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  1. We had the exact same RBs. I could still win but need Pitta to become the next big thing.
  2. I wrote him off for dead in redraft leagues and now that the Eagles have become worse at sustaining drives this makes me interested since Kendricks theoretically should improve his tackling at some point or be replaced in the lineup.
  3. That's what I'm thinking. He's also drawing a little more coverage than he was three weeks ago. I think from what I'm seeing that he can handle it though.
  4. Thing is for a few weeks Royal is hot, then Gates, then Allen along with Brown. I like what I see but I'm not to the point where I pay a big price for him.
  5. Collie having Brady's trust right away and Amendola nearly getting killed sealed the deal for me. If he scores 20 points a week for someone else I'd be shocked and don't care anymore.
  6. Going to guess we see a big correction this week on Alshon with Marshall getting his.
  7. I'm trying to evaluate trading for Brady in a 32 teamer. I have a bad QB situation right now and I'm trying to figure out if Brady has two good years left or two average left. I need to study some older QBs and their success rates.
  8. If the offensive line would have played better in the second half last night Pryor would have thrown for 300 yards.
  9. On the fence between Pryor and R Wilson in main league. Waiting for some final word.
  10. So I guess we are talking lysfranc? Dayum
  11. So after being motivated by this thread I called in regarding a roughly $80 bill a month. the first lady was pretty dull and wouldn't budge with Sunday ticket but did offer to reduce the bill by $20 per month. I then called back and went with a harder sell but in a nice tone and I said that DTV was the only show in town but a cable company had just come out to the area which is quite remote (true story). The lady on the phone couldn't do anything but forwarded me to someone as she understood the problem. Then with the next guy I said that cable was offering a $40 a month bill which they were. The guy offered $15 off a month plus the movie channels for 2 months. I asked if he could throw in the Red Zone channel or the Sunday ticket and he said that he could give it to me for free with a 12 month contract extension.
  12. This. He has incredibly quick feet in the hole but this is the second straight week he's fumbled at a very inconvenient time.Will be a role player in the NFL but he's not a 3 down NFL back.
  13. I just traded McFragile as part of a big deal. Thank god. I'm Sooooooooooooooo glad he is off my team.
  14. What a bastard. 0 freaking receptions? Ugh.