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  1. Fournette DNP so possibly Armstead
  2. DeSean Jackson if he’s on the wire. Josh Gordon might make a reappearance if he’s out there.
  3. It’s weird. They haven’t promoted anyone or signed anyone for depth...yet. I wasn’t impressed with Gallman as a rookie when he had the opportunity. I’m keeping an eye on this for sure
  4. I can see where he thinks sitting out for a deal is better because paying fines would be worth it if he gets some guaranteed money with a new contract. Bell got $25m. he’s hoping for the same or more. He forgot that he’s negotiating with the Chargers though
  5. Love the idea. Only thing I’d change is draft nothing but RBs. Just a full roster of RBs
  6. Lynch and Collins didn’t even sniff 100yds. Only Kareem Hunt ran for 119 against them. Yet they are a turnstile run D all of a sudden because Crowell ran hard on them?
  7. Freeman. Terrible points when he plays. Hurt most of the year. Can’t start him. Can’t trade him. Can’t drop him
  8. What RBs have run for over 200 yds so far this year?
  9. In the event Marshawn were to go down, does he pick up some slack in the run game? Or do people see Doug taking over the Marshawn role?
  10. Guy has 77 carries in his career. Since 2013.
  11. Anyone else think they should’ve went for it on 4th & 1 last night to seal the deal? IMO he coaches scared. He had to have known his kicker was hurt last week. Go for the freaking 2 point!!! Subpar coaching and lucked into Tyrod getting hurt and Mayfield willing their first win. He should be fired for starting Tyrod. How could they go through a whole offseason and preseason and determine that Tyrod was the better QB? Browns could be 3-0 right now.