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  1. He's the better receiver (Buck). Was excellent in college. He needs a full NFL offseason to see if he's feature back caliber for a season. He's faring well IMO.
  2. don't really think he can burn anyone deep anymoreNever has. He's just bigger than everyone, good with routes and positioning. He was targeted deep a lot earlier this year. I thought they looked better offensively when they were letting him body DBs deep.
  3. No way I don't start him. He's getting 15-20 touches and could be racking up garbage time stats.
  4. Yes. I wish they would target him deep some.
  5. Spencer Ware 6.5 yards per carry. Chark West 3.8 ypc.You're fooling yourself if you think Ware is going quietly back to the bench. As is anyone who thinks Ware sniffs 6.5 moving forward.
  6. Yeah he was ripped by Brunell on ESPN. McCarthy also called him out.
  7. He will come in and play Jordy's role. Won't miss a beat. A WR2 at worst.
  8. Probably due to him being a better receiver than Forsett and likely to get any goal line carries (if there are any).