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  1. I assume "standard scoring" means 4 points for a passing TD. If scoring were 6 points for passing TDs, would we be looking at QBs around this point?
  2. Somewhere around $350-400, depending on the condition of it. Mine (again, similar model, similar age) has quite a bit of wear. I popped the plastic housing out of one of the headlights, so it's duct-tapped in, and there is lots of wear on the mower deck itself. The rubber/plastic grass clipping "shoot" is torn up pretty bad and stuff like that. This is a 10+ year old mower we're talking about here, these things don't hold their value all that well.
  3. That may be my exact mower - but with a Briggs and Stratton engine rather than the (I believe) Kawasaki. Yeah, that's about the model year mine is I believe.
  4. Yeah, cause we all know how spot on CMS has been with their expectations . My point is that only 6.5m out of ~30m or so uninsured paid the penalty in 2016 (for not having coverage in 2015). That was 20% less than the year before when the penalty was brand new and the penalty was very small. As we don't yet know how many will have it for 2016 (as people haven't filed their 2016 returns yet), that's all we have - but I expect that number to continue to shrink (and not because more people are getting covered).
  5. A few pages back people tried to list the characters from most normal to least. If we were going to list them by head smarts, I'd have to think Dee would be at the top of the list.
  6. Interesting read about the current uninsured rate. Basically, the uninsured rate has dropped from 16% to 10.3% in the under 65 population since 2015. What's crazy (to me) is that the percentage of people with private insurance (group coverage with an employer, individually purchased) has also dropped, from 68.4% to 64.8% (though with population growth the raw number has remained about level at ~175m). So how could both drop at the same time? Because those on government provided coverage went from 16.8% to 26.6%. As I've been saying the whole time, the vast majority of the "20 million more insured" that folks love to talk about is via Medicaid. I just can't believe that 26.6% of the population under 65 years of age is on government insurance.
  7. My wife actually called it halfway through the show.
  8. 6.5m paid out of an estimated uninsured population of ~30m? Didn't the CBO said that somewhere around 87% of the uninsured will have an exception to the mandate penalty?
  9. Medicaid. You realize the number of people on exchange this year is down from last year, right?
  10. Hey, you're the one who directed me to that site. It's a great resource, though heavily slanted as I'm sure you know. Anne, though, just don't seem to get anything. Did you see the part where she stated that it's "impossible to lose weight"? You wouldn't be "endmathabuse", would you?
  11. Ask her what's illegal about it. Crap like this is why it's Amazon for me....
  12. A more in depth read on the situation, but this resolution is still stupid.
  13. Anywhere from 300-900, honestly. Depends on what model it is, how beat up it is, number of hours on it, what engine it has. My Husqvarna 42" with hydrostatic is likely 10+ years old, but it would take $400 minimum, likely 500, for me to sell it. I know how to work on it, it's never let me down, and it just does it job well.
  14. you can get a solid 42" for half that or so
  15. Good deal, but likely too much tractor for you if you only have a half acre. I've got a 42" mower and over a full acre of lawn and it works just fine - can finish everything in under an hour.