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  1. I've had my eye on this guy since he entered the NFL. He's got NFL level skills, has done well before when given the opps, seems to have rapport w/ Mayfield, and seems to be motivated to make the most of this current opp. Rashard Higgins is going to win people Leagues, IMHO. There, I said it. Most of my high-stakes Leagues are built around WR, meaning I'm carrying 7-8 elite to good options for 4 spots (2WR/2FLX)...could not convince my partner to spend the necessary FAAB to churn one of them into Higgins last night, as part of our FAAB mgmt plan has been positioning to be in a dominant position when the inevitable RB injury replacement rears it's head, while renting PK and D/ST weekly. We placed bids within our budget, hoping to get lucky. Unfortunately, WW is so thin at this point, that his price was vastly inflated due to shortage of quality options. Too bad, as I think the Teams that paid up are going to get their money's worth.
  2. I'd bet dollars to donuts that prior to Fitz getting called in to Flores' office, Flores got called into the Owner's office. Just feels like that kind of ham-handedness.
  3. I enjoy the idea of Thursday Night Football, because I like watching live NFL Football in general...but from a practical standpoint, it sucks, because it negatively affects the quality of the game. I"ve mentioned it before, but I had involvement with the training staff of the football team while attending Penn State in the 80's-90's, and have a close friend who was an athletic trainer for the Redskins for almost a decade during the '00-'10's. Guys who play for elite college programs and in the NFL are 100% absolutely PROGRAMMED to optimally function when on a regimented schedule structure, and when that programming is interrupted, there is fallout of some degree. The majority of Thursday Night Football games are substanard products, and if the League was really concerned about it's Players, they wouldn't be turning them around to play on 3 days recovery/rest/preparation. NFL football, IMO, is a weekend activity, and I'd be all for both Sunday, AND Monday NIght doubleheaders, to spread things out over the weekend. Leave Fridays for the HS kids, and weekdays/Saturdays to the collegians. I know this is going to get no love here, but over the past decade, my love for college football has surpassed that for NFL. I wouldn't have any problem if they scheduled marquee college matchups on Thanksgiving, instead of NFL. If Thurs PM NFL football has to be played, I don't see why they couldn't make the minimal effort to only play it on week 1, and then only during the bye week portion of the schedule containiing bye weeks, and every Team playing on Thursday is coming off their bye. That's what I'd like to see: 32 Teams, 8 4-Team Bye Weeks, Thurs PM doubleheaders featuring the 4 Teams coming off their bye, so we'd have Thurs PM football from Week 5 through Week 12. Wherever Thanksgiving falls in that period, you give Detroit and Dallas that bye every year along with the 2 Teams facing them. I think Those Thanksgiving games should be Divisional matchups, too. Det v GB/Minn/Chi and Dal v Wash/NYG/Phi... So, end product: 2 Thursday PM Games between Weeks 5-12, X # of games on Sunday early/late, Sunday doubleheader, Monday doubleheader. Compact and easy.
  4. What the hell happened today in the Saints-Lions game? How did Trautman not even see a freaking target?!?!?! Anyone who watched the game, I'd really appreciate knowing what went down. I started him, and it's going to cost me dearly. I'd like to at least know why it went the way it did. TIA.
  5. Seriously, can anyone who's been watching tell me why he doesn't even have a target?
  6. Almost 30 yrs being a Commish across multiple Leagues and formats: some situations you can operate by democracy, some situations require you to act as a benevolent dictator. This is definitely the latter. This forum is loaded with enough acumen to formulate a working solution that takes care of the League, whether it pleases everyone or not. Spend some time here reading and formulating a plan, and then TELL your League how the situation is being handled, emphasizing that in a time of crisis, what helps THE LEAGUE AS A WHOLE the most, isnt necessarily going to work out the same way for everyone. Not a time for waffling. Choose a course of action and follow through, with conviction. It will save you a boatload of issues, and doesnt require nearly as much energy. I convinced my Dyn guys to punt this Season to 2021 back in August, because I knew there was no way this season would go off without a hitch, and encouraged everyone here who played Dyn to do the same. Redraft a totally different beast. 2020 is a one-off just like every other redraft season. Much easier to deal with. Good luck to all of you who are knee deep in it. Make a well thought out plan,communicate, implement and be firm.
  7. I think you're going to find that you're vastly under-rating Pence.
  8. WEEK 2: Unfrozen Cavemen/Keerock 288.50 Flint Lead Pipe Locks/Henry Ford 284.36 . . . higgins O\/\/n and shoot/higgins 174.34 Code Reds/Nathan R. Jessup 165.92 Less than 20 points separate 1st from 4th place, 40 points separate 1st from 8th place! Competition strong, soft tissue injury fallout at critical mass. NFL 2020 The War of Attrition!
  9. I'm sorry, man, but this cracked me up. You live in Montgomery County, MD, just like I do, except that your political cohort has such an ovewhelming majority and complete lockdown of political opinion, media and power in our area, that it makes the population in this Forum resemble 'slightly skewing left'...and I was born, raised and have spent most of my 52 years living in MoCo, so believe me, I know. Boy, do I. Unless you are a complete recluse, you have no dearth of like-minded people to commiserate with...and in-person, no less...and knowing where we live, it's likely all they want to talk about, or will, for the forseeable future. Hell, you could probably howl your displeasure out your back window right now, and immediately have a veritable Hallelujah Chorus of assenting voices within shouting distance, with whom to vocalize your displeasure like a gaggle of harpies. Sorry, man, but knowing where we're from, your post made me guffaw...and I hope the irony of it, taken in context, at least brings a wry smile to your face. I wish ill to no one, and I hope you find a peaceful pathway through the turmoil RBG's passing and the potential resulting fallout appears to be causing you. I'll avail myself to a tubeful of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis right now, in an across-the-aisle gesture of good will to help you get through this.
  10. Nick Chubb did pretty well last night after a disappointing Week 1 performance. Just saying.
  11. Redskins on Line 1. Please, oh please. A man can dream.
  12. WEEK 1 TOPS AND BOTTOMS ... BeatDown Brigade 156.86 Flint Lead Pipe Locks 153.18 . . , higgins o\/\/n and shoot 93 Code Reds 88.92