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  1. yup...Jamaal Williams is out there. He has some stand alone value and has great value if/WHEN Aaron Jones goes down...
  2. What are we thinking of Deebo Samuel this week and beyond. Schedule looks yummy, but I don't watch enough SF games to know how much of the game plan he is in week to week. Think he's a good flex start tomorrow vs LAR?
  3. I feel like I want to drop him for another upside handcuff like gus edwards or ryquell armstead but whats the point? Penny has just as much of a shot at making noise if carson goes down as those others do if the guys they back up go down, rt? And looking at the waiver wire rt now, the only guy I think might be worth picking up and stashing in favor of penny might be Derrius guice, but I don't think he returns until week 10 or something rt?
  4. same...but it was him or daniel jones for me. easy choice.
  5. I hear you on clarify my statement, they have been performing as a defense through the first 6 weeks of this season better than any other defense in history has performed from an NFL and fantasy perspective. I don't know if that will continue, and I suspect that tougher competition will be able to score on them, but I don't think the drop off in their production will be steep enough to change my mind that they are at least the best defense in the NFL this year.
  6. I don’t know how anyone who watch the game could come away saying that Jones look bad given the circumstances. I was very encouraged by the way the Giants as a whole played last night. The o line played well and Jones showed poise and made some nice throws. He made a few bonehead decisions which is typical for a rookie. But his accuracy in touch on his passes are a thing of beauty. I mean, who is he throwing two last night? No Saquon, no Engram, no Sheppard. Dude has barely played with Golden Tate and has no rapport with him. And playing against the best defense maybe ever. DJ has wildly surpassed all of the expectations that I had for him already this season. I truly do believe he can be the next great Giants quarterback but they need to surround him with talent and a good offensive line
  7. For peeps who Have been closely following ravens games can you tell me if Andrews is mostly lining up as an in-line tight end or if they are splitting him out wide and using the other tight ends as blockers mostly?
  8. I have a bit of a different take: he looks absolutely abysmal. There’s no getting around that. However, I don’t think it’s all his fault. I think kit he’s is in way over his head and he is not at all adjusting his play calling to accommodate baker playing behind the piss poor o line he plays He should be calling faster plays, shorter passing game, focusing on getting the ball out of bakers hands quickly. This is what Nagy did with Trubisky starting week 3 and it worked. Kitchens needs to give up play calling to monken. I don’t know if monken will realize this as he loves the deep pass, but I have more faith that monken will correctly analyze this than kitchens at this point. i believe the change is coming soon. Ownership is not going to have a lot of patience with ego from kitchens who has practically zero resume as a head coach in the NFL. anyway, this is absolute rock bottom for Baker. He was just dropped in my redraft league. His schedule is rough for the next 5 or so weeks. But it gets very good going into the playoffs. I am going to bet that things get better for Baker as the season goes. He is too talented, has great weapons, and they will get it figured out.
  9. He is too good for this to continue all season. He’s been double teamed and bracketed his whole career. The difference now seems to be that Watson no longer feels the need to force it to him BC he trusts his other options.
  10. CMC he is not. But he is a damn good rb. Enjoy this while jamaal Williams is out. Bc when Williams is back lafleur will facepalm is all and split work 50/50 again.
  11. Same. Playing with Fire not doing it. Already got screwed not cuffing saquan
  12. Guys let me just make this easy for you. I am starting Jones tomorrow in my flex, every time I start him he does crappy and every time a bench him he does well. So count on less than 30 total yards and a touchdown tomorrow
  13. Was just having this conversation tonight during the game: if you out Wilson on the Chiefs and Mahomes on the Seahawks, would we be talking about Wilson as possibly the best QB to ever grace an NFL field? Not saying Mahomes isn’t good. He’s amazing. But how much of his other worldly production is a product of the Andy Reid offense? I think Wilson could probably put up the same stats with better rushing stats in that offense.
  14. Rudolph? Kid looks pretty good. He hasn’t had to do much tonight with pitt defense destroying Cincy