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  1. The last president to get an A in the Middle East is Carter. Trump is no Carter.
  2. Mensch is twitter witty. But she's in a recent slow downward trend on twitter, as rated by number of followers. It will continue unless she gets another verified scoop. I think liberals are less into conspiracy theories than those who follow Trump, Breitbart and Hannity. Just look at the number of followers and the longevity of birthers and now the Seth Rich conspiracy theory being fueled by none other then Newt.
  3. Rick Scott pleaded the 5th 75 times in the largest Medicare fraud case in history. His company paid a huge fine. And then he became governor of Florida. So, there can be life after the 5th, guilty or not.
  4. Some have speculated that Reince Priebus is returning early from the overseas trip with Trump as a time-out. But. maybe he's returning to deal with the likely fallout from events next week. There's Comey who may break his silence next week and there's the 6-hour interview with Sally Yates, which will start being released tomorrow in the New Yorker. Plus there's the "person of interest". It could be a busy week for the Trump administration in both Europe and DC.
  5. 1/ Douglas Blackmon (writer/producer/former journalist) interviewed Sally Yates recently for 6 hours over 10 days. 2/ Present for the first 4-hour interview was Ryan Lizza, whose article on Yates will appear in The New Yorker on Monday 5/22. Blackmon's opinion: Based on his interviews and other research, Blackmon has concluded that the Trump presidency will not recover from its current crisis.
  6. The Heat played the young guys early and didn't want to win this year - they were playing for the draft. When Winslow and Richardson got injured, they played their best players and went 30-11, and would've been even better if Waiters hadn't gotten injured the last 13 games of the year.
  7. Once the Heat stopped playing Winslow and Richardson due to injury, they realized that Waiters and James Johnson were better than advertised. Not to mention role players like Ellington, Babbitt and McGruder. In the second half of the season, in games that mattered, they beat a full-strength GS, Rockets (x2) and Cavaliers. They had the right formula with Whiteside, penetrators and shooters.
  8. A full-strength Miami Heat would've slowed down the Cavaliers. They had size, penetrators, 3-point shooters and a few good defenders.
  9. Whenever I Iisten to Gohmert, he seems like the dumbest person in Congress. And he also has a law degree. Maybe it's just because he's also one of the most boring speakers ever.
  10. Jared Kushner was a member of Trump's transition team, with security clearance. Due to "oversight", he failed to disclose on his TS security application that he met with the head of a Russian bank and with Kislyak. He was in favor of the Comey firing. Per Peter Alexander of NBC news, a source says Trump family (Jared and Ivanka) had a blind spot when it came to Flynn due to his loyalty to Trump. Pence lied. Jared and others kept quiet. They knew the emperor valued absolute loyalty.
  11. Rachel Maddow reached that conclusion for the same reasons in March. How much did Pence know about Flynn's "underlying conduct", as Sally Yates called it. The underlying conduct could even more nefarious than just meeting with the Russians.
  12. Pelosi as Speaker would be POTUS if the dems take control in 2018 and Trump and Pence go down together in 2019. Unlikely, but possible.
  13. The GOP wants this over well before the 2018 Nov elections. If Pence and Trump are taken down simultaneously, there's a remote chance of the first female president in 2019.
  14. There's is now a miniscule chance of the first female president in 2019, President Pelosi.
  15. Man hopes showing his penis to jury will save him from a murder conviction. Death by asphyxiation. The prosecution said it should be erect, while the defense feels that the state of the penis is not relevant. The medical examiner may have to decide. The victim was 60 years old.