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  1. What were you proposing that I do with a self defense class or bat? Poke a hornets nest?
  2. and you call yourself a lawyer? What crime was committed? I was standing in my house when he tried to grab my collar. I stepped back and removed my weapon. I never pointed it at him. But, he knew the next decision was his to make. Put the two of us in front of a judge and there's no way a judge is going to say I did anything but act in self defense. There are dozens of posters on here that post they are smoking weed. Should we ban all of those people too? Hypocrite.
  3. The strangest part about this whole conversation is that people aren't denouncing violence. (use a bat, be in better physical condition, take martial arts) They are denouncing the use of guns. Because they can't possibly consider that they have a benefit. Which would be worse. Beating someone with a bat, or showing someone a gun to prevent an assault. In my case, producing the bat may have forced the situation into a violent one. The gun did the exact opposite.
  4. You guys are pretty ignorant in that ways of the world. I didn't open the door and stick the gun in his face. I answered the door like a normal neighbor would do. I had a couple of other conversations with the guy prior. He lived behind us, worked nights, and didn't like when my dogs barked. When he came to my front door it was middle of the day, I assumed it wasn't to invite me to join him for a cup of coffee. I fully intended to have a conversation. Once he attempted to make things physical, I removed the gun from my waistband, stepped back and held the gun by my side. What could he, or I have done differently? Not answered the door? Talked through the door? Neither of those are very neighborly. I went in with best intentions, but prepared for the worst. The only reason you want to argue, is because accepting it means you agree with SC's good guy with a gun angle. And that would never happen.
  5. Dr sticking his finger in your backside? Or high bp reading at the Dr's office?
  6. If it was life or death, he would have been dead. All I did was even the playing field to the point that he could no longer use his physical ability to intimidate me. It left him with the same option I had when I opened the door, the necessity to discuss like rational adults. He decided to leave because he couldn't do that.
  7. The bar dropped decades ago when a POTUS took liberties with an intern.
  8. Who said it was fun. It was a horrible situation. One I don't look for and hope never happens again. You have a deranged opinion of people that own guns. Most are not looking to harm people. I've said, I don't hope that someone breaks into my house so I can shoot them. I probably wouldn't unless I was certain that mine or my families life was in danger. I wouldn't want to live with the fact that I shot someone. The only thing worse would be living with the death of a family member when I could have done something to stop it.
  9. Since people have asked pro gun people to play what if with the tyrannical government, let's play what if with a baseball bat. I can't show up to the door with the bat in my hand. That means the bat would have to be somewhere out of site. And probably out of reach. Even with the bat close, the odds of me being able to subdue him enough before he was able to neutralize the bat is pretty slim. I was standing in the doorway when he tried to grab me. I showed the gun and he backed off. I doubt a bat would have been as effective. The only suggestion that may work as well is mace. But, most people that use mace in close quarters end up getting some blow back. Self defense classes or being in better shape would have done nothing. Unless you have a magic pill that makes me a foot taller and 100 lbs heavier, it wouldn't matter. I'm assuming you spent most of your life being bigger than everyone in the room. Not many people challenge you due to your size.
  10. How big of a guy are you? I'm 5'7" tall, at the time was about 150lbs. My neighbor was at least 6'6" tall and weighed an estimated 275lbs. I'm sure he's spent all of his life using his physical ability to intimidate people. I had heard a few years after he moved that he beat his wife. (couldn't confirm). I did see the guy a few months later when we were out. I told my buddies about who he was, and what had happened. One of my friends was a D1 linebacker at 6'2 and 210lbs. My neighbor made him look tiny. Regardless of size, I expect people to act in an acceptably social manner. Whether it's beating your wife, or bullying people smaller than you, I have no problem with making things equal. I could have not answered the door. But, I hoped for the best and prepared for the worse. Being in better shape, taking a self defense class or having a bat would have done nothing. If I answered the door with a bat in my hand, it would have escalated things from the start. I only showed the gun when he became threatening. At that point, he realized that he had lost the advantage and left. Win-win.
  11. We can agree to disagree. In my case, knowing that I had a gun diffused the situation. The only way it was going to escalate is if the guy attempted to assault me by coming into my home. His choice, not mine. It would be similar to someone breaking into my house in the middle of the night. His choice, not mine. Abide by the law and nothing happens.
  12. So there was no evidence of Trump conspiring with Russian in the election. But, the Russians did play a roll in the election. If Clinton would have won, would she have been investigated for conspiring?
  13. Are you saying that it shifts the power to the person holding the gun? In my case, I didn't ask my neighbor to come over and have an argument with me. A woman doesn't ask for a man to attempt to rape her. Abide by the laws and social norms and suddenly there becomes no need for a gun to be involved at all. Remove the gun from the situation and one of the two becomes a victim.
  14. It is what we are talking about. When someone wishes to do harm to you, physical ability of one over the other is key factor. There is no way for the weaker of the two parties to make themselves equal without the use of something or someone else. You never answered the question. Why?