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  1. Just got back from a week at Taos. Awesome time. We did their ski week for the first time and it was great. I’m a decidedly intermediate skier, but got a good start on beginning moguls. My wife’s instructor was taking her group to all this relatively untouched glades and other gnarly stuff (they did one of the Junior National Freestyle courses the day before the competition). Some instructor had the onions to get my 8-year old down Al’s Run on the last day.
  2. I mean 2 of 3 academies that got out of both U15 and U17 GA qualifying are NYRB and NYCFC. Plus they each produced guys that are arguably the 2nd and 3rd most valuable in the transfer market today (Adams and Reyna).
  3. I get to get up at 7 tomorrow at do 6 days worth of fast pass requests. Seems fun
  4. Full on Banana Republic at this point.
  5. As opposed to Trump’s statements and actions while in office And continued demonization of the Central Park 5? Republican are smoking what Foxnews is selling if they’re believing any of this nonsense.
  6. And those are the numbers with fictions 3% growth every year for 10 years.
  7. He’s basically the only attacking-ish LB in the Championship which is looked for at the higher levels. He’s also physically gifted at a level that looks like that attacking style could project to higher levels. So I’m not shocked he’s being looked at by clubs. He also has the WP that helps in England.
  8. Whelp this is arguably more progress than they’ve made in awhile.
  9. I mean this is usually a fall story, but they’ve been circling that site for awhile. I’ll believe it when all the permits are obtained.
  10. Lol...wife lived under Tito, so you might want to amend that.
  11. Mmkay...pretty sure the Democrats aren’t acting like a tin-pot dictator and firing whoever speaks the truth.
  12. new COO...same story...Lucy with the football. I will not be Charlie Brown again! ok maybe I will be
  13. NYCFC are going full-on Nordic signing Gudmundur Thorarinsson to play LB which was their one big position of need.
  14. This was always Trumps problem with Bolton, a whole bunch of Republican Senators trust Bolton more than Trump. This made it an intra-Republican fight with forces that still have a lot of sway in the party (and it helps that Bolton’s PAC throws money around).