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  1. FWIW, I'd argue that the feedback loop has strengthened and quickened significantly in the past 20 years. Just take FBGs, I'm sure you know clickthrough rates, which stories get read, which features get used the most, etc. That's allowed companies in general to tailor their product (in this case news stories) more specifically to what's driving engagement.
  2. I could see some of the 9s displacing Sargent as well depending on what type of movement we're really looking for up top. I'm as bullish as anyone on Sargent, but for whatever reason that position is a relative strength of MLS compared to our Euro based 9s.
  3. We'll see, but the divide in NC is about as big as you're going to get anywhere. It also looks like NC has one of the bigger undecided populations (neither Cunningham nor Biden is at 50%). If there's one state where I wouldn't necessarily believe the spread its here.
  4. I put it at 60-70% for the sole reason that I see no reason Trump won’t claim victory at some point in the night and try to take it to court repeatedly.
  5. Yeah nothing dangerous with what McConnell pull the past 5 years to get a SC to favor his politics. Nothing at all.
  6. Elections have consequences or so I've been told. And yes I want a return to the normal non-radical ring wing court where Supreme Court justices don't parrot right wing talking points and know how state's decide elections in their opinions.
  7. Japan has managed to contain it. Australia as well. This line of thinking is just acceptance of a fate that didn’t have to be. Our leadership simply had no plan and no desire to do the hard work on getting a buy in from our population for even the most minimal measures. That’s a failure of leadership, creativeness, and will.
  8. They are a traveling superspreader circus, only problem is the jokes on us. I’m just glad I live in a place that’s not competitive enough for them to come and start an outbreak.
  9. Except it wasn’t a travel ban and it wasn’t effective. So Trump nailed it again.
  10. I mean I can't unsee that, but Rudy is definitely an expert
  11. I mean we all know he's an expert in pink transgender outfits, right? Right?
  12. Nothing like seeing this charade of a story disintegrate even further with Rudy's Borat appearance. This really is the gang that can't shoot straight.
  13. Is the child pornography on the laptop more real than Trump’s secret Chinese bank account?