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  1. I think the only people who would agree with your wife here would be some of our wives.
  2. Here, have a picture of our commander and chief playing tennis.
  3. Oh, I love some more than others.
  4. I don't understand...the woman filming just wants to get her food and eat her dinner. Here's an idea - PARK YOUR CAR AND GO INSIDE!!!!! Just when I think we've reached the bottom as a society, something like this crosses my way and I realize our pit of stupidity is bottomless.
  5. A little and it probably took a few years off my life. I spent all of 2015 with what felt like a hot boat anchor inside the pit of my stomach. My mom had to have one of those electric chair lifts installed in their house so she can get up and down the stairs. She's literally wasting away. Has lost a ton of weight and can't get around much anymore. What really sucks is that her mind is incredibly lucid and sharp, so she is very depressed and hates that this is happening. Somebody make a poop joke.
  6. Sorry about all that, Red. I cannot imagine the amount of stress this is causing you.
  7. Heat wave hit our fair city hard over the weekend and to keep the brood cool, we filled up plastic pools in the back yard and splashed around both days. My twin boys absolutely refuse to keep their swimsuits on, preferring the au natural look. My daughter thinks this is hilarious, so they know by running around nude they can make her laugh. Well, yesterday, she was looking at their junk, paused and asked my wife and I if "weenises" (her word) had little brains inside of them. And I didn't know how to answer that. I still don't, honestly. Feel like I owe her an answer, so please advice. Thanks you.
  9. God, I'm going to get tarred and feathered once this stock goes #### up.
  10. I have never heard this term before today. I feel like this thread is all about learning today.
  11. Seems like such a waste of good nuts.