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  1. Reading your posts make me hate the Packers more than I did previously. Really hoping they get ####ed hard in the playoffs. Cheers.
  2. If another team signed him to be their starter I'd feel really bad for that fan base. Even signing a guy like Flacco is better because you know it's as a one-year fill-in.
  3. The run sets up the pass. Pull the defense in, create plus matchups downfield. That's what Seattle has done for years. They set up Wilson to succeed. They could have him throw more, take more hits and be less efficient. Instead they commit to the run which doesn't work 100% of the time but it's still the best way to consistently good week to week. And as others have said it prevents Wilson from taking a beating and let's him take defenses by surprise with his deep strikes.
  4. Obviously, the episode set up that last line for everyone to think Logan is talking about Tom/Greg, especially since he said it to Shiv. Since it seems a bit telegraphed, I get why people are thinking they'll pull the rug out and have it be Kendall. Logan did throw Kendall to the wolves at the hearing, it just so happened that Kendall stepped up and hit a home run. I think there have been deliberate signs that Logan "loves" Kendall the most, like when he was only considered about Kendall's safety during the shooting at their building. My money is on Tom being the sacrifice, which would set up all kinds of drama between Shiv, Tom and Greg. Whoever it is, it's tough to see how they'll keep them in the mix on the show unless they find a way to slither away from punishment.
  5. Ingram has been labeled a sell for 5 years. All he does is put up top 10 finishes and great ypc. I have no interest in trading him for Alshon Jeffrey and a second round pick or something. Hopefully I'll get to ride him to the playoffs at least a couple more times.
  6. Well said. Very encouraged by his showings and feel good about him dynasty. Flacco, despite all his flaws and detractors, has been good for Sutton. Sutton just needs a chance to make plays and Flacco has done his part. Too bad he just had a toe out on that TD catch. Like you I only plan to start him in favorable matchups. Cant wait for the Chiefs matchups.
  7. Great info here. Dak doesn't garner much respect but he's proving he can deliver elite numbers in this system. I think PART of the reason people aren't fond of him is that he's a Dallas qb and stirred up a bunch of media hype out the gate. Same thing happened with Romo. I rode him to a lot of fantasy wins too.
  8. Then why did they sign Bridgewater? Based on what I've heard from others going back to last year, that's exactly what Hill is doing. But I don't follow the Saints super closely so I haven't drawn any definitive conclusions.
  9. I'm not giddy about Bridgewater's prospects but I'd be shocked if they start Hill. I haven't seen or heard anything to say he's a capable passer. Not to say he can't be but I assume they paid Bridgewater a bunch of money because they know Hill isn't a full-time caliber QB at this point. All I know is that I'd have very, very little hope for Thomas if Hill is behind center. I'd probably bench him next week.
  10. I agree it felt out of character. But, the whole episode did build up to it. He was gradually coming apart. In the episode before you saw him as happy as he's capable of being when he got the call that the Pierces caved in to him. When it got taken away he couldn't accept it. Brian Cox is just incredible in this show.
  11. I'm still going to start Brees for the majority of his home games. When he's on the road I'm going to try and avoid it. I don't have a good feeling about this match-up with Rams, I think it's going to be a surprisingly low scoring game and both teams are going to try to run as much as they can. Both teams got gashed pretty good on the ground last week.
  12. Ha, just got the exact same players in mine last night, other than Harry. I think Metcalf, Brown and Harris being dinged and quiet in the preseason has caused them to drop. Hoping they turn out to be steals.
  13. Yup. Losing Ragnow would have been devastating. Can't afford to lose any O-Lineman, thinnest position group on the team other than maybe CB.
  14. I'm thinking about taking him at 9, mostly because I'm not enamored by any of the other options. I own Ingram and Gus, and Baltimore is maybe the only backfield in the NFL I wouldn't mind locking up with 3 roster spots. Plus, Hill is showing he might have a higher ceiling than anticipated.
  15. Guy is a monster. Having Penny there is perfect. It adds extra fuel to kick butt in practice and keeps his ADP way below where it should be.