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  1. He whiffed on a blitz pickup and got Russ sacked pretty stiffly. That's not great.
  2. Arob went straight down to a knee on the sideline, refs made the right call.
  3. Why do punt returners decide not to field them and then just stand there and let them take a random bounce a foot away from their legs?
  4. It's the one thing he does really well. You need 1 yard, Montgomery gets you 2. You need 3 yards, Montgomery gets you 2.
  5. You haven't been watching this inexplicable Bears season apparently.
  6. Everybody was jumping on the pile, blow the whistle lame brains.
  7. Glad Jackson is back on the sideline. Just had an OBJ flashback.
  8. That is exactly what the Bears offense does to you, you play defense for thirty seconds and then you're returning a punt.
  9. That is exactly what the Bears defense does to you, you're having a nice smooth drive and all the sudden you're punting.
  10. Exactly. I'm not championing Montgomery, I'm making a point about the situation. Anybody who wants to slam the waiver wire on Lamar Miller ought to take the into consideration (which, for the record, avoiding negative plays has been a strength of his as well). You cant earn fantasy points if you arent on the field, and you wont stay on the field if you dont make the coaches happy. Nobody is very happy owning Bears running backs this season, and I doubt that will change. But RBs still cost a premium, especially during bye weeks and with injuries mounting. Having an educated guess about what Montgomery means to the Bears coaching staff is important if you're in trouble at RB.