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  1. Seems like A&E isn't showing Sopranos at the moment. Anyone know if they plan to show it again?
  2. The point of who killed Tony is insignificant. Sure, it is fun to posit theories about the killer, but Chase didn't care. The point was that Tony had destroyed so many lives over the course of the series that it could have been anyone, connected or not. I also completely agree with Chase's sentiment that to show Tony's death would completely belittle it. Other than the instant gratification of seeing his violent demise, it would not be a powerful ending. That final scene, in my opinion, with such incredible attention to detail, is a masterpiece.
  3. Show is becoming more and more like the real-life version of 30 Rock's TGS.
  4. Came here to post this when I saw the thread was bumped.I can't believe she (and Howard) had the balls to goof on Gary....wait, who called her out on it? I didn't hear that partI think it was Richard that called Robin out, right? Howard brought him in the studio to ridicule him for tending to his pet guinea pig, Taco. Robin was piling on, as always, so Richard made a reference to the fact that she works from home. She flipped out, called Richard an #####, etc. Great radio. I can't stand Robin so I love the rare occasions where she is questioned. She can't handle it.
  5. Uggh. I hate that I locked in at 3.875 a month ago. Kinda funny.
  6. This season will go down as one of the worst of the past 15-20 years, and that is saying something. The cast had some talent in Sudekis, Wiig, Samberg, Hader, Armisen, et all, but the writing was abominable. Not one truly memorable sketch. They need to clean house of this writing staff. It will be a very different cast next year anyway if Sudekis, Wiig and Samberg are indeed leaving.
  7. Yes, rates have gone down quite a bit in the last month and you should absolutely shop around. Use or to get an idea of the rates/fees.
  8. Actually feeling a little bummed now about locking in 3.875 on a 30 year a couple weeks ago. Now it's around 3.7. Crazy.
  9. Just locked in a 30-year purchase mortgage at 3.875% with Wells Fargo.
  10. If I am about to enter the buying market for my first house, what is the sequence of moves? Do I get pre-approved by one lender first and then shop rates with numerous lenders later on once my offer is approved? Or, should I try to get pre-approved with the lender that I actually plan to go with?
  11. I got through Insanity last summer but it definitely took a toll on my knees. Ended up with some bad tendinitis that I am still rehabbing. I recommend frequent icing of the knees after workouts, particularly if you start to notice any aches and pains. Patellar tendinitis is a b---- to get rid of.
  12. Anyone checked out SFN lately? Mutt shut the site down for a while and recently reopened it with a new commitment to clean, wholesome Stern talk. Naturally, the regulars over there are not happy. Kind of funny though - they are all being sarcastically nice and polite.
  13. I know this has been discussed before, but how ridiculously good is the "Seven Souls" intro to "Members Only." That montage really sticks with me as one of the greatest TV scenes of all time.
  14. Trying to decide whether to buy now or save for another six months. I know interest rates will stay low for a while, but will they stay this low?
  15. This has to be up there with the worst final seasons of a long-running scripted show in television history. Six of the season's eight episodes were squandered on storylines that didn't matter or made no sense. The season made absolutely no plot progress until episode seven. At that point, it was a race to wrap up ridiculous story arcs with even more ridiculous conclusions. I cannot get over Vince marrying a girl that absolutely hated him and everything he represented. They spend one day/night together, and they agree to get married? WTF?! Let's not even mention the fact that she was on the show for literally four minutes. Or the fact that she is probably not even in the top five in the Vince girlfriend power rankings. Sloan dispises Eric, as does her father. But she is willing to drop everything on a whim to go to Vince's wedding in France? To a girl he has known for three days? And to top it all off, she takes Eric back because of some casual convincing from his best friends? Furthermore, how much time and effort was used to build up the Drama cartoon/TV movie angle? All for nothing. Literally nothing. Same could be said for Turtle. Weeks of buildup, only to be concluded with Vince saving the day in a matter of seconds. Whomever at HBO gave the green-light to these scripts should be fired immediately. Don't blame the actors or Doug Ellin. They simply cashed in and did the bare minimum amount of work.