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  1. Shurmer just signed with Denver. Dont blame him, Nagy isnt giving up control of the offense or playcalling.
  2. I agree, but Nagy decided he was going to peg a square into a round hole come hell or high water. Picked up all of Reids worst instincts regarding rushing.
  3. Look at Tennessee as well. Looks like defense and running the ball can do pretty well. We keep discussing if Nagee is the problem or Trubisky/Pace. Why not both?
  4. This is what happens to any team that can't block a 3 man rush or tackle Ryan Tannehill in the open field.
  5. Last I heard Smith is still learning to walk again, but he would be the perfect guy. The thing is, the Bears are at an impasse. They have a QB they are committed to and coach/offense they are committed to, but the QB is not right for this offense. Something has to give. What the Bears options are: 1.significantly revamp this offense (and honestly they would need to take playcalling away from Nagy because he has proven himself fundamentally unable to cater his playcalling) to maximize Trubiskys strengths and hide his weaknesses. 2. have another QB at least on standby that may not be a 'better' passer than Trubisky, but who can execute Nagys offense better. That list of available QBs may not be impressive, but they dont have to be 'good', they just have to be 'better than Mitch, IN THIS OFFENSE'. Which basically means getting that accuracy up towards 70%. I feel like almost everybody on that list would be an improvement for what Nagy wants to do, only because you probably complete 5 more passes per game that Mitch just completely botches or doesnt see at all. You also (depending on who youre talking about) lose that mobility, but Nagy isnt interested in that mobility in his offense. 3.You split that baby in half and let Nagy claim he is going to on the one hand make tweaks in the offense to compliment Mitch's Mitchiness, but also to somehow train Trubisky to see the field and read defenses (which history suggests is not something you can teach if a guy just doesnt get it). In reality, none of that ends up happening and you get a repeat of this season. The third option is almost certainly what is going to happen. The worst part of that is, at the end of 2020 you still dont know where the biggest problem is, Nagys offense and playcalling, or Trubuskis shortcomings. You have to get an answer there, that should be paramount.
  6. "We have to get better at these critical positions and were going to explore every possibility to make that happen"? If i were a free agent, thats what id be looking to hear from a prospective GM. Not, "we still absolutely believe Shaheen, Floyd, and Trubisky are the guy we want playing for us"
  7. I was expecting some lipstick on the pig from Pace, but he seems to be straight up drinking the koolaid. I was not expecting this. Yesterday i thought you cant fire Pace without firing the whole coaching staff and cleaning house on personnel, but after hearing this... They have to fire this guy before he damages the franchise for another five seasons with bad second contracts for failed picks. Hes not rational.
  8. Christ, hes happy with SHAHEEN. Either hes just glad handing or we are screwwwwed.
  9. Pace is staying with Mitch and happy with Floyd. Take him at his word and the Bears may be on the cusp of murdering a whole bunch of money and cap space.