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  1. I see things are still getting better in here. It wouldn't matter if everyone but two people left, or were perma banned. Those two people will still find reason to disagree on politics. I've spent the last few weeks on other message boards. I've come to the realization that posters are not the problem, the problem is ownership and moderation. Joe admits that the Shark Pool, the FFA and the PSF are all treated differently. Then he states that 90% of the reporting is coming from the PSF. No ####. If you enforced the rules consistently in the Shark Pool, you'd see similar problems across the entire board. I did the research. People make the same comments in the SP that they do in the PSF. The only difference is that it's about a coach, a team or a player and not about something that really effects our every day lives like taxes, health care, or war. Sorry Joe, since stepping away, I've gained some clarity on the issue. It's you. You have this idea of a message board Utopia that exists no where else but here. That's admirable at best, delusional at worst. You're asking everyone to change to accommodate you. Instead of you accommodating them. It's a terrible message to send, especially if some of those people are your customers. I would like to thank Maurile. If he hadn't censored my comments here by hiding posts, I never would have achieved this enlightenment. Him telling me to get over it, or find another board, was excellent advice. I've done exactly that. I'm not interested in posting on a board where a random moderator gets sole decision on determining my value. This is just another example of how Joe chooses his friends over business, and then wonders why his business struggles. You can't have it both ways. Moderation has been a problem the entire time I've been on this board. And I suspect it will continue to be so. Good luck. I suspect the PSF will disappear in the near future. The problems will just move to the FFA and Joe will be stuck with the decision of giving up, or shutting the FFA down as well. You can't change people. Especially random people on the internet. So, don't waste your time.
  2. Glad to know I was the problem here. Things seemed to have improved.
  3. I've banned myself from this board. It's become the Trump administration. As long as you say nice things about those in charge then you're gold. Say something negative and you're out. They tell others not to get pissed about words on a message board, but they themselves, get pissed about words on a message board. They can't even recognize when someone is giving them advice. Customers and potential customers are seeing the way they treat people here. Staff is more important than customers. I pointed out moderation was an issue 5 years ago. I see similar things happening now. Instead of recognizing it as a potential issue, they hide posts and lock threads to avoid the truth. That's a pretty good example of contempt towards the people posting here. Joe stated he was worried because the one thing their company has is trust of the customer. If you can't be trusted to run a message board what else should I trust you with? The PSF is no worse than the Shark Pool or the FFA. The PSF was born from the FFA. The same comments are made across all three forums. They are just held to a different standard here. You can joke and call someone a name in the Shark Pool, the same comment in the PSF will get you banned. I think the problem lies with assuming the worst of people here. They aren't given any leeway. I was told this is a politics forum. To talk politics or go to a different forum. I'm going to a different forum. (I wonder if they will tell you the same thing?)
  4. Do you give a moderator the right to alter your posts via TOS? Not hide, but alter what you are saying?
  5. Where is rule #1 posted? I don't see it listed in the OP. This was my entire point of this conversation. Establish the rules, let us know what they are for everyone. I will abide by those rules.
  6. I did that yesterday. I even told everyone to have a lovely day.
  7. Sorry you disagree with my stance. I never said anything about MT not being a nice guy. If I was off topic, then he should have given me a warning or banned me. Along with the 100's of other posters that posted off topic things. He didn't. Only after I questioned why my posts were hidden, did he explain it was his personal choice which threads to hide. Would you be okay with passing that ability to different posters here? Giving them the right to hide your posts at will?
  8. There is no transparency. And it's not being done universally. There's no way to know if your post was hidden. It can have an effect on future conversations when a poster says, "I've posted this before". But, they can't find it because you've hidden it. It's crazy to me that you can't see that, you alone, control what people read. I wouldn't want that power. There's reasonable doubt.
