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  1. Housing is inexpensive, yea they have no basements. Several reason for that is that when it rains, it comes down in buckets and you would soon find your basements flooded. There is land, though. Huge lots. 3 and 4 car garages everywhere. Frisco is a straight shot down 121 to DFW, Most developments are new so, there isn't yet a lot of tree cover. Easy to get around with the121 and the Dallas North Thruway.they are tollways but the tolls are reasonable. COL is inexpensive, Lots of recreation area.
  2. Best of luck to you. Sometimes it ends up for the better. #1. I hope you have savings. #2. Cut out every unnecessary expense. #3. Start loooking for part time work for your wife. #4. Making finding a full time job for you, your full time job. Follow every lead, polish your interviewing skills Now, some of this may not be necessary if you have big savings in the bank. But always assume it may be a while before you find the right position.
  3. You drafted him later on? Because that's how I got both those guys. Well, good for you. But he was gone by the time I wanted to pick him up, so I had to put a package trade together, because I didn't particularly want Andy Dalton.
  4. Even though I think that Rodgers is the best starting QB in the NFL right now, and even though I am a believer in "start your studs", I think this opening game, at Seattle, will be sheer crowd madness and insanity. That spells "high risk". Yes, Rodgers should do well, although I think the Hawks will win. As it happens, I own a pretty good backup QB--Phillip Rivers. (long story). Rather than roll the dice with Rodgers, I'm going to ride Rivers for this one game. But you have to go with your gut sometimes.
  5. Did the bacon have the REDSKIN side showing, or the WHITESKIN side showing? We may be heading toward a trifecta of ultra-sensibility. BTW, is a trifecta a threesome, and will we be trampling on GLT sensibilities? Should we be offering a prize for the declarative sentence which manages to offend more sensibilities than any other?
  6. A new Ice Age. This interglacial period has already gone on too long.
  7. Nuthuggers never give up.
  8. My Side does It less. Yeah, but you started it. You invaded Poland.
  9. Tiger's got to hurry and have his back shatter or he will post a terrible score and miss the cut,
  10. Tell Putin that if he invades Canada he will cross some pretty colored line,. That ought to tell him we mean business.
  11. Bump for those that forgot what the OP meant. Fin is still a god. CASE CLOSED FOLKS He didn't just win a championship. He won 5 in a year and was the best golfer in the world. Nuthugger.
  12. Otis actually did concede .... I was just cracking wise with the Oats comment really. I didn't realize he did. The last 3 pages have been about Rory, Dustin Johnson, Montie, and an iFight. Might as well just rename this to the Official PGA Tour thread at this rate. Well, we could, except for this: Footballguy Members14,667 postsJoined 27-August 06Gender:MaleLocation:TangiersPosted 07 May 2009 - 02:39 PM He's done. He'll be competitive but he lost the fear factor. Looks like The Gold Bear might be out of the woods. Edited by Finless, 14 August 2009 - 03:53 PM.
  13. I did get one once, from a mid 30's woman, who said she was looking for a position as Pubic Relations Director. I wonder who eventually told her about the typo. Or was it a typo?
  14. You cannae change the laws of physics.