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  1. Traded him in the middle of all the rumors yesterday for Ronald jones and a future 4th round rookie pick in a dynasty league. I’ve picked up and traded Gordon off maybe 5 time she in his career already, but something about this situation feels different.
  2. During? Like 5 minutes ago. Dude knew he’d been cut. Thinks he’ll end up a Pat or Cowboy I guess.
  3. Moved him for Ronald jones and a fourth round rookie pick. Over this.
  4. Yes. Different ballgame there. Only an owner can cancel a policy outright. If you have an individual policy, then you’re the owner. If it’s theouh your employer, then the employer is the owner.
  5. Likely playoff team with one of the most dynamic and electric players on their roster down the stretch, to be paid with monies already allocated to him? Not to mention the near inability to actually trade him. Drop the tag and get nothing (cause trading likely isn't happening), or keep the tag over his head so that he has to report for 6 games, which will likely be down the stretch determining if they win their division (Cinci looking good), get a home game in the playoffs, or more.
  6. So, as some of you know I'm an insurance agent - and this week I believe I've come across an interesting situation of fraud, and according to one of my carriers - one that's been popping up more and more lately. I got a call from a long time health insurance client of mine. She said she tried to make a payment for her policy recently, but was told by the carrier that the policy was canceled back to the end of June. She had no idea how that could be, considering she had since already paid for July (she was trying to pay August when all this started). Carrier said they had a recording of her requesting the cancellation. Apparently, here's what happened: At some point, someone got a hold of her name, ID number, and probably date of birth (keep in mind, any pharmacy you visit would have all this and more, as would any health care provider you ever see - or anyone that gets a look in your wallet for all of 10 seconds). They called the carrier, as my client, and requested a change of address - likely just mailing address, didn't even need to be physical address. Some time later (likely first week of July), they called back with the above information and requested "cancellation at the current paid to date" (end of June), which was processed. My client is on an auto pay for their policy - which happens around the 6th or so of the month, but is in the works with the bank for at least 3-4 days prior ready for the pending transfer. Just over $1,400 was electronically transferred from client bank account to carrier, who received funds. Carrier had no policy to apply funds to, as it was already canceled - and issued a refund the newly changed address. Now, I'm not quite sure how that would have cleared, would the person just forge a signature and cash the check in full? Wouldn't they also need ID? I'd think this sort of thing could happen not just in health insurance, but in a lot of stuff.
  7. Last year, when his suspension went into effect, I traded him (and some stuff) for Melvin Gordon (and some stuff). Got me to the playoffs, and eventually to a loss in the championship game. At the time I was thinking I'd have to forever live with a decent downgrade at an RB spot - but after week 1 of this year, I'm not so sure.
  8. That's crazy. An hour of HD video (with audio) is roughly one GB. So 5 hours would be 5 GB. This is ~80,000x that (is my math right there?).
  9. We can't be the only ones, can we?
  10. Gonna have to roll with him at 1, rather than wait on Fournette at 4 - who could be a late scratch.
  11. Thinking I'll have to roll out 33 year old ADP at 1 PM, rather than wait and hear about a late scratch at 2:30 when I'll have no other alternatives playing in 4 PM games.
  12. Correct. I wouldn't do it when it's 95 degrees and 80% humidity. It likely takes a few days for all that heat in the basement to build up to those levels. If you happen to have an evening when the temperature drops into the low 70s or even 60s with somewhat average humidity, run the fans. It wouldn't be an around the clock thing - as the dehumidifier likely is.
  13. While I understand it won't happen - what's the situation if Bell doesn't report all year? He didn't accrue another season, I get that - so the Steelers still own his rights? But would they have to franchise him again to do so? And would that amount be the 2018 amount again, or the 2019 amount?
  14. It looks like you have small slider windows down there. You can get or even build screens for those - as well as fans that are built that size. If you get fans, get two - one for each end of the cellar - one "pulling air" in, the other "pushing air" out. Given the high ambient outside temperature, and all the radiant heat produced by the boiler/furnace, and older (non energy efficient) dryer, all that heat simply has no where to go. It just builds up and sits there. Introducing outside air would help the temperature, but could also increase humidity down there.