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  1. rickyg

    Aaron Jones - RB - Green Bay

    This is just proof of how bad mccarthy is as a head coach. Jones should have had this workload since week 3.
  2. Coming on just in time for playoffs. My team has barely survived his 2/3 of the year slump but today the sleeping giant was awakened . wooohoooo!
  3. what an absolute stud. He's everything I thought he would be when I drafted him in dynasty and more. Unreal how guys like ronald jones and rashaad penny went before him. and, I would rank him higher than barkley, and maybe even kamara. Chubb is in a similar situation as gurley. Young, up and coming team, married to a great young QB., and he is getting heavy workloads . Duke is great but chubb is still getting a few looks in the passing game each week. Barkley is in a much more tenuous situation, and who is his QB? His o line sucks. Team sucks. Kamara is great with brees, but brees will be gone soon .
  4. what does the dez signing do to tre'quan's value? Ithink he will still get his 2 or 3 deep shots per game, but he will lose targets.
  5. spent a ww add on him last week. dropped allison after I hear of the groin injury. SO happy I did! He is going to be better than Allison would have been. Kid looks great.
  6. rickyg

    Ryan Fitzpatrick

    so hard to trust him bc he could get pulled at any moment of any game. Koetter ks a bonafide idiot. but the upside is worth the risk.
  7. he looks good. happy to have him in dyno for the next 7 years!
  8. Dropped him for miller last week.
  9. well, 100 yds from scrimmage not bad. TD would have been nice. He's a back end RB1. not bad...not great, but not a colossal bust. he looked like he had more room to run and they were using him a bit differently. especially in the pass game. Encouraging. better days hopefully ahead with leftwich.
  10. Quite possibly. Wouldn’t be the first time I gave up on a player prematurely. He’s been buried on my bench going on 3 weeks now. Don’t feel like I can trust him with the lack of involvement and now the injury. My team is struggling and I need high upside ascending players who have league winning potential. I just don’t see him as that. If I’m wrong, so be it.
  11. 12 team standard scoring league. I’d rather have the upside of guys like Anthony Miller and courtland Sutton than him. Look at what he’s done through 6 games in a standard league. He’s not a must roster kind of guy. Put his numbers on Geronimo Allison and Allison would be in the waiver wire. We are all holding him on name value.
  12. I think he is drop worthy. Not healthy. Hasn’t has more than 7 targets since week 3. Trubisquick spreads the ball around. Miller seems like he’s coming on. Gabriel and Cohen getting looks. Tough schedule upcoming.
  13. rickyg

    Anthony Miller WR Bears

    He played with a harness all year last year at Memphis. He looked great this pst weekend. Constantly burning defenders and getting wide open. Trubisquick could not get the ball to him with any accuracy. May rhis point, I think he is eating into arob’s targets and might even surpass him as a favorite target of trubisquick. Arob has been a bust and now injured groin.
  14. rickyg

    Kenyan Drake - the other Bama RB

    He actually looks good in pass pro this year. He blew up a defender a few weeks ago. Pancakes him.
  15. rickyg

    Kenyan Drake - the other Bama RB

    What a stud. Gase is an idiot.