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  1. Who should be outraged? "She burns facts, and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye." "Like maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s lies." "We are graced with Sarah’s presence tonight," she said. "Every time Sarah steps up to the podium, I get excited, because I'm not really sure what we're going to get — a press briefing, a bunch of lies or divided into softball teams."
  2. I've seen people on my daughter's social media circles ask why Pence (and Trump) tweets about how "heartbreaking" it is to see Notre Dame, a "house of God in flames", but nothing about the black churches in St. Landry Parish. And white people bragging about their vacays to Paris. And a Catholic Church that caused pain for millions of people. Many people view the ND fire as causing privileged pain.
  3. Not a biggie, but Sanders statement about "countless" agents losing faith in Conmey was not "founded on anything", per her sworn testimony in the investigation.
  4. Per the wiki leak posted above, which includes the dataset compiled by Hank Nuwer, alcohol poisoning is the biggest cause of death in hazing incidents. A proposed law being discussed in Tallahasse would give immunity to the first person to call for medical help when there is a medical crisis resulting from hazing. I'm not sure if it would pass legal muster or would save lives, given the high frequency of alcohol blackouts. My youngest daughter went to a top party school, FSU, and during her first semester in college, I received an early morning call from the dorm mother that she was being taken to the ER because she had passed out in the dorm bathroom. When I spoke with her an hour later she said had been released from the ER and was only sleeping in the bathroom because she was locked out of her dorm room. Sure. She grew to dislike the alcohol culture at FSU - people drunk before noon during game day. But she continued to drink heavily at house parties and clubs, as alcohol is cheap and everywhere, not just in the frat culture.
  5. From wikipedia: "There has been at least one university hazing death each year from 1969 to 2017. According to Franklin College journalism professor Hank Nuwer, over 200 university hazing deaths have occurred since 1838, with 40 deaths between 2007 and 2017 alone. Alcohol poisoning is the biggest cause of death." There's a hazing law in Florida, but due to a 2017 death at FSU, in which the frat brothers waiting too long to call 911 (they were more worried about getting into trouble),the law may be revised to offer immunity to the first person who reports the hazing:
  6. It's even more beautiful to those of us who live in flat South Florida. Visiting Nepal and helping the locals with English and environmental awareness several summers ago helped one of my daughters with her mood disorder. Sol lived just a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, and probably visited the beautiful beaches many times with her family. Depression can be very lonely no matter where you are, but a change of scenery sometimes helps.
  7. In one big way, this did not fit the typical profile of a mass killer.
  8. That's what local 10 in Miami is reporting:
  9. She blogged "I am the face of loneliness and misery." Classmates described her as quiet and awkward, but not wierd. AP and honors student. It seems like she has no gun experience. My daughter went to Beach High one year, where talking about a gun would stand out.
  10. Andy Barr, who narrowly defeated Amy McGrath, is likely to be embarrassed, especially if both Amy and Alexandria show up for a town hall in Kentucky. This should be fun - my money would be on the waitress and fighter pilot. There's common ground between workers in NY and Kentucky.
  11. And Trump won the military vote by 2-1 despite being a draft dodger and berating the Khan family , McCain and vets with PTSD. That's a key demographic in Florida.
  12. It' been a long streak of monolingual American presidents. Here Pete expressing sympathy in French to the people of France about the Notre Dame fire:
  13. He kissed his partner on the cheek at yesterday's announcement. I would advise him not to refrain from showing that kind of emotion as a contrast to the current couple in the WH, and the 1992-2000 couple.
  14. An expert on the cathedral from Duke University was just interviewed on NPR. She said above the vaulted ceiling is a "forest" of timbers for support. She said they're very dry, and called it a fire waiting to happen, like in the roofs of many old structures. Let's see what the forensic analysis reveals. . .