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  1. To address the OP's question: the veteran needed something better than an AR-15. Your anecdote would be better if the veteran didn't get shot in the stomach.
  2. Risks and benefits of assault weapons should be weighed. You are overstating their benefits by using this one outlier example. There were better ways for the veteran to protect himself without an AR15, from a probability POV, but of course no method guarantees 100% protection. We already have ample evidence of the risks of AR-15s to society.
  3. A shepherd and a shotgun would've likely prevented this incident altogether, as I stated earlier. The dog would've scared away the intruder or alerted the veteran as the intruders approached. The veteran has a serious abdominal wound. I'm not suggesting to take away glocks and shotguns. No one is.
  4. I think the AR15 made the veteran over confident in his ability to defend himself, rambo-style. He lives on 20 acres and should've taken some common sense measures to protect himself, such as dogs and/or a security system.
  5. Sounds like ### for tat. Hopefully, it doesn't escalate.
  6. Most Iranians wouldn't agree. Remember Flight 655, in which 290 innocent Iranians were killed by a missile from the USS Vincennes.
  7. Trump had a high level of trust in Hope (white lies) Hicks. "Hope Hicks apparently told Michael Cohen to try to pray the hush-money scandal away less than a week before the 2016 election. "So far I see only 6 stories," Cohen texted her. "Keep praying!! It's working!" Hicks texted back."
  8. In addition, most centrists don't want "open borders". The democrats need to be careful how they frame immigration issues, including free healthcare for immigrants.
  9. For the majority of folks who haven't read the report, MSNBC is doing a primer this Sunday at 9pm EST.
  10. Low rates also help real estate. Except perhaps in places that are already over-valued.
  11. I'm seeing a lot of references to the since-dropped lawsuit claiming @realDonaldTrump raped a 13-year-old girl at Epstein's mansion. We at @motherjones investigated the charge & found many reasons to be skeptical. This story shows some of them:
  12. David Corn. IIRC, he said none of leads checked out and the story originated with a known hoaxer. On the same show, James Patterson, who knows Trump well, said that's a line Trump wouldn't cross.
  13. Florida man seeking revenge cuts off man's penis A Florida man cut off the penis of another man he caught having sex with his wife earlier this year. The victim said Bonilla then tied him up and cut off his penis with a pair of scissors. According to police, the unidentified victim was able to get free and escaped the home with the "severed penis in his possession." The victim told police Bonilla had caught him having sex with Bonilla's wife in May. The victim remains hospitalized, although the status of his penis is unknown, WFTS reports.
  14. Great to know, KAC revealed that her ancestors are not from any sh#thole countries. Ireland and Italy. I'm not sure about her ethnicity.
  15. Per NPR reporting yesterday, flea markets in Miami's Allapattah section and in Lakeworth were devoid of customers this weekend. Both markets are frequented by many Central Americans, and the Lakeworth market also has many Haitian customers. Per friends in the immigrant community, Immokalee, a farming place west of Lake Okeechobee, was like a ghost town this weekend and 2 weekends ago, as immigrants go into hiding. Here's some corroboration: Empty streets, slow businesses as ICE instills fear in Immokalee