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  1. This doesn't seem to fit with what @Koya was saying about treating each other with respect. Am I to assume mob mentality is trying to teach and not shame or guilt s poster for his/her comments?
  2. So not thinking something is an insult is worse than knowing something is an insult and telling people to just lighten up? If Rock knew it was a slur, he would have been okay?
  3. Not sure I follow your thought here. What was the purpose for trying to convince Rock? If both posters statements are wrong, then they deserve to be called out. Rock appears to have made amends for his comments. Tom will come back and nothing more will be said. That's the mob mentality here. If things were reversed and it was Jon that said it, he would be called out immediately upon his return. I know, it may be hard to see the forest through the trees, but that's how it works. It's why people use the term hypocrisy around here.
  4. There was one person defending Rock. He admits to insulting every woman. Doesn't that deserve your outrage? Rocks thread had multiple posters calling him out. It was not an apples to apples reaction. Why do you think that is?
  5. There are posters that make a comment and then excuse it as being humor. I agree, it's not an excuse. I have one person on ignore for s comment about diabetes. As a parent of a child that was diagnosed at 17 months old, I didn think it was funny. Although that was his excuse. It happens more than you think. It just depends on who it's coming from.
  6. They aren't being defined the same way. You have to be able to see that? I was giving people the opportunity to respond to my comments before I made my next point. Last week @Tom Skerritt made a comment that a poster was acting like a woman. It was disparaging to women and he was called out by me. His response was for me to lighten up. Now, I know very few transgender people, but I know a lot of women. As I'm sure every poster here does. He doubled down on his comments. And was eventually given a timeout. There wasn't nearly the outrage. I wonder if it had more to do with the poster, and who the comments were directed towards, more so than being politically correct. TL:DR The mob mentality here doesn't feed on it's own.
  7. The bolded is where the problem lies. Many didn't even know it was considered a slur. Also, "large number of folks who are trans" is how many? From what I could find, it's less than 1%. I'm not discrediting their feelings, but you're taking poetic license on their behalf. If its widely known, wouldn't the online dictionaries treat it the same as other slurs? Here are two examples. The first is obviously defined as a negative connotation. And the other Defines it as slang, not as a negative connotation. I understand that things change all the time. What I dont understand is how a person is expected to stay in front of the changes to prevent anyone from being offended. The average person has no chance of keeping up with every political and social issue going on today. I guess I should be offended that people think I could. Perhaps that's the correct approach.
  8. You didn't really answer my question. Plenty of people use words to hurt others on this board every day. You've suggested that we shouldn't use slurs (which I agree). But how does one know when something has become a slur? I checked Merriam-Webster and the definition seems inconclusive. Especially when you compare it to other known slurs. Does the individual get to decide, or the parent of the individual, or society as a whole? It seems to me it's the individual. And if so, then there are a lot of things that should be defended as vehemently as others. But that's not the case.
  9. Lots of people have kids with special circumstances. Lots of people have special circumstances of their own. I get your point that rock didn't necessarily back off his original statement. For that he made amends. That's the best you can hope for in a constantly changing world. Can we apply the same set if rules across the board? Nearly every day there are posts that could be offensive to a subset of the population. Who decides what's over the line? What is the benchmark for being offended?
  10. Hence, the need for an annual Political Correctness Almanac. How else is a person supposed to keep up?
  11. I was also thinking about the way the FCC has changed its stance in regards to what is acceptable on TV. Cable certainly change it a lot. But, there is a lot more curse words and beeps (even though you know what they are saying). This didn't happen 30 years ago. However there are people that are still offended by the language being used. Theyre even offended by some of the attire worn by people today. Somehow society decides it's okay. This month we had the POTUS tweet the word bull$#&* and it was reported on main stream media news outlets without the beep. Just seems odd how we decide what is or isn't offensive and how we communicate those changes. Seems very reactive and not so much proactive.
  12. Keep your hands in your pockets, you'll be fine.
  13. The point that seems to be missed is the social acceptance. If you were a white woman dating a black man in the late 1800's were you socially accepted. Those same social pressures are working in reverse, and for the better. I'm just pointing out the difficulty of the process. Depending on age, there could be people that may have been politically incorrect before and again now. Where is this knowledge acquired? Is it reasonable expectation that everyone will be on the cutting edge of changes in all areas?
  14. I'm looking at it from a behavioural standpoint. Specifically positive, neutral, and negative reinforcement by society to ones behaviour. With th OK sign we moved from positive to negative fairly quickly. With blackface we moved from neutral to negative reinforcement. And terms identifying transgendered people, from I dont know what, to negative. I'd also throw in things like statues, th National Anthem, and the cross or ten commandments. The changes come fast and often without much warning. Partly because not all of us are black, or transgender, or Christian. We have been conditioned to act a certain way all our lives. We've been playing by the same rules, then someone changes the rulebook. A rulebook that doesn't exist and the only time youre made aware of it is when you break a new rule.