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  1. I own 6 teams. On several of them I'm holding Dalvin Cook and Fournette. I'm considering trying to trade for Sony and offering a package including the first/second round injury busts.
  2. Yeah I'm dropping him at this point, for guys like Boyd, Kirk, Calaway (Cle) etc
  3. I stalk Kenyan Drake this year. Could be a league winner.
  4. I'm basically a Kenyan Drake crackhead at this point. I'm in a bunch of 1/2 point ppr leagues so I'm literally going RB RB RB. I'm getting things like Fournette/CMC then Drake and T.Y. or evans. or Saquon/ Cook into Drake and Jarvis Landry was another one. Then I grab a WR2 in the 6th round because SOOOO many WR2s live there this year. Then after that I'm hedging my Drake bet with Carlos Hyde, Chris Carson and Peyton Barber late as my RB4. I'm punting TE and streaming Njoku a lot. One draft I got Njoku and then Jordan Reed in the 12th or something crazy.
  5. Now he's that flex that in a good matchup could go off for 7-145-2. But you can't be confident after this stink bomb.
  6. He's had 1 top 10 fantasy performance this year. Call it what you will.
  7. Truth be told, I think he'll have good value going forward. But going into Pit with an under performing QB... eh. The chemistry still isn't there. There was some cause to think that a banged up Pit secondary might allow him to have a good game, but you can talk yourself into anything if you try.
  8. Good news Corey Davis fans! He’s now available for a very small % of your FAAB, and can probably be had in a trade for a DST or LeGarette Blount!
  9. Steelwind and NREC34- agree. They won't be able to run on Pit, they'll end up having to throw. Good chance they get behind in the first half as well. Pit's offense is always good to amazing at home.
  10. Although I think your prediction is a bit optimistic, I agree that he has double the upside of the humps you started him over!
  11. I have this mishmash of WRs. I have Tyreek, who I have to start against the NY Give-ups. Then I have another WR slot to fill, as well as a flex. My options? Alshon who's dinged, and is inconsistent although trending up. Demariyus Thomas, who I am sitting against a better than advertised bengals secondary. Also Brock is horrendous. Then DeVante in what should be his best matchup of the year. Finally Corey. So I've decided WR1 Tyreek - could win you your week any week, the Giants just don't care anymore. WR2 Alshon, because he's trending up, and Dallas' defense has been a sieve. Flex DeVante because IN THEORY he should have WR1 upside in this game. He's got a strong floor for a flex. Benched DT- was tricky because he is getting so many targets, but Denvers running game isn't gonna scare anyone, and I'm assuming they just make Brocks life a living hell and take the 2 WRs out of the game. Corey- I just haven't seen quite enough yet, and although its a banged up Steelers secondary, it's still on the road, and lets be serious, Mariota just hasn't been very good this year. I think he has potential down the stretch, I just don't see this as the most likely recipe for success.