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  1. A big increase in price. I wonder if that will happen to the cost of a vaccine, once one is approved. It takes time to get manufacturing up to speed. I have about 10 discarded fog-free surgical masks from a terminated clinical drug trial. The masks were to be used for lumbar puncture procedures. I remember the 2001 anthrax scare led to scarcity of masks.
  2. Florida is a low tax retiree state. The retirees in the Villages, Jacksonville and orher places are often escaping high taxes. AOC's mom fled to low tax Florida. Even the condo dwellers aren't as liberal as they used to be. Gillum brought out the black vote but was also branded as a socialist by the Cuban talk shows because he wanted to increase corporate taxes to pay for higher teacher salaries. He almost won against a smart but non-charismatic DiSantis. I think Gwen Graham would've beaten DiSantis. She recently tweeted that the 2020 presidential could be a repeat of the 2018 governor's race.
  3. With Bernie as the nominee, the seat Shalala flipped in 2018 is also in danger.
  4. Let's see how he does in the next debate before we bury him.
  5. Steyer got not traction with his dollars. You need more. I think Bloomberg is going down after tonight.
  6. Sanders wasn't attacked by Hillary. Let's see how he and his supporters holds up when his past on immigration and guns comes to the front.
  7. But a good reply. He doesn't get flustered easily.
  8. >> DeSantis’ spokeswoman, Helen Aguirre Ferré, wrote on Twitter that he disagreed with the decision and would appeal it to the full appellate court. The ruling sets up a long and expected legal battle that both sides agree could end up before the U.S. Supreme Court. << This could determine who is our next president.
  9. To be expected when we're spending on the military like it's WWIII, and cutting taxes like we're in a recession. I'd like to see a graph comparing the CBO and Mnuchin GDP & deficit projections from 2017.
  10. The Finnish study you site would not be "accepted as a bachelor thesis", not to mention a peer-reviewed science journal. Non-peer-reviewed manuscript falsely claims natural cloud changes can explain global warming
  11. Trump and the GOP are in uncharted territory. Huge deficits during a long recovery. This is the prime example of free money in my lifetime. Reagan cut taxes in an entirely different situation and when taxes were much higher. The stock market is not the economy. These 7 charts show Trump's tax cuts still haven't been the economic 'rocket fuel' he promised, 2 years after the fact
  12. Is this what economists would predict given low interest rates, a growing budget deficit, and a baby boomer population that is still putting away money in their retirement plans? I'm a baby boomer and I'm rooting for more big days. Also, does a rising stock market spur innovation, which is one of the pillars of economic growth?
  13. Some people aren't doing well because of mental or physical illness, social circumstances or other factors, which may improve over time. The unemployment rate has improved a little since Trump came in, so he deserves some credit, although some economists believe the tax cut hasn't had such a big effect. In other words, even under Hillary, the same trend of continued lower unemployment would've occurred anyway. The big question remains: when will the tax cuts pay for themselves, if it's not happening in such a strong economy?