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  1. Say he has a decent week 1 and Montgomery is gimpy the whole year. Then what? Cohen is too small and Patterson still learning the ropes. He had a better combine than Montgomery. ive seen stranger things happen
  2. Update Football Team. add McKissic in the mix. Seems like Gibson is the guy. Beat writers down on Love Gibson McKissic Barber Love
  3. Definitely a situation to monitor this Saturday. Some are projecting Nall to make the team over Pierce. so stay tuned
  4. Anyone have any news from Chicago? I can’t find anything who is practicing with the 1’s. is it Cohen, Patterson or Nall. im really intrigued with Patterson as he listed as WR in ESPN. Plus he has been getting praise in camp. I was down on Montgomery before and now he has a non contact groin injury. patterson is the definition of lottery ticket
  5. Tannehill didn’t take over until week 7. Decent QB play made all the difference in Henry’s stats. I don’t think they will be as efficient as last year. I do like CEH but to argue Henry wasn’t a top 10 RB the first 10 weeks is a weak one
  6. How can you even say that when exhibition games recently started?
  7. I’m going to say 0% right now until they present a plan. We are about 2 months away from regular season and they don’t have anything figured out yet. people are talking about there’s so much money the NFL can lose but the NBA hasn’t even resumed. It will be interesting to see how baseball does it At the end of this month and if they have success.
  8. This right here. I feel like Hills talent would be wasted on many other teams. Reid is the biggest factor
  9. Fournette DNP so possibly Armstead
  10. DeSean Jackson if he’s on the wire. Josh Gordon might make a reappearance if he’s out there.
  11. It’s weird. They haven’t promoted anyone or signed anyone for depth...yet. I wasn’t impressed with Gallman as a rookie when he had the opportunity. I’m keeping an eye on this for sure