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  1. How cute someone’s fee fees were hurt so obstruction doesn’t apply. What a political hack job.
  2. The only saving grace is that the Barrbino has been a smidge too obvious. Just a smidge.
  3. Shocking that DOJ officials have met multiple times with the WH on the Mueller Report. And by shocking, I mean par for the course for this corrupt adminstration.
  4. They don’t care...they just think they’re “sticking it to the libs”...guess they don’t realize we’re just laughing at them and their dear leader over the entire meltdown. The only people are scared by this bombastic are the FoxNews viewers in their bubble.
  5. Apparently this is a National Emergency(tm)!
  6. Hang in there As a PSA to everyone in this thread...never send any messages over LinkedIn of any specific nature and that means don’t respond if anyone reaches out over LinkedIn. Names, phone numbers, and emails are there for a reason (take it off LinkedIn). A lot of companies monitor that #### since it’s so easy these days.
  7. It’s simply hilarious (and sad) at this point that the entire Republican and conservative establishment is totally bereft of governing and are just motivated by liberal tears. Just pathetic.
  8. Proud that we aren’t using immigrants lives as pawns in a stupid racist political game for one.
  9. I can’t decide what’s more pathetic, the Presidents idea or those supporting it because they think it’ll stick it to the Libs. Both are flat out disgusting ideas with people used as pawns. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.
  10. Nope...your federal tax dollars...which just shows what a dopey idea it is.