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  1. I finally got that fixed...a few years and kids too late.
  2. Natchez Trace is awesome. In another thread, somebody had Mississippi as the 50th ranked state and I defended it. I should have included this in my defense. What a great slice of Americana.
  3. And you get a like. I also cringe when adults use the word "yummy". Good god....
  4. My office is 12 miles away. No traffic, I can get there in 15-20 minutes. Bad traffic, it's 25-45 minutes, depending on where the congestion is. It's not bad, don't get me wrong, but it's aggravating. The congestion here is caused by drivers who do not know how to merge. There's rarely wrecks or cops slowing the flow of traffic. It's moronic drivers and it kills me. Commuting via train/walking has been a godsend.
  5. My wife and I won't call each other unless it's an absolute necessity or an emergency. Text/email only. That way we both know to answer if either of us calls; must be important. You guys that take daily phone calls from your spouse confuse and baffle me.
  6. $50 Rory McIlroy 10/1 $20 Justin Rose 14/1 $20 Francesco Molinari 20/1 $20 Jon Rahm 20/1 $20 Justin Thomas 20/1 $5 Ian Poulter 66/1 $5 Patrick Cantlay 66/1 $5 Rafa Cabrera Bello 80/1 $5 Bubba Watson 80/1
  7. They just showed Clarke taking a furious drag off a cig and had no negative commentary from the commentators. This is broadcast bliss!
  8. Hey, how about that. Our president just had an ad for his Trump Golf properties.
  9. We have La Croix or whatever. Is that better? I have some milk. Apple Juice. Maybe some pedialyte (sp)...