  9. I said scapegoat, because something (and since it's a message board, that something would be tied to someone) will be the final straw that makes you pull the plug on this forum. The comment below is one example. Maurile has now unhidden those posts. I was going to ask if those were the only posts hidden, but I don't he can answer it without making it look worse. 1 - I there are other posts that are still hidden, then the issue is widespread. 2 - If those are the only posts that were hidden, then is appears to be targeted to my conversation. That means with all of the conversations that happen here, mine is the only one deemed to be unfunny or boring enough to hide? You don't know enough about my posting? I have zero warnings, zero timeouts, zero bans in 10 years of being here. I publicly called out a large portion of the board for posting a contest on another site. I've been called a lot of things by other posters over the years. I didn't let it bother me because I assumed that it validated the point I was making. When they stepped over the line, I knew that eventually it would catch up with them. I worked within the rules you guys established. I've taken opposing stances on things like gun control, abortion, Trump, tariffs, North Korea, and have had a target on my back. Still no need to cross the line. The thing that bothers me about hiding posts for personal reasons, is that it takes away the validity of a poster. It's as if they and their words matter so little, that we can make it disappear. I took much more offense from that, than I did from another poster calling me an ignorant jerk. At least an ignorant jerk is still something. This entire conversation started because I was seeing similarities to what was happening years ago. Moderators are establishing their own rules. I called it out then, and I'm calling it out now. I have zero expectations that anything will change. But, I want other posters to be aware of what may happen to their posts. Years ago, their words could be used to make fun of them in a contest of worst poster on FBG. Now, their words may be deemed unworthy of gracing the pages and wiped from history. You mentioned that a poster was trying to hurt your business because of this board. In a sense, they were trying to silence you so that other members wouldn't see what you have to say. The irony is interesting that moderators want to silence posters so others can't see what they have to say.
  10. I don't know. I think I've been on the boards for 10 years. If that's accurate, I would assume it was 5 years ago. Not really sure why timing matters? I brought it to your attention via email and a thread I started in the FFA. The thread lasted a few hours and was locked/deleted. Back then moderates were part of the problem and were posting things on that other board. There was also a misuse of powers there to verify suspected aliases here. If it couldn't be said or done here, it was done over there. You can see from the comments, nobody is refuting it's existence. They've chosen to double down and make jokes that I assume are funny. (since they haven't been hidden) Although you want to know as little as possible about it, doesn't make it any less wrong. But, I assumed that's the way this forum was going to operate. I adjusted my style, got some thick skin and moved on. It now seems we have another problem with moderation. I've been supportive of the rules when it comes to being excellent towards each other. But I have concerns when moderators are allowed to hide posts based on personal privileged because they think they are boring or not funny. It's not being applied universally to all conversations, just the ones they deem as such. One moderator may find a post funny while another may not. It was also pointed out that personal attacks are allowed, as long as they are deemed funny. It's been pointed out that moderation wouldn't be fair. The irony is that you complain about people effecting your personal life as also not being fair. What did you expect? You treat people the way you want to be treated. That's what you've been saying from day one. If someone posts something and is banned, they know what they did wrong and can learn from their mistakes. If someone has a post hidden, there is no explanation, it just disappears. My question is, are you 100% certain what posts are being hidden? With that type of power and lack of transparency it could alter conversations and viewpoints to match whatever a moderator wishes. My comment from few hours ago was hidden as well. I decided to step outside and do some work. I made the comment that I was "going to work in my garden." It's listed in the OP. What was wrong with that? Not funny? Hurt someones feelings? I'm certain it would be funny if someone received a ban and Maurile responded with "go work in your garden, see you in a week". It's become obvious that this board has a different set of rules for different posters. It's been that way since day one. I have the feeling that you're looking for a scapegoat to push you over the edge to shut down the PSF. If that's me, so be it. But you're problems will continue to exist in the other forums as well. People don't agree on everything, some just want to debate for the sake of debate. You can't change free will, or save the world on a message board. I suggest you stop wasting your time trying. Peace.
  11. I'm going outside to work in my garden now. Have a lovely day.
  12. The digs were at me and parallel conversation that was also boring. Sorry my posting doesn't please you. I didn't know I was posting for an audience of one. I'll keep that in mind moving forward. I'm now thinking of the Office episode were Jim is trying to determine what Stanley finds funny. Do you like meatballs?
  13. Here's the conversation that was deleted (as best I can remember) Preface: Joe and Tim were having a conversation about Tim starting a podcast as a more productive use of his knowledge. (kind of off topic) At the same time, there was a conversation about whether this board is a ship or the sea and my poor analogies (also off topic). @Dickies made a comment that I sucked at analogies. (I knew he was joking, because I had just made a joke about myself). My response was that I was thinking about doing a podcast on analogies. Poof! They both disappeared.
  14. Then it's targeted? Which makes it sound even worse.