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  1. This is a great point. When was the last time the Seahawks had a great run game? And the packers have a decent run game at best and Aaron jones is their best runner and he wasn’t playing. So it was a pedestrian jamaal Williams. Arozona seems intent on getting DJ more involved. Let’s see...
  2. In my dyno I am strong at RB, traded him for Josh Gordon. Speculative. Could come back to bite me. BUT, I feel like after last season and the first 2 games of this year I have a good grasp of what collins is: Solid RB. Unspectacular. Glaring deficiencies in his game that make it unlikely for him to ever rise to the ranks of elite workhorse. Plus, harbaugh is an idiot and becomes enamored with middling talents like Suck Allen and that keeps Collins off the field too much. He can get scripted out of games. I decided to go with the upside of gordon with Brady.
  3. So is this guy for real or what? He’s got wr/rb eligibility in yahoo. Any insight on whether the cowboys plan to use him more moving forward? Or is he going to always be a 2 target guy?
  4. I just traded Alex Collins for Gordon in my .5ppr dyno. Gordon owner just wanted off the train. I’m strong at RB and don’t feel like collins is a special player. Gordon could be out of the league next week or he could be Randy moss 2.0 in NE. Worth the risk.
  5. In my dyno league I just traded Alex Collins for Gordon. Gordon owner looked at this news as a reason to sell and desperately needed RBS. I am strong at Rb and I view collins as solid but not spectacular. Gordon could go the chad Johnson route in ne or the Randy moss route. Worth the risk to me.
  6. You’re right, it doesn’t apply here. QBs with backups waiting in the wings are totally different than RBS. There are rbbc’s but no qbbc’s. At some point this season, and likely soon if barber continues to stink up the joint, rojo will be activated and given some touches When that happens it will be a crapcshoot whether or not that helps or hurts barber. If rojo still stinks it will help But if he breaks off a few of his signature chunk plays the coaching staff will start feeding him more.
  7. Agreed. But the time to sell barber is not when rojo finally puts it all together. The time to sell is either now or right after a good performance.
  8. If I owned barber I’d be trying to sell now before rojo gets activated.
  9. JAG. It’s a shame that rojo has sucked so badly BC if he showed any consistent vision, pass pro, and receiving skills he would have this backfield to himself on a great offense. Even still, I think it’s only a matter of time before they activate rojo and he starts cutting into barber’s snaps. And if he pops a few big runs the job will be his.
  10. Well it was an extremely ballsy play but it worked out for you if you did it. DJ is killing all of us. Not his fault. His offense may be worst I the nfl with buff. I have never seen less imaginative playcallkng on offense than arozona. It’s jeff fisher level bad. If you have a strong option behind him it might not be that crazy to bench DJ until that offense shows something...anything.
  11. This kid is special. Period. Can’t wait to see what he does with baker.
  12. Always something with this guy.…
  13. Here’s where I’m at: im sitting Jax D vs Brady. I think Brady has the quick release and the weapons to nullify their pass rush, and just look at how he carved them up in the afc championship game. There is theory and data to show that Jax D should be benched this week. NO got torched last week but there is theory and data to back them up as a start this week- they apparently start notoriously slow in defense each year. Last year they started off by getting blown out in week one and then the defense showed up in week 2. Same cast of characters. Tyrod is a hot sleeper this week. In fact, I had him as my starting qb this week, until I looked deeper - last year, the saints demolished him in buff. They were the reason he was benched for peterman. He was atrocious. They knocked him around a lot. Tyrod is NOT a quick release guy. He likes to hold onto the ball too long and make a play. The saints have a good oss rush and fast defenders to keep up with him and limit his rushing. Combine that with him not yet gelling with all of his WRs, motnyet fully grasping haley’s Playbook, a pissed off saints defense playing at home, and the nervousness of mayfield waiting in the wings, and I’m all in on NO d this week.
  14. If he plays tomorrow he along with James White will be heavily involved in the game plan. At least in the first half. Brady’s strength is getting the ball out of his hands very quickly when facing strong defensive fronts like the jags. I think Brady will be using hot reads to his RBS and quick slants to the WRs all day. He will do well against Jax. And I think michel will be a big part of it.
  15. Agreed BC he seems to have crisis of confidence very easily. Not good. Still staying with him in dynasty but thinking of dropping him for Anthony Miller in redraft BC it’s obvious that Boyd is the wr2 to own in Cincy this year. He’s further along as an nfl player and he’s actually really good. Thisnyear John Ross seems to be a low target situational deep threat that isn’t even being targeted deep. Very strange. No doubt he will have his few weeks this season where he explodes for 1 or 2 tds. But the usage and the body language o the field are very concerning to me.