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  1. In Miami, lax auditing leads to abuses such as overlapping on-duty and off-duty assignments, and raiding of opposition establishments. The abuse of the pension system in the years before retirement is another big issue.
  2. Reporter permanently loses vision in one eye due to a rubber bullet while covering the events in MN. Still has a sense of humor: "I’ve just poured whiskey onto the counter and learned something about depth perception The glass, it is further away than it looks."
  3. I-95 shutdown in both directions in downtown Miami by protesters. The same thing happened in the 2016 post-election protests. People just start walking up the entrance ramps. Seems like it could've been prevented.
  4. Some chaos in Tallahassee: Let's hope tonight is not a repeat of the last few nights.
  5. Several solidarity protests are planned for today in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. The Instagram post my daughter sent me about the protest in Coral Gables lists rules, including bring signs, wear white, be united, bring water, no weapons, no violence, wear a mask. Let's hope the rules are followed.
  6. "When you arrest the cops, the looting stops." Let's hope so.
  7. I'm thinking older patients will delay decisions on hip and knee replacements. My ex-MIL delayed her knee replacement for about 5 years before the pandemic was an issue, as did my older brother. Maybe I'm wrong.
  8. Maybe not per CBSN Minnesota. It could be the looters will start shooting. Doublespeak from Trump.
  9. Same guy who says don't worry about injuring suspects during arrests.
  10. Have cell phones and social media made riots less deadly than in the past? There are a lot more deadly weapons than in the past.
  11. Just heard about peaceful protestors early in the day in Minneapolis playing Marvin Gaye's What's Going On?
  12. Rebekah Jones has issues:
  13. The Miami area has the oldest Hispanic population in the country, mostly due to the aging in place of Cubans who came here decades ago. Hialeah which is over 95% Hispanic, is the 3rd oldest city in the nation with over 100,000 population. Cubans and others in Florida have been voting by mail for almost 20 years. 28.7% of Florideans voted by mail in the 2016 general election, including the elderly parents of many of my Cuban friends who do it for convenience. They vote overwhelming Republican. I've never heard any local, state or congressional politician from Florida, including Rubio and Scott question VBM, which according to Nate Silver may benefit Republicans in Florida. Trump's opposition to VBM is not about fraud, it's paranoia and politics.
  14. 11 times in 10 years!!! And she seems to not understand that vote by mail in Florida requires no explanation from the voter. How did she obtain the 3rd year transfer to Harvard law?