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  1. Unless Torrey has a 60 inch vertical, that ball was uncatchable
  2. wait, what? how is that not a safety? edit: yeah, i'm dumb. change of possession
  3. Of course, but I wouldn't read much of anything into a game against the Saints. Last week they made Bradford look like Brady, this week they're going to make Brady look like a terminator sent back in time to destroy defenses
  4. Dalton you soulless POS. My first round pick is now bench fodder.
  5. I went with Younghoe Koo in one league because I thought he had the best kicker name, but then I just saw that the Texans kicker's full name is John Christian Ka'iminoeauloameka'ikeokekumupa'a "Ka'imi" Fairbairn. I may have chosen poorly
  6. That wasn't even close to a fumble. But ultimately I agree that the inevitable Cousins turnover would have just happened a minute later.
  7. I want a spinoff consisting solely of candid NFL player commentary on Game of Thrones
  8. You get 10 internet cool points if you're the first person in the thread to say 'game over'
  9. Between the Skip Bayless / Shannon Sharpe commercials on Fox and the Stephen A Smith / Max Kellerman commercials on ESPN I just don't get it
  10. Well these wildcard games have been just great so far
  11. yep, likely followed by a trip to New England. just like last year
  12. Not saying it's right, but it is what it is. QB running out of bounds, you're going to get flagged for that every time.
  13. in bounds or not, the defender has to be smarter than that
  14. refs obviously playing against DJax in their fantasy leagues
  15. Id' say go for it, but the shotgun snap on 4th and inches isn't a good look