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  1. One of our partners who bought a chit ton of cobalt through us went and toured the Tesla Gigafactory outside of Reno. He was almost breathless with superlatives today describing the facility and its machinations. He said for anybody to short this stock would be a sure fire way to financial destruction. I got all this second hand and was interrupted by a call, but this isn't a guy prone to exaggeration ordinarily. Just passing along what I heard....
  2. I was a Dr. Pepper lover before giving up soda for good upon blossoming into an adult. Loved getting it out of a bottle. In college, the Amaco gas station and convenience store sold 16oz Dr. Pepper in bottles with a yellow cap and periodically, the yellow cap was some sort of game/lottery whatever where if you looked at the underside of the cap, it would tell you if you were a winner, or more accurately, a terrorist loser. One day, fate smiled on me and I won a free Dr. Pepper! I went to Amaco, exchanged the cap for a free Dr. Pepper, opened that one up and BAM!!!! Another freaking winner! Life has been pretty straight downhill since that magical day.
  3. I like Amstel Light. didn't know there was an XLight out there. This is exciting news.
  4. It's good. We've been working with a Swiss entity to create a new company called Cobalt 27. We're hoping it IPOs in June, pending the greenlight from Canadian regulators. In short, we've committed almost all of our physical cobalt to this company in exchange for shares. It will give us more liquidity and take away the need to pay for storage, security and insurance on the physical metal. The stock should trade in lock-step with the underlying commodity (cobalt) but there's a chance it trades a premium as the company looks to develop potential cobalt streams with producers in addition to royalties to producers who need cash infusions. WSJ is doing a piece on this which hopefully is out soon. I'll link it if I can, though I think the WSJ requires a subscription.
  6. WSJ sent a photographer to our little office today. Article should be out soonish. Pretty cool to be a tiny part of this.
  7. The battle royal between the two of them was the last time I tuned into CNBC. Our TV remains off unless a sporting event is on we want to watch.
  8. Bad deals like the Longhorn Network have hurt them financially. Texas football started sucking at the wrong time.
  9. Newport steak? Maybe triangle steak....possibly Santa Maria?
  10. I've been to Stanich's once a long time ago and was underwhelmed. Willing to go give it another try, however.