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  1. As far as Frank Gore himself is concerned, you can damn well bet he signed on with the Dolphins intending to be the starting RB, as far as he's concerned, at least. At least that's the mindset he brings to the table, and the approach he's going to bring to camp. Anyone who knows anything about Frank Gore can't dispute that. Also, hasn't the coaching staff repeatedly indicated that they would prefer to have Drake operating in some sort of time share, as they don't believe he's built to handle a full load, and to maximize potential production of the touches he does receive? Now, I'm a big fan of electrifying players like Drake, and I like him plenty...but the storyline of Frank Gore coming home to 'the U' to finish out the twilight of his career has to be compelling to anyone who's a Gore afficianado. I know he's 35, but the guy is a Terminator, and someone is going to have to pry the football from his cold, dead hands when his career comes to an end...and now he's back where he made his bones. Like he needs anything more to motivate him to outperform expectations again... This could have a positive or negative effect on Drake, we have to see how it plays out. He's an Alabama boy, so I'm inclined to believe he can handle the pressure of having an old-school warrior who doesn't know the meaning of quit, sharing reps with him... You go on ahead and bet against Gore. OK by me to let someone else be right about it, and miss out. I'll bet he carves out some kind of role for himself that impacts Drake's production vs draft position dynamic. Until I have more info, I wouldn't draft Drake as anything more than a flex, and I think you have to pay more than that right now to get him.
  2. Well, for one thing, and it's a plus, he's unique in terms of skill set to Crowder and Doctson. Three unique options is good. Hope he can stay on the field; seems to get banged up a lot.
  3. As a lifelong fan, who loves the Team and hates the Owner and his sycophants, of which (sadly, because his management career is tarnishing his playing career quite badly) Doug Williams is one, I can say with all certainty: "nothing to see here". It's been a trademark of the Snyder regime since it's inception, that when things don't go their way and someone (coach, player) leaves the organization in a manner that might cast a bad light on Dan, or Vinny, or Bruce...the organization, either directly, or through it's mouthpieces (Deangelo Hall is another one) engages in a smear campaign of varying degrees of subtlety. This fish has always stunk from the head down, and this immature crap is just a symptom of a larger problem. It's like slamming the door and screaming "f you" as your ex walks out the door, instead of being an adult and just going your separate ways. I wish Kirk all the best, I'll be rooting for him, and I hope he has a long, succssful career. I hope he gets many opportunities on the field to prove the Redskins wrong.
  4. First Ticket to the Dance gets punched tonight!!! 8PM OVC Championship: #2 Belmont v #1 Murray St. ESPN2... ...if the powers that be really cared, this game wouldn't be scheduled directly across from Carolina-Duke.
  5. Technically speaking, Day 2, but last night's games, for all intents and purposes, were play-ins. I'm a junkie, so I watch and follow along, but still can call a a spade, a spade. Silly 14-Team Conference blues, just like SEC. Some Conferences, like 9-Team America East, don't allow the worst Team into their 8-Team field. I don't mind that SUNY-Binghamton has to sit out. I don't know why I don't mind. It's just how they do things in that Conference. SUNY-Binghamton doesn't seem to mind - they seem to be the odd man out every Season, and if it doesn't bother them...
  6. Stunning: Michigan, Indiana, Maryland and Wisconsin all playing on Day 1 of the Big 10 Tournament. Don't see that very often. @Ramblin Wreck...exactly.
  7. We really need two threads...anybody and everybody who really, really loves the game of college basketball should, for the next week or so, be absoutely giddy over the idea of weekday, daytime, Tournament basketball. It should be enough of a narcotic to put aside most of this other 1st world problem discussion to bed until after the National Championship...but y'all just keep on, keepin' on, if that's what floats your boat... ...meanwhile, I'm gearing up for a 9v8 Badgers/Terps tilt at noon (9v8...really?), and speculating whether the #10 Longwood Lancers, after having upset #7 High Point on Tuesday, can continue play Cinderella vs #2 Radford, in the Big South at 1pm. Radford won both regular season matchups. Awfully tough to beat a Team 3x in a season...
  8. B1G (!), OVC and NEC join the Dance Party tonight...
  9. Anyone up right now needs to tune into CBS Sports Network right now: Davidson/St. Bonaventure going into TRIPLE OT, tied at 100!
  10. Logged our first upset last night, albeit a small one: #5 North Florida over #4 NJIT (-6), 80-76 in Atlantic Sun play... For Tournament junkies, this was a helluva way to kick things off, because not only was it an upset (albeit small), the 2nd half was as exciting a watch as you could have hoped for, and is hopefully a harbinger of great things to come...UNF scored the first 6 points of the 2nd half to stretch a 20-point halftime margin to 26 two minutes in, before they lost track of the basket, as home team NJIT stormed back and hit a 3 that cut the lead to one, with 19 seconds remaining! Of course they foul, and UNF hits one...and misses 2nd! NJIT has possession down 2!!! Home crowd, what there was left of it, going absolutely comeback crazy...and UNF star of the game Garrett Sams (28 pts, including 8 of a 13-0 UNF run to start the game), stole the ball, was fouled, hit both to get lead to 4, and that was that. Wow! UNF should get absolutely smoked Thursday night by #1 Florida-Gulf Coast, the overwhelming favorite to win the Bid. Big South and Patriot League tonight. Campus sites of higher Seeds. ...and we're off!!!
  11. ...and the silver lining to this nasty black cloud: March Madness is underway...and it's not even March yet!!! Atlantic Sun Tournament kicks off tonight!!! Campus sites of higher seeds! ...and so it begins. WHOO-HOO!!!
  12. As a 'skins fan who loves the Team, but hates the Ownership/Mgmt, my preferred outcome for Kirk would be if the Giants decided to pull the plug on Eli, and opt for Cousins to helm them for the foreeeable future. While the two bufoons remain running the show, I like Cousins more than them, and I'd gleefully watch him torch my Team 2x/year as comeuppance for their mismanagement of this situation among many.
  13. Snyder/Allen absolutely WOULD be dumb enough to do it again, if their ability to do dumb things wasn't compromised by the phenomenon exactly what @fatness is describing. They take 'dumb and dumberer' to an exponentially higher level, unless the egos get involved, driving the bus down an entirely different tangent of foolish, motivated by lack of self-awareness rather than lack of intellect. If it wasn't so pathetic and annoying, it would actually be quite amusing. Very difficult time to be a 'skins fan...
  14. McCloughan just signed on w/ the Browns...throw another log on the fire...