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  1. Congrats, @fatness...that weird feeling? Years ago I had a moment that I ruminated about for quite some time until I determined it could best be described as enlightenment...Congratulations, and welcome to the world I've inhabited for the better part of the last 20 years...sorry it took you (and others) so long to join me in this reality-based dark, yet wonderful, place...there's been an overwhelming amount of squadered time, energy and effort exerted in these Threads, unfortunately, but I completely accept the idea that everyone reaches the same conclusion in their own time and at their own pace. There is only one way to rid oneself of a pestilence: Burn it. Burn it all. To the Ground...and salt the earth behind you. My hatred of Dan and Bruce is bitter and runs deep, and I embrace any disgrace that would result in a seismic change at the top of the organizational chart... ...I am an ardent fan of this Team, and fully accept the outcome that posits for things to get order for things to get better. Try this on for size: I believe with all my heart that Bruce Allen, self-serving, self-righteous ##### that he is...actually rooted for the Astros in the World Series, because somewhere in that dismal abyss of self-awareness he calls a conscience, he had at least a clue of how much of a finger a Nationals World Championship would compound what the Caps and Mystics have already served to point multiple fingers at the Redskins/him for the results the last 2 decades have produced, particularly those under his watch... ...#### Dan and Bruce, indeed.
  2. There's an ironic meatball hanging over the plate here, if someone wants to take a swing at knocking it out of the park... Crap, the quote didn't copy. Fixed?
  3. C'mon, Yuds...surely you fondly remember when we spent our days eagerly anticipating the town crier cantering his trusty steed down the cobblestones, whilst shouting the out of town scores, so we could get to work tabulating results on parchment by quill before the tallow candle sputtered out?
  4. I am an ardent hater of any and all things Dan Snyder/Bruce Allen. I'd even go as far as to say that my hatred of those 2 buffoons runs so deep, it has supplanted my love for the Redskins... ...I hope Kirk shreds them tonight. Absolutely shreds them. That 0-73 loss to the Bears for the 1940 Championship? Pffttt...why settle for the Field Goal when you can score that 11th TD? "YOU LIKE THAT?!?!?!" Like it, Kirk? I'd love it. I'd want some more of it. C'mon Captain Kirk, commence the air raid that brings to pass the rock bottom that this self-destructive franchise needs to hit.
  5. Don't you know things? I'm going to either throw up, or hop a redeye to Nashville looking for a pound of flesh if I get a full-on F'ing ZERO out of F'ing Delanie Walker today. Multiple high-stakes entries. Feed me, Bri. Please.
  6. Charlie Brown Halloween is on this Tuesday night, if I'm not mistaken. A ray of sunshine between Revenge of the Kyle showing today and Revenge of the Kirk showing on RNF...
  7. If you knew who Bruce Allen is as a person, you'd realize he's doing this to Williams simply out of spite. Typical Bruce, that we've suffered with for too long now. I know that may sound incredulous to some, but there's a track record, and the insiders affirm it. Par for the course, and I'm worried I'm becoming numb to it.
  8. Anyone investing a penny stock into Pats TE Ryan Izzo?