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  1. Prior to 1999, the margin was at least a respectable 26-33. At that point, it was a legitimate rivalry... ...however...12-28 since Danny bought the Team, if I'm not mistaken. A rivalry, that is not.
  2. I didn't have a lot of time to put into my entry this year, maybe I'll get lucky... Prescott / Rivers Ekeler/JJackson, Montgomery/Cohen, Sanders/Howard - probably not the best way to do it, but in the absence of time, I just paired up the major pieces from rushing offenses I liked, will probably cannibalize one another and put me out early. CRidley/Lockett/CSamuel/MV-S/DJax/Stills/Hardman Henry/Andrews Butker/Elliott Cowboys/Seahawks Go Team Mediocre! Good luck, everyone!
  3. The apparent Carr/Tyrell chemistry might do the trick as well...
  4. Last FPC, from #5... Rivers / Brady Kerryon / Montgomery / JWhite / Sanders / JJackson / Samuels / TyJohnson Hopkins / Evans / ARob / MV-S / Deebo / Enunwa / Beasley Njoku / Waller Butker / Rams Best of luck to everyone! Let's bring home the bacon!!!
  5. 2019 Red-Skinned Natives Winston / Brissett Conner / D.Freeman / Cohen / Samuels / Jus.Hill / Mattison Thomas / Lockett / A.Rob / MV-S / Allison / Hardman / Pr.Williams Henry Cowboys / Eagles Thanks for doing this, A.D. Good luck, all!
  6. Earlier this evening, Main Event, from #4... Mahomes* / Brady Zeke/Mixon/Freeman/Pollard/Mattison/Hilliard Golladay/Alshon/Landry/MV-S/Stills/Hardman/Boykin Walker/Jimmy/Gronk Fairbairn/Chiefs *Drafted at 10pm; sat on laptop with 'Breaking News Ezekiel Elliott' googled up in a window, refreshing constantly. Nothing new by the time the starter's horn sounded. Felt good enough about a deal getting done to pull trigger. Reinforced RB at 2/3 with Mixon/Freeman, and on the way back, there he was at 4.09. Used the full 90 before making the call. Barkley/McCaff/Kamara all with 2 upcoming...decided to play defense and prohibit Mahomes from falling to them. Full-on Mahomes + a Top 3(4) RB is a potent enough combo to take a shot. Still felt uneasy. 2nd QB (Watson) didn't go until 7.07. Solid room, w 6 other badges. Missed out on Edelman (1st alternate target), Engram (don't like taking TE early) DWilliams (not a fan), Woods (my usual go-to 4th round WR), Henry and Howard (see previous Engram comments). Don't like taking Golladay as 1st WR without being able to support in lineup. Alshon/Landry/MV-S (Wentz/Mayfield/Rodgers) improved my mood. Missed Andrews at 9.01, but Walker not bad consolation at 9.04. After going RB/RB/RB and not taking another RB over the next 6 rounds, thought we'd be a target, but counted on folks holding their breath about Zeke, and worked out getting Pollard at 10.09. Mood way up after that. Got token rookie RB Mattison in 11th. TE2 group drying up but still got Jimmy (no Sternberger). Reached a bit for Hardman in 13, but wanted that Chiefs upside flyer piece. Big on Stills after the move, felt great in 14. Brady hosts Cowboys in Week 12; hope Gordon stays clean, and weather stays shootout friendly. Hillard another rookie RB flier (ppr special). Fairbairn last of preferred PK tier. Gronk flier very late. Who knows? Pleased with potential #1 WR Boykin in 19, albeit on a potentially weak passing offense, maybe some TD upside at worst. Chiefs D get Jags Week 1, maybe take them out of their game plan and leads to solid D stats. Fun drafting next to #3 guy; almost every even round he took the player we were debating with our pick. Validation. Hurray! 1 more FBG tomorrow night, wrapping up 7 drafts in 10 days. I FF...or maybe just drafting...
  7. Last night from #7... Wentz / Goff (Rounds 10/13, earliest I've taken qb over several drafts) DJ / Gurley / Kerryon / JWhite / JJax / CJA / Hilliard Godwin / Jeffery / Landry / CDavis / Deebo / Boykin / Enunwa Andrews / Rudolph Tucker / Saints
  8. Earlier this evening from the #3 Rivers / Allen Kamara / Mixon / Kerryon / Ingram / DHarris / Barber / Scarlett Woods / CSamuel / ESanders /JBrown / Hardman / Boykin / Chark Cook / McDonald Elliott / Jaguars