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  1. True that, if nothing else for a safety check.
  2. Dude, we gotta Zwift together! Hit me up! My local club does 2-3 group rides a week.
  3. I’ve got the Domane AL 4 disc that pretty much is used as my covid 19 trainer bike. Love it. The iso decoupler deal makes for a very comfy ride.
  4. I’ve purchased 2 bikes right off of Facebook marketplace. I’m also in the DC area, so there is a Facebook group specifically for selling bikes and parts.
  5. You can't go wrong with a Trek. Great warranty, and nearly all bike shops carry and work on them. Of the 7 bikes between my wife and I, 4 are Treks.
  6. "UnitedHealth Group" is more than just their health insurance business. They have their hands in a lot of health related fields. If just looking at the health insurance piece (their largest piece) it was $2.9B earnings from $51.1B in revenues - an operating margin of 5.7%. Operating margins are generally higher in the first quarter of a calendar year for health insurers as they aren't yet paying huge benefits with people not yet hitting their deductibles/OOPs (for instance their operating margin the last 3 months of 2019 was only 4.3%). Now, I understand that's a huge number - $2.9B for a quarter. But in total they coverage about 53M people over that time. Run the numbers, it's just under $53 per person in profit for the quarter, for what's generally their most profitable quarter. A good rule of thumb is that a commercial carrier, on average, makes about $100-200 in profit per person per year. They just need to cover a whole lot of people to get to those huge numbers. And one good sized health issue (like a pandemic) wipes it all out. I'm actually interested to see their numbers for this year with so many people delaying/canceling voluntary services - but also the additional expenses from covid. ETA - on the bolded, lots of states (including my own) are putting laws in place to prevent these. Shouldn't be up to the individual to find out if every doc in a participating facility is in fact participating. It still happens, but this is the new hot topic the last year or two with networks shrinking to cut costs (and then, at least in theory, lower insurance costs).
  7. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, Rusty. With everything going on, things are pretty crazy in my line of work. I think your question(s) have been answered here, but just to reiterate, you are kinda stuck here. Well, when did you lose VA benefits? If that was recently, you may still be within a "qualifying event window" to enroll in an ACA plan. If that was more than say 60 days ago, then the system is set up to prevent someone from doing exactly what it is you're attempting to do (just buy coverage when you need it). There is also talk of having another "open enrollment" window for everyone - but thus far at least in Virginia that's only happened in the group markets, not individual. Also, someone mentioned getting a job - that wouldn't qualifying you for getting coverage in an individual ACA plan, as your income is apparently already too high for a VA plan, I doubt the extra income from stocking grocery shelves would change much of anything on that end. If you could obtain employer sponsored (group) coverage with that employment, that's pretty much your only option now. As to the part above that I bolded, the ACA is/are private plans. If you go onto (or a state exchange if your state has one) you'll see plans offered by private companies. Those are "on exchange plans", but the off exchange plans are pretty much identical (might be a pricing difference, but the plans are still from private companies. If you mean short term plans or something like that - they will most definitely either deny you a policy, or not pay anything related to anything you've already got (aka pre-exisiting conditions).
  8. We agree. I’m just pointing out that any social distancing or self isolation that’s done needs to be done over a month or more, not 15 days. All that does is delay the problem, not solve it.
  9. Don’t do the twitter. What’s the issues here? People going nuts for being able to finally go out after so long, or is this a second wave?
  10. And my grandmother, who lives there, won’t stop going to the grocery store
  11. We’re very low population. In fact, the positive case doesn’t even live in county, was just diagnosed as positive in the hospital here.
  12. First positive case in my county, I’m sure there will be more. Hospital respiratory therapist there lives across the street. Her daughter has been coming over to watch our 4 year old while wife and I telecommute. At what point do you stop that?