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  1. You seem to think I'm defecting. What I'm doing is comparing. It's what we do here on a fake football board. We compare RB's, head coaches, defenses, teams, politicians, hamburgers, hot girls, you're mom, and any number of other things. On a daily basis. Comparing the need to ban firearms with the need to ban other things is part of a healthy discussion. Otherwise, let's stop talking about the previous assault weapons ban and the bans on firearms in other countries. Those things are not the same time or place. So, you're just deflecting the conversation from having any relative progress.
  2. That obscure language is the same thing that defines many laws in this country. I don't think it was penned without purpose. That alone should make you take pause.
  3. It went off the rails when the anti gun crowd had to accept a small loss. The fact that there may actually be a need for an assault rifle. In order to lessen the pain, they went back to making generalizations about gun owners.
  4. This is false. I've given a lot of suggestions on how to fix the problem. I was also the one that made the statement over a year ago about needing a counter to the NRA. I was told that was impossible. But here we are with anti NRA groups gaining momentum and the NRA losing power each day.
  5. You're not discussing and raising awareness. You're discussing banning something. There's a difference. The comparison would be the government allocating $50 bil to research for cerebral palsy while allocating $50 for cancer research. I think you'd have a comparison complaint then.
  6. You never said what your solution is either. @BigSteelThrill - this is what deflecting and not wanting to have a conversation looks like.
  7. Let me be clear. I don't care what others here think of me. I've had a lot of discussions with multiple people here. I just refuse to make it narrow conversation.
  8. That's because I think it's a valid question. If you had your way, you'd remove guns from our country in order to save lives. But, you crack a cold one and light up a Lucky Strike while toasting those that died from drunk drivers or second hand smoke. I think the word I'm looking for is hypocritical. (and it's not just you. society has determined what deaths are acceptable by their lack of action)
  9. Concentrate on whether or not "anyone" would "need" and assault rifle. That's the topic of this thread.
  10. Disgusting? Sorry you can't handle a conversation that encompasses more than one very specific thing. I'll try to dumb it down moving forward.
  11. I'm just expanding on your concerns. Not sure what more you would want. But, you and @Misfit keep making grand generalizations and absolutes about gun owners. That seems to be working for you.
  12. Absolutely? Do you have anything to back up that statement. And please keep working in absolutes. That should be simple enough.
  13. This goes against @BigSteelThrill's concern that things are more dangerous because of the guns. If he doesn't have a gun in his home, he should be good.