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  1. According to the DD app w/ my league settings CMC is 18th and Juju is 37th. So w/ those rankings I'd keep Juju but you'd have to look at how they rank for you. I'm in a similar boat where I can keep Tyreek (DD rank 28) for a 5th, or Engram (DD rank 64) for a 15th, and based on the Dodds calc, keeping Engram is the way to go. Obviously that's oversimplifying things, but it's another data point. In my case, I'm leaning toward keeping Tyreek just because I like the idea of having a potential WR1 locked up in the 5th more that I like the idea of being able to completely ignore the TE position in the draft.
  2. I'm looking at 5th in PPR, but the thread is for whatever scoring format Seems like Antonio Brown is the favorite here. Or if someone takes him earlier, then whichever one of the top 4 RB's they left behind. Anyone thinking otherwise? And if AB is the pick, who are you looking to get on the way back? Just based on a quick look at the ADP on FFCalc, I like pretty much all of the top 19 guys, so I'm assuming at least one of those guys will be around at pick 20. Although as good as a 1-2 combo of AB and Keenan/Davante/whoever would look, I can't say I'd be thrilled starting out WR/WR with as much WR depth as there is so I'd really be hoping for a RB to fall
  3. that waiting list stuff has been nonsense for a while. i'm a STH and over the past several years they've basically been begging me to buy more. i've also had numerous friends/co-workers who were able to get season tickets in recent years without being on any waiting list. of course they've all gotten rid of them since. i'm the only dummy that's kept them.
  4. Wingo's just drunk. He thought the Redskins traded with the Raiders to get 13
  5. I can't imagine the bar is set very high in his case. "Gronk, what day is it?" "Potato". "Yep, he's fine"
  6. Nice 1 minute drive there by the Jags following the TO
  7. Vikings about to get 12 delay of game penalties trying to kick the XP
  8. Big kick, but they've left Brees with 90 seconds and a timeout
  9. Well that's the risk you take when you have your receiver throwing the ball
  10. that's a catch, even by the NFL's nonsensical standards
  11. If they did that last drive, they're probably up 21-0. Regardless, Brees needs to get something going
  12. pretty sure the kicker was trying to nail one of the up men and just missed
  13. that wasn't as bad as the first onside attampt. tried kicking it off the face of one of the up men. can't advance an onside kick unless the other team touches it.
  14. Even if they score, the Eagles will have a minute left and a kicker with a hell of a leg
  15. Based on how they've been ruling all season, that doesn't seem close