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  1. best thing for Seattle. Now they have a minute and only need FG range (whatever that means today)
  2. This would just be further confirmation that the Colts are really out to ruin Luck's career
  3. These uniforms w/ the spear in place of the regular logo should be their full time uni. And that was a hell of a throw by Cousins with the defender in his face
  4. He didn't complete the process of the catch until he was in the endzone. If the ball had popped out in the endzone they sure as hell would have called it incomplete.
  5. Can Matt Moore really be any worse than this?
  6. .5 PPR, need to pick 2 of these WRs D Parker (v Ten) / Cobb (v Dal) / Thielen (v Chi) Thanks
  7. yeah, why hand it to your RB averaging 8 yards a carry?
  8. no TD, hopefully they let him finish it off
  9. Pryor plays receiver like a guy who was a QB 3 years ago.
  10. Pretty sure the ref said the ruling was changed
  11. The call itself was correct, the defender had his hand on Tate's shoulder the whole time, but that's a extra ####ty way to lose
  12. As unwatchable as most of the games this year have been, the last half hour of RedZone has been amazing
  13. The least shocking thing I've seen all day
  14. They needed one yard, not a fan of lining up in the shotgun there
  15. Unless Torrey has a 60 inch vertical, that ball was uncatchable
  16. wait, what? how is that not a safety? edit: yeah, i'm dumb. change of possession