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  1. Barry Bonds is the best baseball player I have ever seen play. I might even argue he was the best hitter baseball has ever seen. I have no problem with the HOF keeping him out for cheating. Altuve has to live with his Scarlet Letter.
  2. He's always going to associated with a team that cheated no matter what his level of personal cheating was involved. He's tainted forever now, like it or not and his HOF candidacy should include it.
  3. Buzzer, no buzzer. Your team cheated to win and got caught. You sound like the husband who got busted having an affair but is loudly defending himself because he FOR SURE didn't do anal with his side piece. Astros cheated. The degree of cheating is irrelevant. You don't come across any better by proving you weren't using buzzers. Just stop.
  4. Yesterday was a good reminder as to why all these coaches have been fired multiple times or came out of lengthy retirements. The game has passed a lot of them by. Marc Trestman should be selling life insurance. Kevin Gillbride should be arguing with somebody at the "Returns" section of Home Depot. Jim Zorn should be helping his granddaughter file her first tax return.
  5. I was expecting to see a man with a laptop, binders, protractor, several books and a meal in front of him going off his visceral reaction to a girl reclining her reclinable seat but NOOOOOOO......this guy was watching a video on his little cell phone??? THAT was his inconvenience?
  6. St. Louis QB was solid last week and can actually run a good bit. He was at Ole Miss with AJ Brown, DK Metcalf and Dawson Knox and finished 2nd in the SEC is passing behind Tua. I think he as an opportunity to build on his performance last week. Dallas going with Landry Jones today. Should help improve their offense. Can't be any worse than Philip Nelson. LA might try Josh Johnson today but he's still hobbled. If he can't go, LA should get destroyed. They are missing two CBs today too.
  7. Yeah, I watched very little yesterday and what I did see was abysmal. Matt McGloin was playing like a guy who was cut by every team he ever tried out for in any sport. What. Was. THAT???? Dallas -5 and St. Louis +8
  8. Surprised the FFA doesn't have more former NBA players with so many very tall posters amongst the rank and file not to mention the dearth of MMA guys with so many of you dropping face punches or karate kicks to people who dare to recline their reclinable chairs.
  9. Winning teams get to split $100,000 so they are trying to win. Sound football decisions are being employed.
  10. Scooby Wright!!!! Man, that guy was a beast at Arizona. Great to see him. Picked the wrong week to take all the overs.
  11. Buzzer, no buzzer, doesn't matter. They cheated. But so does every other team so let's all just shut up and play ball.....
  12. I know when I order confetti and they ask me what colors, I always - and I mean ALWAYS - ask for beige or caucasian flesh if they have it in stock.