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  1. 3rd and goal from the 1 and you throw a fade to DJax against Peterson? Might as well just kick the field goal on 3rd down and save everyone some time.
  2. so if you win the challenge it's 2nd and less than 1. they get the first down on the next play and coming out of the 2min warning it's 1st down instead of 2nd nvm, i'm dumb. thought it was a 1st down play not 2nd
  3. are they really challenging a 2 yard completion?
  4. cool. one more possession for Ware to not play
  5. 2 points thrown away by foolishly going for 2 twice in the 3rd edit: though to be fair, they messed up an extra point as well, so more like 3 points thrown away by poor execution
  6. Carr comes right in dealing edit: also, hate the move to go for 2 by Carolina there. There's way too much football left to worry about getting within 3 points with 25 minutes left
  7. there was plenty of time to try and score a TD there, not sure why they were so content to let it run down for a FG try
  8. Non-PPR WR - Need 1 of the following Cobb vs PHI Tyrell Williams vs HOU Snead vs LAR RB - Need 3 of the following Jennings vs Cle Howard vs TEN Latavius vs CAR T.West vs CIN Martin vs SEA Thanks
  9. Houston getting any offense at all going with that doofus under center is an impressive feat
  10. the half would be over either way, no need to give away free yards. according to the play by play on one of the penalties was accepted. (:03) (Shotgun) 4-D.Carr pass short right to 28-L.Murray to SD 30 for 24 yards. Lateral to 89-A.Cooper to OAK 46 for -24 yards. Lateral to 4-D.Carr to SD 49 for 5 yards. Lateral to 15-M.Crabtree to SD 49 for no gain (50-M.Te'o). Penalty on OAK-68-J.Feliciano, Illegal Block Above the Waist, declined. PENALTY on OAK-66-G.Jackson, Ineligible Downfield Pass, 0 yards, enforced at OAK 46 - No Play.
  11. So Woody has been must-start, especially in PPR, but 2 terrible showings in the last 3 weeks. Anyone considering alternatives?
  12. He was a WW pickup wasn't he? Yes, and depending on when you drafted, Foster was going after the first few rounds, so having Charles/Bell along with Foster and Lewis is completely reasonable.
  13. I don't know why anyone bothers responding to that dude. Anyway - if he's out long term, I'm assuming the passing back role will be some combination of White and Bolden making neither of them startable.
  14. well - here's hoping for another ~30 point 4th quarter
  15. Gronk owners - what waiver wire TE are you guys targeting for the bye?
  16. Looks like they better keep stripping. The Tecmo Bowl playbook might suit him well.
  17. well, the good news for Dallas is that the rest of that division is terrible. if Romo can come back after 6-8 weeks, and they can win just a couple of those (certainly not a given, or even likely), they might not be out of it.
  18. Yes, but Barrett is the only one of the 3 that is a Meyer recruit What year is Jones? Didnt know he was older. red shirt Soph