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  1. The only thing embarrassing is your support for this hateful nonsense, but have fun in your safe space since you and the rest of the radical right apparently need it to rationalize this hatred.
  2. Can I get a ruling on when I can take Trump at face value and not have to rely on the radical right to parse his words for public consumption? TIA...
  3. Only on the disgusting radical right is racism a “show”. Thanks for showing your true colors.
  4. Perhaps because one is the President and the other was the President
  5. Is it fact that there is footage of Trump partying with Epstein from 1992?
  6. It takes a lot to get Cramer that hot and bothered. There must be a lot more to this than Thiel’s and Kudlow’s comments (keep in mind Kudlow did a show on CNBC with Cramer for years).
  7. I know logic gets twisted on its head in this thread by Trump supporters, but there isn’t causation between the two.
  8. Many people are saying he’s made many racist statements, many people.
  9. No, no I can’t. His message isn’t clear. There is this thing called the First Amendment which makes attacking dear leader, you know, ok.
  10. This is some of the most asinine logic I’ve seen in awhile. It’s simply breathtaking the hoops Trump supporters go to rationalize their support.