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  1. Cool. Bears gave up 24 today, not 38, and turnovers set up some of that. Great defenses have off days.
  2. Giving up 24 points when your offense turns the ball over twice and has about a million penalties isnt 'terrible'. Its not great but if thats your off game...
  3. Look, this team is what it is. They arent great and they aren't terrible. The defense is elite, but they arent perfect. Losing Hicks was a blow, especially to the run D. Chase is a career backup. The O line isnt very good, but can perform well in the right circumstances. Mitch isnt great, but he could have won today picking up a couple extra first downs with his legs, because it was a close game against an improving team that had a great gameplan, and having to travel a couple thousand miles introduces some new variables. But being very capable of beating the Raiders isnt super bragable. This offense needed to take the next step to put the Bears in championship conversation, and they haven't. They'll still win plenty of games, and if they beat the Saints everyone will be back on the bandwagon, but the fundamentals wont change. They arent there yet.
  4. Oline is mediocre at best. Chase is what we should have assumed he was. Raiders arent a bad team. Bears will go as far as their defense can take then, meaning being perfect all the time and also scoring points. Weve seen this movie before in Chicago.
  5. Billionaire owes multi millionaire some money. Who cares?
  6. Sample size my dude. If you want to look at single games, he managed to lose to the Giants last year somehow.
  7. Honestly I think Alex Smith could win multiple championships with this team if he were healthy. He already knows the system.
  8. Good to here Mitch wont miss an extended amount of time. I still dont think he's going to be good enough, but the Bears need to find out and the worst case scenario is going into another season without a really good idea of what they have. Its good to see Daniel step up and do well, but we shouldnt get too excieted. Right now everybody on the schedule is pulling their Chase Daniel tape, and he's just not good enough to be the answer. Yeah, he may be better than Trubisky from the pocket in some respects right now (nice to see him looking the entire field over and finding 3rd and 4th options) but we saw what he was last year. I cant imagine he found the fountain of pretty good at his age.
  9. Cohen and Monty have had footing problems on this field today. Might just be a case of not trusting to plant too hard.
  10. Plus having a D line this deep is huge. Didnt miss a beat without Hicks. Sure Mack makes everybody better, but these guys down the roster are GOOD.
  11. Breaking news- Soldier Field turf is still trash. Embarassing.