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  1. ALways was partial to Minnesota's tandem of Marion Barber III and Laurence Maroney. Maroney would just glide in the open field. Reggie Bush/Lindale White pretty good. Marshawn Lynch/Justin Forsett not bad
  2. Oh yeah....forgot about that.
  3. Yeah, had to turn on the A/C. Next couple weeks is our comeuppance.
  4. There are no plus sized super models. The hell you think the "super" stands for?
  5. Does this lawyer also tape house keys to his front door? I just might know him.
  6. The good thing about message board dork wars is a record of events. Bueno, here was my original question. I asked where we are going to get these materials. You answered it by saying, and I'm paraphrasing:. "Well we CAN get them all right here. We don't, but we can if we want too". Bueno, you CAN sleep with a super model. It's physically possible. But it will never ever happen. Sure, we CAN mine more supply, but not enough to meet our growing needs. If you think we can mine enough cobalt out of Formation to meet Elon Musk's production targets, you're out of you mind crazy. If you think we can take 57 million pounds of uranium out of our ground annually to meet our reactor needs, you're alone in that belief.
  7. US purchased 57 Million pounds of uranium in 2015. 6% of that came out of US ground. We would need to increase production at a staggering rate to meet our demand. #Facts
  8. No no....I asked you specifically "how much cobalt came out of the ground in Idaho". Don't try to spin my words to make yourself look less foolish. And they are done with the permitting process. Surprised a guy who consulted with them doesn't know that. There's a YouTube video just released where there CEO said they have all the permits they need. And yet, zero production.
  9. I think I'd like to come to your house for dinner sometime.
  10. It's only a BS question because you got caught looking stupid. I know Formation. I own it. A handful of FBGs do as well. It produces nothing. When our company toured the grounds over TEN years ago, they talked about feasibility studies, releasing drill results and entering production. That's their same company line today. Having material in the ground and producing enough processed material to suit our growing needs are two entirely different animals and frankly, for a guy who professes to know as much about the mining industry as you do, you look silly here. What about uranium? You dodged that question too. Do we produce enough here to satisfy our demand? No. And you know this, which is why you didn't answer.
  11. Says the guy who has spewed his hatred for Obama on a constant basis for years here.
  12. You didn't answer my first question. How much cobalt came out of the ground in Idaho last year.
  13. How much cobalt came out of Idaho last year? Then tell me the amount of lithium needed to satisfy Tesla's promise to build and deliver 400,000 new vehicles to customers who have put a deposit down already. Can Nevada meet that demand? You dodged the uranium question entirely because you know what I know. We can't produce enough material domestically to meet our demand. You want to continue this, I'm happy to do so. But I know that you know what I know about US dependence on foreign nations for raw material. Kind of silly of you to try and debate it, honestly.