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  1. Went to a pokestop, threw down a lure and lit an incense. Hatched a lucky egg and went to town on evolves, occasionally spinning the stop or catching something that came up to me. Went from just starting level 20 to roughly a quarter of the way through level 21. Crazy, now my highest guy in whatever all those egg things evolve into. Dude is like 1,500+ CP!
  2. I haven't had a need to upgrade my bag, yet. I'm going through balls pretty quickly (typically run out at the end of the day), and I go through potions pretty quickly attempting to take a gym. Also not sure why you'd need to hold so many guys - I'm typically around 200 right now, sell the rest off. The incubators I can see - as well as the lucky eggs.
  3. Was going to ask about this. When you upgrade your bag or the number of pokemon you can hold, is there another larger upgrade available after that? Same with egg incubators, can you buy as many as you can afford, or only one at a time?
  4. Saw a Charmeleon on pokevision (my first), two blocks from my office. Went to fire up the app, and it's down.
  5. So if one ever "escapes" (you see the little puff of smoke/dust as they go), do you ever have a chance of getting them back?
  6. So maybe I picked the wrong color.... So I was able to get guys in 3 gyms at the same time for my "collection" this morning. I've realized, though, that most gyms in my area are held by red (which is also my color). One gym here locally is a level 3, and the lowest guy in it currently is a 1238 Flareon - which I don't have anyone strong enough to take on 1-1 to level it up and put my guy in there. But another gym in town was blue, and had two pretty high Vaporeons in it, but I was able to take it down totally and put in a guy as I was able to roll into the fight with 6 guys. Am I thinking correctly?
  7. I'm not sure, as I don't have Vue. I believe ABC in my area carries Jeopardy, which my family loves to watch as my son is having his "before bed" bottle. That's really the only thing we'd like to watch "live", everything else can be on demand.
  8. Haven't followed this nearly as well as I should. Wasn't voting Hillary anyway. Can this be considered a "scandal"? I understand that DWS stepped down because of this, and did so right before the election. In the end, what did she do other than have a preference for Hillary over Bernie? And if that's it, was that so wrong (in her position)? Thanks, I'll hang up and listen.
  9. Tony, You're far more up to date on this stuff than me. Do you know of any streaming services other than Vue that includes your locals? I'm just a bit too far for an antenna to work reliably. Just looking for ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. PBS and other would just be a bonus. For some reason CBS isn't included with Vue in my zip code, and ABC is listed as "on demand"
  10. 1pm Sunday games are available very early Monday morning (then blacked out during Monday Night football).
  11. You might want to look into NFL replay for that. Come Monday morning you can watch all the previous weekend's games, and it's like $20 for the season or something.
  12. At this point yes - that will likely be the first that I guy (sucks that they are only good for 3 eggs, though). Next I'll get the larger backpack to hold more items. That should allow me to take on and take down more gyms, which should assist in more coins, to be spent on lucky eggs and incense in bulk. Is there any way to get stardust other than capturing?
  13. Yeah, down for about the past 2 hours here. Good thing I "collected" this morning when I still had a few guys in gyms. Has anyone acquired enough coins via gyms to buy anything yet?
  14. I think the website is antennaweb - go there and enter the address of the house you're building to see what they recommend. I think winegard (sp?) is the best outdoor antenna. From there, you can get HBO go for like 10-15 a month. Those two covered, and with Netflix and Amazon prime you should be doing just fine without getting too complicated. If you really want to dive in, look into kodi and such.
  15. I put kodi on a Raspberry pi 2, then installed Titanium. Pretty happy with the outcome. Would like to see more and better live streaming TV options, especially HD stuff. Will have to wait and see how good it will be at getting football games.