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  1. "Prior to the pass" I thought, but then again perhaps I shouldn't be giving these refs the benefit of the doubt
  2. Vicious roughing the passer there, its a miracle Brady is OK
  3. Kobe did. I'm not sure any determination can be made from their reaction.
  4. How does the punter not practice onside kicks at some point? Especially when you have the most out of shape kicker alive.
  5. It seems crazy that punters and kickers can't do each other's jobs to some extent
  6. what's the opposite of prevent defense?
  7. Seattle should probably stop tackling receivers before the ball gets there
  8. common sense says that's a catch. or in other words, who the F knows what they're going to rule
  9. lol, touchback actually, i don't think they reverse that. it's closer than i thought. plus, there's ratings to think about
  10. Garrett is clearly playing against Zeke in his league this week
  11. 2nd and goal at the 3, run Amari Cooper on a jet sweep for -7 yards. Jesus.
  12. If they're going to go for 2 here, they should have done it on the first TD
  13. I don't think either of these teams is particularly good, it hasn't really been a well played game, the refs have done their best to grab the spotlight, but damned if it isn't entertaining.
  14. The Steelers really do love playing up/down to their competition. Results in entertaining games at least.
  15. And now neither team can cover anyone to save their lives