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  1. You will have to see how the season plays out. I can't see Foles starting over the other two unless the Jags are a big surprise and Packers and Bears are a let down, but Trubisky has the potential to take a big jump this year I think. This week Rodgers and Trubisky are pretty similar in projections so take your pick. I would be starting one of those 2 and not take Foles until we know what they look like on O.
  2. This is in a .5 PPR dynasty league. I have Gurley and am being offered MIke Evans. Here is my roster: Really just comes down to who is more valuable the rest of their career as I am pretty solid at both positions.
  3. I am the Moore owner in a 25 man roster, 12 team dynasty league. I have a strong starting lineup but am a little weaker at RB as far as RB 4-5 going down. I have a good crop of young WRs that will hopefully move up this year so am kind of leaning towards letting Moore go but am hesitant due to short term nature of Williams success late in the year.
  4. The key here is that I dont have to start Olsen as we dont have to start a TE.
  5. I have Kelce/Thompson for their McKinnon/Mixon. This is 1PPR and 15 rec yds/point. Lineup is: QB RB RB WR WR W/R/T W/R/T My Roster: Mariota Thielen, Jeffrey, Hogan, Parker, Nelson, Corey Davis Ingram, Murray, Thompson, Lynch Kelce, Olsen This is a two flex spot league without the requirement to start a TE so Kelce is not as valuable as standard leagues. My RB position is thin, especially with all of my byes this week and I am in an almost must win at 3-6 to make our playoffs. Thoughts?
  6. I am contemplating doing this. He is on the field just as much as Gates and looks to be a stronger option going forward with Gates not doing much.
  7. I just traded my Miller for their Cameron. He had Gronk and was hurting at RB with Ridley.
  8. Jennings, as in Greg? I think I would feel pretty good to get that in return as well...Anyway, I too am forced to start him this week with byes and injuries. If he can't get it done this week in a game they should be up in and against a hapless Colts run D then he may not be worth much this season.