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  1. So is Jennings worth burning #1 WW priority on him?
  2. ... I saw a receiver who, while lacking DeSean Jackson type top gear speed, has sufficient quickness to get adequate separation. He may lack any one "special" trait, but ... I agree with most everything in your post. I saw a lot of good things too. However, Allen is 6'2" 210+ -- the fact that you're even saying his name in the same sentence as DeSean (5'8" 175), is a sign he is special. I had a hard time reconciling his quickness (in/out of breaks, turning up field, with the ball in his hands) with how big he actually is. He moves like a shifty slot WR! He's a different sort of freaky than I've seen before. I'm a long time Cal fan and we knew this kid had NFL star written all over him. Allen was a top 5 national recruit at both WR and CB, hence the excellent quickness. He was the best player on the Cal team the day he set foot on campus, and it's no surprise at all to me that he's proving he can do it at the highest level. Really glad a snatched him up after last week.
  3. the qb is only protected when he has the football. If he is trying to throw a block he can get lit up to the extent that you can blow up a blocker.How is the QB not protected when he doesn't have the football? Late hit? Hit to the helmet? Hit below the knees? The reason why I think my scenario above would result in a personal foul is because if Tebow hands the ball off it's just like a regular handoff. Imagine if Tom Brady handed the ball off and a half second later a defensive end put his helmet into Brady' chest. It'd be a penalty. I doubt there's a rule that if the team is running the read option that the defense is allowed to hit the quarterback after the ball is handed off. If it's true and they can't hit Tebow then it makes running the option a whole lot easier. Thoughts?I'm sure it'll just be a subjective determination by the refs on whether the defender could legitimately have believed that Tebow still had the ball. It will be interesting to see how they call it though. Someone here probably knows the rule better than I, but I assume that the rules against hitting the QB after the throw are so strict because it's considered a defenseless position, similar to a punter during and after the kick. After a handoff the QB isn't nearly as defenseless.
  4. One, he's not a rookie it's his second year which makes a big differenceTwo, if you really don't see anything not to like there is no way you watched that game last weekI understand he could still improve quite a bit and he does some positive things but last week left more questions than answers for me and probably anyone else that watched the game.Uh, the post you responded to is from January.
  5. Seriously. Rivers has looked pretty bad, but with the return of Gates at full speed next week, plus not facing the Jets, I'm wondering if Rivers could have a major bounce-back game against KC. Could be a good time to buy low. I would think Rivers owners are pretty frustrated right now and he could probably be had on the cheap.
  6. This is pretty much the exact same situation I'm in. My problem is I don't have a ton of depth at the position I'm potentially trading away. Fitzpatrick could either give me a championship team, or he could sink me. Heh, ironic that I was interested in this thread because I was considering benching Brady in favor of Fitz in another league, and now I'm looking at him as my likely new starter anyways after losing Romo.
  7. Fitzpatrick is the only reason they've been competitive in games. I can't possibly imagine the Bills are dumb enough to sit a guy that's performing as well as any QB in the league right now.If he isn't the long term answer, then I don't mind it. Who cares if the Bills are 3-13 or 0-16. I'm sick og going 7-9 or 6-10 and blowing the first round pick on some position we don't need. I like Fitz, but is it a coincidence he hasn't held down a starting spot in the league until 3 weeks ago? If he was really that super special, would Trent Edwards have beat him out. Of course, that was the coaches decision, or so we've been told.Anyways, I still would like to see Brohm, because of the accuracy and arm issue.Well, plenty of guys take a multiple years before the light goes on. Playing QB in the NFL is maybe the hardest thing in sports and it can take a lot of game experience before a QB feels comfortable to the point where the game slows down. I can certainly understand the skepticism, this is a relatively small sample size, but defenses know the Bills have to pass and he's still getting it done. I confess I haven't watched a lot his performances, but he's looking to me like a legit NFL starter right now. If I was a Bills fan, I'd be happy to take my chances with Fitz over Brohm. I'm no scout, but I've never been terribly impressed by Brohm.
  8. Fitzpatrick is the only reason they've been competitive in games. I can't possibly imagine the Bills are dumb enough to sit a guy that's performing as well as any QB in the league right now.