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  1. Who coaches Ohio State next year? It won't be Urban.
  2. Dude...I LOVE YOU!!!! Now help me make some money. Please? What are your picks today?
  3. teasing all the favorites tonight in crappy mid-tier football because WHY NOT! Over 49 Sea/GB. No KJ Wright for Seattle. I dunno. Maybe you can help us all be as rich as you? We are all a family here. Help us reach your great wealth. Please?
  4. Fortunately for all of us, we have a chosen poster amongst us who will be able to predict how this will all unfold in 10 years' time, using advanced mathematics, independent wealth and a crystal ball that works backwards.
  5. Tell you what, the thing this website has needed more than anything else is a poster who can accurately and consistently predict the past. I'm so glad you've finally arrived, NostraPastUs.
  6. General Malaise

    GM's Thread About Everything/GM's Thread About Nothing

    OMG, I've never felt so validated before!!!!
  7. General Malaise

    GM's Thread About Everything/GM's Thread About Nothing

    If you have a Costco there you can look for Evolution from Sokol Blosser which is a white blend and very solid for the $$. You can probably find it without a Costco. On the red side, a nice Pinot Noir would work well. Plenty from your buddy GM's neck of the woods that price between 15-25 that will pair perfectly with turkey.
  8. Right here! Eagerly awaiting your next post. I admire profound intelligence, especially from humble men of means willing to share their thoughts with the plebes.
  9. No, I'm fine right here, watching the delicate genius you are put on a show for us, Archimedes.
  10. Who said anything about money? This should be about winning. So again, why aren't you out there winning NBA games for a franchise? Don't walk, run to the nearest one and turn their fortunes around. Hell, I'll tell Neil Olshey to vacate this afternoon personally if you can get here by Sunday. Sound okay? Let's win one for the Rose City, Billy Beane!
  11. Oregon held a good Kansas team to 60. Keep going, Red Auerbach.
  12. Maybe you should apply for a GM job for a team? You've obviously the smartest person alive, so my question to you is this: Why haven't you been hired yet? What's keeping you unemployed by the NBA?
  13. Again....that conference had 2 of the 8 teams in the Elite 8 and 1 team in the Final Four. But keep repeating this and maybe it'll come true?