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  1. When Owners know in advance that there's an upcoming waiver deadline, Owners prepare for the upcoming waiver deadline. If they don't, it's on them. Playoffs are not called "the second season" for nothing. A Playoff Tournament, in my opinion, should have it's own set of risk/rewards and strategies. Running a gauntlet, by definition, is never easy and not always fair. A lot like life. No matter how you slice it, being skilled or being prepared isn't always enough. No matter how much a League tries to legislate it out, luck finds a way to have some degree of impact. There's no way around it. You have to be lucky, too.
  2. I think it's pretty weak sauce to allow waiver moves during the Playoffs. Maybe its because Ive been playing since the late 80's, and that's a modification that seems to have come about recently. Rubs me kind of like the way kids in my son's math class are allowed to use calculators for stuff I had to figure out by hand. Big crutch. You have the entire season to prepare for the stretch run. I'm a big fan of streaming, but at some point when you start morphing into a contender, you have to modify your approach. It's hard-core competition and strategy. Especially playing high stakes, which is mostly what I do. At some point those who make the cut have to bring the roster they curated to the table and see how it pans out with no extra help. Sink or swim. Injuries are part of game and playoff rosters should be big enough to allow teams to be prepared to weather them. Suck it up, and dance with the girl you brought to the party. YMMV.
  3. Delusional. Nothing's changed.
  4. Everyone ought to know by now this is the Pats M.O. ... they have the stones ( and the hardware) to attract talented headcases who, if screwed on straight, can make a difference...they bring 'em in and let the culture and locker room take over and go to work. Either it does...or it doesn't, and they move on to the next guy.
  5. SSL 1: Sayonara, Old Milwaukee... nittanylion, Duckboy and Fullback Fro are the Final Three...what now?
  6. Cripes...
  7. SSL1: Duckboy lands the Week 13 immunity, while Nugget exits, stage left... All That Remains: nittanylion, Fullback Fro, Duckboy and Old Milwaukee
  8. I'd bet we're gonna see some of Kirk's best career work vs Giants, Cards and Broncos...Those are going to be 3 or his biggest off-season suitors come 2018. Casting Central!
  9. Season on the line for both Teams. Been a while since a late-season Redskins/Cowboys tilt had do-or-die implications for both squads. Given the state of the NFC, you could argue that every game for the rest of the way is an 'elimination game', as 10-6 doesn't look like an automatic ticket to the Conference Playoff Dance. Even with our quasi-favorable ROS schedule, the required 'running the table' to arrive at that mark seems pretty far-fetched to me...but if we take it one week at a time, sticking a fork in the Cowboys on Thursday night seems like a pretty decent Week 13 goal to me!
  10. SSL1: No immunity to save Aaron this week...I aquired it for Week 12. Those who remain: nittanylion, Fullback Fro, Nugget, Duckboy and Old Milwaukee...
  11. Not going to go through 19 pages... Just gonna say... ...Jay Gruden. If we started a thread about when he doesn't do something stupid, it would be :crickets: ... so he oughtta be a Mr. Rushmore candidate in this one. :sigh:
  12. Wide Receiver or Tight End?
  13. SSL 1: nittanylion, Rudnicki, Fro, Nugget, Duckboy and Old Milwaukee still alive, to the best of my reckoning... Duckboy has Immunity Week 11, his first of the season. Rudnicki dodged the Turk with his Week 10 Immunity. krsone21 got the scimitar in his stead...
  14. Tony Luke's...roast pork sandwiches. Enjoy.