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  1. 1) Hunt will have to serve a suspension, likely longer than the 6 game baseline, but not the whole season, so while they might get some calls about Duke Johnson, I'm not expecting him to get dealt 2) with that in mind, this is probably as much about securing his RFA rights in 2020 3) the contract is very cheap (could be worth more than 1M not factoring in suspension per rapoport) and rapoport also said it was important to hunt camp to get signed before investigation is over. to me, points to few teams interested in signing him 4) this isn't that surprising when you look at Dorsey's history with character risk players 5) as Andy Benoit pointed out, Kitchens did well with multi-RB sets. at a time when personnel mismatches are all the rage on offense, putting two of chubb johnson and hunt on the field at the same time will be difficult to defend. pepper johnson said belichick hates defending two good backs on the field at the same time more than anything else 6) cleveland will face heat for this, but it is at a dead time in the NFL newscycle and they also had the good luck to not even be the biggest story of the day in the NFL. by the time the season (heck the draft) rolls around, this won't be a big story at all. it is a calculated risk, but with the current washing machine nature of the newscycle and otherwise difficult to square NFL realities (chiefs release hunt but celebrate hill, frank clark is about to get paid, etc, etc), i dont expect it to be too onerous for the browns, especially not during the most optimistic offseason of their second incarnation
  2. divorced, fell in love, always wanted to live here since the first time i came, austin is totally different than when i moved there, cost of living...
  3. we're in LGD renting now, but looking to buy anywhere from oak/leonidas to bywater
  4. Sounds like George Clinton is hanging it up after 2019. Went to one of the NOLA NYE run shows and they are as overwhelming funky as ever. Im sure more 2019 dates will be added
  5. sorry i wasnt able to get to everything this week, good luck!