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  1. Big kick, but they've left Brees with 90 seconds and a timeout
  2. Well that's the risk you take when you have your receiver throwing the ball
  3. that's a catch, even by the NFL's nonsensical standards
  4. If they did that last drive, they're probably up 21-0. Regardless, Brees needs to get something going
  5. pretty sure the kicker was trying to nail one of the up men and just missed
  6. that wasn't as bad as the first onside attampt. tried kicking it off the face of one of the up men. can't advance an onside kick unless the other team touches it.
  7. Even if they score, the Eagles will have a minute left and a kicker with a hell of a leg
  8. Based on how they've been ruling all season, that doesn't seem close
  9. Not sure what Funchess was doing on that 3rd down play. The ball was there
  10. Did they even review that INT? That seemed like less of a catch than lots of the stuff they've overturned this year
  11. In one league, need Lamar not to outscore Elliott by more than 8. In another, need Hopkins to not score 8. So basically, I need the Texans offense to #### the bed in glorious fashion
  12. 100,000 people know they should hand the ball to Zeke. Instead Cowboys call 3 straight passing plays and have 3rd and goal from outside the 20
  13. Not sure why all refs aren't required to explain the decision after replay. Some do, some don't.
  14. Three games in a row Freeman has a killer fumble, this time he doesn't get bailed out
  15. and somehow Evans still won't get targets