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  1. I completely shat the bed in epic fashion. The end.
  2. Another losing week. Its ok though, I am use to it. Gotta dial it back even more. I typically run 2-3 cash LU and a handful of gpps LU. Gonna have to go big or go home with 1 cash LU and 3-5gpps. Been a unfun daily and season long fantasy FB year. Losing interest.
  3. After last weeked debacle, i followed it up with losing 2/3 of my entry fees. Fml.
  4. Damage was done..... To my bankroll.... Lll
  5. That's almost exactly the spot I'm at now.
  6. I am on pace to not cash a single thing! And this is the week up put about 33% of my bankroll in play...I will be back to square 1 from where I started the season. Felt so right. Hopefully I can at least enjoy a nice KC win.
  7. I had an engram manning stack in one of my cash line ups. All those wr going down and nothing for the TE
  8. Tate is another wiff on my part. The only positive is I am just playing with house money I have accumulated the first 4 weeks...... Right???
  9. 2 of my 3 cash line ups have Manning.... Doh
  10. Wtf. Feels like a no lube kinda day
  11. Why exactly are people on philly D? I get home team with west going to east at 1pm. However, if Palmer, Fitz, and Jaron Brown are good plays this week the numbers don't add up. I would be more interested in the Giants for less.
  12. No. I expect more from him, and you should too :).
  13. Probably will go back to the Manning well. Bell break out game vs JAX??