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  1. Thought on the aisle passenger who passes out the minute you’re in the air and you have to go to the bathroom and you’re in the middle/window seat. Wake them?
  2. Correct. Unless the guy in front of you already has the exit row extra legroom AND reclines. Then it’s ‘passive/aggressive-bumping-into-the-back-of-his-seat-accidentally-and-repeatedly’ time.
  3. I’m worried that she and Pete will eat into each other’s support the the Bloomberg bomb comes swooping down and who the hell knows what happens...
  4. He complied with a subpoena and was truthful. Let that sink in. That gets you fired.
  5. He testified truthfully to what he knew. Many people who have no political axe to grind found the situation troubling. I can’t see even a Trump supporter defending the firings. It’s truly hard to fathom. And yet...
  6. I still have time... Im open to a charity donation of a reasonable amount to a charity of your choice.
  7. Well I can’t really say I’m shocked. But at least everyone now sees just how party over country the current GOP is. This will hurt them in November. Or maybe it won’t. But if it doesn’t then we’ve entered a very new and frightening phase of our national political conscience. I don’t k ow what this country will look like in 20 years if this kind of pure political corruption and cover up doesn’t move the voting public.
  8. Red eye w/kids then having to switch rooms? Id be miserable all morning then pissed I had to move rooms.
  9. This is making me dizzy. Maybe we should just ask him? You support that right?
  10. If only we had a format to ask these people questions and get around reporters, leaks, innuendo and hearsay... What if we could hear them speak on the record and ask them questions in a public format where they would be compelled to answer honestly? That would be really nice to have right now.