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  1. Matt Flynn Jamarcuss Russell Zach Mettinberger Matt Mauk
  2. Didn't OSU also have 4 home games vs 1 road game to start the season?
  3. Archer? The cartoon?
  4. Dramond Green attempted to crane kick Allen Crabbe last night. Cool guy.
  5. Also taking a shot on Willie Taggart's South Florida -7 tonight. I really like that guy. He ends his interviews with "Have a nice day, if you want to." I like that. Well Willie, I will have a good day if you cover the 7.
  6. Actually quite enjoying Netflix these days. Last Chance U was better than Hard Knocks x 100.
  7. Now this is an interesting idea. I'm making a batch tonight for a potluck Sunday. I might just grab a small can of these and add a little of the sauce to the rehydrated peppers.
  8. Jesus, where do you guys work, Dunder Mifflin?
  9. I like that, but Oregon is notoriously vague when discussing injuries. He's had enough time to rest, but one thing this team does not lack and that's depth at RB.
  10. Webb sprained an ankle against OSU. He should be fine, but just keep it in mind. Also not sure on the status of Chad Hansen, his top target. Also dealing with an ankle injury.
  11. Phone + Bluetooth speakers. I'm enjoying Pandora's Thumbprint Radio right now, which I'm not paying for, so I deal with the ads. I have a bunch of music stored on my phone too and use that with headphones when I'm out of wifi range.
  12. If you have read anything by me in the College Football thread (and really, why would you unless you enjoy visual diahreah (sp?)) you'll know I've been very bearish on the Ducks this year. I thought coming in this was going to be a down year, but I had no idea it was going to be THIS down. All that said, I think they rally for a win tonight. I should have pounced when the line was +3. Now it's +1. FM. Oregon +1 for a few dollars.
  13. Total is 88.5 tonight for Oregon/Cal. And I'm considering the OVER.