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  1. Millionth car produced. It was a Y.
  2. 47c tires will do that, but also give you more rolling resistance. My gravel bike, and my wife's for that matter, both have 32c tires on them. I think I can go up to 35c (and likely will, eventually) on both. How do you like the gearing on it? 40t front with 11-42t 11 speed? Got enough low end to climb?
  3. Really hope yours is that nice purple color. Purple bikes always look great.
  4. Right there with you on this thinking. My last two car purchases.... Last year purchased a used Mercedes E320 (from a family member). Great condition, all the bells and whistles (that were available in 2004....) $5k. Still worth that today, if not more. Coming up on 5 years ago purchased a used RAV4, which was just fine for my personal needs (4x4, sunroof, tow hitch, decent mileage). $14k, and likely still worth $8k or so 5 years and ~80k miles later. It's cost me ~$100 a month to own, before taxes, gas and insurance.
  5. I mean what still needs to be sorted out about electric cars, in your mind, before you'd be interested in buying one?
  6. Just curious, but (as a potential buyer) what do you want to still be sorted out?
  7. I'm sorry, did you get a 2.75% 30 year refi loan? Or am I misreading this?
  8. Time to take the snow blower back into the shed?
  9. That's the stat you're going with? How about US obesity is the worst it's ever been, and not declining one bit?
  10. That's been included since at least 2014 (possibly 2010), or before due to the ACA on all private health insurance, which roughly half of Americans have. Have we had any impact in that time on those behaviors?
  11. Universal healthcare would prevent people from living a sedentary lifestyle, or prevent them from having a fast food diet?
  12. ....and that directly leads to worse HC outcomes, which you brought up.
  13. Not really, when roughly half of healthcare expense in the US is from totally preventable circumstances or lifestyle. We live in a fast food society, where hardly anyone gets even a fraction of the exercise they should.
  14. Keeping the Lights On: Why Are U.S. Hospitals Closing? While each hospital under threat of closure deals with problems unique to its location, their underlying problem is singular: not enough money. The biggest factor, the professors said, is the mix of payers. Hospitals need enough commercially insured patients with private polices to offset the uninsured patients, because Medicaid and Medicare do not reimburse 100% of expenses.
  15. That was always the case. If you were in need of acute care, you received it.
  16. Yeah, it's a 911 thing I believe. I had the same issue. If you have a "triple play service" (like I did with Comcast - phone, internet, and cable) your cable modem needs to have a phone outlet. When I changed service with them, I made sure to go with a double play package. I have a cable modem with a phone jack if you need one - DM me.
  17. Looks like it worked. The bills were shot down, pardon the pun.
  18. Great info all around with the Asus mesh (called AImesh), which is what I use at my house. I did so because I already had an asus router, so I just had to buy another (used) and was able to use the pair as a mesh system - and can expand later if needed with additional routers used as nodes. On the wired vs the wireless, you can connect them wired, but they might still be used wirlessly. Think about it, the max wired transfer speeds is 1,000 mbps - but your routers have a max wireless speed of 4,800 mbps between them (mine are 2,900). So the wireless route might be faster than wired - but AI mesh will make that call for you with whatever it finds to be better. On your modem question - My current modem, and even my previous modem were both personally owned to save the rental fee from xfinity. Heck, my current one I purchased used off facebook for $20 and only needed a 10 minute phone call to comcast to give them the information off of it to get it set up. Had zero issues with either one. The vast majority of networking issues are from routers, not modems (which is another reason to use two separate devices). At worst unplugging the modem and plugging it back in once every few months what as it needed. What's the model of modem you have now? Modems (based on the number of channels that they have) have a limit on how fast they can operate. Mine theoretically tops out at 686 mbps, but my service tier is only ~230 so it's no issue and has room to go faster if I wanted. You have to see what's actually offered in your area (they don't offer "gig speed" everywhere), and then honestly ask yourself if you need that much speed. My wife works from home, we often are streaming video to multiple devices simultaneously, and we never have any issue at our current speed.
  19. Buy your own modem. Will save you money.
  20. Ok, reason I ask is that some companies have routers that you can use in a mesh system - I have that with my asus routers. Not sure if Linksys does or not, and if it's an older router it may not make sense to do it anyway.
  21. Those two don't seem to go together. Yeah, a mesh system is what you need - and would replace your extender as well as the primary router. What is your primary router?
  22. There's other parts I don't agree with as well. Some will say "most of those guns also will take a 10 round magazine", but that's just extra hassle and expense in my mind.
  23. Yes, anything over 12. Now considered an "assault weapon"