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  1. Send the manuscript over to Homer for editing.
  2. Not a chance he makes it to October.
  3. Excellent, Cappy.
  4. I actually believe this happened. I'll ask him about this if you ask him about our attempted trip to Montreal after two decent days of track action. @Jefferson the Caregiver
  5. So who we taking in the Travers
  6. Not to diminish your hot take here, but isn't it remotely possible to obtain some butthurt from anything other than anal stabbing? For instance, let's say you forgot to apply your Gold Bond Medicated Powder and went for a jog in the summer, picking up a little chafing. Believe you me, that's some butt hurting right there. Or, let's say you were a little over-served at a bar and you fell off your bar stool right onto your keister. That might cause you a little butt hurting.
  7. Sent HF an email, so maybe that will reach him and we can get an update.
  8. Kolache? Oh, you mean a pig in a blanket.
  9. I did feel REALLY old when I told Big Jackson I saw the Violent Femmes in 1991.
  10. Had our first soccer practice yesterday. Been coaching most of these kids since they were in 1st/2nd grade. They're growing up fast, now in 8th grade and getting big. And some of them are getting pretty cool, too. One of my favorite kids - Big Jackson - showed up yesterday in a Violent Femmes t-shirt. So I stopped him and said "Okay, okay...c'mon man, there's no way you know who they are. That's my generation." He said "Coach, they're my favorite band, I saw them in concert recently". Dubious, I pressed and asked for his favorite two songs and without missing a beat, he said "Add It Up" and my favorite "Gone Daddy Gone". Later, during a water break I was asking each of them what their favorite part of the summer was and another kid who goes to a art magnet school said his favorite part of the summer was going to a Modest Mouse concert. Again, dubious, I asked what his favorite song was, thinking for sure he's say "Float On" or something ubiquitous, he thinks about it and says "Stars are Projectors" (side note: not a HUGE MM fan, so maybe this one is more common, I'd never heard of it). Anyhow, I think the kids are gonna be alright.
  11. I don't know. I do know Big Bottom and Ham have done it with aplomb. I don't know that I would be able to do that with the same dignity and grace. I found out through FB before finding out here and on his FB feed from a little while back is his son proudly holding Riley with a smile. I'm glad I was in the office alone because I lost it. I'm about to lose it again now.
  12. Cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through. I'm so so sorry buddy.
  13. Went there in 2007 with Jefferson The Caregiver. Did a VIP seating on a Friday and helped a few really good looking sorority girls handicap races. Such an awesome day. Then on Saturday we sat outside in the woods and there was a chili cook off going on. Normally crowds at horse tracks can be a little on the low rent side; not the case here. Felt like we were hanging around people who were vacationing in the Hamptons. Great vibe, so much fun. Been to a lot of sporting events in my life, including a Rose Bowl and a NCAA Championship Game. Saratoga tops all for me and one day I hope to go back.