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  1. Interesting. I should have mentioned it's a non-PPR league. You kinda caught me off guard by calling that side the "Landry side" because of that - I'd call it the Hyde/Ingram side, but anyway.....
  2. Right, the student thing to me (I believe) was no different than if I had had the Sunday ticket on DirecTV. You watch any out of market regular season game you want to for 17 weeks, and you get Redzone on top of that (I think they just added redzone 2 years ago). I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that gamepass allows you to view games both live and after they've aired - pause, rewind, rewatch....
  3. Yes, I saw that. That's why I put in the point about North Carolina already having the largest insurance rates in the country. Their average monthly premium is already $662/m per person (due to increases that happened long before Trump was in office). So what BCBS is saying, as you point out, is that even without anything from Trump/GOP - they'd still need to increase that average $662/m up another 8.8% to $720/m per person. How's that "affordable"? For comparison, Texas' average ACA rates are only $404/m per person right now, and here in my state of Virginia we only average $405/m per person. North Carolina shouldn't have needed to have any increases at all, no matter who is in office, as they're already over 50% more than those two states. Also, BCBS isn't the only carrier in the state (thank goodness). There is one other - Cigna, who's requesting a 32% increase. As I said months ago - now carrier have a scapegoat they can use to justify the large premium increases they'll need - Trump. And no, I'm not defending Trump, I think it's a moron, just like most politicians, when it comes to health insurance markets.
  4. gamepass =/= sunday ticket Never had much of an issue on phone, but only used it on phone a few times. Really I just got it to have the redzone channel playing on the 2nd tv in my mancave - and occasionally Packers games (Rodgers is my fantasy QB)
  5. last year was the first game he'd missed since high school.
  6. Well, we won't know until (and unless) they say they are doing it again for 2017 and under what rules and such. Last year, there were regional blackouts - which didn't matter to me as I have regular cable. You DO GET REDZONE, which was the big thing to me. You don't get the NFL Network. I didn't use it during the playoffs, but I don't think it would have had those anyway - the sunday ticket is only for the 17 week regular season, right?
  7. He'll be an UFA after this year. Assuming Bell either signs a long term deal or is franchised, Hill is likely the top free agent RB under age 26 a year from now (well, him and Hyde). Fingers crossed one ends up in Indy or Green Bay.
  8. Is that wrong? Should I not be doing that?
  9. Do 4 quarters make a dollar? 10 teamer - qb, rb, wr, wr, flex, flex, te, k, idps.... A gets David Johnson B gets Ingram, C Hyde, J Landry, a 2018 first (likely early), a 2019 first (who knows, but generally a weaker team's pick)
  10. In a brand new start up dynasty, where would one thinking about drafting Watt? Would he still be the first IDP off the board? Specifics - 10 team, qb, rb, wr, wr, flex, flex, te, k, dl, dl, lb, lb, db, db - non PPR, pretty standard scoring, 1 point per tackle, .5 for assisted 3 points for each of FF, FR, sack or INT.
  11. North Carolina 2018 rate requests are out. The weighted average increase for the individual ACA market - 23.3%. Keep in mind their increase last year was 24.2%, and any new increase would obviously be on top of that. HOW IS THIS SUSTAINABLE? It isn't. North Carolina also has some of the highest insurance rates in the country (they have the 3rd highest average rate for all the states on the federal exchange).
  12. Exactly. $173B, for a state with around 20m people (really only 17m not on Medicare or Medicaid). Do the math - it's about $10k per person in taxes that would be needed. So, above Thorpe said he'd be fine with higher taxes if he didn't have premiums. Are your premiums really $10k per person ($40k for a family of 4)?
  13. ACA compliant (did you buy it in the last 4 years)? In what state (New York, right)? I imagine both of those answers are yes, and because of that I can go into detail about why you don't like your coverage if you'd like - but I think you already know most of those details. New York, as a state, has a weird and horrible history when it comes to individual health insurance - mainly because it enacted rules years ago that the ACA enacted nationwide in 2014 (guaranteed issue, community rating, elimination of pre-ex conditions) and the entire market went into a death spiral in only a few years, much like we're seeing nationwide in the individual market now.
  14. and then what?
  15. Yeah, as tony says above. It's through DirecTV, and they will sell you their NFL Ticket online (streaming through computer, tablet, smartphone, I think even roku and apple TV type things now) for $99 for the season if you have a "valid .edu email address." Crazy enough, I know someone who does. Once you've purchased it with that e-mail address, you can "log on" to the service anywhere with your user name and password. To me, it's a little bit more legal, and possibly moral, than any of that VPN stuff or Kodi. The person with the .edu e-mail often comes over to my house to watch the games - I just pay for it on their behalf.