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  1. I’m sure it’s been posted before but could you link to it?
  2. One of my neighbors is there with this minivan painted in #OpenMinnesotaNow
  3. More to it. I got a fitting. Bought some Titelist CBs. I tried 4 different heads. 5 different shafts. And different length/lie combos. I'm .5° upright and 1/2” longer than standard.
  4. Yeah - I’m torn. We can’t let the only factor be reducing the spread as much as possible. This is economically untenable.
  5. I need a driveway redone and it wasn’t going to be a top priority but I would imagine that concrete workers should be able to work during this period of time right?
  6. Appeared. IRS. From my direct deposit info they had on file. No paperwork.
  7. 3,900 deposited today. 2 adults, 3 kids. Haven’t filed in 2019 but did file in 2018.
  8. I went yesterday evening around 7 PM and it was fairly empty. I would say 25% of the customers were wearing masks but most of the cashiers and employees were not. every time I’ve gone out I feel like the customers are adhering very well the social distancing and I have never felt too close to anybody.
  9. Where are you? I’m about to run out to the Cub in EP.
  10. Wait - she was drunk watching the news at 2am, got in the shower and then fell?
  11. My take is that most people will adapt to a new normal. Masks, sanitizing, distancing. They will require businesses to do the same.
  12. As soon as possible = when we have a vaccine or herd immunity or a legit treatment IMO.
  13. I disagree. People are fundamentally changed until this is gone.
  14. One bright spot for the fitness industry is that people who haven’t been taking proactive steps to lose weight or keep their blood pressure or blood sugar and check will realize just how much of a danger that could be and I might predict an uptick in spending on personal fitness and nutritional programs. But every brand I speak with understands that they have to have a full blown at home component that they can also monetize in case this comes back around again.