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  1. I'm not familiar with direct tv streaming capabilities. That said, there are ways you can stream games to a firestick or chromecast assuming the projector has an HDMI input.
  2. Due to the length the cable would need to be? Could you just move the receiver during games and then move it back Sunday evening?
  3. What's the timeline on that decision;n?
  4. Been very happy with mine. Also connected this one with it's power plug rather than the TVs USB plug - so maybe that has a bit to do with it?
  5. You can get some weather stripping stuff for around the edges, and even bottom of door itself. That's what I did and made it a bit better.
  6. Agreed totally. I'm just pointing out that the 5 rookie QBs of note last year went to a variety of different offenses. Overall, amazingly, the one in Cleveland likely had the best overall offense to put any of them on - so the one that went there had the best statistical season (also, he's probably the most talented of the bunch as well). Depending on the scoring system, he could be great value. If you're in a passing td worth 4 and all rushing tds worth 6 league go for it, unfortunately I'm in an all tds worth 6 league.
  7. True - but saying that you had better stats than the QBs starting for the #29, #30, and #32 overall offenses last year really isn't saying much.
  8. *Gangs of New York But the answer is Step Brothers
  9. That router should be more than enough. It has 16 downstream channels (twice what my unit has) and I've got 180 mbps at my place and the modem maxes that out. I'm partial to asus routers (they just work), so for 1000 sq ft this (factory renewed) model should be fine and had a 90 day amazon return. Same one brand new (and likely better warranty) is $40 more various places, and often on sale for around $100.
  10. Separate. For a few different reasons that get a bit techy. But separate generally is best. As for which ones, depends on what service you have, and what your specific needs are. For me, I needed a modem that has home phone capability - not because I use it, but because I needed to have it due to have a "triple play" service package from my provider, comcast. They wouldn't let me active triple play (which for some reason was a better deal) without a modem that had phone capability. If you have cable internet, you'll need one time, if you have other service - you'll need another kind. If cable, the more channels the better (and the more future proof) - but you can generally get a nice one for $100 or less. Now you've got wired internet. For wireless router, what kind and how many devices do you have? Wired or wireless? If not many, and a small condo/apartment, a $50 can be enough. If multiple family members, tons of devices, and lots of streaming - you'll need a more capable setup.
  11. For anyone that has a (compatible) Asus router and wants to upgrade - many of their routers support their new AI-mesh system. I went out and got one other asus router, and they work with each other as a mesh system (and it's further expandable should I never need it). Cheaper than many of the new mesh systems out there, and I don't have to check a perfectly fine router.
  12. your own. modem, too. At my house they've paid for themselves each 5x over - and I've had better speed/range.
  13. That's interesting, assuming he plays.
  14. Ok, was exaggerating a bit on the "top 10" part. Was just meaning that at a certain point, it's better for these guys to be early 2nd round picks rather than late 1st round picks because of being able to hit UFA a year earlier. Sure, I cherry picked some recent examples, and sure there were some busts along the way who were better off being drafted earlier.
  15. Of course we're looking at it after the fact. Take Zeke for instance - if he didn't prove to be an NFL stud, he wouldn't be talking about a holdout. Of course he wasn't a mid first, he was a very early pick with much more guaranteed money. But none of the guys going into the draft see themselves as anything but studs.