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  1. Paul Perkins, if he gets the chance. His recent 2-4 carries/targets per game have fans asking for more.
  2. Not true about the economy doing worse under the Democrats. Due to external factors and some luck, it's actually the opposite.
  3. He was below a JAG in Miami, but he has looked much better in Buffalo. I think Jonathan Williams could also be in play.
  4. Hillary is smiling. Trump looks unhappy. Really bad body language throughout. Not to mention the interruptions. Trump did nothing to change the outcome.
  5. Ryan, Pence and other Republicans need to respond.
  6. Hillary still unflappable. Bringing up Russia's puppet, Trump. Trump serious, frowning, interrupting ("wrong"). First 30 minutes for Hillary.
  7. Do you think the Jets will go with Petty or Hackenberg soon, since one of them may be starting in 2017. Both Fitz and Geno will be gone. The schedule has been tough, but the next 3 games are winnable - Bal, Clev, Miami. Maybe Fitzpatrick turns it around.
  8. Does Marshall's value take a hit with Geno instead of Fitz? Marshall's targets were 8, 9, 10, 12, 15 (courtesy of SSND).
  9. What about Hackenberg?
  10. When Goff starts, Britt's stats will take a hit. Right?
  11. Miami weather: Intermittent showers lasting 5-10 minutes driven by winds from the east of about 15 mph. Winds shouldn't be a factor in the stadium, except during the showers.
  12. Check out the latest polls from Fox and ABC. The enthusiasm gap has closed and Hillary has a slight lead. Trump still has a lead over Hillary among fanatics. Clinton supporters tend to volunteer for phone banks and watch SNL skits, instead of going to warped revivals.
  13. Trump's economic plan and his trade policies would increase inflation and interest rates, possibly significantly. That's the last thing we need with our deficit.