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  1. Do you suggest Terrarium TV without RD over any current Kodi builds?
  2. Just got an Amazon fire TV, want to install something on it this weekend. Have had Kodi on Raspberry PI in the past, but the fire TV replaces that and my chromecast...and gives me Prime TV. Anyway, if I got the Terrarium TV route via the links above, do I need a Real Debrid account/service in order to make it work?
  3. and a huge black eye, and a huge lawsuit on their hands, if he doesn't play and it comes out McCoy had nothing to do with it.
  4. I think it was $100 last year, and the year before. Not sure the details for this year have come out yet, or if they are changing. It's worked for me the last few years - and made a great annual gift to my sister for a few years, and now my cousin. I just don't understand why they won't come watch the games with me?
  5. I used to go to a massage therapist (some don't like to be called masseuse) when I was marathon training - would go once every other week or so. Was initially worried about it being weird, but after quick introduction and small talk she used her standard line "undress down to your underwear and get under the sheet and I'll be back in a few minutes to start." She's still hit my glutes (if asked) by either pulling them down or up when I was laying on my stomach. They'll take your queue on the small talk, if you don't talk (or aren't chatty back with them) they won't talk, either. I've fallen asleep more than once.
  6. 9 minutes if I get the light, 12 if I don't. Add in ~5 minutes if dropping off/picking up kid from daycare. Wife's is even better - about 25 feet down the hallway. She has to do a flight of stairs if she wants a second cup of coffee.
  7. Yeah, has to be an active .edu with enrollment - like my cousin has. I bought her this awesome gift of the entire NFL Sunday Ticket.....and she didn't make it to my house one time to watch a single game!
  8. Yeah, metal roof will kill it if putting antenna in attic. I'm ~50 miles away, asphalt shingle roof and I get nothing - and I mean nothing with the largest winegard antenna in my attic. It needs to be outside. is a great resource to see exactly what you need at your address, and where radio towers are (and in what direction). TV Fool is possibly better.
  9. Or know anyone with a .edu e-mail address.
  10. Seasons 1-7 of Game of Thrones, blu ray. $75
  11. Great deal on an orbi kit (router and two satellites). $220.
  12. 8 TB external desktop hard drive (just drive, not a NAS device) - $140.
  13. I laughed at that far harder than I should have.
  14. One of wifey's birthday presents taken care of thanks to you!
  15. It's 120