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  1. Did Trump also refer to her as the housekeeper, or am I getting Trump's female insults confused. She has the uber latina look.
  2. Lester got out of the way. He did OK.
  3. Vice a versa. Trump can't stopped the interruptions.
  4. She's getting under his skin.
  5. Must've aggravated an ankle injury:^google|twcamp^news|twgr^search
  6. He was banged up. He'll do better in coming weeks, if Wilson plays.
  7. They don't need him today. Decoy.
  8. Ryan Tannehill.
  9. Hue Jackson vote of confidence in Tannehill.
  10. Tannehill has no pocket presence. Period.
  11. Why did Arizona go for 2 earlier?
  12. Pryor is uncoverable today.
  13. First 1st down for the Cardinals, on a measurement!
  14. Half of their starting secondary is out. This pick was caused by Tannehill being hit as he released the ball.
  15. I think was on Stills too. The TD pass to Parker was right on target.