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  1. I’ve got clement in over miller in a ppr pretty easily. Gio vs clement in .5ppr feels like a coin flip
  2. Went back and forth between Morris and darkwa all morning. Finally benched crowder and played both
  3. Kevin White almost made it thru a whole game this year
  4. I see Rodgers going before Brady on all the ADP lists but I think I'd go Brady. Coin flip? Compelling argument either way?
  5. I do terrible this year because Ive paid no attention to football and am starting my prep less than a week before my drafts.
  6. My ten team 2 qb league had 13 qbs go in the first two rounds last year. Seems about typical for us. First 3 picks will definitely be qbs.
  7. Yea for just this week. Or if Ingram sits maybe I'll play both. I could see Blount getting a goal line td but only 40-50 yards. I dunno my whole team is a hot mess every lineup spot is up for grabs lol
  8. I got one spot for Blount or Lewis. Leaning Lewis
  9. Where's the line for starting him? Do you start him over green? Over walker? I think I lean towards benching if you have another solid but not great option
  10. Nobody's hotter right now but @ Arizona is pretty much the worst. Who do you rank ahead of him this week?
  11. I might have to go bortles @ Detroit over him. Don't think I can bring myself to do it tho