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  1. So those troops aren’t coming home, but instead going to Western Iraq. The worst of both worlds I suppose.
  2. They wouldn’t do it until after the MLS playoffs and even that list is fairly short. You have a US list of Ramos, Bradley, Vanney, and I guess Vermes. Then there are internationals like Torrent, Almeyda, and maybe Heath. Point being is it’s a fairly short list.
  3. Dome could as well. He’s at least knows how to break a press and free up the most creative player we have. He has his faults, but he’s also not afraid to try things in order to put his players in the best position to succeed.
  4. Bradley’s a step up from Berhalter, right?
  5. Yet another team “presses” it which keeps the RB back and we fall to pieces with no tactical adjustments for 70 minutes. Freaking Dome has spoiled me this year.
  6. I’ve thought he’s lost the team for a couple of games now...
  7. Well he does them zero favors rolling out the same tactics over and over again and putting Swag too far up the field for Roldan. Just a disaster. If we were any other top 30ish side, GB would be fired after this match.
  8. I swear to god it’s like we’ve never seen a high press.
  9. Berhalter is in so over his head it’s not even funny. If he isn’t replaced after this performance something is wrong.