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  1. I wonder if the other fine Senator from the state of South Carolina concurs with Graham's description of the impeachment as a lynching.
  2. From Fantasy Football Index magazine: "Over the last 3 years, 30 players have seen at least 20 targets inside the 10. Only 3 have been more effective than Sanu, while none have been worse than Jones." Sanu had 4 TDs in 2018 and 5 in 2017.
  3. If it were President Rubio getting strong Evangelical support, I doubt if he would've risen to cult like status among so many Evangelicals, even though they would've gotten 2 conservative supreme court justices. There's something about Trump's rhetoric, them versus us, that has pushed some people, Evangelical and otherwise, to place someone with so many undesirable personal traits to cult status. The Atlantic article is a good read.
  4. Hooper was also a target hog. 55 targets in 7 games. Manu should get some boost in NE.
  5. My sister attended a Christian non-denominational church in Miami that openly embraced LGBT and had a female pastor. Definitely not evangelical. Yes, the church had a positive vibe, not fire and brimstone. My sister and her 4 now grown kids moved to Texas and Kansas and did not vote Trump.
  6. But if you already have Sanu on your fantasy team, he was a bye week filler. No way you drop him now, it's wait and see, or perhaps trade him. His value may never be higher if you're right.
  7. He's no Antonio Brown and he's 3d on the receiving depth chart behind Edelman and White. I think he's insurance for Edelman and Gordon. But he's been on the NE radar for some time. In the best case, he's a consistent chain mover and GL option.
  8. Great schedule. But sacks are a big component of most DST scoring systems and they aren't a big sack team. Still, if I don't get the Steelers on my waiver claim, they're next up to pair with NO, who'll be on a week 9 bye.
  9. Should be good as a goal line and short yardage option. He outperformed Julio on goal line targets IIRC.
  10. Fitzpatrick had a tremendous game against the Bills. He made quick decisions, bought time in the pocket when it broke down and make good throws even when under duress. But the Bills didn't blitz often - had success when they did - I expect the Steelers to blitz and put pressure on Fitzpatrick. I'm trying to pick up the Steeler defense for this game and ROS. They know how to get sacks.
  11. The Jets d preseason ranking was not very high, even with the addition of Mosley. Why should I buy?
  12. The @Baltimore game in 2 weeks and @houston and KC games a month later will be must watch.
  13. That happened late in the Miami game, up by multiple scores. And Edelman got dinged on the catch, but luckily wasn't hurt.