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  1. Finished #109. Fun year!
  2. 179.35 (8 pts above cut line) with Goedert -9.9. Not feeling comfy at all, but hopeful. Here's to a lack of tight end action tonight 🍺
  3. Still alive with a 185 but lost Gordon with the MCL and already thin at RB with only drafting 4. Still happy to be here.
  4. Still alive, but with a healthy share of byes. Feeling some hope knowing most of the field also has Mahomes on bye too, but I have to rely on some heavy Broncos offense tomorrow to sneak by.
  5. @John Lee @David Dodds @Devin Knotts Can you also again share the staff fanduel ID's that we need to beat? Thanks
  6. For those of us in crazy leagues that play in a week 17 Super Bowl ( I know, preaching to the choir) the prospects of having AD running wild at home vs Chicago in week 17 is creamy. Week 15 could be a ease back in week then 16 and 17 would be chip on the shoulder / welcome back weeks.