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  1. Just offered Ekeler for him in dynasty. Fingers crossed.
  2. 6 weeks into the season, he's doing better than he did 6 weeks into 2018 or 2017. He's generally been a slow season starter. That said, Rivers isn't the same and the running game hasn't been helping him out any.
  3. What's the deal here? He's averaging less than one solo tackle per game, and his sack numbers just aren't there.
  4. matttyl

    2019 3-Down LBs

    Right there with you. What's up with him? The Redskins ran the ball all day.
  5. I do. It came with the house when I bought it. There’s no real option of customizing it to make it work. I’ll replace it, but keep the originals in the shed or something if we ever want to change back. Or sell for a few hundred if I can.
  6. Had always felt the same way, till I had fried okra at a Tueplo Honey (they have like 25 locations). If you ever find yourself in one, give it a try.
  7. Would love to move one, but I doubt I'll get adequate value for Gordon right now, or really Ekeler now that they are splitting. With them (in dynasty league) it's likely best to wait till Gordon is traded or signed elsewhere to trade both.
  8. #1 - I ain't doing Offdee's way. #2 - Also not going to try to cut the pet door into my existing door. Currently looking at something like this. But I don't like that the primary door opens from the "wrong side", or that the secondary door is stationary. Someone's got to make something that would work. My other option could be to find a door that's the exact same size as my secondary door, and either already has a dog door (like this), or that I can install a dog door into.
  9. Ruining a $1k french door likely better than a few hundred putting a hole in masonry, and possibly lowering resaleability in the future. The french door can be replaced, a whole in the side of the house will never be patched to look right.
  10. It's one large pane in each door. Actually it's two, as it's double pane, with the grid sandwiched between them.
  11. Looking for some possible outside the box thinking here. Finished basement opens up to the lower level of a two tier deck with a set of french doors. Wife wants a doggie door there to allow our two dogs to roam inside (just one large finished basement room) and outside to the fenced in yard area as they please. Seems no one makes one of these that looks good. I'd still like to have a true "french door" where both doors open, but all I've found have the secondary door as locked in place. We don't want to make a second opening in wall to install stand alone dog door (thinking potential resale value there).
  12. Correct that my mix is based off of population. Actually you'd think that the poorest folks (who tend to be on Medicaid) would need more services than more well of people, but I have no idea how to adequately quantify that. I'm fine for driving down operating expenses, that would just lead to driving down of costs across the board, including insurance.
  13. Also, Nick Cage in just about anything - but specifically Con Air.
  14. Kevin Costner's Robin Hood. It just wasn't an accent at all, just him talking.