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  1. It depends on how you look at it. For whatever it's worth at this point, the "public option" was kinda what my idea was (and continues to be) about what should have been done in the individual market. I was fine with expanding Medicaid (which again, TGunz, accounts for about 85% of the "newly insured" you like to crow about). I knew going guaranteed issue, no pre-ex or waiting period in the individual exchange markets was going to destroy them - and the recent news says I've been correct about that. My thought from the beginning was to not change the individual market at all, and if someone is denied coverage due to health, give that person the "public option" of buying into Medicare or Medicaid. That keeps the private insurance pools far cleaner (and thus premiums much lower, so no need for the huge taxpayer funded subsidies), and gives a guaranteed issue right to anyone who wants it. I mean, if TGunz wants to brag about 17.5m more on the Medicaid rolls, wouldn't he also be bragging if that number was 18.5m or more, and the individual markets untouched?
  2. Sure, I can collect from them every 21 hours assuming they haven't been booted.
  3. I visited some historic sites all throughout Virginia over the weekend, mostly Civil War related. Stops were everywhere, along with plenty of gyms that are apparently rarely used. I still have 2 or 3 of those gyms with a guy in them today. Anyway, caught a few brand new guys that I'd never seen before. Had never seen or heard of Omanytes or Kabutos, but was getting them left and right all weekend like they were pidgeys and rats.
  4. $$$. The co-ops were "limited" to their original loans. If they lost huge money (which they did), there wouldn't be an influx of new money. With the "public option", at least in theory, the government could never run out of money.
  5. And for like the thousandth time, somewhere around 17.5m of them are now covered via Medicaid. For whatever it's worth now, I never had an issue with the expansion. 95% of my posts have been and will continue to be about the individual private insurance market, which has been decimated, just as I said it would 3 years ago when this this was passing/passed. I even said when it would happen - after the federal subsidies to the carriers end. I called my shot, and it's happening just as I said it would, right when I said it would (fewer people signing up than anticipated and those who do will be older and sicker than projected for; carriers leaving the markets left and right; and those that stay will have huge premium increases). Haven't each of those happened, just when I said they would? Do you really think the individual private insurance market is working well today?
  6. Traded him for the #9 rookie pick, and was able to get Dixon with it. Given what's going on in Baltimore, I'm not sure I did the right thing.
  7. Yes, I believe one of his "strikes" was for having a drink with teammates on the team plane.
  8. Stud. Those 3 plays in a row (edited like that I believe) with Kam are great. Guy is legit. Great blitz pickup as well.
  9. At this point we have 11 states with approved rate increases for next year, with an individual market presence of around 3.2 million people. The average, weighted, approved rate increases for next year for those 3.2m in those 11 states - over 30%.
  10. Hadn't even seen a Snorlax in the wild till yesterday, now I've seen two, caught 1. Only like CP63, but at least I got one now.
  11. Illinois average rate increase next year will be 45.1%. Indiana's approved weighted rate increase for next year will be 18.5% (which is one of the better ones thus far).
  12. Check out the "we cut the cable" thread. Tonydead has done a great job in there.
  13. I got the third one, and threw in an extra micro card I had. Using it to run Kodi, and love it.
  14. Sounds like EpiPen has done a great job in getting people to believe they are the only option here.
  15. Serious question - you're the CEO of one of these big insurance companies. Would you rather "keep" 12% of one billion dollars, or 15% of half a billion dollars.