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  1. It's true a QB like Wilson has never been traded, but many teams are capsizing after pouring half their cap into a QB. Seattle was a legit contender when Wilson was making peanuts, same thing is playing out with the Eagles, Rams, Bears, Chiefs, even the Patriots since Brady plays at a discount. There's an argument to be made that Seattle would be better off rolling the dice with someone like Murray and allocating all that extra money to their defense like they did before. If Seattle signs Wilson to a mega deal they'll always be relevant, kind of like the Packers are with Rodgers, but they might not be able put enough talent around Wilson to win it all.
  2. This sounds right. The overall WR talent pool in the NFL is pretty thin right now which is why receivers like Humphries and Funchess and Crowder are getting around 10 mil per year. You cited the reasons why OBJ and AB are incredibly bizarre situations. I don't think they represent the perceived value placed on the position overall. Most teams clutch onto their star receivers for dear life, with the exception of the Packers, Saints and Pats. Meanwhile the Giants and Steelers are getting routinely trashed not getting more. The reality is they got bullied by their star receivers and had no choice but to take whatever they could get.
  3. Cooper and Gallup both project to improve on already decent production as they develop more chemistry with Prescott in their second year. Gallup looks comfortable as a 2 and can grow without all the pressure on him. Thinking about that, factoring in Zeke's increased pass catching and probably an additional weapon added in free agency or draft and I think Prescott could be in line to exceed expectations. You can wait forever to draft him and he's set up to be a borderline QB1/high-end QB2.
  4. Lol. Good grief. Am I the only one not worried about Gurley whatsoever? That trade is completely absurd.
  5. Fair. Acknowledging jinxes typically neutralizes them so Carson should be alright...
  6. Not concerned about either issue. Even when Penny was playing, Carson was rolling. I don't think a gimpy Penny is going to steal too many carries considering how dominant Carson has been, especially around the goal line. And we won't know until Wednesday but I have a feeling Penny isn't going to play anyway. Regarding the second point, KC is 26th against the run and has given up 160 per game in their last three. Not to mention they haven't been lighting up the scoreboard the same way since they lost Watkins and Hunt. The Chiefs will be playing this game in the toughest stadium against the team most committed to running (with the exception of Baltimore now that Jackson is the guy). I have a hard time seeing the Chiefs building a big lead - they may not get the lead at all.
  7. I'll admit this is probably true. Neither the dude nor the woman is saying anything wrong, I just don't like either of their voices. But yeah, if the woman was a dude saying the same things, probably wouldn't be as much hate.
  8. I remember you were leading the charge in making the case that Thomas was a stud in the making. I took MT at 5 ahead of Coleman because of that thread, worked out pretty well.
  9. Team A gives Michael Thomas, 1.10 Team B gives David Johnson Team A won the title last year behind Gurley and Ingram. His only other RB of note is Collins. Now has D. Thomas, C. Davis, Hogan, Crowder as top WRs. Team B has Gordon, Howard and the 1.3. His WRs are now Thomas, Diggs, Hill and Josh Gordon.
  10. Neither package comes close to equalling Gurley's value. Value charts can be useful but they go astray when you start adding up players/picks to equal a superstar. A dollar is always worth MUCH more than four quarters.
  11. Romo Wentz I guess Philly but don't find either fan base that annoying. Cowboys fans haven't had anything to chirp about for 20 years.
  12. I'm generally much more patient and positive about the Lions than most fans but this describes where I'm at. If it's true Quinn is advocating for Cooter being kept, I don't get it. I understood wanting to keep him after his first half-season as OC when Stafford instantly played much better when Cooter was calling the plays. But since then the offense hasn't be good enough to warrant drawing a line in the sand on keeping him. It's weird to me. I'd rather see someone closer to Linehan at this point who let him sling it around. This ball-control stuff they've been running for two years has let them eek out wins against bad teams and do just enough to lose to good teams. Time for a change.
  13. Went back and forth between Collins and White in standard and went with Collins. It won't surprise me if White scampers into the end zone tonight though, he's due for a TD.