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  1. What I heard was boilerplate, boring amateurish. Trump is also very bad at delivering a prepared public speech. What's with the long delay after "faithfully delivered socialism"? Was he expecting applause? Did he mention human suffering in Sudan, Yemen or Myanmar? Rocketman? Military options in Venezuela? His speech has Stephen Miller written all over it. Even John Kelly hated it.
  2. Without Jordy Nelson, the Packers have a mediocre group of receivers.
  3. That Bennett PI call on the long pass to Cobb was bogus. It occurred within 1 yard of the LOS, as was clearly shown on TV.
  4. Why didn't Rivers try to get it closer on 2nd and 1 with 19 seconds left. Versus a 44 yard FG with a kicker who has no confidence.
  5. Super conservative play calling by Gase, but Parkey nailed the 54 yarder. Now Rivers has just over a minute to get Younghoe Koo in position for a game-winner.
  6. Great. Nice burst and many broken tackles, just like last year. No sign of any knee problem.
  7. The Cutler era is off to a very boring start. Landry has 8 catches for 30 yards. This is not a game plan for an experienced QB like Cutler. And that end-of-the-half Hail Mary was thrown 10 yards out of bounds. The running game was successful, but that should set up some nice play-action down field passes.
  8. It was uncatchable. A blown call.
  9. Conservative game plan by Gase - 12 rushes and 10 short passes. Landry has 6 catches for 26 yards. Trying to keep Cutler out of trouble?
  10. It was the 1 catch for 16 that was impressive. He got more than most RBs would, a combination of vision, anticipation, elusiveness, power.
  11. At 34, Sproles is the best RB on the Eagles, both running and receiving.
  12. Nothing to Ertz thus far.
  13. Parker. Cutler showed alotta love for Parker during the pre-season and Landry was on the injury report (although he will play).
  14. Any chance Lacy is inactive this week?