there, I'm looking for Lockett, if not him Mike Williams and if not him it's between DJ Moore and Josh Gordon and might just go with Gordon if that's the case.
  8. Best chance to be top 12: Leonard Fournette Kerryon Johnson Chris Carson Sony Michel Philip Lindsay Best chance to bust: Derrick Henry Aaron Jones
  9. We do this with our league on ESPN every year, works just fine.
  10. I didn't mean it like that. I mean you can draft a better team if you don't get overly influenced on ADP on a few handful of players. Trust me, I understand it and how to draft a great team year after year, you just dissect my words more than is necessary, or I'm not conveying it as I mean to.