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  1. Met Adam Schefter at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World about 6 years ago. We were coming off the monorail and heading down the ramps towards the park entrance and he was heading up the ramp, I'm assuming with his wife and kid. He was lagging behind a bit, head down, furiously typing on his phone. I just kinda stopped in the middle of the ramp, not really meaning to be in his way, just an involuntary response to me recognizing him. He looks up from his phone and smiled, and I said (I know, super cool) "uh, dude, you're Adam Schefter!" He just smiled, stuck his hand out, and said "guilty as charged. Who's your NFL team?" I told him my team, then asked him if he had one too. He responded with "whoever gives the best info, haha. Take care man" and headed up the ramp. I always figured he was a short guy, but he can't be more than 5'5". Cool dude though
  2. All of you need to quit eating peanut butter, that's for 6 year olds, and put some ham or turkey on your damn sandwiches
  3. So I caught the S3 premiere after the Super Bowl last weekend - had heard of it but never watched it before. Went back on Hulu and skimmed through the first two seasons just to get a feel for what type of celebrities/singers they're pulling. Definitely a show you should DVR, just watch the performances, then see the reveal. An excruciating amount of time wasted in this show. Rabbit sings, then they let each judge ramble on about some obscure reference they saw in the clues video and why they think this person is the 4th most popular Backstreet Boy. Then they announce the Rabbit is in the bottom 2, so he sings again. Then the judges ramble on again and guess the same as they did 5 minutes ago. Then it's announced that the Rabbit is eliminated. BUT WAIT, before we take his mask off, let's go to the judges to see who they think it is.... 🙄
  4. Season 11 just kicked off yesterday with the very lovely Margot Robbie. You could tell from jump street that she was in waaaaaay over her head with a very low spice tolerance but she was a trooper.
  5. Just to elaborate on Enchanted Tales since it's my daughter's absolute favorite thing to do in all of Magic Kingdom. They bring a group of people into a room (parents and kids). The cast members explain that they're going to act out a little "surprise party" for Belle, and they give people roles. Usually they'll pick a couple of the dads to be guards, one kid is the Beast, one is Chip, one is Mrs. Potts, one is a horse, one is Maurice, etc. and each kid actor is given a cardboard cutout type sign/mask to hold and use during the skit. BUT - they always have extra items for anyone that wants a role and got left out, so if your kid is shy or didn't get picked, just ask one of the cast members. Then they usher everyone into a bigger room, give the "actors" their places, and then Belle comes in and they act out the skit. At the end of the skit, Belle will meet and greet each actor and pose for a picture. My daughter didn't get picked for a role the first time she did it and was super bummed, and I guess the cast members were running behind or trying to speed us up because they didn't offer the "extra roles" so we didn't know those were possible. We did it again later in the day just so she could get picked, and that time they asked at the end of the role selection if anyone else wanted a spot. Just a heads up to ask if you don't get picked. Like @glvsav37 said, it's a great place to sit down, catch a breather, enjoy the A/C, and knock out a princess meet and photo all in one go.
  6. My dad taught me as a teenager that "nobody is above an ###-chewing" and it's stuck with me. I don't go actively seek out people's criticism or feedback because I'm not that insecure, but if you want to give it, bring it on. It means that at some level you do care enough to give it in the first place, and if there's something I can improve or do better, then maybe I can learn from it.
  7. 6'4" 240 but I have a longer torso. I voted XXL because that's usually what I get to ensure length is good but every now and then I'll find some XLT ones that fit better.
  8. Just signed the prelim paperwork on a refi last week. Wife started looking around and realized the rates were in the mid-high 3's so she called the bank and started the ball rolling. We just bought this house in late 2018 at 5% for 30 years. Now we're locked in at 3.75% for a 25 year, and the monthly payments go down $50. Closing costs get rolled in, we just pay $500 at signing. And since we just had an appraisal in late 2018, a new one isn't required for the refi so saved that $ too. I'll shave 4 years off the note all day every day
  9. When I was a kid in the early 90's, it was Cubs on WGN and Braves on TBS. Braves were good and won their division every year, Cubs sucked. I became a Braves fan. For football, the closest team to us was the Saints so they were always broadcast every week, so I adopted them as a kid. Couldn't care less about the NBA or hockey. As for college, I root for the school I went to.
  10. Wait, emulator? Is that an add-on during purchase, or a standard feature? You don't need a game cartridge for that? Hell, that alone might make it worth it for me, I have no idea what new games are available, what i might like or not like, but just to go back and play Mario, Contra, Metroid, etc. sounds good to me
  11. The older you get the more stuff you have to remember. The brain can only hold so much man. Once it gets full, you gotta forget something to remember something else.
  12. If you've never been before, or haven't been since you were a kid, it really is a massive undertaking to plan a first time trip. I have friends that have never been that "just want to go once" and I refer them to a travel agent, telling them "don't even think about trying to do it yourself if you've never done it before". Not to scare you away, just being honest. It's a great fun awesome magical place that no matter what age your family is they'll enjoy, but there's so many things to do and see and experience and ride and taste and try, that can overwhelm a rookie.
  13. My dad looks a lot like Chevy Chase, so "you serious Clark?" is one that he's probably heard a gazillion times since that movie came out from everyone in our family. He embraces it though, as he gets older he's become the guy that just goes out and tinkers outside for hours on end, in the yard, garage, wherever. If anyone goes outside to find him and asks what he's doing, he'll stand up, wave and holler "####ter's Full!"
  14. My nephew (10) got one of these for Christmas. I've had a blast with it just playing Mario Kart. Seriously considering getting one myself, but that $300 price tag is a little steep for something that i may only use 2-3 hrs per week.
  15. Ahem, excuse me Mr. @glvsav37 sir, but the mouse would like to see you in his office