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  1. Meanwhile, his supporters here are upset over the use of nicknames. What a time to be alive.
  2. No thanks. I'm busy screaming at the announcers for offending us all by the nickname "Gronk". LET'S GO NO NICKNAMES FOR NOW!!!!
  3. Nickames?
  4. Slump does.
  5. Knowledge Dropper got axed after violating the terms of service and popped back in immediately under this alias. He mad.
  6. Before their bowl game? Man, that's cold. Oh, wait..... Rumor is the school had a hologram of Chip Kelley on campus at 9am this morning.
  7. Wasn't Naperville one of the town's that got scammed into a monorail in the Simpsons?
  8. Ok, and the other three programs he turned around overnight? Look at his record, troll. It's otherworldly. Stanford was the Vanderbilt of the Pac10 before Harbaugh got there. He made them relevant. Those are just the facts.
  9. OMG, Jake Browning just got destroyed trying to convert 4th and long...tried to run for it, lept in the air and got pulverized into a helicopter pattern. Why can't a school like Washington find a guy who can kick a field goal inside of 30 yards? So bizarre.
  10. Royce Freeman will leave Oregon in rare company among all time leading rushers in NCAA history. Quietly one of the all-time greats.
  11. Don't forget the gunslinger from Wyoming who hung 7 on mighty Fresno in Larimie tonight. Pass on Baker Mayfield at your own risk.
  12. Why oh why do they make them wear pantyhose? Egregious. Hooters too....let those legs shine!
  13. He turned 4 moribund programs around overnight. His college record is 86-36 and NFL 44-19. He's one of the greatest head coaches in the game. Trolls gonna troll.