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  1. Jimmy Lake (former UW D Coordinator, current head coach) told the press how they do it a couple years ago....he essentially said that Mike Leach has been running the same offense for 5 years and doesn't really change anything up. So you can game plan for him, he's not adjusting anything, he just demands that his players execute to perfection. He'll be what he was at WSU and TTech.....he'll win some thrillers where he was an underdog and then he'll lose some real head scratchers. Regardless, it'll be fun for sure and I'm happy for the Bulldogs. That had to be thrilling for for their fans.
  2. And good for KJ Costello. I thought he was a stud at Stanford but was stuck in a boring offense that didn't let him sling it. Clearly, that's what he wanted to do and it shows! Costello had to see what Leach did for Minshew's career.
  3. If I said of Trump what you said of AOC I'd be booted out of here in a hurry. Not sure why you get a pass on AOC.
  4. Thought we were supposed to be 'more cool' in here. This isn't very cool.
  5. I'll get the money out to you all this week. Please make sure you let me know your PayPal address or if you prefer a fancy cheque, I can do that too.
  6. We camp quite a bit with the kids and with a big family, packing light is crucial. Your link didn't open to the tent, btw. My first piece of advice would be to check the tent stakes before you camp. Generally, the ones that come with the tents are flimsy and bend easily. You can get a set of good ones for a little extra money from a sportings good store (or Amazon) and they'll be well worth the extra few bucks spent. Trust me on this one! For mattress pads, something like this will serve you well. Takes up little space in your car, but they are essential if you're tent camping in a sleeping bag. We've got a propane fueled camping stove that's sleek and does well. We bought a new one this summer and love it. The sides help shield wind. But honestly, I can go with or without the camping stove because I really like using our cast iron skillets over an open fire. I've got a reversible flat cast iron grill/griddle that might be one of my most treasured possessions. Get one of these and you can master the dojo around a campfire. Bacon, pancakes, burgers, salmon, eggs, name it, this thing will cook to perfection over an open campfire (most campsites will have a fire pit with a heavy grill grate there - if not, you can always straddle this over rocks). The reversible thing is key because my wife is a vegetarian, so I can cook up hamburgers on one side, flip and cook her veggie burgers on the other (for instance). If you're not familiar with cast iron, read just a little on seasoning them, cleaning them and caring for them. As old @cosjobs will tell you, you can clean your cast iron by cooking up some bacon and then just wiping it down with a paper towel and he's really not kidding. If you like coffee in the morning, I suggest a French press for campers. We're coffee lovers, so making a nice pot of fresh coffee in the morning is key. One little camping hack that we do for this is to bring our tea kettle. Set that over your stove or campfire and you get boiling water in a hurry absent any sort of ash or debris landing in an open pot of water. Can also use this if you make kids hot chocolate. I've got a camping box of supplies with things like heavy duty oven mitts for the cast iron (they get hot!), metal tongs, spatula, lighters, paper towels, can/bottle/wine openers, first aid kid, eco friendly dish soap, sponge, hammer (for the tent stakes) extra batteries for flashlights/lanterns, camping utensils and cups....I've camped for well over 10 years and just sort of created a little box that's ready to go at the drop of a hat. Not unlike an emergency preparedness kit. You'll discover what you need and probably more importantly what you don't need the more you go. Make sure you have a good pocket knife - I've got a nice Swiss Army one that has a bunch of uses and I take it everywhere. The most important part - of course - is making good s'more sticks. Don't be a wimpy dad and buy the metal s'more rods. No, go out with your kids, find a good stick and then whittle it with them for the nightly s'mores and you WILL make these, right, you're not a psycho? When my wife and I got married 10 years ago, we had one of our registries at REI and that was perfect for us. Somebody bought us a pair of their camping chairs and they are not only comfortable, but incredibly durable. You don't have to spend a ton of money on good camping chairs, but you get what you pay for with these and to me, there is NOTHING better than sitting out under the stars by a fire with an adult beverage resting comfortably in my camping chair drink holder. Last suggestion: Get a camping hammock. We have one like this and it's the best. Find a couple of trees, rig this thing up and enjoy your time outdoors in comfort. Takes up NO room in the car, either. Great $25 purchase.
  7. Big day for the state of Mississippi.....Lane Kiffin and Mike Leach making their coaching debuts. Love/hate 'em, those two are definitely interesting. I could listen to Leach ramble on for hours.
  8. 7 million shares in the float and SPI trades 313 MM today alone. Because of course.
  9. Maybe old Dad should go with him? Oxford is a wonderful place to be this time of year.
  10. Because she's one of the victims that is accusing Epstein of raping her when she was underage. Didn't know she was 22 here. My bad. Honestly man, I don't know. This whole thing just makes me sick. These guys with money and power could do good things, could do RIGHT things and instead, they abused their power and *SOME OF THEM* took advantage of underage girls. It just.......irks me. I think having a daughter now has changed me in a lot of ways. I don't know if that makes any sense, but I'm definitely a different person than I was 8 years ago before I had a girl.