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  1. I think we can all agree that what current network TV is sorely lacking is a drama centered around a hospital.
  2. That's rather insulting. Thought we were supposed to pay our respects to our military?
  3. Every $0.25 move in this thing is $1MM USD to our P&L. We are lousy with this one. That BKD tho.....
  4. Just looked up Rotten Tomatoes to see where Sideways rates. Figured with all the hatred that movie elicits in here it must be a rather pedestrian score over there. Nope, 96% so those of us that love the movie are right and those of you who hate it might have another Spiderman movie coming out that's for you.
  5. Thanks for posting this.
  6. So long as I'm in before MOP, I'll be fine.
  7. She's got more moles on her arm than Old McDonald has on his farm.
  8. If Taylor Swift mated with Ziggy Stardust. Charlie's Angel's reject circa 1976. Derp!
  9. If you can't figure out how to insert links to pictures of woman that you find attractive then you shouldn't be starting threads about their great pulchritude. It's been a cardinal sin here since the beginning.
  11. Called to cancel this weekend and was told that I've been paying for a 4th TV for 2 years, which is weird since I don't have a 4th TV. Supposedly getting a gift card for $250 for paying for something I wasn't getting. Gal was very nice. Then all week long I was getting calls from a TEN area code. Figured it was either @Joe Bryant calling to finally make me a part of his staff or DirecTV calling to win me back. Finally answered and the guy from DTV offered me all sorts of crap but at the end of the day, I can't watch the Blazers with DTV nor the Ducks when they play on Pac12 network, so to hell with them. Comcast bundle was a much better deal for us plus I can now watch my sports teams. DTV is officially dead to me.
  12. Steady diet of carrots and oats.
  13. Also, isn't there a penalty under the new terms for starting a thread about a woman's looks and not including a picture? I'd say that's at least a week long TO.