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  1. Are Disney and Amazon still in their pissing match? Disney+ was threatened to not be available thru FireStick/FireTV a couple months ago. Really don't want to have to get a Chromecast or something else just to stream this one app
  2. Curious where you guys live that are having this happen. I'd never heard of this until this thread, but sounds like something fun to do with your kid. Anything that gets them away from a screen is worth it these days
  3. Not much trading happening lately in my 12 team PPR Keep 20. Had this one go down over the weekend, pretty meh overall Team A gave Emmanuel Sanders Team B gave LeSean McCoy
  4. What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs? Still no I deer
  5. Just another data point - I offered James White and Waller for Gurley in a 14 team league and the other owner insta-declined. I think as long as Gurley is still getting TDs then his owners are still attaching last year's price tag to him
  6. When I was 17 my parents divorced, and ever since I have to remind my dad when it's one of my siblings birthdays. I'm the oldest of 4, and I have the same birthday as my grandmother (his mom) so he has no trouble remembering mine, but for whatever reason he gets theirs mixed up. He'll think brother's is on sister's bday, or he'll get the days switched for my sisters (months right, days wrong), stuff like that. If you pinned him down and made him recite the birthdays with a gun to his head he'd probably get the dates correct, but might not remember whose is whose, or he'd think for a minute and correct himself. I can't imagine not remembering my own kid's bday, but he's got 4, so I kinda get it.
  7. Is Bradberry even a “shutdown” guy? I haven’t paid close enough attention to him, only watched the one game where he held Evans in check, but Evans was still recovering from his illness supposedly so how much is attributed to that? Im picking up your sarcasm, of course there’s resources out there, just trying to spark conversation about Chark and week 5
  8. What frustrates me is when I send an offer with a note that says something like “interested in player X, seeing if you’d be willing to talk, feel free to counter, I’m looking for Y position and it seems to me you need Z, let me know if you’re interested at all in talking” and they just outright reject it, no counter, no reply. So now I’m left to wonder if they deem their guy untradeable, or have no interest in who I offered, or if I’m allowed to send a different offer, should I just not try with them anymore?
  9. Godwin went 9/8/121/1 that game. Evans had 8 targets but only went 4/61 or something like that, being followed by Bradberry most of the way. hoping a panthers fan can chime in here - will Bradberry shadow Dede or chark? Does he actually shadow, or play one side ala Sherman in Seattle? Chark could be in for the Godwin share if Dede gets him...
  10. Herndon if he wasn't grabbed. If 2QB or superflex, maybe Chase Daniel if news on Trubisky comes back bad - he looked competent against a very decent Minny defense, and that was being thrust into it. He's very capable of producing Flacco/Keenum type numbers if you're in a deep league
  11. As long as Juju doesn't lose 3 fumbles and end with no yardage I'll manage to pick up my first win! Kinda strange that across 4 leagues, 3 matches are done and the 4th only has 1 player involved...
  12. I keep mine short, not buzzcut or marine high & tight but short enough. The goal is to never need a hairbrush - if it's long enough to need a brushing after shower, it's time for a cut
  13. I hate running. I think the "runner's high" is a myth that must come from eating too much granola and kale. I played basketball and baseball year round from age 5 through college. I would run up and down the basketball court all day, play in multiple pickup games a day, and it never bothered me. But whenever you did something bad in sports, running was the punishment. After a basketball game we'd run suicides for every turnover we had. In baseball we'd run basepath sprints for every error we made. Coach had a weird rule that if you picked up a still baseball by your glove you had to run a mile. We'd start every practice with laps. etc. etc. So running never became an enjoyable thing, and I've always hated doing it. Now I still hate it, but I'm trying to force myself to do it just because it's a cheap way to stay healthier, and I can go right out in the street (no going out of the way to a gym). Running sucks though.