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  1. I read somewhere that his cap number is about $40M in 2020. I'm the least cap-knowledgeable person I know, so I (probably stupidly) have to wonder - what happens if he retires after the 2019 season? Would he count anything on the 2020 cap then?
  2. My wife and I do this when we are already out and decide to go to a restaurant, because she's always cold natured and asks me to sit next to her so she can sidle up and sort of keep warm. If we're planning to go out she'll bring a sweater/jacket usually
  3. Last week's episode just showed the biggest disconnect between what the writers think, and what the viewers think. I can't imagine one single viewer that cares even the tiniest iota about the Rosita/Gabriel/Siddiq/Eugene love trapezoid that's going on, yet they dedicated a solid 20 minutes to it last week. Siddiq's had maybe 10 minutes on screen since Coral died, Gabe has always been a useless character, and they ignore Rosita too much. I like Eugene but it's obvious the writers have no idea what to do with him now that he's not making bullets or spouting "I have the cure" BS to Abraham, so it's like they just said "what can we do with him? Oh I know, throw him into the mix for Rosita while we're at it. And have him scrounge up some yoga pants, the darling knight that he is, people will swoon for him again". That whole situation was hastily thrown together. It felt like in a 5 minute span we find out Rosita is with Gabe, but wait she used to be with Siddiq, and she's preggo, and oh yeah Eugene pines for her too. Got it? Now go care about them.
  4. Le Cellier steaks are worth the price of admission to Epcot alone. My God what an awesome meal we had there last trip. It's definitely a must-do for every future trip now.
  5. I guess I like my rum and coke weaker than normal then, because most bars/restaurants around me (MS) will pour half rum then top it with coke. And I prefer spiced rum (Sailor Jerry, Kraken, Capt Morgan, etc), as it adds a sweeter/caramel-ish flavor. Most restaurants pour Bacardi (blech), and if you ask for spiced you get Myers (blech), or you pay $12-15 for the above which is too steep IMO. I get that alcohol is a sedative, but I guess I'm thinking of too many movies where the guy pours himself a scotch, takes a sip, and instantly there's a "ahhhhh that's better" reaction as if the stress of the day is magically lifted. Fake news. I'm not drinking to de-stress (that's what the gym is for), and I'm not drinking to get drunk, I just genuinely enjoy the taste of (homemade) rum and coke.
  6. I'm probably the only person in this thread that isn't a Star Wars fan. Never seen the movies, just not a fan of that genre really. Definitely looking forward to the 5 min waits on RnR Coaster and ToT starting in September! 🤘
  7. none of the above for me, really. I enjoy the taste of rum and coke, and will typically drink two of those in the evenings. I personally don't understand how drinking a liquid can allow you to de-stress...I guess getting drunk and forgetting about your worries for a while is a way to do it, but I hate the feeling of being drunk. I just really enjoy the taste of a rum and coke. If I'm out at a restaurant, I will not order it, because they mix it too strong and it costs way too much. I'll have a couple beers at dinner if I'm with coworkers, but beer makes me feel bloated after about 2 or 3 so I'm more of a "nurse my beer all night" kind of beer drinker.
  8. Right handed Left thumb is on top when praying (right pinky on bottom) - feels weird to do the opposite Left arm on bottom - feels fine to switch though
  9. Didn't see it mentioned yet, but they did some sort of weird time jumping in this episode. Jesus and Tara ride up to meet Zeke & Carol (and Jesus mentions that Maggie recently left), so obviously the handing over of the charter happened in the past. Was the Great Bulb Search & Retrieval Mission also in the past, or is that present day/at the same time as the Hilltop/Whisperers prisoner exchange? And WTH is with the whole secrecy around whatever happened to Maggie, and whatever made Alexandria folks not like the Hilltop & Kingdom folks anymore? They keep mentioning that something happened, and whatever it was is what drove Maggie away I'm thinking, but they bring it up so sporadically. Complete shame that Maggie has been with us since S2 and her character just went poof without so much as an explanation, and all we get are these little snippets like "you know Michonne won't come to the fair after everything that's happened", and "we used to be a family, maybe we'll get back to that", but then no mention of it for a couple episodes. Smells like another angle that the writers have no idea what to do about...
  10. Catholic High School here (no kids that age, but my sister teaches there). It's a combo jr & sr high, so 7-12th grade. Each grade has ~40ish students, so about 240-250 kids total in the school. No block scheduling, each day there are 7 periods. Phones are prohibited - if a teacher sees one at all, class or hallway, they take it away, and the student can retrieve it from them at the end of the day. The teachers keep a communal list and once one kid gets theirs taken up 3 times, the parents get notified and have to schedule a meeting with the involved teachers and the phone is given to them. Dress code - boys required to wear khaki shorts or pants and a collared polo shirt in one of the school colors (purple, yellow, white). Girls allowed to wear khaki or gray skirt/pants with a girl version of the same shirt in same colors. Closed toed shoes at all times. Athletes can wear jerseys on their respective sport's gamedays, cheerleaders & dance squad girls can wear their uniform on game days also. Tardies/attendance - not 100% sure on the rules here, but they definitely keep track and the counselor will schedule meetings with parents if either gets excessive. Not sure how many = excessive though. The student parking lot is across the street from the school with a dedicated walkway to it. Non-driving students get picked up by parents in a rider line like you suggested but it loops through the faculty parking lot. Two security guards patrolling the faculty lot and they will stop any parent trying to park. Students not allowed to mingle through faculty lot during pickup time except to get into a car in the rider line, and even then they have to wait until that car progresses through the line to the dedicated "loading zone".
  11. Thanks! Just to clarify - Is it a one-at-a-time scenario? So if my daughter wants to use her old pink band one day, then I link/activate it, but then the next day if she wants blue I have to link that one and de-activate the pink one? Or can I just link all of hers "at the same time" so any of them would work?
  12. Quick question about Magic Bands - we're going back in May, and we plan to get a new set of bands just to add to the collection, but do we need to do anything special if we want to re-use old bands? My wife has a particular one that she'd jazzed up last trip and wants to re-use it. How do we configure it so that we get new ones, but "activate" old ones too?
  13. Math. Numbers make sense, everything can be proven, logic can be understood, it's just a finite world that makes sense to me. Science was a close second, if it wasn't for two years of biology I'd probably put it first. Loved Chemistry and Physics, didn't like biology as much
  14. I just got back from a couple days out of town. I walk in the door and my 3 yo daughter comes running up to me yelling “Daddy’s home!!” And I scoop her up and give her a hug. First thing she says to me: “I’m so happy to see my big boy!”