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  1. Mammoth/June Lake, CA Door CO, WI Sedona, AZ Nisswa, MN Red Wing, MN
  2. Eating Salt and Vinegar chips at Gate C30 at IAH I’m Houston charging my phone.
  3. Well this particular course, in N Ireland, given their history... Rory winning would be a dream story. But he’s got a long way to come back already...
  4. These guys play at unhealthy inflated weight. Good for him.
  5. Chicago - perfect summer city. You’ve got high end, hipster, artsy, great parks, lakeshore. Every neighborhood is unique. San Francisco - my favorite city in the US. Food, gorgeous views, plenty of things to do. Not too hot in the summer. Charleston - never been but from what I understand I would love it. Unique food. Old architecture. Ocean views. Probably good golf. Seattle - also never been. I think I’d love it. Is it too sterile though? Mammoth, CA. Love the mountains. Hiking, lakes, skiing in the winter. Just big enough to have everything you need.
  6. Serious question - given how much different your personal all views are from the culture of your area have you ever considered moving?
  7. Minnesota. Twin Cities. Love the state, the people are generally great too. My neighborhood is awesome. Pool parties, BBQs, schools are great, tons of parks, lakes, bike paths. Great golf courses. Lots of friends and family here too. Phenomenal job market, lots of different places to live (city, burbs, farmland 25 miles from downtown) May-Oct is awesome. Winters are BRUTAL. But if they weren’t the area would be twice as big and would loose a lot of what I love about it. If it weren’t for family I’d be happy living in any mid-sized metro in the Midwest/Southeast.
  8. What’s rolled ice cream? Black ice cream?
  9. 8. I mean some of these foods are just good for you and everyone should at least try them. Rosé? Bone broth? Quinoa? How are these millennial? LaCroix? Lots of boomer women drink those.