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  1. He may be their best runner, but can he catch the ball well enough to be a starter in a Trestman offense?
  2. Move Walsh down about 10 slots.
  3. Yes. But Jonathan Williams seems to have great RB skills, including power, vision and moves. Gillislee had a couple of good runs late last year, but he's not in the same class as Williams. He didn't do anything in Miami. There are rumors that Reggie Bush may be cut.
  4. When you look at video from college, Jonathan Williams jumps out. Power, vision and a few moves. Is he 100% healthy?
  5. In big leagues (mine is 16 teams) threads like this are valuable.
  6. Kelley averaged 4.0 ypc at Tulane, including 3.6 his last year. I'm not sure he was ever the leading rusher at Tulane or excelled at Tulane. At least Morris had a superior college career and was the leader rusher on his team, by far.
  7. I hope Foster does well, but in 63 carries last year before the Achilles injury, he had a lower YPC (2.6) than the likes of Alfred Blue, Chris Polk, and Jonathan Grimes. He was coming off a groin injury, so maybe he wasn't 100%. But its too early to write Ajayi's FF obit.
  8. Last year, Lockett had 2 more receptions than Kearse - 51 to 49. My guess is that he's better at getting open.
  9. I think so too. But when he had tremendous run at the end of last year, both Ellington and CJ were injured. He should max out at 20 carries and 4-5 receptions per game.
  10. When Pouncey comes back, the running game will improve. He could miss the season opener. On the bright side, Tannehill hasn't been sacked in his last 50 PA.
  11. Ajayi is not as bad MOP says. He breaks tackles, but doesn't display patience or vision on many plays. Maybe he can learn from Foster. The OL will be much improved with the addition of Tunsil at LG.
  12. Ryan Tannehill is an elite QB. Why take the ball out of his beautiful large hands?
  13. Tyrell - 3 catches for 36 yards in the first half, including 2 from Rivers. He has great measurables, including size (6'4") and speed. Will he be WR3?
  14. Blair Walsh should kick many FGs. Dome stadium, healthy and improved OL, good running game, and Teddy Bridgewater, who seems to model his game after Alex Smith.
  15. Gupta called bullsh*t on the letter. So did the Newsweek writer. The good doctor thought about it all day, and then wrote this?