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  1. The meshing is a little finer than those horrible football/sports jerseys we had to wear in the 80s. Pretty common to see those bags around storm drains here. Can be a nuisance too - bikers hate them when they are on bike lanes...
  2. Yikes, sorry! I edited. No link. Just think of know....a mesh bag with bark chips in them.
  3. I hear you and I want to agree with you, but the number of instances where police DID NOT follow protocol or procedure is why our cities are being turned upside down. There are two sides about what happened last night. Considering we are in the midst of chaos because of police not following procedures, I am choosing to believe the reporter from the Washington Post who was there and did not hear 3 verbal warnings before tear gas was unleashed. Also, this: So Trump's team basically kicked the clergy out of their own church to get the photo op. Nice. But yeah, sure, I'm guessing they followed procedures and protocol all evening long.
  4. A lot of our neighbors have placed mesh bags with bark chips in them to place around the storm drains. These help with debris that float down from heavy rainfall in the area. The water seeps through the bags while the rocks and mulch gets contained. I know this dude is a giant ballsack but maybe it might help to speak to him on a dry day, over a beer and implore him to park some of these around the drain so in the future, it will help with the current plight you ALL find yourselves in? I've found that being sickeningly sweet to cantankerous homeowners is generally a successful strategy. They don't know how to react to somebody being so kind in an otherwise tense situation.
  5. Not following standard protocol by the police is why we're here.
  6. A reporter for the Washington Post was there. She heard no warnings. You were not there. You said warnings were given thrice. I'm going to believe the reporter who was there. Sorry, not sorry.
  7. I am told that here CONSTANTLY.
  8. She's a reporter for the Washington Post.....
  9. How did I get personal? No insults were given. I was stating a fact.
  10. I don't think common sense means what you think it means.
  11. No, his misunderstanding posts. This is all just bizarre.
  12. Correct how? There's an eye witness that said there were no warnings. You - who weren't there - are saying there were? How is that possible?
  13. I don't understand. This was posted: Rebecca Tan @rebtanhs Want to clarify something: The @WhiteHouse said protestors were given three verbal warnings before they released tear gas. I was standing at the metal barriers with rows of other protestors behind me and did not hear a single warning. Which Noonan took to mean entirely different than what it reads. And is still digging the hole he finds himself in. This is just factual.
  14. I'm never moving ever again. I'm never remodeling an old house ever again.