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  1. Yes, SSL and MBSL is where I remember this from.
  2. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. What I mean is, isnt there a way that an Owner can time out, the Draft move along, and they make their pick themselves from what's available when they show back up? For example, I have the 1.02, and I don't show during my window...the draft moves along, 1.03 and 1.04 make.their picks. I log onto the site, and I make my missed pick, filling my 1.02 slot, hoping all the time that I don't get pushed back further by an eager, ambitious or just plain responsible 1.06, 1.07, etc. while going through the process. That doesn't involve you, doesn't involve e-mails, doesn't slow down, stall or stop the draft. Can't I just make my own skipped pick whenever I show up? Like in a live draft: if I have to go to the can and wind up talking up some hottie and my league mates decide to proceed without me, I come back in and backfill my empty space from what's left when I show up...doesn't mfl offer that option?
  3. Yuds, isn't there an option where if someone misses their pick, the Draft just continues to move right along, and they can just make their skipped pick whenever the next time they log in? Keep things simple, is my opinion: miss your pick, pay a price. Draft moves on, Owner makes pick from what's available when he gets back in the Draft Room.
  4. An FF Season just wouldn't be the same without the League Of Champions...IN.
  5. If Collins' usage is similar to his usage from Week 8 on, last year, I'll gladly take 16 games of that, at his ADP. Even with Allen and Drake in the mix, Collins looks more like an inflation, rather than a regression candidate to me. Word has it that the drafting of Lamar Jackson has lit a fire under Flacco. I'm a big believe in 'a rising tide lifts all boats'. If Flacco plays like with more intensity, and with it comes more competence, that whole offense is due for at least a small progression of some sorts, and I think there's every reason to believe that the individual who will benefit the most from any inflation in that offense is Collins. Depending on who I've drafted already, I'd consider him in the 4th (pretty sure his ADP is mid-4th). If I knew I could land him in the 5th, it'd almost be a no-brainer, at least in my mind.
  6. If there's enough time between now and your proposed Draft Date, try to convince your League to hold an auction instead of a conventional draft. I consider this an imperative for start-ups. Gives every Owner a shot at every Player, and allows each Owner the full potential to exercise their individual strategies right out of the gate, unfettered by any conditions besides their bankroll.
  7. Based on his on-field accomplishments, AP has every right to leave the field on his own terms,.just like people have every right to praise, ridicule or try to understand him. I say let him do his thing, whatever it is.
  8. How does Brissett look in the early going?
  9. Check out Clicky Draft
  10. James Franklin taking over for BO'B was a disaster for Hack.we saw what Hack was capable of his Freshman year. BO'B stays, and this an entirely different conversation. He could have and should have transferred while he still had control of his situation, but he and his family took their scholarship commitment very seriously, and that's honorable if one is willing to accept the consequences. The Jets were a horrible landing spot for where he was coming out of college. I don't think his NFL story is entirely written just yet , but Gruden has a lot on his plate in his 1st year w Raiders, and it may be a while before he has the time to unpack Hack's baggage. Underneath 4 years of crap, there is a solid foundation to build on. What a break, to now have firsthand access to Gruden. Maybe the circumstances are starting to work in his favor. Should be an interesting story to follow.
  11. @QuizGuy66 ?
  12. I hope Scott McCloughgan, in a very classy way, makes Bruce Allen look really, really bad for doing him dirty.
  13. Where does Geronimo Allison fit in this WR group?
  14. Matt Waldman commented that Dalton is as good as his Offensive Line allows him to be...and if the O-Line improves significantly and the skill position players stay healthy, he statistically post starter-worthy #'s this upcoming Season... ...given that the Bengals added Cordy Glenn and drafted Billy Price, and apparently OC Bill Lazor is revamping the playbook, how bright is Dalton's future, both short and long term? Appreciate any insight, Bengalsguys...