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  1. What is the point of that play? 5 seconds for 5 yards
  2. Given Henry's off the field exploits it's certainly possible that's no coincidence
  3. That was very clearly not a horse collar or facemask. I understand fans at games complaining about this stuff, but for you guys with benefit of multiple slow mo replays, come on.
  4. A pick is still OPI, so I was just responding to the "They haven’t overturned a TD with an after-the-fact offensive PI call ever" comment. I agree though, a push off would likely have to involve weaponry to get a TD called back
  5. There have been at least a couple this year, including the Vikings getting one called back against GB
  6. I think the Skins have to take Young. He's clearly the BPA at #2 and I'd much rather take my chances with him than trusting the front office (whatever that looks like at the time) to make good on the couple extra picks they'd get by trading down. If they had #3 I'd probably feel differently, and obviously if they get some sort of crazy Ricky Williams offer that changes things.
  7. 24 seconds, 3 timeout and they only need FG range. I'm expecting OT but will be pleasantly surprised if Miami holds on
  8. i understand a ref missing a facemask, but making one up is something else
  9. What am I missing? How is that not PI? And how is it not being challenged?
  10. setting for a 50 yard FG in the rain seems super dumb well it worked out, but i think i would have called timeout with 15 seconds left and run a play on 3rd down to try and gain a few yards
  11. Honestly I think Rudolph should have been suspended as well. If Pouncey gets 3 games for defending his teammate, then the teammate that instigated the whole thing shouldn't be getting off scot free. Garrett getting suspended for the rest of the year was a no-brainer.
  12. To that point, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota each have a higher career passer rating than Dan Marino