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  1. Including the Craig Krenzel era?
  2. lot more money in oil and gas than timber and tennis shoes... Plus the city of Houston's population is 2/3 the size of the state of Oregon. But, Houston doesn't have an Uncle Phil. May he live another 80 years.
  3. That's what she said....
  4. Both schools are tragic academically which plays a small role in realignment I think. Both were essentially JuCos at one time.
  5. He's got a very favorable buyout clause from what I heard. He wasn't Swan's guy. If USC wants to make a move, money won't be an obstacle. Private school with more money than Trump.
  6. IMHO, they should move the Cotton Bowl to Jerryworld and play it at night. One of the oldest and best rivalries of all time deserves better than early morning at Fair Park, which - when I lived in Dallas - was 8-Mile Detroit bad. Plus, let your drunk fans nurse their hangovers for crying out loud. That Friday night it like Mardi Gras for West End Dallas......or was when I was there. Cotton Bowl sucked and was outdated 40 years ago.
  7. Great Van Halen song!
  8. You think those guys ever do eat-off vids or meet up with internet friends to watch political debates? Being a surgeon sounds more tedious than fantasy football waivers.
  9. Both were enjoyable to this 5th grader. Couldn't wait to shotgun a beer. A few years later, I was able to try it and didn't consider the ramifications of laundry smelling like beer at the age of 14. Going down memory lane with you guys gives me comfort to remember I've always been an idiot.
  10. Not if they're hot.
  11. I tried this Sat. to listen to the Ducks and couldn't get it to work for me. I blame the great satan that is Pac-12 Network. I even went to website of the sports talk radio station that airs the game over AM/FM radio and when I streamed it, it wasn't the game. Ultimately, I had to go get my daughter's clock radio she uses for CDs and tune it to AM. That said, chances are very good this was a me problem.
  12. One of my favorite childhood movies - Better Off Dead.
  13. That's true. Just figured with that much talent already rostered, maybe bring in a seasoned hand that can coach 'em up. Also, the Bills are meeting with Coughlin currently.
  14. I tried to sell some CDs once and was offered a dollar. I acted insulted and said "there's no f'n way I'm selling you these for a dollar a piece." He laughed and said "No, I'm offering you a dollar for all of them". Can't remember how many there were. I left in a huff, went around the block, came back and took the dollar.
  15. How humiliating would it be to try and donate your cassette collection to a prison and have them say "nah man, that's alright". Pretty sure they'd pass at some of my offerings.