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  1. I know you never bench your studs - but the next two weeks would have been very tough matchups for him, and his bye is in there too. The other three weeks were great matchups, though.
  2. Keep in mind he has a bye (with the current schedule) week 6. Pretend he's got a 3 week injury at this point (if your league has a 15 day IR spot or something).
  3. not sure I would, especially if it's from a strong team. He could easily have 1,000+ rushing with 10+ TDs this year, and would be a free agent next year.
  4. Mixon just went for Fournette and TY Hilton - 10 team .5 PPR
  5. I didn't bench either. Chinn is on my practice squad (and thus not taking up a normal roster spot). After Chubb's great game on Thursday I had some breathing room and didn't think it was needed (and it wasn't, I'll win tonight assuming the Raiders TE doesn't score 50+). I wanted to see another week of Chinn's usage. Anyone have a breakdown?
  6. basic scoring (point per tackle, half point per half tackle - 3 points for pretty much any "special" defensive stat like sack, int, FF). It just feels like starting a LB at DB in a league where you start 2 dl, 2 lb, and 2 dbs is something you have to take advantage of. Don't want to bench Collins (as I'm a Washington fan, and will be watching the game).
  7. Making him a "must start" at DB when you have to start 2 of them? If so, over L Collins or Poyer?
  8. He played most of the game at LB, though, right?
  9. You're right. In fact, if he had a knife the entire time it may end up being bad for the police. He would have been a larger threat when they were wrestling/on the other side of the vehicle. Once he's up and walking away from them, he's no longer as much of a threat because of the knife - of course he'd now have a ~4,000 pound vehicle he could use. Also, if we're saying if he had a knife or not shouldn't matter - then why wasn't that the narrative/statement from the start? Instead it was that he was an unarmed black man - which it's looking like will turn out to be false. As stated by another poster above, there are three sides to every story. The story from this side, the story from the other side, and the story of what actually happened. I've listened a lot to both sides of this story as much as I can, and when you see that one side isn't telling the truth (or the whole truth), you ask yourself why.
  10. Of someone else’s car? That’s quite the magic trick. Seriously, if you google “Jacob Blake knife” images, there is a freeze frame of the first video clearly showing him holding a curved object in his hand, which looks exactly like a knife/blade. And again, why would the guy filming say he heard the cops say “drop the knife” twice?
  11. For better or worse, I’ve been looking into this Blake shooting more than others. Initially upon hearing the early reports, my reaction was “fry those cops”, but as we all know initial reactions can prove incorrect. I’m literally 50/50 on this one right now and each piece of evidence that comes forward is pushing me one way or the other. I did just learn something I hadn’t known about before - while the officer did fire 7 shots, only 4 struck Blake. Tells me two things - the officer is a horrible shot, but also shows why police are trained to continue firing in these situations (if it is in fact justified, which is obviously the big question here). I don’t think this info will change anyone’s mind on the situation, but I thought I would share anyway.
  12. It’s the only logical way that a knife ends up being found in the floorboard of the drivers seat. He dropped it when shot. Unless that’s where you keep your knives. And the only logical reason why one of the guys videoing the incident heard the cops yell “drop the knife” twice. ETA - in fact, it’s the only logical way a knife ends up in the SUV at all, as it’s not his car. So as Blake has admitted to having a knife, as has been reported by many places, how would his knife have gotten in any other persons car?
  13. A still frame of the original video clearly shows something in his left hand as he walked around the vehicle. He would have dropped it to the floorboard when shot.
  14. Are you more upset that he fired at all, or fired the extra 6 shots? I only ask, because isn’t it taught to officers if you decide to shoot once, you shoot everything you have to stop the threat? Maybe that’s not worded right - but isn’t it an all or nothing philosophy?
  15. He’ll have to face the gun charge in another state - but I do think he’ll end up walking on the more serious charges. They overcharged him, and I think they did so purposely.
  16. Blake’s lawyer, Ben Crump, on twitter stated “was helping to de-escalate a domestic incident” at the time.
  17. Those were Kenosha police, as stated by the video title itself - those were federal officers. The other three videos you posted are specific to crowd control situations, and yes they are used there. For everyday officers “working their beat” (is that the term?), I don’t believe they have them on themselves. Ive (unfortunately) watched both Blake videos a few times myself in an effort to get clues of what happened. I don’t see any baron like devices on any of the officers, though aren’t many of them now “retractable”? If they didn’t have them in their persons at the time, what does it matter now? “Hey, could you just hold on right there for a second so I can get something out of my squad car and come right back?”
  18. Not sure the officer had one to use. Many now use a taser as their non lethal weapon, rather than baton.
  19. Not sure that’s true. If police were able to stop a mass school shooting by doing so I think we’d all be ok with it - especially the parents of the kids at the school. Now that wasn’t the case here, obviously. Me personally, I’d like to collect as much information about the situation as I can. Some will be hard evidence (like the videos), some will be complete BS (as statements often are). You piece it together with the information you have at hand. Also, aren’t officers trained that if they’re going to shoot once, they shoot all the bullets they have? We should be able to have a reasonable and rational discussion about when deadly force is in fact justified. To prevent shoot shooting, yes. To stop a jay walker - no. Lots of grey in the middle. If other non lethal attempts (numerous, apparently) had been attempted, if reasonable verbal commands (by both police and bystanders) aren’t adhered to, and if the police feel either their lives or the lives of others are in potential danger - at some point that use of force can and should be justified. Were the lives of the children in potential danger? Would Blake have used the weapon in the car (as he apparently stated he would), or even used the car itself as a weapon?
  20. I understand the distrust there, but even if you don’t believe it one should at least read it to hear “the other side”. I didn’t initially believe all of the story being told by Blake’s attorney, but I at least listened to what was stated. That way, when evidence (videos, audio recordings of calls, actual evidence) is brought forth you can see who’s telling the truth and who’s full of it. I’m sure more evidence is still to come out.
  21. For what it’s worth, “you issue a warrant and you find him and you arrest him” is exactly what the officers in this recent tragedy were attempting to do. I don’t mean to defend the officers, but I’m also not going to defend Blake at this point either. My initial reaction from the initial reports were to jail the cops and throw away the keys - but every bit of “evidence” that has come out has me rethinking that position. Someone upthread asked about how he/the kids got there. During a domestic dispute the included a call to the police. It’s not out of the range of possibilities at this point that he was taking the kids without permission/legal authority to do so. Perhaps that’s why the call was made in the first place. There just a lot that we don’t yet fully know about the situation. Did the taser not work because he was drunk/high, or because the cops couldn’t properly implement it?
  22. Locked 2.5% on a 30 with only an eight of a point needed. The last time I did a redo to 3.5% I said it was the best it would ever be. Thanks to the info in this thread.