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  1. I don’t expect to in my real leagues either, this is in Yahoo and ESPN mocks only. I think i got him in the 4th in one mock out of about 12 so far. My general point was more towards going WR/Kelce/WR/Top QB first four picks, not necessarily targeting PM in the 4th, bc as you said he’s never going to be there in a real league
  2. I've been mocking redrafts at 1.07, and he's almost always taken within the first 4 picks of the 2nd round. If he somehow slides to me at 2.06 I always take him just to get a feel for what my team would look like afterward. Usually I don't like it, and I end up thin at RB. BUT, if I mock going zero RB, he's a great grab. I end up with a team that looks like Hopkins, Kelce, Diggs, Mahomes, Fitz, then just start bombing RB lotto tickets. If I try to "draft straight" after taking Kelce in the 2nd, I feel like I end up chasing RBs the rest of the draft, which causes me to end up with QB leftovers like Jameis or Cousins (blech). Committing to zero RB and going for Mahomes/Luck/ARod early makes me feel better about it.
  3. Tried to stay up last night and watch it but finally fell asleep about 2 am. Congrats to Ensan, he had the big stack the entire way, and despite some up and downs he managed to keep his composure and continue to play his game, pick his spots, apply constant pressure and just grind his opponents down.
  4. Probably the #1 problem among elderly folks who get HA’s - ambient noise. After years of hearing loss, the brain forgets how to filter out ambient noise bc it hasnt detected it for so long. Then they get HA’s and BAM, now they hear everything and the brain is overwhelmed. It takes time. Tell your dad to wear them as much as he can absolutely stand it bc it’s the only way to retrain the brain. Wife is an audiologist, and we’re going through this exact same scenario with her 84 yo grandmother. My wife is on her like a hawk about wearing them. She thinks she’s being sly by wearing them but turning them down, but one “Grandma” said at normal volume that gets ignored and it’s back to “turn them up or I’m taking them back and getting a refund”.
  5. Michael Bluth easily IMO, although if Ozark continues another couple seasons I couldn’t fault anyone for picking that
  6. 3 - quinoa, almond butter, and I’ve tasted La Croix. WTF is mermaid toast
  7. This reminds me of my dad. He’ll butcher something on purpose, deny it, then butcher it again Dad: I spoke to our neighbor Calvin yesterday about... Mom: Curtis Dad: What? Mom: Our neighbor is Curtis. Dad: What did I say? Mom: You called him Calvin. Dad: Don’t be ridiculous, I’ve never met anyone named Calvin. Can I finish my story now? Mom: Go ahead. Dad: So Calvin told me....
  8. Acting entitled to any degree is the quickest way for me to lose all respect for a person. If my dad taught me anything at all it's that the world doesn't owe you anything; if you want something you better go get it for yourself. People that berate a retail worker/waitress because "the customer is always right" People that think "well I'm gonna get mine" People that think "I'm pretty, so I'm more important" People that ever utter the phrase "Do you know who I am?!" People that have "daddy's money" to bail them out of everything People that use their race/age/gender to justify their actions
  9. Guy down the street from me just cut his grass for the second time this year (yep, only twice). Both times he has done so, he has shot the cut grass all over the road. Also he has 3 foot tall weeds growing in the crack between the road and the curb all along the front of his house. Also has his boat sitting in the front yard on the trailer, huge dead spot of grass right under it, and 3 foot tall grass around the edges where his mower can't get to, and he doesn't edge/weedeat. Never seen the owner outside, so I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt and just assume it's an elderly or disabled person who physically isn't capable of yardwork, and not just a lazy slob like it probably is...
  10. I knew when we got married that I'd be the guy that just leaves it on all the time and never takes it off because as soon as I take it off and put it somewhere I'd forget where. Figured I'd get a cheap(ish) one because I'd end up damaging it before I'd lose it. 10 years later and I've still got the original. If I did somehow lose it I'd probably spend a max of about 30 minutes hunting for it, definitely not through sewage or anything though. But I'd more than likely buy a replacement on the sly if I wasn't with the wife when I lost it.
  11. Do they have their own little shovels and handle it as it's falling or something? Maybe it's because I'm from the south and have never once in my life had to shovel snow, but how the heck do cats help?
  12. Along the same lines, why does everyone think that every random thought needs to be broadcast to the world on 5 different social media platforms? I stood in line at Disney World back in May and watched a gaggle of teenage girls behind me all pose for about 20 selfies across 4 phones, then they all airdropped the photos to each other, then argued over who would post which photo, then argued over who would post to which social site. Also, why are selfies even a thing? Get off my lawn
  13. Saving up allowance all week, then begging Mom to take me and my brother to Blockbuster after school on Friday so we could rent a game (after begging her to let us stay up till midnight to play said game) was the best. We didn't have the slightest clue what games were out there or which ones we wanted to try. Just browsing the aisles and choosing something based on "ooh this looks cool" was part of the fun. Now with XBox/PS4 online games, everything is either downloadable, or pre-orderable, or amazon-able. Games are different now too, being able to play online allows you way more ability to stick with one game vs. beating one and moving on. I bet I played 200+ different video games throughout my childhood (Nintendo, Sega, N64, Xbox). I have a 9 yo nephew who is into gaming who plays the same 2 games for a year now.
  14. MS/LA here. Our house is laminate wood flooring and tile, no carpet anywhere. I wear steel toed boots all day at work. Keep a pair of slip on brown shoes/loafers in my back seat, and I change shoes before I drive home (usually 45 min minimum drive depending where I am that day). When I get home I go straight for the closet, take off the slip ons, and put on flip flops that I wear around the house. I absolutely hate walking around barefoot, indoor or outdoors. If I sit on the couch or a chair I'll slip the flip flops off but as soon as I get up they go back on. Work boots never go indoors, and I never wear anything inside house except flip flops. Wife and daughter kick off whatever shoes they have on the moment they get inside and go barefoot everywhere unless we're going somewhere, not because of a rule, they just like being barefoot.
  15. None of these are unique to this thread, just thought it was funny. My nephew played in their 9U baseball state tournament this past weekend. One team they played decided to put first names on the back of their jerseys instead of last names. Their starting lineup: Caden, Hayden, Brayden, Jaiden, along with a Grayson, a Carson, and twins Kamdyn and Kamryn. And their shortstop, Joe