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  1. Yup, that'll do it!
  2. There was a large table next to us and the group came staggering in, couple by couple at first and then a few solo stragglers. One of the guys seemed affable and vivacious and he greeted the first male with "HEY, FANCY MEETING YOU HERE!" and at first I was like "Man, what a nice guy, I'd probably like having a beer or steak with him". And then the next guy arrived and "HEY, FANCY MEETING YOU HERE!" *yuckity yuck yuck*. By the fourth greeting of "HEY FANCY MEETING YOU HERE!" I was ready to throw his drink in his face.
  3. I think with Barack, you have the right idea in trying to lure him in before unleashing surprise holy hell, but I'd do it with a pack of Kools, offer to light one for him and then *WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH* go Great Kabuki on him and spray deadly mist that erupts into a fireball. And I'm sorry, but you're not going to beat W. He spent 1/4 of his presidency playing cowboy and you just aren't ready to take down that sort of country strong.
  4. This is your magnum opus, Scoob.
  5. Never had the Bloomin, but a table next to ours had one and it looks really good, but I'm with you, I take part in that, I'm not finishing my steak. How was the service at RL?
  6. My 13 year old asked if he could get the Ribeye, which was like $29 and I quickly shook my head 'no'. The 8oz sirloin was the right choice for this crew at $18.99 per. 13 year old finished his first and it wasn't even close. He probably could have gone with the 12oz, but that's too much for me. Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised with this outing, as you were as well with yours.
  7. Wut?
  8. I had a similar experience on MLK but it was with Outback Steakhouse. I can't remember the last time I ate there, guessing 10 years easily and in that time I've become a bit of a food snob and having had outstanding steaks, began to look down on Outback as only a food snob would. But after telling my older boys I'd treat them to dinner if they went with me to see my mom in the hospital, we started talking about where to go and the suggestion of a steak popped up. We don't eat it very often and since my wife is a vegetarian, it's not anywhere we'd go as a family. But, unless you go downtown and spend a fortune, Outback is about it for true steakhouses in our local area. Pulled in and it was packed. 25 minute wait. I asked the boys if they wanted to try somewhere else, but with phones and cozy chairs, 25 minutes wasn't too bad. I think Outback is always packed, as is Red Lobster, IIRC. Reminds me of all the people who bag the Boy Bands - nobody will admit to liking them and we all know they suck, but somebody was buying their albums. I digress.... We got seated, had very good service, the bread hit our table warm and soft and the boys devoured it. I was fearful that their beer selection would be Fosters or Miller but was delighted to get a tall Oregon craft IPA. We all ordered 8oz sirloin, which came with a Caesar (or another side if you didn't want that) and your choice of potatoes. Steaks came out timely, they were tasty and although I couldn't eat but 1/4 of my mashed potatoes, they were very good too. Total bill was $70 which is probably more than I'd want to spend with just me and my two teenage boys, but damn it, we had a great meal together, there was not a morsel of steak leftover by any of us and not one of us looked at our phones the entire meal. Easily worth the money and will definitely put it back in the rotation for when my wife tells us to have a "Man Night" away from the little kids and vegetarian.
  9. I never heard this story or just don't remember, but my god, what a colossal blunder!
  10. Yeah, I agree. Sealing things like college records or tax returns should be illegal for people who want to be president of our country. Glad we agree here.
  11. Well, except for GM.
  12. There's a pretty crass saying in the industry about averaging down killing more chosen people than the pharaoh but damnit, if that's where this is headed, count me in for another FIFTY dollars!
  13. x 100,000,000
  14. That's ok, I once spent $50 on a baggie of baking soda. At least, I hope that's what it was. That was the least bad options in my mind at the time. How do orange juice futures look to you guys?
  15. Funny thing is I bought a mini fridge with an NFL logo that lights up 10 years ago off CL for $50 and park it next to my TV in the man cave. Runs like a champ. Whirlpool can suck a johnson.