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  1. Without looking inside the numbers/taking 3-2 at face value, 'skins are right where most expected they'd be post-Week 6. Now comes the midseason mini-gauntlet of @ Eagles, vs Cowboys, @ Seahawks...I"ve read/heard opinions across the spectrum of outcomes as to how we're going to fare over that stretch. I'm hoping we're 5-4 going into hosting the Vikings, but based on yesterday, I can't have any reasonable measure of confidence. Playing the 49'ers, here, 1PM, and at the end of their 3-game road stretch was not a game I expected to come out of where the prominent phrase going through my mind is "a win is a win". How we went from kicking their ### to holding our breath. Going into the Bye Week, I'd seen flashes of things that had me thinking "if the week off goes well, they're going to put these things together and more resemble a cohesive product when they next hit the field"...looks like they still need more time. Well, they get almost an extra 2 days this week, at least...and it's only a short ride up I-95, so there's that. Better have a good week of practice. The Team that beat the 49'ers yesterday isn't likely to beat the Eagles next Monday night... As an aside, being an old timer 'skins fan, plus a Penn St./Big10 guy, I've kept a casual eye on the kids of most of the Players who comprise the cohort I was passionate about growing up, including Gibbs and Beathard, and, post-game, win in hand, was happy that Iowa product CJ didn't have a complete meltdown and absolutely showed some things in his pro debut. Hope the kid has a nice career in him, as long as it's not at our expense. As I typed that, I started thinking 'jeez, can you imagine if the 'skins had drafted Bobby Beathard's grandson, he looked good in the preseason, and the 'skins/Cousins were struggling midseason?'...the way the last several years have gone, I almost have to pinch myself to affirm that scenario isn't actually playing itself out. Sheesh!
  2. I will not look a gift horse in the mouth. I will not look a gift horse in the mouth. I will not look a gift horse in the mouth. I will not look a gift horse in the mouth I will not...
  3. Status: trending up...
  4. I'm surprised Dan Carpenter doesn't have a job. Should I be, or not? From his wikipedia page, I read that "In 2016, (Carpenter's wife) Kaela controversially tweeted about her desire to have Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman castrated." Coincidence?
  5. Thanks for the update, SR... ...I took the liberty to log in as Commish on mfl sites for SSL1 and MBSL1 and update the standing there with immunities/eliminations. Anyone/everyone is welcome and encouraged to check for accuracy, and adjust if needed. SR, I believe in MBSL1 that the correct elimination for Week 5 is shadowfax, as Jeter was already eliminated in Week 2 of the contest.
  6. Perine needs time, and game-speed reps. If those things come at the expense of Rob Kelley, by injury or Coach's decision, I'm fine with it. Fat Rob is so ordinary and uninspiring, IMHO, that a JAG like Mack Brown actually provided more electricity than either of them. That's pretty sad, again, IMHO. Get Perine the work/reps he needs in order to stop thinking, and start playing by instinct, and vary things up with capable Mack Brown and lightning bolt CT, to keep the threat of the run at least reasonably legitimate...keep the KC Defense honest, and we'll have a puncher's chance, as long as Cousins takes what the defense gives him, and our own defense doesn't, that's a lot that needs to go right, not to mention one of the toughest road environments in NFL, and another prime-time night game, where, despite that absolutely stunning performance vs the Raiders, we still have a long way to go to getting that trend off our backs... ...there's been nothing but steady improvement over these 1st 3 games. That's great. I'm not ready to say with any confidence that they can string together two performances like that together in a row, especially given the circumstances surrounding the opponent/venue/etc... ...but, man, 3-1 going into the bye week would be so far beyond my wildest dreams...would more than make up for that Week 1 $h1t$how...
  7. TitansGuys, Walker didn't practice bad is the hammy?
  8. Road dog is a tough spot in recent history for the Lions, for winning, scoring and generating statistics. Without Jenkins, the Giants defense isn't elite, but it's still upper tier. Lions running game highly suspect, Giants entire offense is highly suspect. I hate these kind of bets, but the ingredients look like a recipe for an under, even with a relatively low number of 43. I need ff help tonight as much as anyone, from a variety of sources, so I hope we get what we're looking for...but I doubt it's coming.
  9. Haven't watched the replay yet, was anything said during the broadcast about Chris Godwin? Given the amt of garbage time, I'm surprised not to see him in the box score...
  10. Ryan Kerrigan is always a hero. Samaje Perine will be my hero if, in "Fat Rob"'s absence, he takes the starting RB gig and never looks back. The only thing I crave more than dominance in the trenches, is a more dynamic starting RB, and not a miscast role-player. How I wish, wish, wish Thompson was more durable. Critical win my any measure. Mandatory win, in the sense that the Rams are still firmly in the 25-32 range of NFL Teams. Simply not acceptable to come out of that game with an L. Not a pretty win, not at all. Even when they were running the ball, and running it well, it didn't feel like there was any 'flow' to the offense. Had to have this one to have even one remaining shred of optimism about 2017. Especially since we're headed into what's analagous to a 'perfect storm' scenario for the current iteration of the Redskins: 1) an upper-tier opponent, 2) home game, 3) night-time, prime-time...sure would like to get that monkey off our collective backs. If we were a better team, playing better football, this schedule actually plays in our favor: quality Teams prefer prime-time home games vs superior opponents (SNF, Raiders), getting an extra day to prepare and playing in prime-time is about the best scenario you could ask having to travel (MNF, @ Chiefs), then a week off, followed by a home game v the hapless 49'ers (1pm west coast team traveling east), followed by a prime-time MNF rematch @ (one of the shortest road trips in football) the team you embarrassed yourselves dropping the home opener to. A better team, playing better football, would be looking at a plausible 5-1 storyline, going into a late start Sunday home tilt vs the hated Cowboys. It couldn't be set up any better... ...for a better team, playing better football...
  11. Thx, Bri
  12. Bri, in your opinion is it possible Murray was benched for poor play?
  13. I don't have a good feeling at all about today, and the 4pm start just compounds it. Kinda like waiting in the woodshed...
  14. Good question for Bloom!