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  1. Honestly I think Rudolph should have been suspended as well. If Pouncey gets 3 games for defending his teammate, then the teammate that instigated the whole thing shouldn't be getting off scot free. Garrett getting suspended for the rest of the year was a no-brainer.
  2. To that point, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota each have a higher career passer rating than Dan Marino
  3. Smart flop by Mills. It was definitely OPI, but the flop sold it
  4. Unless you have another SNF or MNF option it makes it pretty risky when he's very possibly going to be a game time decision.
  5. OK - Maddox wagging his finger and then Lazard doing the 2 handed point to the flag might be my favorite moment this season
  6. So apparently the Rams/Saints PI is the measuring stick. If you don't assault a guy a full second before the ball gets there then it's not clear and obvious
  7. I mean, I get why they didn't blow the whistle but come on now
  8. Tight Ends over 40 at that. If Witten does it to them in a couple weeks, then their season can officially be declared over.
  9. Philly should think about covering that Adams guy
  10. what a disappointment. i wasn't expecting him to be in my starting line up often, but he can't even be a bye week fill in
  11. Not that it matters in the long run, but bad break for Miami there, that didn't look offsides at all