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  1. Finished #109. Fun year!
  2. 179.35 (8 pts above cut line) with Goedert -9.9. Not feeling comfy at all, but hopeful. Here's to a lack of tight end action tonight 🍺
  3. Still alive with a 185 but lost Gordon with the MCL and already thin at RB with only drafting 4. Still happy to be here.
  4. Still alive, but with a healthy share of byes. Feeling some hope knowing most of the field also has Mahomes on bye too, but I have to rely on some heavy Broncos offense tomorrow to sneak by.
  5. @John Lee @David Dodds @Devin Knotts Can you also again share the staff fanduel ID's that we need to beat? Thanks
  6. I joined a 'public' MFL league but assumed commish wouldn't have this kind of access. Don't know the commish or any of the owners and assume they don't know each other either. Tough to just simply trust the commish when you don't know them at all and there are some dollars involved. CBS didn't allow this kind of visibility and I assumed MFL did the same. It's my own fault for not looking into this deeper.
  7. Thanks for sending this. This is my first MFL league. Just noticed this setting is set to 'no' in my league. We are a 4 round standard waiver (no bids) league but I still see the commish has an advantage here. They can shape their own waivers based on what they see from everyone else. 2 questions. Where can I see a login report for when he logs in as commish? Should I tactfully send him a private email? Why does MFL allow this?
  8. For those of us in crazy leagues that play in a week 17 Super Bowl ( I know, preaching to the choir) the prospects of having AD running wild at home vs Chicago in week 17 is creamy. Week 15 could be a ease back in week then 16 and 17 would be chip on the shoulder / welcome back weeks.