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  1. Leaning toward starting him (over Herron/Lamar/Blount), but I wouldn't say with confidence.
  2. Hasn't been a part of the gameplan so far, only 2 touches in the first half.
  3. They were the #1 defense in the league going into the game (well really #2 but Detroit played earlier), and somewhere in the top 10 against the run
  4. In my league, Luck finished #5 last year and TY was #18. That was with minimal competition for targets. Wayne missed half the season, Allen missed the whole season, and the next best WR on the roster was DHB. With Wayne/Allen/Nicks around, I don't see how TY could possibly see the same number of targets he did last year. The targets he does see would likely be more efficient this year, but I don't see him as being all that underrated.
  5. So being the top receiver by default, is Edelman stuck on Revis island this week?
  6. That's a pretty optimistic minimum considering he's done significantly worse than that the last 2 weeks, and he's playing another top 10 run defense this week.