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  1. If the Heat keep playing good defense and team offense, they might edge out Wade and the Bulls for the last playoff spot. Per Barry Jackson's article in the Miami Herald: "It's shocking, winning 13 in a row with [this roster]. You can say the league sucks and the Eastern Conference sucks and it does. They have two players and everybody else. But they have guys who compete, the coach is great. Erik has somehow figured it all out. They play hard and they have guys who have incentive to play hard who are looking for bigger paydays." The players earning bigger paychecks include Waiters ("can he sustain it?") and James Johnson ("better than everybody previously thought", "versatile, point forward"). In addition, Dragic and Tyler Johnson are playing up to their contracts. Even D-Leaguers Willie Reed and Rodney McGruder are exceeding expectations. During the 13-game streak, they played bad teams, but they also beat GS, the Rockets (twice) and Atlanta.
  2. In the Miami area, I know many green card holders and other legals who are scaling back travel to Colombia, Peru, etc until they can figure out what the hell is going on in the White House. WINNING for American Airlines and other airlines in the USA!
  3. He gave several good answers. In particular, not telegraphing a response to Russian provocation and his empathy for dreamers. Much better than I thought based on the replies in this thread. You just have to overlook the narcissism and hyperbole.
  4. What's the starting pay for full-time teachers in Wayne County?
  5. The Heat is on a 14-2 streak, including wins against GS, Atlanta and twice against the Rockets. They had 27 assists tonight - that was uncommon during the Wade and Lebron years. Their win streak coincided with Winslow and Richardson being out due to injury, and Waiters and James Johnson playing better than ever. If they keep it up, they'll make the playoffs and miss a chance a a top draft pick. It will be hard to trade Dragic, unless they start losing again.
  6. Trump will have fall guys - Flynn is only the first. Trump's ego is too big to resign. If the Russians have incriminating audio or video, it will always be more valuable for them unreleased. It would be a state secret.
  7. Trump's repeated visits to Mar-a-Lago (he may go again next weekend) are hurting businesses at a local airport which is with 10 miles: These business may have a claim for losses.
  8. He's our "President Agent Orange." There was also Katie Perry schooling Trump on the constitution. If the election were held today ...
  9. I hope Trump was watching - he might learn something. At end of Katie Perry's song, an image of the Constitution appeared with "We the People ...".
  10. Someone's gonna lose a job tonight.
  11. It took some guts for Adelle to start over on the George Michael tribute song. I think she messed up the words.
  12. America’s Biggest Creditors Dump Treasuries in Warning to Trump. The USA may not be so safe and predictable anymore. The same applies to companies such as VW who like tax cuts, but are looking for long-term stability before investing billions.
  13. Trump is a popular topic in tonight's Grammy's. Corden and Lopez both referenced him in the first 5 minutes. Lopez said something like this is a time when artists speak up.
  14. Pete Buttigieg, candidate for DNC national chair, just called Trump a "Draft dodging, chicken ####", if I heard it right. He's the 35 year old mayor of South Bend, Harvard graduate, Rhodes Scholar, Afghanistan vet, who happens to be gay. There are some good candidates, with good ideas and energy. Maybe Ellison isn't the best candidate.