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  1. Plus, as a recruit, I'd like a free trip to Italy one day. Boy, this Willie Taggart sure is going along swimmingly....*nervous cough*
  2. Well, littering is a fineable offense, so considering all the outrage over the litter left behind, I'm sure we'll see follow-up stories of citations handed down for all the littering. Won't be hard to find the responsible parties since the protests were permitted.
  3. If it didn't matter at all then why is this thread 29 pages and growing? If it didn't matter at all, why did Trump's press secretary feel the need to lie about the numbers that attended the inauguration? If it didn't matter at all, why are you responding? The women I know who marched did vote. I don't think you are correct when you say a small fraction of these women bothered to vote. 3 million more people voted for Clinton than Trump. Yes, I agree with you, all that matters is the electoral votes. But perhaps some of these women who voted would like to change that? I'd like to change that. A movement has to start somewhere, so while again, I agree with you that Trump is our president for the next 4 years, it is possible that a movement is under foot right now to make sure 4 years is all he gets. And yes, if the women marching didn't vote at all, shame on them.
  4. People are saying.
  5. Soon, we won't be able to march at all.
  6. People are saying he slept with them first.
  7. What if when Craig James killed five hookers while at SMU they were actually Nazi hookers? Does that change the way we feel about Craig James killing five hookers while at SMU?
  8. There were marches all over the country. 1/6th of the population of Portland marched downtown. No reports of litter (you can look if you like). Sounds like the signs being left at Trump's motel was another part of the protest. If it helps with your continued problems with the march to call it litter like it does for you to call the women fat and ugly, then by all means, keep at it. But this rampant littering wasn't a problem in other cities where hundreds of thousands of people marched on Saturday.
  9. Depending on the sports tastes of your family, you could catch a Mariners game if they are in town. The team blows, but the stadium is awesome and I've never had a bad time at a Mariners game. Safeco is also downtown and easy enough to walk to if you're used to walking.
  10. You're not going to need a car at all. Downtown Seattle is very walkable (although hilly!) and you can do the usual tourist things that you've seen mentioned here. The one thing I have not done with my kids that I really want to do before they get too old and don't want anything to do with me is check out the Museum of Pop Culture.
  11. You and your 'alternative facts'.
  12. Except that it knocked a Nazi silly, so nothing typical about it.
  13. Packers should sign Matt Ryan as a RB in the off-season.