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  1. I would pass, unless he'd be willing to take a different receiver. You're left with a whole lot of WR2s and WR3s without a true 1 if you give up Thielen
  2. Aiyuk, dream matchup for him. Pitt/Balt has the feeling of an old school ground and pound 17-13 type game, both great defenses
  3. I don't see Goedert going this week, and I wouldn't start him if he does as he'd likely be eased in. Don't think Crowder will go either, so that makes your choice easy. I'd actually rather use Agholor at flex over Rodgers, Agholor has been coming on lately and been very flex worthy the last two weeks. Just don't trust Rodgers talent enough, and with Reagor coming back this week Philly may get him involved early and often at Rodgers' expense.
  4. I would keep what you have. Kyler in a superflex is an enormous advantage, and you've got enough firepower across the board that it's not worth moving from Gibson to CMC at such a huge QB cost.
  5. Argh just go ahead and rule him out already so I can stick him in the IR slot and pick up Dallas or Gio. Is there any chance at all that Carson does play? Can't feel comfortable starting him if he does suit up
  6. Aikman summed it up pretty well tonight. At one point he mentioned Moore having zero catches, and he basically said Atlanta defense wasn’t doing anything special to him, Teddy just wasn’t looking his way much if at all. Several times he was open and Teddy went to Samuel or Anderson instead.
  7. I got Rodrigo back in 2 of 3 leagues. My brother had higher priority in the third and told me he was going to get him so I held Koo there
  8. What other WRs do you have? It's not an unfair trade, and if Anderson is your WR4 or 5 then you're not losing anything really, but Moss isn't exactly someone I'd be hunting to buy either. If you just need any warm RB body then go for it, but I'd try to trade a different WR (assuming you have depth) for a better RB in a vacuum.
  9. I would pick up Diontae Johnson. Not super thrilled about dropping Crowder, but I'd rather have Johnson and Darnold hasn't thrown for more than 1 TD in any game yet so I'd rather have a piece of the Steelers offense over the Jets.
  10. It's not about who wins the trade. It's about making your team better. Without knowing the rest of your team or which side you received, it's tough to say if you made a good trade or not. In a vacuum, @Gally is correct, I'd prefer the Team A side. But without the rest of your team we can't say for sure. Scenario A -- You gave Lamar and Golladay, received Goff and Hill. You could already have Wilson at QB, and if the rest of your team is solid then you just upgraded your WR1 to Hill, and gained the ability for one player to go bonkers and win you the week. Hill is way more likely to do that than Golladay. Losing Lamar is nothing bc you weren't using him. Good trade for you. Scenario B -- You got Lamar & Golladay, gave Goff and Hill. You significantly upgraded at QB (Goff to Lamar) at the cost of a slight downgrade (but gain in consistency: Hill to Golladay) at WR. Good trade for you.
  11. McKinnon and Fournette should never ever ever be enough to buy CMC. If CMC is assumed to be a top 3 RB RoS (and why wouldn't he be?) then it should take Cook + Lockett to get him, which is more than you should be willing to give up. If the CMC owner is truly desperate for RB then it never hurts to throw a lowball offer out, but I can't possibly see him doing anything but laughing at that offer, no offense. IMO you'd have an easier time trying to get Ekeler, as he'll be out longer and less likely to help the 3-4 owner win games NOW. I have CMC in two leagues and there's no way I'd trade him for anything less than a ransom after eating his zeroes since Week 2. Maybe start with McKinnon + Green for Ekeler if he's enticed by AJ's recent game...
  12. I'm the exact same way. My brother absolutely will not roster any other kicker except the one from his QB's RL team. This year he has Wilson and Myers, and Watson and Fairbairn. He says that way if his QB doesn't reach the EZ and get points, he still gets some from the FGs. To each his own I guess...
  13. In three of my leagues Koo was dropped while injured. This past week I dropped Blankenship in all three for his bye, picked up Koo in all 3, and the kicker nightmare happened - team scored only TDs, went for 2, and Koo gets you 2 pts. Blankenship would never do that to you. Back to the wire Koo goes for Roddy B if the waivers are kind.
  14. wlwiles

    Fair trade??

    agree, keep Gibson and deal with a one-week problem
  15. Nor should you. Stop after the third season because that's where the show ends