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  1. Hallucinations, memory loss, out-of-body sensations, lack of control yet knowing the car is steering off the road. It's WAY too intense for me even doing tiny amounts.
  2. Anybody try the extracts that come in a syringe? Whoa....and not a good whoa all the time either. Way too strong for me and puts me in a less than suitable state of mind.
  3. For me, cooking these types of dishes is a blast. I take my time with them, turn on some music, open a cold beer, experiment with the spices. I think you'll really like the jambalaya.
  4. This site's pretty good for gumbo - several tips, techniques, recipes. Question for the Cajuns in here - what's your stance on tomatoes in your gumbo? One of my best friends from New Orleans is adamant they do not belong.
  5. How Dave Dombrowski continues to find jobs is amazing to me. He destroyed the Tigers and they aren't even remotely close to anything approximating a rebuild.
  6. Feel like the wrong team is favored in the Washington/Oregon game. Ducks lost their top TE and best target for the season. That's a huge loss. Love the Under 50.5 in this one.
  7. Jones is an Arkansas guy, not OU but I can definitely see him making a run at Riley after this year. Time for Slappy Tomato Head to go. I don't think Riley is Switzer 2.0, though. Switzer wasn't innovative and relied on the team's talent and coaching staff until the talent got old and/or left and the coaching staff got poached to death. It's been 20 years of mediocrity ever since.
  8. That's genius! I never would have considered this, but, thank you!
  9. I laughed at my dad once after he washed my mouth out with soap. Told him it tasted good. That was a big mistake. Next time I swore, I got Tabasco Sauce to the tongue. That wasn't so funny.