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  1. Is this guy worth a top 3 rookie pick in the 2017 draft? Cause I'm about to offer just that with all the RB injuries I have.
  2. Well now Reed is officially out. He can apparently tell the commish to put in Cobb (likely) or put in another player in place of Reed (only options are Rashad Jennings, Michael Floyd, and Coby Fleener). I think he's going with Cobb. Again, the issue is if Cobb had a bad game (such as what Nelson did last night), and then instead of subbing him in for Reed just swap Reed out for someone else.
  3. So my MFL league has settings for backup players - if the listed starter is deemed "out" the backup will replace them. You can't knowingly start someone who's out when setting your lineup. Starting requirements are 1qb, 1 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 2 flex, and IPDs. We also have a 2nd weekly waiver run on Saturday at noon, and there are a few decent options available, maybe more depending on the health of a few questionable players like McCoy and such. Anyway, last night team had a starting lineup with a pair of TEs (a bit rare in the league, but not unheard of) - M Bennett and Jordan Reed along with 2 rbs and 2 wrs. Both of those TEs are very strong starts when healthy, and both are still listed as "questionable". Possible issue is that their top listed backup player was Randal Cobb, who played last night and had a good game. League is upset because at this point if either Reed or Bennett (mostly Reed) is deemed "out" for his Sunday game, which is looking more and more likely, Cobb will fill in as the backup flex player. If Cobb had a bad game last night, though, team could swap out Reed (if out) for another player yet to play - though with other injuries and byes there really aren't any other decent options on this team's roster. Team could get a "free look" at Cobb and then decide if they want to use those points, or another player is Reed is out. Team is also taking on some risk that Jordan Reed isn't deemed "out", and is active but doesn't see the field much. Opinions on situation?
  4. Well, it's only done that by adding more people to public assistance (Medicaid), not to private coverage, which isn't how the ACA was sold to the American public.
  5. The ACA was sold on the idea that more people would be covered by private insurance (and that if you liked the private insurance you already had, you could keep it, which was the "lie of the year"). If you look at the chart linked, they have the % of those under 65 with private health insurance for every year all the way back to 1997. If you go back that far you see 5 straight years of over 70% enrolled in private insurance, I guess they could have picked a date in there. The five worst years were Obama's first 5 in office. It was nearly identical in 2015 as it was the year before Obama took office, and given the weighted average approved increases in the individual market for 2017 being 25%, it could easily drop next year.
  6. Not sure if this is the place to ask - but does anyone have a decent "top 10 fantasy rookies" list for the 2017 class, so I can start looking into some of those players. I currently have 2 1st round rookie picks in my 10 team dynasty league, one likely early the other likely mid round. Will there be any large drop offs between tiers?
  7. Just hit level 30, and you get quite the haul for doing so. Max potions x20, and now max revives x20, lucky eggs x3, incense x3, ultra ball x20 I believe, lure x3, razz berry x20, and a great bonus of 3 egg incubators. Put me way over my item limit. Thinking I'd now see only max guys pop up, my first catch was a cp59 nidoran. Unfortunately no dust bonus.
  8. And the next three games for him would be at home, with next week vs the #30 run defense Oakland Raiders.
  9. Looks like Hilary wants the ACA to unravel, she even uses those words, in an e-mail contained in the leak. "But we have to be careful that the R version passes which begins the unraveling of the ACA"
  10. For what it's worth, if he doesn't play - J Rodgers is a sneaky good play coming off a bye vs the worst run defense in the league this week, now without N Bowman.
  11. Just collected while holding 6 gyms. Was working on a 7th, but one of the 6th I already had fell.
  12. So who gets some sacks this week? Jurrell Casey vs Indy (who gives up the most sacks) Michael Johnson vs Cleveland (who's second) Kyle Williams (vs Miami I think) Derek Wolfe (vs Texans, didn't see him on the field much last week, what's up with that?) Sheldon Richardson (vs Ravens, and what's with him playing LB some snaps) Cliff Avril (vs Cardinals, and maybe a backup QB?)
  13. First off, hook up a wired computer to the router and run speed test. Wireless speed can be really fast - assuming you have an N or AC router and wireless client (faster and newer than the old G standard). Also, set up the 5G to run along with the 2.4G band.
  14. You may be able to do what I do - it's called a "universal repeater". So I have a main router in the office. Two floors below in the basement I have a second router, connected to the first wirelessly. I can then use the LAN ports on the second router for wired stuff, and it also serves as an access point so I can get a good wifi signal in the basement and in the backyard.
  15. And another nasty one, Arizona with their approved, weighted increases for next year - 57%