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  1. Bye, Josh. Now, if only they'd follow suit with Jordan, and figure out a way to get something in return for Trent, Dunbar and anyone else that's either past their prime, overpaid or doesn't want to be a Redskin...
  2. 2nd half more points than the 1st half -140: why such steep odds? 16 of the last 21 Super Bowls have scored as many or more points in the 2nd half vs the 1st half... Team that scores last wins the game -185: why such steep odds? Yes has covered in each of the last 10 Super Bowls... If you like the 9'ers, and I do, very much, and you think it's going to be close: Jimmy Garoppolo Over 19 completions: Defining a 'close game' as 4-point margin or less, and including Atlanta and Arizona which were both within 4 prior to last minute turnover/scores, 9'ers tend to throw more. JG averages 19.2 completions/game on the year, but in close games, as defined previously, that # jumps up to 23.5... Emmanuel Sanders Over 42.5 receiving yards: In that same defined subset of close games, Sanders has been targeted 6 times on average, and averaged 62.5 yards in those games...
  3. Bri, you are such a passionate fan and such a valuable contributor to this board. With no dog in the fight, I was really pulling for your boys today, because there's so much enthusiasm and optimism in your posting, and its infectious. Congratulations on your Titans having a great season. Sorry they came up short, but it was a valiant effort in the face of long odds as a 6th seed, and your Team looks like it's in some kind of window to compete with the top teams in the AFC. Hope they build on it, man.
  4. Sweet, sweet revenge. At least, I hope so for you guys. That BS TD and ensuing shenanigans cost me a bundle a few years back. Took a lot of research and time to make up that loss. Hope you beat the crap out of the 'hawks. GL.
  5. O48.5 for me. 7 TD's in some way, shape or form seems fairly predictable to me, but what do I know? Could 'Wong' Saints -7.5 across 7 and 3 down, paired with the Over, or paired with Bills +2.5 or Eagles +2, crossing 3 and 7 as well. 3 play, 6 point teaser 100 pays 165. Might look at some round robin plays involving the over and the 3 sides.
  6. Never in a million years did I think I'd utter these words, but... Thanks, Dan Snyder, for your part in making this the happiest New Year's Day I've had in a while!
  7. In case anyone was under the impression that Dan Snyder isn't still putting his thumb in the soup, John Keim reports that Dwayne Haskins said that Snyder told him not to go back into the game after X-Rays came back negative and Haskins lobbied to re-enter. Whether that was good advice or not, it's still the Owner meddling in in-game football decisions, which is, at best, questionably appropriate.
  8. Well, today, to the day, is the 10 year anniversary of the hiring of Bruce Allen. Currently, on 106.7 The Fan, Grant and Danny have dedicated their entire show to celebrating this event. 30 minutes in, and it's pretty good. Heads up to tune in over the next couple hours, if you have the chance.
  9. Question for Steelersguys: Is there anything negative going on between Jaylen Samuels and Mike Tomlin personally, that might affect his playing time/role in the offense/generation of stats? My high stakes partner and I read hundreds of articles from over a dozen sites weekly, and many times will reference something we read in our weekly discussions, and fail to find the source after the fact, when we go back to look for it. He's adamant that he read something within the last week saying that there's a big issue there. Something about how 'MEMEME' Samuels was after the 13 reception game, and the following week, when he did next to nothing, he was very public with his comments that it was everyone's fault but his. According to the article Tomlin has a personal issue with Samuels, in that he really dislikes Samuels as a person and for being a negative team player on a team that's scrapping and clawing it's way through the season, and is going to take it out on Samuels via playing time this Season, and that Samuels will not be on the Steelers next year..., we have a strong playoff team in a National Contest that is WR/TE strong, but our RB situation is DHenry, Lindsay, Conner/Samuels, Hines, Scarbrough... bad as Arizona is vs TE, they are also a plus-play for receiving rb's, enough to bring Samuels into the flex conversation, all other things being equal. However, if this locker room drama is a real story, I don't want to be left holding the bag if he's on the sideline notching a zero because Tomlin has an intense dislike for him personally. Any fire to this smoke? Is there even smoke? Thanks, fellas.