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  1. They've been just about as bad as can be and he's still producing. Not sure what could happen that would make his situation worse other than losing lineman to injury or free agency.
  2. Sucks that Reagor got hurt. He showed some flashes and Philly offense is desperate for playmakers. Looking forward to his return and seeing where he slots in.
  3. Perception is amazing in FF. He's been top ten in my league for three years running and is regarded as a fringe RB2. Meanwhile guys like Mixon remain top ten fantasy assets and get every excuse and benefit of the doubt. Carson is like an underground band with a passionate cult following. His owners LOVE him but he'll never get the proper respect outside of them.
  4. Game one, had a sideline bomb taken away on a highly questionable offensive pass interference call, probably would have won them the game. Game two, miracle comeback, amazing performance. Game three, miracle comeback, amazing performance, doesn't get the win because the defense can't get a stop to save their lives. Of course, the verdict is Dak can't win. Some guys will never overcome the narrative assigned to them unless the stars align and their teams are able to gut out wins in the playoffs. Even if Dak sets passing records this year the perception won't change unless that defense becomes respectable.
  5. Love these kind of guys. Off everyone's radar because injuries but flashed big talent as a rookie. One of the best TE stashes out there.
  6. Loved collecting these as a kid. I recognize all those cards and certainly owned them but no clue where I have them stored. Time to start digging around.
  7. They'll get it in if it's a slow drip of bad things happening. A few players catch it here and there, a few players gradually drop out over the span of a few months. If four teams get slammed with COVID in a week and can barely field a team then they may have no choice but to shut it down. I'm still dreading hearing a story of a player getting it followed by a family member getting it and being severely affected or even dying. All it takes is one really upsetting story for player/public sentiment to change course quickly.
  8. My comment on Garrapolo is probably the same thing as what I'm faulting others for doing with Dak. I've just never been impressed by anything he does. He was really bad before he got hurt a season ago and last year he was a game manager with an all-world running attack. The only game I've seen him play well was in the shoot-out with New Orleans but I havent watched every game he's played. Just seems way, way overrated to me and looks more like a bottom 10 qb whenever I watch him play.
  9. Man I could not disagree with this more. The narrative against Dak is a tidal wave at this point. Garrapolo is god awful.
  10. Fair. I'm using the term success loosely, in that they're typically always in the playoff hunt. It's been a few years now since their superbowl runs. But I'm guessing that's why it's tough for Carroll to abandon what has worked for him in the past. Most would agree he's not taking maximizing Wilson's value and it has hurt them in the playoffs.
  11. It's hard to argue with their success. Seattle always seems to have a respectable defense and is able to churn out first downs by pounding it between the tackles. If their defense or run blocking falters, like any team they'll have no choice but to throw the ball more. Lockett was on fire last year until he got dinged up. I get why there isn't a groundswell of hype around him but he absolutely has WR1 potential. He was one for the first half of the year last year. One of the better high upside, high floor options out there based on how he's currently valued.
  12. Just want to say there's good discussion going on in here. Rational points on both sides.
  13. If he plays 16 games with those weapons and that suspect defense, I'd be shocked if he wasn't top ten and could easily see him in the top five. The possibility of injury is more of a concern than in years past however.
  14. Bum career? He's been one of the best RBs over the last five years, and one of the few to go to another team and excel. Easily one of my favorite players, partly because he doesn't get the recognition he deserves.