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  1. Dare I ask....does it explain how he retrieves them?
  2. as long as you the consumer is the one removing it. Mattress salesmen can only do it on their own beds at home.
  3. My wife has looked in every grocery store and Walmart across three towns trying to stock up on this stuff, there's none anywhere. She finally ran across three bottles of Purell on a random end cap in our local Walgreens and snatched them up. To answer the original question, there's one bottle between my office and the restroom, and it's on my desk. It's been here for months, still half full, and I've thought about chaining it to the desk like the pens at the bank
  4. Lol, a board game connoisseur I see. It’s Disney Princess themed Candyland, and we had the color cards rubber banded but left them at grandmas house during an overnight stay, so I stole one of the dice (die?) from another game. She actually prefers it this way now because there’s too many double color cards in this one, the game lasts longer with a single dice.
  5. Playing Candyland with my 4 y.o. daughter last night. I’ve never been the “let your kid win” type. In my mind the goal was to teach sportsmanship/how to lose, but the effect it’s actually giving is that it makes her more competitive than her normal demeanor. We’re neck and neck along the track, and I roll the dice and advance to the next to last square on the board. She needs to roll a 6 to land at the end, anything less and I’ll win on my next roll. She counts the spaces left, scoops up the dice, shakes them up, and announces “come on six, mama needs a new pair of shoes!” :rolls the dice: ”BOOM, SIX! :throws a finger in my face: GET ROASTED!!!”
  6. Unblock him, but filter out keywords related to "vaccine", "vax", etc. Enjoy the photos 👍
  7. I voted 6, and honestly I have no idea if that's overblown or taking it lightly. When it first came out, it was only in China, and my thoughts were no more than "it's the next avian/swine/sars, it's not in my backyard so what do I care?". Thats a crass thought, but it was my honest reaction. Once it started showing up in the US, I started to pay attention a bit more. Now that it's in several different states, I'm listening, but it's still at the point of information overload. Reports are varying, different media outlets hype it to different levels, and the average citizen is left to decide for themselves what precautions to take. I've seen people stocking up at the grocery stores, the cleaning supplies aisle at my local Walmart is COMPLETELY bare, and you can't find a bottle of hand sanitizer to buy anywhere. From a health standpoint of me, myself, I'm at a 2. I'm not old, not in bad health, if I get it somehow I'm not worried at all. But I have a daughter with moderate asthma and who is immunosuppressed, and she catches every cold. So all my attention would be on keeping her from getting it because who the heck knows what it would do to her
  8. My favorite QS meal in any park is Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom. Soooooooo good
  9. sometimes our freezer icemaker overfills (not sure why) and an ice cube will slide out onto the floor when you open the freezer drawer. Once it hits the floor apparently it's completely invisible to every other person in my house. Twice in the last week I go to the fridge wearing socks (I hate being barefoot, and don't wear shoes around the house) and step in a mini-puddle in the kitchen floor.
  10. Always target one level higher than whatever is the "expected norm". If everyone is in tshirt and jeans, wear a polo. Polos and jeans, wear a button down. Everyone has a jacket and slacks, wear a suit and tie. It's always easier to adapt and dress down, but showing up underdressed is giving a first impression that is negative, 100% of the time.
  11. I remember my wife telling me maybe ~1.5 to 2 yrs ago that Cinderella's castle in MK was getting rebranded/renamed to be Ana & Elsa's castle. Am I dreaming that? I haven't heard anything about it since...maybe a publicity stunt to take advantage of the Frozen-lovers that visit these days?
  12. Thanks a lot for the jinx. I've got a 7 yr streak of my own and now I"m going to turtle it home out of fear
  13. If ever there was a human being that deserved a full-volume air horn 1 cm from their earhole, it's this guy. I've never even met him and I want to kick him in the taint
  14. Sat next to Mr. Big Shot at a restaurant Saturday. He snapped his fingers to get the server's attention 5 different times throughout the meal. I kept waiting to see if he'd find a loogie in his potatoes but she had excellent restraint apparently
  15. Started watching Hannibal on Prime last week. Really enjoying it so far. It takes some leaps with the logic for sure (Graham can somehow look at a crime scene and know impossible things) but I'm loving Mads Mikkelsen in the Lecter role. Oh and Dr. Bloom 😍
  16. Do I need to watch Narcos first, or is N:M stand-alone enough?
  17. We live several hours away from one half of my family, but we drove up to see them last weekend for a baby shower for one of my cousins. My daughter (4) hasn't seen any of these people since she was 2, and so I highly doubted that she'd remember anyone at all. We had a talk on the ride there about who she would see, their names, and that we would be with her (wouldn't just leave her in a house full of "strangers"). We explain that it's a party for Michelle, and she's going to have a baby girl. Daughter walks in holding my hand. Immediately I spot Michelle, so I tell her "there's Michelle, this is her party" and she's obv. preggo (tiny girl, looked ready to pop). Daughter lets go of my hand, marches right up to Michelle, throws up two finger guns at her belly and says "What's up, Buttercup! Good luck with that baby!"
