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  1. Paid $14 at the 5G in Northridge, Ca. Dbl Burger no cheese Reg Fries Drink Oh, giggled a little at the 5G cashier and we're the "#####es"?
  2. I actually dont think Ive ever got bacon on a burger at 5G's, maybe because the burger is already as much as an hour of minimum wage to begin with, but moreso because it never seemed needed or necessary. Is their bacon that good? No. But the more toppings, the better, in hopes to improve the taste of their bland beef.
  3. ''Feels Like the First Time'' by Foreigner! Love their music choices @ 5G, anyways.
  4. I've never understood why more restaurants do not make their own ketchup and mayonnaise. Heinz and Hellmann's are far inferior to some rather simple homemade varieties that $8/hr employees should be more than capable of making. (And Heinz and Hellmann's are the very top end of what a restaurant would buy commercially.) It seems to me that the Subway model of baking bread fresh in each store should be superior to the Five-Guys model of shipping buns 400 miles overnight, but baking buns may be a lot harder to do in small batches while getting a consistent quality. The only thing that prevents the In n Out Burger from being a 10 in flavor is they use an off-brand of ketchup. Not horrible, but thinner and less tomato-y than Heinz. Weird because the ketchup packets are made by Heinz.
  5. This thread is blowing away the "Michael Sam is Gay'' thread. Imagine the media firestorm following an NFL player announcing he loves In-n-Out. Oh. Nevermind.
  6. I love out In N Out people still don't realize that they are not an option for most of America.McDonalds is great value too. Doesn't make it a better option than 5G. How is this true? Same price, actually a bit higher than in-n-out, for vastly inferior food.
  7. Double Patty Hamburger(no cheese) + Reg Fries + Drink + Tax = $14. If you want volume, you'd choose 5G. If you want flavor, InNOut.
  8. I'm in a suburb of LA, CA. A Five Guys opened up (inexplicably) in the same shopping complex as an In-n-Out. Despite the long llne and full dining room in the newly-built 5 guys, i decided i'd check it out, see what the fuss was about, within 2 weeks of the opening. Loved the myriad options for toppings. Dug the fries. Not bad. The deal breaker was i came out of that place spending $14 for a hamburger, fries, and drink. Really?? I hit up In-n-Out once a week, as i'm a single guy who doesn't cook. I've never left there speding more than $7 for a comparable meal. When i went to In-n-Out last week, the drive-thru was packed(it's always atleast 8-10 cars long, but this time 15+), so i decided to walk-in the restaurant and order. Line too long, Dining room full. So i thought i'd go ahead and walk over to 5 guys and bite the bullet ($$). Here it was only a year later, i walk into 5 guys, NO LINE, ONLY TWO PEOPLE IN THE DINING ROOM. Not sure how much longer before that location is forced to close down. Genius move, or more likely arrogant move on their part. Opening a restaurant next door to IN-n-Out..
  9. Not sure what to do with him. In one league I'm deciding between Vereen, Gore, and Woodhead. After seeing what Charles just did to Oakland, it's tempting to roll with Woodhead. Mathews >> Woodhead
  10. Think I'm going w/ Foles @ MN in the dome vs. the short week @ DEN. Great matchup for Foles but at least as good one for McCoy, who should be running early, often, and late. Don't see much the need for Foles to air it out vs Minny.
  11. CJ's ceiling is taking over Ball as the #2. His limitations in pass pro will block(no pun intended)him from becoming the feature back. At least for this year. Still, Moreno has been extremely inj prone throughout his career, and has taken on a very heavy workload this far. Should Moreno get seriously hurt, that would blow the roof off CJ's current ceiling(again, the punster).