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  1. Honestly the way Wiliams performed last year in that offense makes me seriously question HUNT’S talent. We know who williams is: an average solid nfl rb. Committee talent. But that Andy Reid System with those surrounding weapons will make most RBs look like the next zeke. I am very curious to see what comes with Hunt in a new system on another team. I don’t think he’s as good as we thought. As for williams this year, as long as he retains the lead role in that offense he will be a stud.
  2. disagree NA I think the stats are on my side. I’m a Lindsay dyno owner but I traded for freeman this year as insurance BC I don’t think Lindsay will have the same success and I think freeman is a good back and the coaches want to get him more involved. Watch the tape from last year. Lindsay ran threw gaping holes on seemingly every play. He ran like 5 yards before any contact. Freeman was running against stacked boxes and still excelled. I like Lindsay as a player. A ton of heart and definitely electric in space. But he’s also a small back and there’s no need to run him into the ground if they have another effective back that is bigger and built for the pounding better than him. I think the split this year will be much more even with freeman getting most of the red zone work. And I would not be surprised to see freeman with the better numbers at the end of the season barring injury.
  3. The 2 of them can co-exist once hunt comes back. I think it will be chubb’s backfield but more like a 60/40 split with Hunt. Maybe hunt gets more of the receiving work and Chubb gets more of the GL work. Chubb might be better in standard and hunt better in PPR. if that CLE offense is anywhere near the hype this season, there will be opportunity for the 2 of them to split 20+ Rb tds, 80 receptions and 2500+ total yards. I can see Chubb with 1700 total yards, 30 receptions, 15 tds and hunt with 800 total yards, 50 receptions, and 5-8 tds once he gets back.
  4. This may open the door ever so slightly for Bruce love to get some reps if he can prove he is healthy enough himself. Both of them coming off ACLs and I think guise was further along in recovery.
  5. I just traded AB for trubisky, Mark Ingram, a 2020 1st rd and 2nd rd pick. Agreed on his trajectory. He was actually a solid fantasy qb last year and looks to be taking a step forward in year 2 in nagy’s system
  6. Wait...did this happen on his last td catch? Or did he come back in after the injury??
  7. I know this isn’t AC forum but I can use quick help. Flip flopping bw baker and Prescott. Who would you start?
  8. Watched the game. He seems like a jag to me. I started him over Sony. Might regret it. Lucked out with that td.
  9. What are you guys doing with Baker this week? Anyone starting him in Denver? I know Denver d is down 2 starters in the secondary but that front 7 is scary good.
  10. I’ll reiterate what I said above before week 14: Dixon is harbaugh’s guy. Harbaugh has serious man love for him. Even back in 2017 there is a video with harbaugh outright proclaiming “I’m a Kenneth Dixon fan” and gushing about what a good guy he is and how he wants to be great. Harbaugh wants Dixon to grab the reigns and run away with this job. Edwards is nothing more than an undrafted small bump in the road. He’s a JAG. He runs hard and that’s about it. A good complimentary and maybe gl back. But harbaugh knows that Dixon has the potential to be special if he stays healthy and off of suspension. Even after Collins had that bigbyear last year we all had the feeling that harbaugh just wouldn’t fully comity to him. Proof of that is the workload given to Edwards even before Collins went down. It was the kind of workload Collins owners have been screaming for for the last year. And then some undrafted no name comes in and gets it. Coaxhes have preferred guys and us ff players need to recognize that. Harbaugh drafted Dixon and has a man crush on him. And we now have 2 weeks of data showing increasing usage and he is outperforming Edwards. Then harbaugh says after week 14 that he “knew that Dixon’s role would grow and it will continue to grow”. He’s basically sending out the message. Dixon should get at least 50% of the rb snaps vs the bucks this weekend. And, if the trend of the last 2 games continues, should vastly outperform Edwards. Ravens are now one of the most run heavy teams in the league now with ljax at qb. A rb on that team that gets 12-13 touches is a valuable flex player. Moving forward, I see no reason why Dixon can’t be tanned as their fb of the present and future in Balt providing that he stays healthy and continues to impress harbaugh for the remainder of this season. These last 3 regular season games and the playoffs will give him enough audition time to seize the job. We will see. I have Dixon locked and loaded in one redraft and one dynasty league.
  11. Anyone starting dak in the semis? I have to choose bw him, mayfield, and Winston.
  12. I can’t shake this feeling that harbaugh has a hard on for Dixon. Ever since he was a rookie. This kid has flashed in the brief appearances he makes hit is mostly injured or suspended. Yet harbaugh has kept him around. I feel like harbaugh wants Dixon to step in and take the job. It’s why I felt nervous about owning Collins gong into this season until Dixon went down in week 1. But now he’s back and Collins is on IR. Edwards is a jag. Harbaugh knows this. In his first game action since week 1, Dixon I think hot what, 8 touches for 40 something yards? And that was him shaking off the rust and getting back into game action. Edwards definitely does not have a stronghold on the starting job and has a bum ankle. I’m wondering if Dixon is a secret RB1 for the fantasy playoffs. I dont int think I have the stones to start him this week, but if I survive into week 15 in the 2 leagues I got him and his touches increase INC week 14 and he does some good things I may just roll him out in my flex for week 15.