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  1. Housing is inexpensive, yea they have no basements. Several reason for that is that when it rains, it comes down in buckets and you would soon find your basements flooded. There is land, though. Huge lots. 3 and 4 car garages everywhere. Frisco is a straight shot down 121 to DFW, Most developments are new so, there isn't yet a lot of tree cover. Easy to get around with the121 and the Dallas North Thruway.they are tollways but the tolls are reasonable. COL is inexpensive, Lots of recreation area.
  2. Nuthuggers never give up.
  3. Tiger's got to hurry and have his back shatter or he will post a terrible score and miss the cut,
  4. Bump for those that forgot what the OP meant. Fin is still a god. CASE CLOSED FOLKS He didn't just win a championship. He won 5 in a year and was the best golfer in the world. Nuthugger.
  5. Otis actually did concede .... I was just cracking wise with the Oats comment really. I didn't realize he did. The last 3 pages have been about Rory, Dustin Johnson, Montie, and an iFight. Might as well just rename this to the Official PGA Tour thread at this rate. Well, we could, except for this: Footballguy Members14,667 postsJoined 27-August 06Gender:MaleLocation:TangiersPosted 07 May 2009 - 02:39 PM He's done. He'll be competitive but he lost the fear factor. Looks like The Gold Bear might be out of the woods. Edited by Finless, 14 August 2009 - 03:53 PM.
  6. Not even competitive. You were half rightNo, he was completely right. I would say tied for 4th at the 2010 Masters and 2010 US Open was competitive. He tied for 4th at the 2011 Masters. That's competitive. Won the Memorial and AT and T National in 2012. Won 3 times before the Masters in 2013 and got back to the #1 ranking. That's competitive. But this year, he's not competitive.
  7. You're very probably right. Nobody doubts Tiger's toughness, particularly when he won the 2008 US Open essentially playing with an amputated leg. He handles success very well and has proved his toughness. On the other hand, he does not handle failure very well. From what I understand, he has never won a major coming from behind (I could be wrong about that). His loss of control when he hits a bad shot, and his claiming injury when he is doing poorly has raised the suspicion that he has thrown in the towel. Nobody can really tell, because who knows what another person's pain is like? But it is sad to see.
  8. Phil was hot today, shooting a 62. He may be in the running for a spot. Pretty sure it was lift, clean and replace rules while he was out there today Yes. Apparently, though, the rule applied to everybody, not just to Phil.
  9. Phil was hot today, shooting a 62. He may be in the running for a spot.
  10. You could see the hangnail coming 3 or 4 holes ago.
  11. It's obviously the cameraman's fault he's not leading the tournament by 8 strokes.
  12. Agreed. Although Westie and Sergio are making a good run at it.BPTNWAM used to be used affectionately; it was a way to recognize underrated players. It devolved into a pejorative. I've read many times it's a modern, media driven term. I think the first players I heard used extensively were Weiskopf and Kite; thankfully they both broke their yoke eventually. Mickelson had the tag for a while. 13 years after he won his first tournament, he'd won 22 tournaments and finished in the top 10 at the majors 17 times. But no majors until the 2004 Masters.
  13. Somewhat long, but detailed article on where the search stands toady: http://online.wsj.com/articles/worlds-deep-sea-explorers-angle-to-solve-the-mystery-of-the-missing-malaysian-airliner-1406833389?mod=trending_now_1
  14. Two under isnt his best round. Wasn't it 3 under after the first round of the Open?? Let's see, should we bring up the brass band because he shot is best round in 7 rounds? Particularly on a course which suits him to a T? If he shoots the same score or better tomorrow, it will be time to sit up and take notice.
  15. Since apparently some of you don't understand this issue, let's make it clear. If Walgreen's does this, it will pay the same tax on their US profits as before. However, on the profits they generate by sales overseas, they will pay a much lower tax rate. If the US wants to have a higher tax rate on profits generated overseas, then it must understand that some corporations will choose to move legally so as to enjoy a lower tax rate. When an individual retires in New Jersey and moves to Florida, it isn't only because of the weather. The 0% income tax in Florida also plays a part.