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  1. From a dynasty perspective he’s a strong buy. Pairing him up with darnold for years to come could be golden. For this year he’s also a strong buy. McCown can still sling it. I don’t know if Anderson will get suspended or not though. Just watch his tape from last year. He’s a very good player.
  2. And why are they so much work?
  3. What are the anarchy leagues? I might be interested...
  4. Mine- saquan - I view him as 4th best RBS after zeke/gurley/bell and in a better offense than DJ. I would take him over DK and Antonio brown in standard leagues. Josh Gordon - full offseason clean, training with teammates. Looks beastly. Best qb,, surrounding weapons and coaching he had ever had thus far. Entering prime age fir a wr. Playing for a contract and to prove to himself and the world he straightenef out. Desire to be the greatest ever and the talent to do it. I’ll take him in The 2nd RD. No hesitation. sony Michel - stud rb on a high powered offense that drafted him in 1st RD? Sign me up. Primed for 250+ touches in his first season and I can see 1500total yards, 50+ receptions, over 10 total tds. Book it. Tarik Cohen - I’m buying the preseason hype. Solid ppr back. Maybe an rb2 with potential to explode on some weeks for much more.
  5. You think he has rb2 potential in ppr this year?
  6. I just chose to build around ab and Gordon in a dyno league I joined. All in.
  7. He’s getting disrespected in dynasty rankings too.
  8. I agree. And jordy was doing great last year before arodg got hurt. I think he picked up rt where he left off in 2016. For the right price I’ll take him
  9. The best mocks I have done so far have been just ignoring all of these strategies and just taking the best players available regardless of position (excluding K and Def) in the first 6 rounds and then filing out my starting spots and upside players until round 11. Then defense in RD 12, k in RD 17. So a squad I just draftednusing this strategy has this for a starting lineup: arodg David Johnson, Mixon, guice Baldwin, j. Gordon, r. Anderson (or will fuller) gronk jax d and then some solid but unspectacular guys and high upside bench players. I would be whistling Dixie going into this year if my real teams looked like this. 4 surefure studs with potential for 6-7 in my starting lineup.
  10. This is a key point. The ravens felt good enough about their RBS this year to skip over one of the best Rb classes in recent memory with this draft. They could have taken Chubb, guice, Ronald jones, kerryon, royce, etc. Alex Collins is a huge reason why they skipped out on rb in the draft. He’s going to eat.
  11. I have been doing some mocks and waiting until the 5th or 6th RE to start taking RBS and I think it’s a viable strategy this year. Last 2 years I have gone very rb heavy in the first 6 rounds. But with all of the influx of talent at RB and the tide turning now to drafting RBS early and often you can put together a very solid squad filled with studs at we, te, and still get a serviceable group of RBS with major upside and go RBbc until one or 2 of them break out.
  12. I don’t remember too much of rh3s rookie season with Morris but I do remember Morris having a good year. It’s a double edged sword. Having a hyper mobile qb puts added stress on a defense and opens running lanes for the backs, but the qb also vultures run attempts and tds. Did vick have any rb1s on his teams? Newton? I’m actually sorry I drafted McCaffrey in my dyno league last year bc of newton. Lamar Jackson was a rushing td machine in college. If it carries over into the pros I think that negatively impacts all RBS in Balt.
  13. I think that Lamar will vulture touches and tds from the RBS so not that clear cut. I think the offense will be more explosive with Jackson and it may open things up for the RBS. But he will eat up alotnofghe rushing attempts that would otherwise go to the backs and some tds. Limiting their upside. It’s what Michael Vick and can newton do to the backs on their team.
  14. Rick.goldgewicht@gmail.com