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  1. Miami should have to forfeit their revenue share
  2. Last year's opener was a crap game as well
  3. You can probably remove Ekeler from that list. He won't be on any waiver wires, and it appears to be a near certainly he's going to be starting games at this point.
  4. Only giving up a 3rd and a 5th and not giving Brown any extra years is a win.
  5. "Prior to the pass" I thought, but then again perhaps I shouldn't be giving these refs the benefit of the doubt
  6. Vicious roughing the passer there, its a miracle Brady is OK
  7. Kobe did. I'm not sure any determination can be made from their reaction.
  8. How does the punter not practice onside kicks at some point? Especially when you have the most out of shape kicker alive.
  9. It seems crazy that punters and kickers can't do each other's jobs to some extent