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  1. I'm at work. SHOOK is at the bar. Too bad you've never met him in person so you can be FB friends and see his epic status updates.
  2. I went to a couple of opening round games a few years ago in Portland. Will never do that again. It is a MUCH better sporting experience on TV, IMO. No beer sales. F that. No re-entry. F that. God help you if you get stuck watching a blow-out game. Or, if you're lucky like me, TWO straight blowouts.
  3. Nobody wants a night to get uglier faster than Ron...
  4. I think some uptight Republican bible thumpers made Dallas put all their scrip clubs in one seedy area/location like they did in the Wire with Hampsterdam.
  5. Sorry, I haven't lived in Dallas since 1996. Little out of touch. Try Jaguars. I met Disco Stu there once and he had a cooler full of booze with him. Ladies were very nice too. One offered to drive me back to my hotel and spend the night with me for only $300! (I politely declined*) *stu told me she was hideous under the light of a full moon and to take a cab.
  6. But......but you can't take your computer with you to the bar. Or your lady's house. Or the beach. Right?