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  1. LionSlappy

    Gurley for Hopkins??

    Hopkins straight up, fact you can keep White is gravy
  2. LionSlappy

    Floyd for DGB? Dynasty.

    I would need DGB+. Floyd has done it, is young and in an elite O. DGB is only potential to this point.
  3. LionSlappy

    Hopkins dyno trade

    Eclipse, does Gurley scare you considering his team's offense and the tough division he plays in?
  4. LionSlappy

    Hopkins dyno trade

    the pick will be random, hard to tell.
  5. LionSlappy

    Hopkins dyno trade

    FFPC format, start 2RB, 2WR, TE + 2 flex) RBs are Anderson, Lewis, Gore, Vereen, West, etc WRs are ODB, Hopkins, John Brown, Crabby, Wheaton, etc Draft day trade to move up to get Hopkins hurt my overall depth. There is much interest in Hopkins....
  6. Forgot to also add Ben in the tradable asset part too!
  7. I would build around Winston, maybe Yeldon (at least short term until stock goes up), Evans, Landry and maybe Eifert and trade high profile assets such as Matt Jones (now, before stock drops), Eifert/Fleener, Bortles, Kaep (especially if traded). Use the rest as throw ins and continually look to add youth/upside on wire. No need to have players like Alf, Sproles, Nate on this team. Build a deep young WR Corp first is the way to building a dynasty imo, good luck!
  8. I would NOT keep Rawls but I might see if you can acquire a similar deal but get a 2017 first thrown in somehow. McKinnon, Hauerman, 1.09, 2017 first??? Any young upside WRs he has to throw in? If Sea drafts an RB, Rawls' stock could drop. On the other hand, if no high profile RB gets drafted, Rawls stock could rise once his injury is behind him and the hype begins. I would probably gamble and ONLY take a high end deal now, if no one bites wait for the hype to begin then trade him for top dollar. There are really no RBs I think are indisposable in dynasty imo. They just do not last. I routinely trade a hyped "next best thing" RB for a young WR and picks with great success. Rawls is the utter definition of a sell in dynasty for me!
  9. LionSlappy

    Trade 2017 1st

    PPR dynasty startup draft is set 2 weeks after the NFL draft concludes. I draft from the 1.01 position. Some owners are trying to stockpile 2017 draft picks in preparation for the stocked class next year. A few other trades in the league involving 2017 1sts (after trimming the fat/fluff from the deals) equated to a 2017 1st for a 6th OR early 7th rounder in startup, which I thought was criminally cheap to get a 2017 1st. I value future assets and am hesitant to trade my 2017 first. IF you were going to trade your 2017 first, what is the minimum return (in terms on startup picks) you'd be looking to get?
  10. LionSlappy

    Dynasty startup trade...

    I don't think you said "destroy" the league, and I never said you said that...but you did say it would throw the balance of league off too much. My point was that I don't agree with that logic, that's all. You make trades if you think it will improve your team, not if it hurts or helps another persons team. I do not know that this trade necessarily helps my team, that is why I said no. Like this
  11. LionSlappy

    Dynasty startup trade...

    Thanks for all the awesome insight! The only thing I don't necessarily agree with are those posting issues such as worrying about the other owner's roster and league competitiveness. Although I agree I should not make this deal, it is not because I think it would upset the competitive balance of the league or make the other owner unstoppable. In dynasty or redraft I only make deals if it helps my team and don't even look at opponents situation. It is their job to evaluate if a particular trade improves their roster or not. Since on the topic, however, this particular trade could go either way. Sure, the other owner would have the top two players of his choice, but not a pick again until the end of the fourth (47 overall) and would be sacrificing a bit of his future in the form of next year's first. In order to have a dominant roster that would "throw the league balance off too much", this owner would really have to consistently hit on their mid-late round picks. Most likely his squad would be centered around 2 studs and a bunch of role players, some good, some average. I highly doubt he would be heads and shoulders ahead of everyone else, haha! To post that if I made this trade it would destroy the league is ubsurd tho!
  12. I can unload the 1.01 in s 12-team ppr dynasty startup for the 2.11, 3.02 and a 2017 first (rookie/FA draft). I will lose out on ODB but will stack 4 consecutive picks at 2/3 turn and get of the top 49 picks (plus an additional 1st next year). Opponent will get to start out with any combo of ODB/Hopkins/Julio. ???
  13. Generally, what would you be looking for in return for the 1.01 in a 12-team ppr dynasty start up draft? Like the idea of getting ODB or a similar talent but want to explore options. If I traded top pick for a pick in the range of 1.08-1.10, what else would you be looking for? His 2nd for my 3rd? Or am I selling myself short? Thanks!
  14. LionSlappy

    2015 FPC prizes deposited into your accounts

    Alex - What about those of us that won FootballGuys subscriptions in the FPC? Specifically, I won a 3-yr subscription and my FBGs expiration date has not been extended to reflect this.