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  1. Who overrates him? I don't think I've ever seen or say something positive about him. Even analysts and commentators. And yet he puts up big numbers and has won a lot of games. It's so weird. I'm not saying he doesn't inflate his numbers against weaker teams, but so does practically every other QB. I always wonder. If he played for a different team and his name wasn't "Dak" he'd probably be much better thought of.
  2. I agree with everything you're saying. To me, the best way to cash in is to get more firsts and seconds. Considering we still have a QB, we have Flowers who kind of occupies the role Young would, and we have a TON of holes elsewhere, getting more picks makes the most sense for this team. The next best option would be getting a special talent that doesn't come around very often, which Young or Tua are considered to be. If you get this rare opportunity to have this high of a pick with this kind of talent within reach, you simply have to take advantage of that. My fear is that Quinn actually enjoys going against conventional wisdom. I think he's wired that way. He "learned" from Belichik to stick the middle finger up at everybody and do things according to your unknowable genius. I fear he won't bother trying to trade with anyone, stand pat at 3 and take a guy that could have been taken 5-10 picks later. Because of the "scheme."
  3. It has been a tumultuous offseason already. Martha's odd demand for the team to be a playoff contender, weird rumors about trading Stafford, Stafford's wife calling out Detroit and talking about moving, Slay rumors, Tua rumors, now this is out-of-nowhere cutting Snacks. It's hard to piece any of it together. They probably should blow it up, I just don't trust this staff or Quinn to rebuild it correctly.
  4. I'm normally on the optimistic side of things but Patricia/Quinn have been nothing short of a disaster and it seems to be getting worse. Really wish a new GM and coach had this premium pick to start over.
  5. The lions need to flip this pick into two firsts and a second/high third at a minimum. Even if one of the firsts is next year. Ideally they trade back with a team in the top ten and have a chance to take Okudah regardless. That's my best case scenario. It shouldn't be too difficult to pull off so I'm really going to be disappointed if they don't make something happen. I wouldn't mind them taking Tua either. Let him sit under Stafford for a year then take the best offer for Stafford after the season. The Lions aren't going to the Superbowl next year. It doesn't matter what Martha said. She had to say something like that to justify bringing back Patricia. If the Lions had half a brain they'd structure their team to create a competitive window starting in 2021.
  6. Prices have gone up at fast food joints over the last five years. Combo meals are generally 8-10 bucks now. Seems like they used to be the "value" option, but now that everybody is lazy and says "Give me a number 6" they decided to pump up the cost. Dollar menus are where the value is now.
  7. You rattled off three possibilities that all completely make sense. There are plenty more. The perfect storm for the Lions to cash in on a bounty of picks or Chase Young is almost unprecedented. And yet when all is said and done, they'll take advantage of nothing and pick a cornerback they probably could have taken at 10.
  8. Carson at 28? Maaaan. But you're certainly not alone. He's been top ten in my league the last two years. Dude's only 25. I'm cool with keeping him until he dies. He reminds me a lot of Ingram. Neither guy gets any respect, they just churn out points and win games.
  9. This describes me. The people who say they have a radio that never stops in the head are as foreign to me as the people without an inner monologue. For me it mostly comes into effect when I'm reading or trying to think something through.
  10. Completely obsessed with this. Never played it before so I'm constantly reading up on stuff and watching videos. It scratches almost every gaming itch I have. I'm losing all my free time playing it. It's kind of concerning.
  11. I only saw Rogers play 4-5 games this year. He seemed way more dooshy than usual, which is pretty dooshy. Throwing little tantrums, rolling his eyes whenever a pass wasn't complete, looking pissy on the sideline. Great QB in his prime but not top tier. I won't miss him when he's gone.
  12. It really is. It might be my favorite playthrough experience ever. It's basically a flawless masterpiece.
  13. He hasn't played many games but he was really good when he did. He has a great QB who loved throwing to him in the red zone. He's expected to be ready to go by the start of next year. He's 23 years old. His injuries have dropped him down to the right tier IMO. There are many reasonably young prospects at TE who have long lists of pros and cons, as this discussion is showing. Maybe Dissly won't be the same after his two injuries. If he is, though, he could be really good for a long time.
  14. He's going to be a stud in the NFL. Not sure how he'll fare against the other RB prospects at the combine but in games he's going to be a stud.
  15. Normally this would be my outlook. It's true this draft is loaded with highly touted RBs and WRs. For me it's a case of being so impressed by Burrow, much more than any other QB in recent memory. It will depend on the landing spots and how tiers shake out. If I feel like the top tier RBs and WRs are gone by pick ten and Burrow looks great in the preseason, I'll have no problem reaching for him.
  16. I have 1.10 and I'd do the same in this moment. Long way to go but I'm sold on this dude.
  17. He looks near flawless to me. He has the mechanics and the it factor. I feel like I'm going to incorrectly pass on more valuable RB/WR rookies to draft him in the first round of my dynasty league.
  18. Over the past five years I haven't seen a QB who I even considered in the first round. In retrospect Mahomes and Jackson would have been worthy. I'm hyped about Burrow though. He plays with elite offensive talent but he looks like a pure stud. He's competitive, seems like a leader. Even though he'll probably end up on the Bengals I'd consider him at the end of the first.
  19. Starting AJB over Lockett, Metcalf and John Brown. It's because of the match-up more than anything else. Vegas expects a high-scoring game, just have to hope Brown get fed.
  20. Back-up quarterbacks and rookie quarterbacks are putting up numbers at a high rate now. When it comes to young receivers, once I see talent AND production at the NFL level, I'm less concerned about situation than I used to be. Coaches and QBs change so quickly it's almost pointless to look beyond one season.
  21. Great match-up this week. The stars are aligned for a fat stat line so he'll probably put up 60 yards on 20 carries.
  22. Anybody think is dynasty value is climbing just a little bit? He probably won't ever be what he was the last two years but he only missed one game this season and showed he can handle a full load the last two games. Looking at his numbers, they don't jump out. But he was consistent week to week because he remained effective around the goal line. I think he can repeat his RB2 numbers from this year over the next couple years. I'm starting him with confidence next week anyway.
  23. I have similar decisions. Definitely rolling with Sutton over him. I'm torn on Lockett or Crowder, I have a feeling Crowder is going to have a day.
  24. I just read the thread and yeah, this is how it's coming off. Iron Shiek is a good poster, but in this case he seemed to get really riled up when somebody just stated the reality. It seems like the call is for people to "stand up" and publicly denounce overreaction to these types of comments. Unfortunately, doing so is extremely risky with little reward. I think as a society we'll all get burned out on the outrage and it will shift and change as social media does.
  25. Ha, I have Brees also. Started Brees at home against Atlanta over Dak a couple weeks ago and got burned, but I'll probably do it again.