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  1. Harken health out of the exchange in both Georgia and Chicago.
  2. 10 teamer The Yelton and Ivory combo was traded for a 2017 1st (early to mid).
  3. 10 teamer, start 1 rb, 2 wr, 2 flex.... A got - Amari Cooper and Jordan Howard B got - B Cooks and R Cobb
  4. Actually he was pounding the "public option" (for the individual market) drum in the post immediately above yours. Those two things aren't really the same thing. As for drugs not being covered - that's the issue I've been talking about the entire time. They aren't covering that drug due to it's cost. It's always been cost. Insurance carriers have no issue covering a drug that's $10 a month or something, just throw it on the formulary. It's the $500/m+ drug that they start questioning. I think a 10 mL vile of Lantus is around $71. Are there cheaper alternatives and generics available?
  5. Great information here guys, thanks for that!!!
  6. Both available! As is Heyward. In a sack heavy league, how would you line those 4 up in waiver order? Heyward plays Chiefs, Wolfe plays Tampa Bay, and Jernigan plays Raiders. I have all 3 as waiver claims, just honing down the order.
  7. Wow. Just wow. Millions of people are getting cancellation notices, and your celebrating it?
  8. Wellmark (Blue Cross) is out of the individual market all together in South Dakota next year, where they had ~28% of the market this year. They are also dropping all PPO offerings in Iowa. As I said before, I wasn't going to be too concerned with carries dropping out till it was the Anthems/Wellpoints....and now we're seeing that in multiple states. We're in meltdown mode here. The number of people receiving cancellation notices is growing by the day it seems, and we could get pretty close to 1/3rd of the ACA individual market receiving cancellation notices at year end, with the 2/3rds allowed to keep their plans getting on average at this point a 25% increase (unsubsidized).
  9. Currently rostered DLs... Clark, F; Dunlap, C; Taylor, D; Baker, C; Graham, B; Bucker, D; Hunter, D; Liuget, C; JPP; Joseph, L; Short, K; Ansah, E; Mack, K; Sheard, J; Vernon, O; Wilkerson, Bennett, M; Bosa, J; Long, C; Quinn, R; Suh, N; Fowler, D; Watt; James Jones by me; Donald, A; Cambell, C; Williams, L; Cox, F; Griffen, E; Jordan, C Currently I only have rostered Jason Jones, and will start him in tomorrow night's game. I'll need one other one going either Sunday or Monday.
  10. I didn't want to list all the DL guys currently rostered, but I could. It's a 10 team league, and when I traded away Watt last night as the news was breaking, I didn't have a single DL on my roster. D Hunter was actually picked up after his week 1 blowup, and currently there are 30 DLs rostered in the league (including Bosa and Butler both on a team's "practice squad"). Just hit me that Miami plays Thursday, and we run waivers Wednesday morning (I got Jason Jones) and not again till I can't get Mario anyway. Right now my waiver order is Cameron Heyward and then Geno Atkins.
  11. When has he ever had that?
  12. I believe it started as a herniated disc. Mike Golic (of Mike and Mike on ESPN radio) said when it first was news this preseason/offseason that he could end up "never being the same" even then. That news, along with his actually talking about possible retirement, and now this news last night of IR and maybe done for the season - I had to move him. He had a great run on my team, but it was time to move on.
  13. So I'm obviously in an IDP league, and up until this week I've always had JJ Watt as one of my two starting DLs. I've typically "streamed" my 2nd DL - trying to pick up a guy playing an oft sacked QB that week, as it's pretty sack heavy scoring. This week, I'll have to do that with both of my DLs. Anyway, this week I'm kinda at a loss for the DLs to pick up. Dalton and Cam seem to be the most often sacked. Cincinnati is playing Miami, and Carolina is playing Atlanta. No Atlanta Dl has more than 1 sack, and Suh is owned already for Miami. Should I roll with both Mario Williams and Jason Jones in Miami hoping at least one of them steals a sack? Any other suggestions?
  14. Wonderful scoop here. Was able to move him for DeVante Parker earlier this week before this news spread. It's a dynasty league so it may end up hurting me next year or later, but with the hits I've been taking at WR (Calvin retirement, Allen injury, Watkins injury, Floyd questionable) I had to do it.
  15. No, I turned down a 2018 1st (and Yeldon) for Howard. I wouldn't have turned it down if the pick was in 2017. I just don't want to wait two years - plus the guy's team is pretty darn good (he's currently 3-0 even with a hobbled R Wilson and some other players hurt). So I turned down something like around the #8 rookie pick in 2018 and Yeldon for Howard.