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  1. Well, I don't need to do the whole yard. Maybe you can assist. We had moles over a year ago that started digging up the new backyard we put in. When they did that, they would churn all the fill dirt/crap dirt from the bottom and it settled on the top creating some really hard, bare spots. I want to churn those spots up, add in good soil, seed and then cover with peat moss. I was thinking that aeration tool would be pretty good, but maybe not?
  2. This. Where is the horse racing option?
  3. Thanks Commish!
  4. Do you guys use peat moss to cover areas you are trying to repair?
  5. Can I ask a dumb question? Is there a way to aerate without renting the machine from HD? Is there like an inexpensive tool or something I can buy?
  6. Sure like the redhead in the car commercial that runs every hockey break in action.
  7. John Fogerty has done it a few times. 1974 Self Titled album 1985 Centerfield 1997 Blue Moon Swamp 2004 Deja Vu All Over Again
  8. 2 people here voted for Edmonton to win it all. I'm one of them. Enjoyed watching them play late night against the Sharts.
  9. On a side note, if anybody is looking to adopt a reasonably health, very white, fully grown middle aged man, send me a PM.
  10. Yes, like all bands that emerged from the late 60s/early 70s, they could be thrown into the category of 'hippie band', if that's your designation for men with long hair playing the hell out of some rock & roll. There is literally no way you've made it this far in life without having heard an Allman Brothers song. Background music in a bar, classic rock in your car stereo, MTV for their 80s hit I'm No Angel.....Hell, I've heard the band that plays halftime at the Moshofsky Center play the Allman Brothers on numerous occasions.
  11. Which is ####### garbage. Absolute total BS. He was the headline at Blues Fest here in 2014 (got sick and had to cancel) and came back to headline 2015. It's a four day concert in the middle of downtown with attendance cracking 100,000 total. The classic rock stations here play Allman Brothers all the damn time. One of the greatest jam bands in the history of rock and roll, I find it nearly impossible to have attended school at the epicenter of jam band nation and not heard an Allman Brothers song.