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  1. So his eldest kid was nicknamed "Prince", though actually named Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. - but then he actually named his second son Prince, but nicknamed him "Blanket"? And how does that second son have a "II" (as in, the second) after his name?
  2. Wasn't a 10k, or even running related - but I did bike 94 miles Saturday - over gravel/mud/sand down in North Carolina. First time ever doing anything like that, so didn't know what goal to set for myself like I could back when I was running. Did it in under 7 hours, though, so I was happy with it.
  3. Yeah, me too. Sorry about that. The guy is a dead ringer for Dennis from It's Always Sunny, too. I did learn a lot, though.
  4. How quickly are these "moments" passing in your mind?! In your video, the egg cracks at the :31 mark. The first punch is literally being thrown at the :32 mark. And you think the "moment has passed"?
  5. I've watched, and rewatched the clip quite a few times now. I'm amazed you are claiming either of these things underlined. The kid doesn't move back a "couple of feet" at all, maybe a foot at most. Moreover Anning doesn't have to step forward, he just turned around and he was within left jab reach (thus proving that the kid didn't move back "a couple of feet" unless you think this guy has 5 foot arms. Also interesting that you never mentioned that after the first punch thrown by Anning, the kid attempted to strike him - thus invalidating your claim that he was no longer a threat.
  6. Thought it was worth a post here - professional linguist breaks down fictional languages (including High Valerian and Dothraki). Crazy amount of time and effort went into both making these languages, and teaching the actors to speak them.
  7. That's amazing. How many are there today? 30?
  8. His cap number is only about $16m in 2020, from what I see on over the cap. Not sure of the answer to your question, though. But if they are moving a hit from 2019 to 2020 by converting it to bonus money, do the Saints think they have him for 2 more years?
  9. So Brees just redid his current deal. They moved salary to signing bonus, creating $10.8m in cap space this year, but moving that hit to next year where he's now going to count at least $21.3M if he's on the team or not. Does this mean that Brees is planning to play this year AND next year?
  10. I see Batman as closer to Ironman - (suit, batmobile, batwing, belt, all add up to being a bad###). She doesn't really have any of those things. She's like a more highly trained Nick Fury in my mind (as well as being hotter, have two working eyes, female, white....).
  11. But no locals. Thus far Sling looks to be our best bet (if we cut). We'd get locals, Nick, ESPN, tnt/tbs, history, ID channel (wife loves that), travel, HGTV, and ability to add redzone during NFL season. Will give the free trial a shot and go from there. The drawback seems to be that you can't stream content through many channel's "apps".
  12. Ingram straight up for the #11 rookie pick right after the news he signed with Baltimore. 10 team, non PPR, start Q-R-WW-FF-T-IDP
  13. Hulu doesn't have Nickelodeon, neither does DirecTV or Playstation Vue. My kid would flip out without Paw Patrol (he calls it "Puppies"). Any other cord cutting option that has it? ETA - Looks like Sling has Nick Jr.
  14. They did raise prices, but they are adding in HBO, right?