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  1. just show me doomsday killing superman (the animated version of that was pretty good actually) I vaguely remember that. And liking it.
  2. In the comics doesn't Batmen build a suit similar in concept to Iron Man so he can go toe to toe with Superman?
  3. All these music makes me want to try and dance with a drink in my hand, oh wait have to put it down. Is it Tuesday yet? ####. Looking for a beach #####.
  4. Wow, she's actually really good, blows the OP's girl away. Is she on a major label yet? Tour dates? Unfortunately she is shaking her ### on the beach, #####.
  5. Oh and when the Obama care is implemented next year the IRS will have even more personal information to spread around. Can't wait.
  6. So the IRS has employees passing along personal and confidential information for people high in the Romney campaign to the Obama campaign that is leaked out to the friendly press through other left wing organizations that Obama campaign officers are part of, applications for non profit tax status for pro Romney and Tea Party groups are sat on and the applicants are asked for tremendous volumes of personal and excessively detailed information, some of which is illegal for the IRS to ask for, and these groups are targeted in battle ground states before the 2012 election. And all of this is done with no knowledge of either candidate or President Obama. One rogue employee! The government is to big for one man to over see everything! Riiiight. Move along nothing to see here. Our sterling AG will clear this up in a matter of months.
  7. Yea, because there can't be more than one thing... Only allowed to be aggravated with 1 thing at a time..When you keep crying wolf on things, Benghazi, Birthers, fast and furious etc, people are not going to ever take you seriously.Exactly. Conservatives could continue to push the issue that Obama's economic solutions are not working, that we need to slash corporate tax rates if we are ever going to invigorate the economy. But they focus on crap like this and the stuff you mentioned instead. I think the electorate has proven they neither understand or care about the economy currently. From a purely strategic stand point the Republicans need something dramatic to break the Obama spell on the country. Romney pounded on the deficit and where did it get him? Despite the lack of leadership on the issue by the Democratic Senate or the President? Good God we are getting leadership we deserve in this country.
  8. See, we have all this evidence about the State Department changing it, Obama not calling anyone the night of, etc. Surely, there is evidence that the directive came from Obama right? At the moment, the two changes the WH apparently made were changing it from a "consulate" to a "diplomatic post" which seems fair since it wasn't a consulate and a syntax error. If there is more proof the WH did something, I'd like to see it. As for the State Department, the narrative that the State department wanted to cover their ### works for me. It seems Nuland did a lot of the changes b/c they didn't want to admit fault as the CIA absolved themselves off all their responsibility. Again, links to Kennedy or Clinton don't exist with changing the talking points, and I sort of do the whole "innocent, until proven guilty" stuff so proof or carry on with your baseless allegations. Whether you do it, or someone you've entrusted with the responsibility, it's still your responsibility.. I'm a general contractor. My primary line of buisness is high end remodeling and additions. If someone hires me to remodel their bath, and one of my carpenters shoots nails through a water line when installing some moldings, do I get to say, "it wasn't me"... "it was Joe, the carpenter"? You think I'd be off the hook? I didn't do it.. One of my employees did.. LOL, and your response would be the carpenter is fired and I am here with new carpenters and plumbers to fix the damage. Not "This happened so long ago who cares?" or as you say "it wasn't me!". It is amazing that after all we have been through as a country in the last 20 years people still lick up being lied to and defend their sides lying with but but Bush or but but Clinton. We have gone completely off the rails as a political populace. Our politicians always have lied to us but it seems there was a time when we cared. And to relate it to another scandal, Clinton did not get impeach because he got a BJ in the oval office, he got impeach because he lied UNDER OATH about getting a BJ. If instead of saying "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." he said "I did have sexual relations but I am sorry and apologize now." he would never have been impeached and it would have saved a lot of time and energy and he might have got more done. Even in so harmless an episode if you can't see the damage the lying does when the President does it, there really can't be much more said.
  9. Really not understanding people not understanding the Theon angle. In the books we learned what happened to Theon after the fact. In the show - they are simply filling in the blanks - i.e. all of this happened to Theon in the books during this time frame. For a non-bookreader - I could understand why it might be tough to bring an actor back after a few seasons, only he is playing a completely broken character. Maybe it could have been interesting to introduce Reek in Season 5 or 6 and have the audience try to guess who he is - but this is also a reasonable approach. I'll assume that the torture will be complete this season, and next season, he'll spend his time as Reek, completely subservient. My question is why is there two scenes of it every week. Not all the characters get scenes every week, yet Theon is prominent in every episode. It's curious, with so much ahead for so many characters that they give this much time to his torture. Yeah not so sure why so much screen time every week. Maybe Martin is hinting to them an ending. not yet written in the books.
  10. Pretty close but I don't think he wants to change Westeros into a Democracy or even and Oligarchy. He wants to be King. The more Chaos the better chance a low born noble has of rising by merit and taking the throne.