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  1. If you toss out all the times Foles played well, he almost never played well.
  2. I look at the Bears Oline in the same way as the offense in general: its not good, but you also arent going to make it good this off season. Last year suffered from a devils brew of a rookie center that didn't know what he was doing and a QB that has never known what he is doing. Things did improve when Whitehair was moved back. I think the middle is gonne be decent. Masse and Leno are mediocre... But mediocre tackles dont grow on trees either. I didnt see anybody in the second round that would be better than AT BEST a latteral move. You dont expect starting offensive tackles in the second round. All that together is my point- you cant fix a decade plus of blown drafts overnight. Adjust the offensive philosophy accordingly.
  3. Mooneys interesting, i like Vildor and they need the depth, Gipson- i never complain about taking pass rushers, but i kinda see some Floyd in him.
  4. Sorry to filibuster, but for me this is the perfect example of who Nagy and Pace are. Pace is tilting windmills to make up for past mistakes, Nagy is convinced he can run his high powered offense here despite all evidence. Meanwhile youve got what still could be a generational defense and a good enough offense relying on running the ball and throwing to Robinson. Egos are ruining this window.
  5. Right, but just because you have a problem doesnt mean you have a solution. Kmet is an inline TE that is just learning to be a pass catcher. Its one of the hardest positions to learn. He doesn't have elite speed or athleticism to lean on. The odds that he's a major contributer this season are low. He's not a bad pick, hes a bad pick at that spot, given the options available that would be big time contributors day one. In the long run he might well be pretty good. But balance that against your other positions of need you cant live without, like safety. Id rather muddle through with Graham and Horsted for a season than forcing Eddie Jackson to play out of position so Deon Bush can stumble around. Its a question of priorities, they reinforced a weakness modestly instead of reinforcing a strength massively.
  6. Taking the first Tight End in the draft means nothing. The position is notoriously difficult to scout. I don't think anyone thinks Kmet will be special. At best hes pretty good. At worst, Pace is looking for another tight end project next year. Again. Heres a list of the first TE taken first in the draft the last five seasons: TJ Hockenson, Hayden Hurst, OJ Howard, Hunter Henry, Maxx Williams. There isnt a special TE in every draft... in MOST drafts. There were special players on the board in need positions yesterday.
  7. So pissed. Winfield is right there for you, hes PERFECT. Lets Jackson do what he does best and brings run stuffer with an attitude this Defense desperately needs. But we gotta make up forbthe Shaheen/Burton/Graham debacles.
  8. Could have had first round talent safety that would start day 1 and take this defense up yet another level. Instead got a TE that will be... fine.
  9. Also, if Trey Burton ends up a Packer and somehow stays healthy for a season, I'm just going to lose my mind.
  10. I know he's going to be cut and it doesnt matter, but Adam Shaheen is still currently on the roster. Of all the Pace moves, I find that one the most unforgivable, and it just irks me that he still has a locker.