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  1. Super smart and very good verbal skills. If you want details and policy explanations, Kaine is one of the best. And I don't think he'll talk over the audience. The VP debate won't matter much, but there may be more actual policy discussion than in the pres debate.
  2. Lots of military in Florida. Especially in north Florida, active and retired. Advantage Trump.
  3. Trump's plans run a major risk of causing inflation, due to tariff wars, reduced labor force, and even bigger budget deficits.
  4. She'll put Trump on the defensive during the debates. We already had great speeches. We just need a few good stories and policy lines from Hillary..
  5. I don't see any hand movement. Are there any good female political speakers?
  6. Some of his followers will be heard at the appropriate times during this speech. Trade...
  7. No arm movement. Monotone. Great example of how not to do public speaking.
  8. She'll be describing her mom. What man was Ivanka describing?
  9. That's what many Republicans are saying about their candidate.
  10. But his story is great - welder, carpenter, missionary, Harvard law on his own credentials, etc. Y habla espanol. Super smart and likely a good debater.
  11. If someone hacks into his IRS audit or his NYT interview, then Trump won't like Robin Hood anymore. The campaign is a reality show, viewing 7 days a week on multiple TV channels and social media outlets.
  12. You're right. Trump will never sound presidential unless he's reading someone else's speech from a teleprompter. The only time his comments hurt him in the polls was when he slammed Judge Curiel and Govenor Martinez.
  13. Because Hillary is a crook and the FBI won't do its job. But I I thought he wasn't in favor of outsourcing.