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  1. I think Sutton's perceived value is low because people expected more after Thomas got dealt. I just don't think he was ready to be the #1 and explode last year. I didn't expect him to. He was actually more productive as a rookie than I expected. I seem to recall quite a few deep ball pass interference penalties that hurt him and a few plays where his foot was just out of bounds after he brought the ball in. Every WR has a play like that here and there, he just seemed more snake-bitten than usual. I'm high on him this year with Flacco or Lock. I think he hits 1K yards but not sure the Denver offense will rack up enough points to get beyond 6-7 TDs.
  2. I'm counting on Dak improving and being ahead of the curve compared to guys coming up in the league. Guys like Mayfield and Murray might be more enticing from a fantasy perspective, but in terms of winning Dak has proven himself whereas those guys haven't had the chance to yet. In NFL terms, not fantasy (although even on that front I can seem him being top 10) I don't think it's crazy to think Dak can establish himself as a top ten guy at all.
  3. I'd agree that if he does not keep up the pace he had with Cooper and take another step this year, he could be considered a middle of the road QB. I think he's still an ascending talent. I would not put his potential at quite the level of Wilson, but like Wilson he has shown that he finds ways to win. Therefore I believe he can become a top 10 QB as guys like Brady and Brees exit the league.
  4. The salary cap is going to keep going up and QB salaries are going to keep ballooning. I think the Cowboys and Dak will figure out a number that scales acceptably over time in relation to the cap. A number right at $30M won't seem as bad in a few years. That's what I'm guessing he'll get. The Cowboys are in position to make a title run over the next few years with the team as constructed. I think Dak's reputation got cemented during a stretch when he had NO weapons around him. Dez was horrible as he sputtered to irrelevancy, Zeke was out on suspension. The offense as a whole was bad. So yeah Dak needs some weapons around him like most quarterbacks in the league. But when he got Cooper and Zeke back he started putting some huge games again. I don't see why that won't continue.
  5. Dak might not be carrying them but he's 32-16 as a starter. I don't think guys like Wentz and Cousins necessarily carry their teams. They're all getting paid. Every time a QB is due for a contract they're resetting the market. QB salaries are what they are. If they shave a little off the league-wide top end salary that's a bargain for a QB who has shown he can get it done. I think the Cowboys would rather keep him than roll the dice on an unknown. They've been pretty shrewd evaluating talent and building their team over the last few years, curious to see how they play it.
  6. He brings a team-oriented mindset and stability to the offense, which showed significant improvement down the stretch. His skills may not be heralded in the fantasy community but I can see him maturing into a quarterback who is capable of winning a Super Bowl with a strong defense. I think 30+ a year is warranted, given his age, signs of continued improvement and positive presence in the locker room. If he develops a connection with Cooper, that offense could be really good.
  7. Calvin was humble, played through injuries and deserved more team success. But he always seemed sort of walled off from fans, I never felt like the city embraced him like other stars. Kind of like Grant Hill or Miggy. Not winning a title is certainly a part of that. I don't dislike Calvin, I just don't like all the comments he's made since retiring. The Lions compensated him well during his time with the team and all he's done is take shots at them. It's easy to take shots at the Lions but it's not always warranted. In this case I don't think it is, just my take on it.
  8. Yeah, I don't really think Calvin is all that beloved in Detroit. Everyone here understands he's one of the most talented receivers of all time, but he doesn't have any signature wins or moments. He doesn't have any personality to speak of. He was a dominant player but not even remotely as entertaining or captivating as Barry. Personally, I don't care if he has any involvement with the team. The fact that he's butthurt about a million bucks makes me like him less. I know both the Lions and Calvin have been petty about it, but Calvin not letting it go bugs me.
  9. Carson is good value. His value was high at the end of last season because he ripped it up down the stretch. Now it's not as fresh in people's minds and the community is reverting to the assumption that Penny will usurp him. I've seen people trading 2nds for him. Legit top ten potential this year, only 24 years old, in a great situation with a great QB. He's not flashy and has low draft pedigree so you can get his production at a discount.
  10. I don't think Flacco will be terrible like most people do, but I think the wheels will come off down the stretch like they did last year in Baltimore. Wouldn't surprise me if the situation plays out the same, with Flacco starting and playing okay in the first half, and then either due to injury or poor play being replaced by the rookie in the second half. I'd be very surprised if Lock doesn't take over at some point this season.
  11. I think Lock has the potential to feed him well. Lock may not turn out to be a great QB but I think he'll chuck it around and target the outside WRs quite a bit.
  12. I think this describes what the showrunners intended to portray, with Drogon blasting the throne being symbolic but coincidental. Also, I'm not sure if Drogon would kill Jon even if it knew Jon killed Dany, but the show demonstrated multiple times that Drogon likes Jon because he's a Targ. In the scene before Jon killed Dany, Drogon stirred from its slumber to say what up.
  13. Nobody comes remotely close to Euron. Greyworm is a distant second.
  14. Not sure if this is likely but it'd be a ballsy way to close it out. It almost sounds like what Martin would do, which doesn't sound like the show anymore.