  18. Along the same lines, I hope they schedule byes better. I can't think of any good reason why a team needs a Week 4 bye, and IMO it's detrimental to them when they're playing a tough Week 12 game and their opponent is coming off their bye, meanwhile the first team is now all banged up because of the wasted bye so early.
  19. OP had salary of X in old job, plus got a great rating so let's say a 5% bonus/merit add-on. Now OP has same salary of X, but is in a higher role, doing more work, managing people, etc. and got lower rating, so let's say ony 3% bonus/merit add-on. Making less money now, same salary, more responsibility. This is where you messed up. Sounds like they basically made you acting director, as a quick way to fill a spot without having to go through the hiring rigamarole. Instead of posting the position, interviewing, hiring, etc. they just said "we'll stick @shadyridr in the spot and bypass all that mess, and after a while if he's doing a good job we'll give him a bump." Would have loved to see you pin him down, get something in writing: If X goal is met by Y date, then you get the promotion. "In due time" is as vague as it gets.
  20. Met Adam Schefter at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World about 6 years ago. We were coming off the monorail and heading down the ramps towards the park entrance and he was heading up the ramp, I'm assuming with his wife and kid. He was lagging behind a bit, head down, furiously typing on his phone. I just kinda stopped in the middle of the ramp, not really meaning to be in his way, just an involuntary response to me recognizing him. He looks up from his phone and smiled, and I said (I know, super cool) "uh, dude, you're Adam Schefter!" He just smiled, stuck his hand out, and said "guilty as charged. Who's your NFL team?" I told him my team, then asked him if he had one too. He responded with "whoever gives the best info, haha. Take care man" and headed up the ramp. I always figured he was a short guy, but he can't be more than 5'5". Cool dude though
  21. All of you need to quit eating peanut butter, that's for 6 year olds, and put some ham or turkey on your damn sandwiches
  22. So I caught the S3 premiere after the Super Bowl last weekend - had heard of it but never watched it before. Went back on Hulu and skimmed through the first two seasons just to get a feel for what type of celebrities/singers they're pulling. Definitely a show you should DVR, just watch the performances, then see the reveal. An excruciating amount of time wasted in this show. Rabbit sings, then they let each judge ramble on about some obscure reference they saw in the clues video and why they think this person is the 4th most popular Backstreet Boy. Then they announce the Rabbit is in the bottom 2, so he sings again. Then the judges ramble on again and guess the same as they did 5 minutes ago. Then it's announced that the Rabbit is eliminated. BUT WAIT, before we take his mask off, let's go to the judges to see who they think it is.... 🙄
  23. Season 11 just kicked off yesterday with the very lovely Margot Robbie. You could tell from jump street that she was in waaaaaay over her head with a very low spice tolerance but she was a trooper.
  24. Just to elaborate on Enchanted Tales since it's my daughter's absolute favorite thing to do in all of Magic Kingdom. They bring a group of people into a room (parents and kids). The cast members explain that they're going to act out a little "surprise party" for Belle, and they give people roles. Usually they'll pick a couple of the dads to be guards, one kid is the Beast, one is Chip, one is Mrs. Potts, one is a horse, one is Maurice, etc. and each kid actor is given a cardboard cutout type sign/mask to hold and use during the skit. BUT - they always have extra items for anyone that wants a role and got left out, so if your kid is shy or didn't get picked, just ask one of the cast members. Then they usher everyone into a bigger room, give the "actors" their places, and then Belle comes in and they act out the skit. At the end of the skit, Belle will meet and greet each actor and pose for a picture. My daughter didn't get picked for a role the first time she did it and was super bummed, and I guess the cast members were running behind or trying to speed us up because they didn't offer the "extra roles" so we didn't know those were possible. We did it again later in the day just so she could get picked, and that time they asked at the end of the role selection if anyone else wanted a spot. Just a heads up to ask if you don't get picked. Like @glvsav37 said, it's a great place to sit down, catch a breather, enjoy the A/C, and knock out a princess meet and photo all in one go.
  25. My dad taught me as a teenager that "nobody is above an ###-chewing" and it's stuck with me. I don't go actively seek out people's criticism or feedback because I'm not that insecure, but if you want to give it, bring it on. It means that at some level you do care enough to give it in the first place, and if there's something I can improve or do better, then maybe I can learn from it.