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  1. Had a similar conversation yesterday. Pllaced an online order from Omaha Steaks, box arrived late and only 2 of 8 items were still frozen. I called them up mainly to ask if the items were refreezable. They offered either a refund on the items that arrived thawed, or a store credit/gift card. If I chose the refund it would take 2 weeks to go back on my card, but if I chose the gift card, it would be emailed to me immediately.
  2. Swift and Dobbins 7 and 8, wow. Glad to see one not going chalk...
  3. Close talkers, especially during the COVID. I have an oak tree I want to get taken down near the end of the house. Called a guy, he comes to the house this evening to take a look and give a quote. We're standing in my backyard, open air, just the two of us, and the guy just absolutely insists on standing 2 feet away from me. I kept looking up at the tree, and casually stepping forward/back/side as if to improve my sight angle, and every step I took, he took right behind me. I'm trying to maintain the 6 foot rule here dude, I can hear you perfectly fine, there's lots of room for us both out here, get out of my pocket!
  4. People that park in the online pickup designated spots at the grocery store to go inside and do their regular shopping My local Kroger has 6 spots designated for online order pickup; Walmart has 8. Every single time I go there to pickup groceries there's at least 1 car parked there with no one in it. Makes me irrationally angry, and it makes me angrier that the employees delivering the online orders don't care in the slightest that people do this.
  5. Not tv shows, but I noticed yesterday that Joker (the Joaquin Phoenix one) was just added to HBO, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Tarantino) is on Hulu, and I saw that Uncut Gems is coming to Netflix next Monday 5/25 if anyone else like me hasn't been to a theater in a while.
  6. I have a company provided vehicle (available for personal use, but I'm taxed on the personal miles), and a company provided phone. Last year, they put an app on our phones that tracks our driving - accelerations/braking/speed, and # of phone manipulations while driving. If you make or take a call while moving, it knows and logs it. I have no issue with it. They told us up front they were doing it, but it wasn't negotiable at all unless you were willing to give your vehicle back, and if you had opted out of the company provided phone as some folks had, they now issued you one with the app installed to be used in the vehicle. I truly do not believe that it is logging where I drive, it's just looking at how I drove to get there. I've made midnight out of town runs, I've not driven it for a week straight, I've gone to places without telling anyone that are way outside of my normal work territory, and heard nothing but crickets. Its a safety feature only IMO, they probably get a discount on the insurance, and they have something mining data so they can say "28% of you have a hard braking problem, so let's focus on that next Q"....nothing more
  7. Five TVs, but only 3 ever really get used. 60” Living Room - most used 37” Master bedroom 55” Man Cave/Office - second most 42” Guest Room - maybe used 5 days a year, nephew plays Xbox on it if he spends the night 28” Kids room - only has a DVD player hooked up
  8. Can someone tell me what I’m missing about Community? I feel like a curmudgeon who can’t like a show that millions seem to love. I chugged through the first two seasons but stopped around S3E3. I loved The Office (not so much the post-Michael seasons), and loved Parks and Rec, but Community just hits you over the head again and again with “we shouldn’t let character X’s actions/beliefs/feelings get in the way of friendship, we love each other, let’s sing kumbaya now”. Every single episode it feels like is the same regurgitated script, spend 15 minutes with everyone mad/upset with someone, then group hug at the end bc of something Jeff says and it’s all roses again. Troy and Abed is good comedy, but Britta is maybe the most annoying character ever on tv, I can’t stomach YNB’s syrupy sweet Shirley voice, Chang is the opposite of funny, and I can’t take any more Dean puns.
  9. It shows you several things during that time though. Al is a tough SOB, and the fact that he fought for several episodes is meant to drag out, to show you it wasn't a quick one and done thing, especially back then before lithotripsy and modern medicine. He won't be killed or knocked down no matter what. The show had focused on him so much to that point, it allowed a chance to showcase and build other characters, without Al hogging up all the screen time. But the most important thing is it showed just what a hold he had on the entire town. While he was laid up, nothing really happened around town, no deals got made, everyone knew he was holed up sick and he was still the talk of the town. IIRC Tolliver was about the only person who saw Al's illness as a chance to take advantage and act while he could, but he was new in town, looking to steal Al's customers, and make a name for himself. That half season of Al being down-but-not-out just served to cement him as the unofficial tyrant of Deadwood.
  10. Hugely jealous of you. One of my favorite shows ever, and Al Swearingen is a top 5 TV Character of All Time. Be sure to watch the movie after you've finished, it's a good one
  11. I freaking lost it at “I always wanna know...” That’s GOLD, JERRY, GOLD!
  12. According to the Google, JVD also went 3 hitless innings in the game after his b2b no-no's. So let's say someone manages to throw b2b no-hitters in the future, then in their 3rd start they make it through the 4th inning before giving up a hit. I would argue that they've beaten Vandy's record. Extremely unlikely to ever happen in the remaining history of baseball, but it's not completely impossible
  13. This exactly. We switch between the major news networks, to the local channels for news and weather, and other than those 3-4 channels I haven’t watched one minute of live tv since The Super Bowl.
  14. Re: The Platform. I enjoyed this until the last 5 minutes. I get it’s supposed to be reflective of the hierarchy of society, it the ending made literally no sense at all and tried to come off as smart while doing it
  15. When I learned typing/keyboarding in high school, it was taught to us to use two. I could never remember and it felt unnatural to do so, so I’d always do a find & replace (replace .space with .spacespace) after typing a paper/assignment. Depending on the length of your paper, it was a good way to squeeze an extra quarter page or so sometimes. Had a prof in college that said 1 space was the new standard, so I quit doing that step