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  1. For some comparison, here's a BVB write-up: I'd note that the NYRB (at least in his last 2 years when I paid more attention to them) almost exclusively played BWP up top by himself and were frequently in some form of a 3-4-2-1 or 4-5-1. So he has some positional flexibility, but he always ends up with the same tactics. I don't see why it wouldn't work with some of the best young attacking players in the world.
  2. For most Americans. BTW Esper has to go. If he’s that gullible that “he didn’t know”, he shouldn’t be in charge.
  3. Hey guess what admitting mistakes is a quality of a good leader. This nonsense that because someone changed their mind from 15 years ago, they are compromised is part of the problem today since there’s a good chance he’s actually learned something from the results of his policies.
  4. Did Trump cover what's he's accomplished in the last 3.5 years as President that would have prevented any of this? Oh that's right, this happened on his watch, because of his policies. But nice try, trying to deflect.
  5. Wow...that photo op must really be playing well, if all you’re left with is this.
  6. I’m totally shocked that one of the antifa accounts on Twitter was actually white nationalists. Shocked, I say...
  7. I bet Nixon knew which side of the Bible was right side up though. Nixon was actually competent.
  8. Nope...turbo g the military on your own population is controversial. The only place it’s not is with Republicans.
  9. Teargassing your own citizens for a photo op. Truly disgusting.
  10. People most certainly had problems with the Kaepernick protest, most notably the guy sitting in the White House. Stop trying to gaslight history.
  11. I’ll just say he’s still 20 and putting in competent performances in the BL. Unless you are a world class striking talent like Haagland, that’s pretty good. He has spatial awareness that’s hard to teach and if he grows into his body he’ll be fine physically. I won’t be surprised if he ends up McBridish which frankly is probably fine given the other attacking options developing. If he can pull CBs even the slightest bit out of position, CP and the like will take advantage of that space.
  12. Yes let’s blame everyone but Flynn undermining the currrent Presidents policy and not batting an eye when Kislyak mentions the cyber. Just another upstanding American going out of his way to help, right?