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  1. Rite Aid does have a fabulous selection of vodkas.... Sorry Red. That sucks. I don't know what to even say here.
  2. Donny, you're outta your element. Argue away in futility with others over any number of things, but I will embarrass you if you attempt to engage in discussion about uranium, especially if you continue to believe in this nonsense.
  3. 10% penalty to the IRS + a penalty to your state if it charges income tax AND you'll need to count it as ordinary income. Avoid early withdrawal at all costs.
  4. God, what a great band. Been on Spotify with 'em since 1pm. His voice reminds me a little of the lead singer of Hoodo Gurus, though the music and meaning is far more significant. What a treasure lost.
  5. Always meant to revisit this band. Loved "New Orleans is Sinking" and always always meant to seek out more and never did. Doing so now. Just got done with "Fifty Mission Cap" and on to "Courage." Sounds like I missed a great band, but I will rectify that today and beyond.
  6. It hit $70 moments before a giant earthquake caused a tsunami to wipe out Fukushima. But even when this deal was struck, uranium prices had collapsed to $45 and there was no shortage of material as investors dumped material into the stock market during the 2008 financial holocaust. But this deal was never really about Russia trying to take a large stake in US production, which again is de minimis. It was about gaining more production in Kazakhstan, which is the world's largest producer of uranium and a large reason why prices have died. They raced so hard and so fast to be the world's leading producer that they forgot a critical component of financial success - selling material at an attractive price. They produced so much so fast that they authored their own demise and were forced to sell at losses just to keep people employed and paid. It is going to take a long time for uranium prices to recover. There is STILL way too much above ground supply looking for a home. Japan not only cancelled contracts on their material but have sold material that they can't use. Over saturation, much to the delight of the Chinese who have been sitting back and hitting distressed bids to feed their nuclear renaissance. Unlike most metals, China is dependant upon imports for uranium. This has been a perfect storm for them.
  7. Uranium as a commodity is so downtrodden that it's asinine to be using it as a political football. And yet, here we are.
  8. I've been saying this very thing for years on this board. It's astounding how incredibly wrong the vocal right is and has been over this transaction. Do you know how much uranium was produced by Uranium One's Willow Creek last year? 23 tonnes. Out of 1126 tonnes produced in the US in 2016. That's 2% of the production number. The world produced 62,012 tonnes last year. So Uranium One's US production was all of 0.04% of global output in 2016. BUT GM!!! HILLARY CLINTON GAVE 20% OF THE US URANIUM AWAY TO RUSSIA!!!!!! Oh, really? I've shown my math. Show me yours.
  9. It's so silly. US produces a TINY amount of global uranium supply annually. It consumes more than any other country, however, as our appetite for electricity is massive. We are forced to rely on other countries for uranium supply. In fact, a HUGE component of our uranium supply over the years was russian material in the Megatons to Megawatts Program, which ended in 2013. Russia and the US have been dance partners in the uranium markets for a long long time. The silliest thing of all is that Uranium One was a CANADIAN COMPANY. I love the so-called laissez-faire republicans suddenly shouting from the rooftops that Hillary had a moral obligation to obstruct the sale of a CANADIAN company to a Russian entity, a deal that had way more to do with gaining control of Kazakh supply than the miniscule amount of production coming from Wyoming. The fundamental inability to understand this transaction is mind boggling to me, yet, here we are. STILL.
  10. Where are you guys getting that there is a ban on exporting domestically produced uranium from the US? The US produces a tiny amount of global uranium, but this is a commodity that is down in the dumps post Fukushima. There is a glut of above ground material. You can get all you want in the spot market for $20/Lb, which is where it was in 2004 before it went up in a parabola pattern on a price chart to $136 in 2007. But the US is not restricted from selling uranium to other countries. Where is this coming from?
  11. That and the way she saunters back into the house.....I'd kind of like to go in there with her.
  12. How about the Arizona Cardinals fan in that Hyundai commercial whose husband keeps taking her fence? She has wide hips, a large bottom and a horsey face. But there's something about her that piques my interest.
  13. Shut up, Shuke. He edited his post to include the link after my post. Suck it.