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  1. We agree. I’m just pointing out that any social distancing or self isolation that’s done needs to be done over a month or more, not 15 days. All that does is delay the problem, not solve it.
  2. Don’t do the twitter. What’s the issues here? People going nuts for being able to finally go out after so long, or is this a second wave?
  3. And my grandmother, who lives there, won’t stop going to the grocery store
  4. We’re very low population. In fact, the positive case doesn’t even live in county, was just diagnosed as positive in the hospital here.
  5. First positive case in my county, I’m sure there will be more. Hospital respiratory therapist there lives across the street. Her daughter has been coming over to watch our 4 year old while wife and I telecommute. At what point do you stop that?
  6. Likely already posted, but they do t want people going through withdrawal and needing to detox in a hospital, taking up a bed.
  7. my 4 year old has had a temp of 99 for three days now. had flu back in January.
  8. I’ve got family up there in Bergen co. Take care of yourselves!
  9. Those under 18% only 1%, or even just a rounding error? Are they not getting it, or not sick enough to warrant a test?
  10. How has this not already happened?! Good lord, I live in a county that hasn’t yet had a single positive case, and our playgrounds have been shut down for a week now.
  11. Listened to it while mowing my lawn this past weekend. Very interesting stuff.
  12. Let’s see how that effects pollution. Silver lining maybe?
  13. Been looking for an hour, don’t think they e posted yet. Goes into effect tomorrow night
  14. That last bit was specifically for essential business
  15. Are you “essential”? I haven’t yet seen the states official list. As a health insurance agent, at a time like this, I’m going to consider myself essential. Yes, no school for months. If you’re a senior in high school, what does that mean? Will you actually have earned a diploma by the time you start college in the late summer/early fall?
  16. If anyone is interested, hearing rumors of the health insurance industry granting extended grace period for premium payments. Some carriers have already extended the typical 30/31 day grace period to 60/62 days, but there may be a federal override for even longer. Honestly, if this gets bad, and without federal money, carriers might not be able to allow folks to float premiums for longer than that.
  17. Well, I didn’t say either of those things, but whatever. (I did initially use the term lockdown, immediately changed it to “shelter in place”). If you were able to get things from impacted stores over the weekend before this affects them, good on you.
  18. Why wouldn’t I? On Friday night I posted that the state of Virginia would be going to a shelter in place circumstance soon. The Governor comes out midday Monday with the order. You’re welcome for the heads up.
  19. Virginia going into shelter in place / non essential business, whatever it’s called. Governor talking now. @GoBirds @Uruk-Hai
  20. 10 team half ppr Amari cooper for AJ Brown and Kareem Hunt
  21. Infuriating, not baffling. Americans are generally selfish and self centered. And they are using any and every excuse to go out right now, especially those who are most vulnerable. And then you have all the “you can’t tell me what to do” crowd on top of that.