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  1. Mixon for sure.
  2. They're pretty close. I'd lean Carr on matchup.
  3. Drake and Howard are close in my opinion. I'd go with Drake though. As a Bears fan, today could be the Cohen show.
  4. Fitz has the better matchup and definitely playing. Fitz.
  5. Luck with Hilton vs DAL Luck without Hilton vs DAL Wilson @ SF Thanks!
  6. Unfortunately, there are no off-season trades so the other 3 just go back in the draft. The rest of the league is pretty excited.
  7. I can keep any of them for the next 3 years. I would think Zeke or Hunt for the next 3 years is also a no brainer. The question was which no brainer.
  8. I can only keep one RB. These are my choices with the round I have to give up to keep them. Zeke - 3 Hunt - 5 Freeman - 6 Kamara - 21 Freeman was my keeper last year. I drafted Zeke this year in the 3rd with plans to keep him there. Obviously, the rookies Hunt and Kamara worked out nicely. I hate to give up Zeke, Hunt or Freeman in those spots knowing they're first rounders but I just can't bring myself to give up the value of Kamara in the 21st. I would also be able to keep Kamara the next two years in the 19th and 17th rounds. Each time we keep a player they move up two rounds. 1 point per 10 rushing and receiving, .5 PPR, 6 points TD. Leave me a link and I'll give my opinion on yours.
  9. I am a Zeke Elliott owner. Is Morris worth having if Elliot gets suspended. I would have to drop Forte to pick him up. Forte isn't a big loss but with byes I might have to start Forte or Morris week 5 if the suspension comes that soon.
  10. Murray scored 2 TD's today on my bench.
  11. I'm clearly in the minority here but I would drop White. White is the 3rd back in a committee. At least when Murray is healthy he's the lead back.
  12. I was wondering why he only had one point. Glad I started him this week. Probably going to cause me to lose. I've never seen a team flip flop so much on who their starting LB's are. Very frustrating!!
  13. I would without knowing your whole roster. If your RB depth is that bad and it's going to weaken your team, I wouldn't.
  14. I definitely wouldn't want to drop either but if you absolutely have to, I'd drop Coleman.
  15. If you need help at WR and aren't even starting Ingram, I think I'd have to take that trade.