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  1. Can we get SOME background info? I have no idea what you wanted us to watch other than a drunk 4 minute yell fest.
  2. I made some fat guy jokes at my expense soon after.
  3. The posts from Dexter are gone, but he insinuated that I was defending pedophilia because I am a pedophile.
  4. God bless godless Oregon. At 11am I bought red wine and beer, then went next door and bought bourbon for hot toddies then drove down the street for legal weed. Best state in the world!
  5. Negative 21 yards passing through 3 quarters. Wow.
  6. That's fair but it doesn't alter the fact that I should not be accused of pedophilia by other posters here.
  7. The ONLY reason my fatassssss is in this thread at all is because I thought it was about delicious pizza.
  8. Yeah, I just got called a pedophile. That's not really excellent. I've been punished for far lesser name calling.
  9. Yeah, go ahead and report me too. In fact, I had to reply to an FBI subpoena last month and agreed to turn over thousands of emails. But, I'm not some faceless alias coward that lobs baseless accusations.
  10. Here's what I said on Friday about child rapers: Didn't see Dexter or Chauncey or Dignan or whatever alias you are using say anything like I did, so maybe....maybe you are so obsessed with pedophilia because.....
  11. I'm laughing at you.
  12. Ok
  13. Because it's not true? But keep hoping for it. Awfully creepy....
  14. Last night you said all Democrats wanted to protect pedophiles. Joe Paterno was a Republican.