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  1. My vocabulary is extraordinary; it's my spelling that is atrocious.
  2. I'm not joking, I told my wife the other night that this rainy winter has me seriously thinking about selling what I've got now and buying a huge ranch style house with land down there. I'd have money left over too. Ridiculously cheap. My sister in law is doing a girls trip to Waco (said nobody, ever until this show's success) and they are going to meet some of the crew from this show. My buddy went to Baylor in the 90s and says this show has rebuilt the city with tourism dollars. Crazy. Waco was a dump when I lived in Texas.
  3. I mean, it's not Santa Barbara or Austin, but I went to a game there back in 2008 and I was pleased with the coed crop. Now part of that is being an untappable old ugly, but I know pulchritude when I see it and I saw it that day. Also, I used to audit a tractor dealership in Spokane in the 90's and the local gals weren't nearly as bad as some other cities. I'm looking right at you, Tacoma.
  4. Yeah, I grew up in Texas. The fake blonde, really tan, dark eyebrows has been a staple there for years with the trophy wives of Dallas. It's not a bad look, but I prefer the more natural beauties these days. I kind of enjoy what this chick has going on. Not nearly as hot as Christina, but I admire the real beauty and think she'd be way less of a pain in the butt.
  5. Don't sleep on the Gonzaga coeds/cheer team. Spokane is a sneaky good spot for decent, in shape chicks.
  6. Who the hell wears this much make-up in a bathing suit? She's hot, but I'd like to see her without 15 pounds of make-up. What's she hiding?
  7. Yeah, I found that out the hard way. It sucks. Not only that, but they don't allow re-entry between the games (at least they didn't allow me re-entry, they might a member of our esteemed armed services). Really needs to change.
  8. Gigantic dildo of a man. Did you guys see the ice cold handshake he gave St. Mary's Randy Bennett? Bennett is one of the nicest guys in the world - met him several times and the fact that remembered my stupid asssss by name meant something. He shook hands with Miller like Miller was diseased. That's telling.
  9. Exactly? That's my stupid comment? Agreeing somebody with the word "exactly". Good lord. FLYING MY MOUTH OFF!!!!
  10. I never did quite get your inbound play figured out.
  11. Buddy....I am not allowed to post in your Trump thread. Wanna tell me why exactly? I got reported several times and was told to leave it alone. And guess what? I did. Bunch of little sensitive sallies in there.
  12. So our roller derby event meant nothing to you???
  13. That isn't even remotely true.