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  1. I'm done making general observations. I blame Trump and his vile rheteroic for galvanizing lunatics to take action. Watch. This won't be an isolated incident.
  2. Exactly. We have jumped off the tracks of democracy and are witnessing the emergence of a fascist regime. Read your history. This is happening.
  3. No. I don't think the man shot in Kansas was illegal. Was he?
  4. Hitler had the Jews, Trump has the immigrants. The press is being silenced, propaganda has replaced news, we are being lied to boldly by the administration and nationalism is back in a real ugly color. When Mussolini was in power, corporations reaped the benefits and we're given a position of power. Seem familiar? This is happening.
  5. This is deveststing and I'm terrified we are going to see more of this. Of all the fears I have under this fascist regime, the murder and harm to innocent civilians here at the hands of emboldened racists scares me the most. Jews getting death threats, Jewish cemeteries being vandalized, shouting at strangers on airplanes and now killing people who are brown....Thanks Trump.
  6. Seems mean, Jackoff Henderson.
  7. Cancels nothing, ShadOLD Stephens.
  8. Let us all agree, on this day of our Lord, February 24, 2017, that the song "I CAN MAKE YOUR HANDS CLAP" is an abomination that needs to die by fire, AIDS and sneks. Can I get a motion to approve?
  9. Let's tap the brakes on 'incredible' here. This album doesn't even crack my top 1,000.
  10. I know, it's not a truth we want to accept for our program, but the reality is, if you want to be competitive, you have to play the game. Oregon was very lucky more didn't come out with the Willie Lyles' scandal. They were able to damage control that one and don't think for a second it doesn't have anything to do with Uncle Phil. Uncle Phil is of great importance to many many colleges, not just Oregon. But you better damn well be careful how you treat his baby.
  11. What a loser. Why do we pay this guy a lick of attention again?
  12. Was just talking about this....private prison stocks are up 100% since Dump got elected.
  13. See, I feel the same way about steroids in sports. I think it is still way way way underreported. My little fraternity brother and close friend pitched for a DIII school. He used steroids. He said all the guys on the team would experiment with them. Not ONE of these guys had a future in sports and yet, here they were, dosing up on juice to play DIII baseball.
  14. Payton Pritchard signed with the Ducks to play hoops. Next day he was driving around in a new Jeep. They don't even try to hide it, man.
  15. Sorry for your loss. Your mom sounds like an amazing woman and I have no doubt that she would have told you to do what you did.